Saturn Rising Pt. 01

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This is the true story of my first time. I’ve changed the names and some details to protect the innocent, but this is how it happened. I want to thank my two editors/proof readers, Monica and Charlotte, I’ve made some of their suggested changes, but kept true to myself as much as possible.


It was 5 on a Friday evening at the beginning of the summer term in my second year at University, and a friend of mine, Jackie, had invited me to a science department party. Doing a degree in history I didn’t expect to meet anyone I knew, and being newly single I thought I might meet someone different and entertaining.

How right I was, but not in any way I could have predicted.

Jackie said she’d call by at 7 so we could walk there together. I shared a house with 3 other students, but none of them were in so, feeling delightfully decadent, I strolled naked from my bedroom to the communal bathroom.

I walked into the large, glass shower cubicle and turned it on. Standing under the pounding water, I just basked for a while, feeling all the tension of the day ease out of me. I washed my hair and soaped myself all over. I felt a familiar stirring and couldn’t help but notice that my nipples were a little crinkly. Almost on automatic, my right hand found its way down through my sparse bush to my clit, and I just couldn’t resist the urge to stroke her. Closing my eyes, I leaned back agains the wall and felt the delicious thrills running from my centre. She was ready, and so was I. I used my left hand to gently pinch my right nipple and that was enough to push me over. I felt my orgasm grow out of my centre and over my tummy, up through my tits and I slowly crumpled to the floor. It was wonderful, relaxing and lightened my mood. Recovering, I stood up on wobbly legs and took the shower head down and rinsed myself off. When I sprayed on my still engorged clit, I felt more stirrings, but decided that I should probably finish getting ready.

I turned the shower off, stepped out and dried myself, brushed and dried my long, red hair and decided to leave it loose.

I headed back into my room, and went to my underwear drawer. In my slightly heightened state, I decided I would wear something daring underneath. Nobody else would see it, but I’d know and it would help keep me on edge, something I loved to do. I picked out a matching sheer white bra and g-string set. Slipping the panties on, I gave my pussy an affectionate pat. I put the bra around me with the clasp at the front so I could fasten it easily. I then turned it around and slid the straps over my arms. My nipples were still visible, and perky, and I couldn’t resist brushing over them with my fingers. A delicious shiver went through me.

The weather was unseasonably warm, and looked set to stay that way, so I picked out a white, flared mini dress that I’d always liked. It had a lace finish on the flared arms and came to just above mid thigh. I decided on bare legs, and some flat sandals. It all fitted with my hippy chick persona. I put in a pair of silver hoop earrings, and was just fixing my lipstick when I heard the front door bell. I headed out of my room, down the stairs, and opened the door. There was Jackie in an olive crew neck tee shirt and faux black leather mini skirt. She also had bare legs. She was carrying a bottle of vodka.

“Hey Jackie. Wow, you look gorgeous. Come on in. Just finishing my makeup.”

“Hi Anna, sure no problem. I’m a bit early anyway, and I love that dress. You’ll have the guys making a queue to chat you up.”

I laughed, “I doubt it, but thanks for the compliment.”

She followed me in and up the stairs to my room, where I finished my lipstick and applied a little mascara. I’d done my nails the day before and decided they’d pass muster for this evening.

I looked at Jackie sitting on my bed, and asked, “So, anyone I know going to be there tonight?”

She screwed her face up, “I don’t think so. Just people from my course and a couple of the more fun lecturers.”

“Lecturers? Really? Interesting. Okay, I’m ready. Let’s go.”

I popped my lippy and mascara into my clutch bag and we headed downstairs. I went to the fridge on the way and got out a bottle of white wine that I’d bought earlier.

We left the house and headed down the street. It was only a 15 minute walk, and Jackie decided to broach the subject of my ex. I know she’s been worried, but she really didn’t need to be.

“So, have you seen Jake since you got back?”

“No, I haven’t. Not even sure he’s back yet. Oh god. He’s not going to be there tonight is he?”

“God no! I wouldn’t do that to you, hun. You know that.”

A sense of relief washed through me, “Good.”

“Are you okay? I mean after the break up and all.”


Jake and I had been dating since October of the year before, and then over the Easter break I’d gone up to stay with him and his family. I pulled into the driveway, and Jake came out, his black mop of curls still slightly damp from a shower, I guessed.

He came over, gave me pendik escort a hug and a kiss. “Hey! You got here early. Great. Don’t bother unpacking yet. Let’s walk down to the Crown and grab a drink.”

My heart sank. Jake always wanted to go to the pub, but it was easier to give in than to argue, so we walked the half mile down the road, and went in. Jake ordered a pint of some ale, and I went for a G+T, my favourite tipple to this day.

We were standing facing each other when Jake’s face got a panicked look, “Oh god, what’s Kate doing here?”

I turned and looked at the rather attractive black haired girl in jeans and a tee.”That’s Kate,” I said, “Oh, well this could be awkward.”

“Katie! What…” Jake started.

Kate ignored him and looked at me, “So you must be Anna. I’ve heard so much about you.”

I looked at Jake. He had told me quite categorically that he never spoke to or saw his ex when he was home.

Jake was squirming. I felt I had to give him a little benefit of the doubt.

“Who’s been telling you about me?” I asked.

She raised her eyebrows and said, “Well, Jake of course.”

“Anna, I can explain…”

I was hurt. I felt my anger and tears rising at the same time. He had lied to me.

“Explain? You told me you never saw or talked with Kate since you broke up last summer.”

Kate looked confused, “Broke up last… Jake, you dumped me just after the New Year!”

It all fell into place and I wanted out. Resisting the urge to fling my gin and tonic in his face I calmly put my drink down, looked at him and said, “I think I’ve had enough. Have a lovely evening with your girlfriend Jake. I’ll try to avoid you when we get back to college.”

I walked out with as much calm as I could gather. Jake tried to come after me, stopping me out in the pub car park. I was angry, hurt and confused but I was not going to give him the pleasure.

“Anna, please, let me explain…”

“No, Jake. I don’t want to know. It’s over. You lied to me. You were cheating on me. And Katie, for fucks sake.”

He stood there, struck dumb, and I could feel his eyes burning into my back as I walked up the village street to his parents’ house. I heard the pub door open, and heard Katie shout, “You bastard! I never want to see or hear from you again. You’ve ruined my life, and now you’ve ruined hers.”

I almost ran to the house, jumped in my car and backed out of the driveway only to find Jake running up the road right in front of the car. I waited until he got alongside, and drove off. Watching him in the rear view mirror, standing there, a look of shock on his face.

I drove back to my parents, who were surprised to see me but didn’t ask anything more when I told them Jake and I were done.


I turned to Jackie, “I’m fine. More than fine. Best thing that could have happened in retrospect. We weren’t really suited and I never really felt it, to be honest.”

“You didn’t love him?” Jackie was one of those friends who could always ask the important questions, and was close enough that I didn’t mind.

“No. I didn’t. We just sort of got on, and fell into a relationship. He’s not really my type.”

“So, what is your type?”

That was the million dollar question, and one I didn’t feel I could answer honestly at that point. I think it might have shocked even Jackie.

“Well, someone who doesn’t cheat on me and his ex for a start,” I said, laughing.

Jackie relaxed and linked her arm through mine. At 5’8″ I was 2 inches taller than her, and I loved how supportive and positive she was.

“Look, Jacks, I’m 20. I’m not ready to settle down yet. I want to live a little. Have some fun.”

Jackie smiled, “Then let’s go see if we can’t find some hunks to snog!”

We got to the party, which was in a large student house on the edge of a park, and there were already quite a few people there.

We made our way to the kitchen, where Jackie was greeted with, “Woah, Vodka Girl! Hey, you going to share that?”

Jackie laughed and said, “Nope, this is just for Anna and me.”

She had to be joking. I hated then, and still do, vodka of any sort, but I was willing to go along with the joke.

One of the guys came over and gave Jackie a peck on the cheek, “Hey babes. How are you?”

“Yeah, I’m good. Ben, this is my friend Anna. Anna, this is Ben.”

I wasn’t listening or even concentrating because, just at that moment, Dr. Farrell walked in.

I knew who she was, because Jake was in one of her classes and he had terrible mentionitis about her. She was, it has to be said, worthy of mention. She taught something to do with astronomy, but I wasn’t completely sure. Jake had pointed her out on campus a couple of times. She looked to be in her mid 30s, I would later find out she was 37, and had eyes that I just couldn’t stop looking at. They were a deep blue, and she had such an engaging smile. She had deep black hair that was cut in a long, layered bob, just past her shoulders. She was wearing a fawn mini-skirt maltepe escort with a black tee shirt. As she walked in I could swear she stared straight at me. She smiled. I was transfixed. Her smile lit up her already beautiful face.

“Anna?” Jackie said.

I shook myself out of my reverie and said, “Sorry, Jackie. Miles away.”

She looked at me with a lifted eyebrow, “I could tell. I was introducing you to Ben?”

I looked at Ben. He had a tousle of loosely curled, blonde hair and was in jeans, tee and trainers. He oozed self confidence, and was handsome in that effortless way some guys have. He smiled at me.

“Oh, hi Ben. Nice to meet you.”

“Yeah, likewise.” He held out a hand and we shook.

Ben walked off and, under her breath, Jackie said, “What is wrong with you? Ben was really eyeing you up.”

I gave her a hard stare. “I’m not after a new boyfriend just at the moment, Jackie.”

“Who said anything about a boyfriend? A one nighter with a gorgeous guy. Wash Jake out of your system.”

The last thing I could think about was having sex with some random guy.

“Nor am I after a one night stand. Not interested.”

Jackie looked crestfallen. “No, I know babe. Sorry. Was just trying to help. What happened to finding some hunks to snog, though?”

I realised I was being a bit touchy and a bit harsh, “You were the one who said that,” I replied with a laugh, ” and I’m sorry too. Give me a sec. I need to find the loo.”

“Oh, it’s just down that hallway. On the right.” She pointed out of the kitchen towards the back of the house.

I handed Jackie my wine bottle and said, “Put this somewhere safe. Back soon.”

I wandered down the hall and found the loo. I went in, had a quick pee and washed my hands and checked my makeup. As I came out into the hall, I saw there was a back door out to the garden. I decided to take a look. Walking out, I found myself alone on a lawn, looking up at the darkening sky. There was a bright star near the moon, and I was just gazing up, wondering what star it was, when I was startled by a voice behind me.

“See that star near the moon? That’s actually a planet. Saturn.”

I turned to find Dr. Farrell there. She had a soft, northern accent. She smiled at me. I was suddenly nervous and excited all at the same time.

“Oh, hello Dr. Farrell. I thought I was all alone out here.”

“You were. I saw you alone out here looking at the stars, and I thought, maybe I can come and deliver an astrophysics lecture.” She laughed, “And it’s Becky, please. You’re Jake Hunter’s girlfriend, aren’t you? I’ve seen you together on campus.”

“Um, well we were going out. Not any more. We broke up a couple of weeks ago.”

“Oh no! I’m so sorry. I seem to have a talent for putting my foot in it.”

I felt bad for her, “Oh don’t be. It’s okay. I’m fine, really. I’m Anna by the way.”

She smiled and my heart flipped, “Lovely to meet you Anna.”


It’s at this point I should explain, as if it weren’t already self-evident, that I was already aware I may not be completely straight. Ever since I was first aware of physical and emotional attraction, I was attracted to both sexes, and while I had some experience with boys, they hadn’t always been positive, and I found sex with boys not to be as rewarding as I had hoped. I hadn’t, at that point had any real sexual contact with girls except for one evening when I was in my first year. My flat mate Penny and I had been out at the Students’ Union bar and got back to our room laughing and giggling after a couple of glasses of wine. I suppose in many ways we were like many students in their first year away from home. We were 18, could legally drink and were indulging ourselves a little.

As had become our habit over the last 6 months, we had both got changed into our nighties and gone to my room and were sitting on my double bed, both in the Lotus Position.

I can’t quite remember how it happened, but we got to talking about sex and Penny asked if I ever ‘did it’ to myself.

I knew exactly what she meant, but pretended for a few moments that I didn’t.

“I mean, do you, you know… masturbate.” She blushed and stared away from me.

I swallowed. Not sure if I should admit to this or not. I realised that of course, because she was asking, it probably meant she did.

I croaked out, “Yes. Yes, I do. Sometimes.”

“How often?”

I didn’t know if I should admit quite how much I did it. I wasn’t sure if what I did was considered ‘normal.’

“Oh you know. Maybe a few times a week. If I’m not on, you know. Don’t like doing it then. So what about you?”

“Yes. Yes I do.”

“How often?”

She looked at me, staring straight at me again, blushing, “pretty much every day.”

I swallowed. So, I wasn’t abnormal, “Okay,” I said, “so I lied a little. Me too.”

She giggled and thumped me gently in my arm, “Why did you lie?”

“I wasn’t sure if I was doing it too much,” I replied, honestly.

We kartal escort fell silent for a moment, and I could feel that, due to our conversation, I was getting a few tingles down there.

Penny suddenly said, “I need to do it.”

I looked wide eyed, “What, now? Well, okay. I guess that’s it for this evening.” The thought of her going back to her room and playing with herself gave me a huge rush of blood to the head and elsewhere.

“No. Here. With you. I don’t want to do it alone.”

I swallowed. I loved Penny to bits, and did find her attractive, but this was so out of nowhere, I wasn’t sure what to say.

She looked at me again, “Can we?”

Without knowing I was going to agree, my body seemed to take over. I just nodded twice, “How do we start?”

Penny didn’t say a word. She just lifted her nighty and slipped her knickers off. I saw she had a thatch of dark brown hair. She lay back on the bed, and I watched mesmerised as her fingers snaked down through her bush and in-between her lips. Just like I did when I played, she found her little button and started stroking it. I couldn’t help but look at the wetness of her lips, and how puffy they were.

She looked up at me and said, “Well? You promised.”

Shaking a little I lay back next to her, lifted my nightie, lifted my bum and pulled my knickers down, revealing my red bush, which was nowhere near as thick as Penny’s. I opened my legs a little, feeling incredibly excited and nervous, and slid my fingers down to my clit. We lay there, our heads propped up on the pillows, and watching each other. The very act of watching her, and doing it in front of her made the air charged, and I was pushed closer to the edge.

All my inhibitions had, by this time, left me. “Oh god, Penny. It’s going to happen. Any minute…”

Penny moaned and suddenly her legs squeezed together and I watched fascinated as she came and then, suddenly, I was coming. It was, up to that point in my life, the most amazing orgasm I had ever had. More intense, more erotic and more fulfilling than anything that had gone before.

As we both came down from our orgasms, I turned my head to look at her, and she smiled, and then started laughing, and then I started laughing and suddenly we were in uncontrollable fits of giggles.

When we finally came down from that weird high, we got ourselves under the duvet and snuggled, falling asleep in each other’s arms.

In the morning I woke to find Penny gone. She had apparently woken, and gone back to her room at some point in the night. I wondered what would happen. Was I now officially in a relationship?

The answer, for me at least, was a disappointing “No.”

From that point on, there was an awkwardness between us, and Penny moved out only a few weeks later. I rarely saw her on Campus, but when I did she tended to avoid me.


Looking back up at the sky, Becky said, “Have you ever seen Saturn through a telescope?”

I joined her gaze and laughed, “No, I haven’t. I’ve never even seen a telescope.”

She looked back at me, “Really? Would you like to?”

“I’d love to. Do you have one at the college?”

“Better than that, I’ve got one in my back garden. If you like I can take you back and show you. You really won’t be disappointed.”

“You’re serious?”

“Of course. I am always keen to show people my favourite planet.”

I genuinely wanted to go, as much because I had fancied Becky from afar since Jake had first pointed her out. I knew for sure that nothing would happen, she was after all a beautiful, smart woman who was presumably beating men off with a stick, but just to be in her presence would be enough. I surreptitiously checked her ring finger. Reassuringly free of jewellery.

“I’d love to. Let me just go and let my friend know I’m leaving.”

For a horrible moment I thought she was going to suggest Jackie could join us, but she didn’t and I was hugely relieved. I wanted to be alone in her presence.

“Of course. I’ll meet you out the front of the house.”

I found Jackie still in the kitchen snogging some guy and tapped her on the shoulder.

She broke away and said, “Oh, hi Anna! Hey, Paul, this is my friend Anna.”

Paul looked at me, “Hi.” Nice, one syllable reply. I realised Jackie wasn’t going to be too bothered about me leaving.

“Hi Paul. Nice to meet you. Look, Jackie, I’ve got to go. Something’s come up. I’ll catch you tomorrow, okay?”

“You’re going? But we only just got here.”

“I know. I just need to do something. You have fun. This is your crowd after all.”

A quizzical look crossed her face, and she said, “Okay. If you’re sure. Be careful out there. Maybe call a cab?”

“No, it’s okay. I won’t be alone. Don’t worry about me.”

Her eyebrows raised, and she said, “Oh! Okay. That’s the sort of thing that’s come up is it. Well, I hope he’s nice, and I hope you enjoy yourself.”

“I will. See you tomorrow babe.”

I went out through a crowd in the hall, and out into the night air, worrying that Becky might have decided against her offer. I needn’t have worried. There she was in all her glorious beauty, standing at the gate.

She smiled that glorious smile, and said, “Come on then. Let’s go. Saturn waits for no woman.”

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