Sarah has Sex at a Nudist Beach

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I first published this experience a few years ago. I prefer to call them ‘experiences’ since the term ‘story’ implies fiction to me. My experiences are based upon my real life. Since I started posting my experiences, my writing skills have improved a little. While, I cannot change what actually happened to me, I have added some more detail and corrected some grammatical mistakes.


It was a nice day and even hot on the coast, an unusual thing for San Francisco. So, I decided to visit a nudist beach that I had found out about on the internet. I was going to go there dressed as a girl, at least until I got naked. I love being out as Sarah. At first, it was scary but now it just feels so natural. I hate going out dressed as a guy, not that I’ve gone out dressed as a guy 100% for many years. Even when I appear to be a guy, I’m still wearing girls panties and jeans. That’s all I own now a days. I haven’t owned any mens underwear for 20 years.

I chose a yellow string bikini. I love string bikinis; they feel so sexy knowing that a tug on the strings will reveal all. As I pulled up the bottom, I realized that my already erect cock was not going to be covered by a little yellow bottom, girls string bikinis are not designed for guy’s attributes. However, I realized that in an hour or two I was going to be showing it all so who cares and so I let it stick out. For now, under my skirt it would be hind of covered.

I added a bright floral three-quarter length skirt, it had a lot of pleats and covered my erection quite well. I added a white blouse and strappy yellow sandals. I wore a straw hat with a ribbon around the brim, the ribbon hung down my back. The hat gives me a little cover if I see anyone I know as I am leaving home. I picked-up my yellow shoulder purse and headed out. I feel completely comfortable going out as a girl. It’s got to the point that it doesn’t even ‘excite’ me anymore.

I’ve worked at being a good (naughty) girl; how I walk, hold my purse, shake my earrings, tip my head a little etc. My voice is naturally soft and with an English accent it does not stand out. I know I’m doing well when drivers honk at me as they drive past. Not to mention how I’ve practiced giving blowjobs. There’s nothing like a cock in my mouth to make me feel like a girl.

I always feel an incredible thrill when I first step out of the front-door dressed as a girl. I worry about locking myself out, and so, before I close the front door, I double-check that I have my keys with me. The last thing I want is to be locked out when dressed as a girl. I know I do a good job dressing and can pass at a casual glance. People go by me in the street and don’t Kurtköy Olgun Escort look at me twice. Of course, living in San Francisco is an advantage. A gentle crossdresser is pretty low on the scale of oddities.

First, I stopped at an off-licence (liquor store) to get something to take with me. I knew the assistant quite well. I had tried to ‘hit’ on her a few times but she wasn’t interested. However, she did find my dressing as a girl to be entertaining. The store was empty and so I lifted up my skirt to show her my bikini bottom. Knowing that she was smiling at me while I was dressed as a girl excited me even more.

On the way to the beach, I stopped at a bar for a drink and a chance to use the Lady’s room. Well, OK, also to show off my girls clothes. I love sitting on a bar stool with my skirt hanging down the back; feeling the cold plastic of the seat cover against my bare thighs and panties. I don’t try to pass; I just love being out dressed as a girl. No one ever seems to worry that I was a guy in a dress. The bar tender called me ‘honey’. Well I do try to be a ‘good’ girl. He even told me to use the womans room if I needed too.

I love to build anticipation before the fun starts. Thinking about what might happen later was already making me excited. I had to sit with my legs crossed or else the bulge in my skirt would have shown. I was going to start by wearing a girly bikini and then go naked in front of complete strangers. I hopped I might even find some ‘fun’.

When I go out as a girl, I always order a ‘girly’ drink, and so I had a Cosmopolitan. I sat there with my ankles crossed and sipped on my drink while my cock twitched away inside my bikini bottoms. There were a few other people in the bar, they could clearly see me but didn’t pay me any attention.

When I am fully dressed, I use the Women’s restroom in bars. For one thing, the Woman’s always seem much cleaner and nicer than the Men’s room. In addition, it’s a wonderful feeling when I pushing open that door labeled ‘Women.’ When I sit down to pee, I think about the other girls that have sat there before me.

At the beach, I parked in a little parking lot and then had to cross the road. I stood there on the side waiting for a break in traffic, with my skirt blowing in the breeze as cars drove by. I walked down to the sand and took off my blouse and skirt. This left me with just wearing my bright yellow bikini. I love the feel of the sun on my skin. Knowing that people could see that I was a guy wearing a two-piece bikini was a real turn-on. Well I am an exhibitionist. Why dress if you don’t have a chance to show it off.

I was a little worried Kurtköy Sarışın Escort that I would end-up with a bikini top tan line. It would make going to the gym interesting. It has happened before and I love the looks I get. A bikini top lack of tan is unmistakable. I just smile when someone looks at me. They can see my cock getting hard from just knowing that they know I dress as a girl. I never try to wrap my towel around me; I just walk to the showers naked. After I dry off, I slip on my panties first. I have had some double looks and just smile sweetly; I’ve learnt that if I smile and look innocent I can get away with anything.

The beach has beautiful sand. The first half is a normal family beach with people wearing normal beach clothes, just lying in the sun. After a rocky outcrop, it becomes nudist.

As I walked along, a naked guy went by me with his cock sticking up. So, I took off my bikini and walked on with my cock sticking out. It was a wonderful feeling walking along, stark naked and carrying just my yellow shoulder purse and beach bag.

There were guys everywhere with erections sticking up. I saw one guy sitting in a deck chair masturbating away. I went closer and leaned against a rock. I watched him as he rubbed his cock. I touched my cock but I did not want to cum just jet. I tensed and made my cock jump up-and-down. He was watching me and it seemed to make him excited. It made him stare at me and rub away in earnest. I was just touching my cock; I wanted cock in my mouth before I came but it was erotic showing off to him. After he shot his cum into the sand, he quickly packed up and walked off. When he went past me, he looked at me, well my cock in particular and said, “Nice cock.” A very promising start to the afternoon.

I continued down the beach and found an alcove with a couple of other naked guys already lying out. I settled down and spread out my beach towel. I put on some sun cream, paying special attention to my cock and balls. A sunburn there would be painful. We were all naked with our cocks sticking up to the sky.

We were clearly looking at each other’s cocks and started subtly touching ourselves. At first, all we did was just a quick stroke. After a while we got more intense in our rubbing. We started chatting and I offered to help them rub themselves off.

One of them was wearing a silver cock ring and said that he had a friend coming over that night and wanted to save himself. The other guy nodded and pointed his cock at me. I moved next to him and took hold of his cock while the cock ring guy watched us. I started masturbating him in earnest. It makes me feel so girly to Kurtköy Şişman Escort be holding a man’s cock especially with an audience. I am a bisexual, exhibitionist, crossdresser after all.

After a while, I asked him if I could suck his cock. He said, “Yes, I thought you would never ask.” and so I bent forward to slid the head of his cock into my mouth. At first, I held just his head between my lips. I ran my tongue around his head and stroked his balls. There’s an especially sensitive spot but under balls where just a gentle stroke can send a guy wild.

Then, I went right down on him and slid his shaft deep into my mouth. I held the base of his cock with one hand and ticked his pubic hair with my other hand. All the time, the other guy was watching us and casually playing with his cock. I felt the guy, I was sucking, starting to tense and I knew he was about to cum. When he filled my mouth with his lovely, hot cum it tasted wonderful.

I was kneeling there stake naked, with my butt in the air, a mouth full of cum and my cock sticking out. For me, perfect, I love showing off when I have sex.

The other guy came over and took hold of my cock. I loved feeling his hand wrapped around me. It was electric as his fingers touched my erection and stroked my balls. I love having my pussy played with. He stared at me, licked his lips and slowly started to masturbate me. I knew what he was about to do.

Then, he lowered his head and took my cock between his lips. He bobbed up and down on me and ran his fingers through my pubic hair. I love having my hair played with while my cock is being rubbed. When I came, I filled his mouth with my cum. I guess that he did not want to actually cum himself but he was still horny and wanted a cock in his mouth.

After a few minutes to recover, I walked down to the ocean’s edge for a break. I was stark naked with my cock starting to rise again. There were a couple of other guys there also looking out. We stood at the water’s edge with our cocks sticking up. We just stood there looking out at the ocean but secretly glancing at each other’s erections. Back then, I was still a bit shy. Today, I would have made a pass at one of them or even both of them. Two more cocks to suck and swallow would have been wonderful. Back then, all I did was look and imagine.

Later, I walked back along the beach, putting my bikini back on when I reached the dividing outcrop. At the end of the beach, I put my skirt and blouse back on and I knocked the sand out of my sandals. A couple of really cute girls came up and did the something. They did not even blink when they saw that I was a guy dressed as a girl. They could clearly see me but just gave me a quick nod and a “Hi.” I made sure I walked up to the road ahead of them knowing they could see me in a skirt.

I went home still dressed and spent the rest of the day reliving my afternoon’s memories. I came another time that night, just thinking of what I’d done.

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