Science Block Suckoff

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Well I’d sucked my first cock and received my first blowjob. Me and David had agreed to suck each other off so we could “practice lasting for sex with girls”.

We didn’t stop there! Once I had sucked David’s cock once I was hooked. I couldn’t believe I actually enjoyed doing it, I enjoyed the pleasure I had given him too. And I bloody loved my dick sucked!

About a week after our first experience we were goofing about in the college library with our friends Simon and Rob.

Playing some online game on the college computers when David put his hand on my leg as we shared a nook in the library while battling our friends who were a few shelves away.

I started to swell in my boxers, I knew what he was suggesting. I said where quietly, my eyes not moving from the screen as I tried to crush Simon and Rob in our online battle.

“Science block” was the answer I got.. I just won the round against Simon and Rob so quickly made an excuse about not getting into another game as me and David has coursework to complete and needed to get it started before afternoon lectures.

I adjusted the stiffy in my boxers and fist bumped the others saying our goodbyes. Me and David walked round to science block, he led me into an empty classroom where the lone computer in the corner of the room had a wood partition all the way around it.

Bloody clever! No one would be bağdatcaddesi escort able to see anything from the windows if they had walked past. We could have some privacy and pretend to be on the computer if anyone came in.

This was a warm British summer, so we weren’t likely to have anyone disturb us, lecturers at the college had their recreational rooms far from the science block it was perfect!

Nervous about this but with my dick bulging like mad I logged onto the computer and brought up some coursework we needed to work on. I. pushed my pen on the floor as an excuse if anyone walked in on us.

Then got to my knees and undid David’s jeans. He was semi and again full of precum. He precums more than any guy I’ve been with since, his cock is like a leaky tap and I was gonna be drinking all that down for the second time ever.

I took it in my mouth, both hands on the floor ready to spring up if we were caught. I was more confident this time and ready to make David practice hard to not disappoint his future girlfriends. I moved my lips round his dick like the girls in pornos did.

His cock was hard as a rock, a really meaty thick cock with 6.5 inches and a near constant stream of precum. My 7 incher was trying so hard to break free from my jeans. Not anywhere near as thick as David was, my size always seems dwarfed by my huge beykoz escort balls which little did I know David would be emptying regularly for me over the next several years, even when I got my first girlfriend all the way through up to my now husband.

Some years after this experience I nicknamed David’s dick ‘the chunk’. Going down on him in that science class I was so horny, having my first orgasm by another person made want someone else on my dick every hour of the day.

I undid my jeans and started jacking off while I was drinking down his precum, working his shaft and putting my nose into his pubes as I took him all in my mouth.

Still to this day I love jacking off on my knees with another mans boner in my mouth. David was taking longer this time. Maybe our plan to practice lasting was paying off? Maybe he was nervous about being caught. If the precum id drank that day was tequila id be paracletic by the time he offered to blow me.

I sat back on the computer stool my dick already out and he put it in the back of his throat. He opened his mouth and put my whole dick in it without touching it until he had clamped his lips around the base of my dick – this is later to become his signature move on our regular cock sessions.

I leaned back in ecstasy as he licked up my shaft and round my balls. He went to town on me. He was down there to caddebostan escort please. The way he responded to my stifled moans let me know he too enjoyed giving pleasure like this.

We got to the point where he had been bobbing round on my dick for some time, I was lasting well I thought, any girl on campus would be in for a ride if I could keep this up. We swapped back and I told him to cum in my mouth as we had a lecture coming up.

I put that chunky meat back in my throat and started whacking off again on my knees. I licked his balls, shaft and head like he had done to me, took that meaty thick cock down to the base and back to the tip. It only took a few minutes before he started squirming on the computer stool. My mouth was suddenly full of his thick load.

It tasted better somehow this time, as I pushed it down my throat removing it from my mouth with my tongue my own balls emptied onto my boxers. I didn’t mean to cum by myself, but I must have forgot I was jacking off when I was busy making David spurt.

I was covered. My gloopy cum coating my boxers thick with the aroma of sex. David pulled up his jeans and I reluctantly tucked my dick into my cummy boxers and did up my own.

You owe me an orgasm mate I said as we walk down the corridor to our next lecture, the aroma of my cum lingering from my boxers faintly in the hall. David said to go to his tonight at 7 and threw me a little wink.

Thanks for reading, my next story will be about when David first forced his fingers into my ass and how it changed our meets. To read my first gay experience with David (and ever) check my other stories. Rate and comment for more!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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