Sexy Neighbor

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Like any other guy who lived at Playtex Pond Apartments, I made it a point to look for and at, Ruby Rouge, the 5’11”, 27-year-old, gorgeous Barbie doll faced, new tenant, with big almond shaped brown eyes, high cheekbones, a cute dimpled chin, full red lips, thick long curly copper-red hair, and a firm, but very voluptuous 42DD-28-40 hourglass figure that her exercise outfits hugged like a second skin, everytime she worked out in the cabana exercise room. She was shy, smart, friendly, and best of all lived directly above me in apartment J-9! I was so infatuated with the gorgeous buxom redhead that I began to wash my clothes at the same time, and began to workout a little more.

One afternoon I discovered that Miss Rouge had an interest in bondage, since the mailman mixed up my bondage sales letter with her’s, after all she lived in J-9 and I was just below her in J-3. At first I a little embarrassed at the mix-up, but after awhile became very excited. I finished my day at the 240 unit apartment complex, checking the pool and hot tub, daydreaming about binding and gagging my sexy buxom upstairs neighbor.

I made a last check in the complex office for work orders, and satisfied that as the maintenance supervisor, had done a good day’s work. I went to my bedroom apartment and took off my t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers, and looked in the mirror, at 25-years-old, with big baby blue eyes, thick long golden-blonde, a smooth baby face and didn’t need to shave everyday, was rather short 5’5″ tall, but had a well toned 140 pound well tanned frame, and best of all a very thick 10″ circumcised penis, that looked even bigger because of my height. I pulled off my tight white jockey shorts and touched my erection with my small strong right hand, then reached a little lower and cupped my two hard boiled egg sized hairless balls, just because I could. I then grabbed my extra tight white tank top, skintight canary-yellow spandex shorts, and worn white sneakers and got ready for my nightly workout, this time skipping my jockstrap on purpose.

As luck would have it, I was working up a sweat in an empty exercise room. Ruby showed up a half hour later and looked extra sexy in her red spandex halter top, white spandex pants, and white tennis shoes, that hugged her curvaceous figure quite well. She was soon working out on the weight machine. I had an instant erection in my skintight spandex shorts watching her use the bench press.

We soon began to chat, mostly about Cordville, Playtex Pond, and the tenants at the apartment complex. She had a sexy, but somewhat husky voice.

“Oh Todd.” Ruby said. “I received a letter of your’s by mistake.”

I gulped nervously. “I got something of your’s too.”

“Do you buy any DVDs, or magazines from Harmony, Todd?” Ruby was direct and to the point.

“I bought a few.” I blushed. “You?”

“I’m a sucker for Darla Crane.” Ruby admitted with a smile. “May-be we can watch a couple DVDs.”

It was an offer I couldn’t refuse. Twenty minutes later Ruby was popping some popcorn, and we were sipping a couple Diet Dr. Peppers, while Darla Crane struggled in bondage for 90 minutes! I was rock hard under my canary-yellow spandex shorts the entire time, kaynarca escort as we sat on the couch about a foot apart. I slowly edged my way closer to the gorgeous buxom redhead, only to watch her get up and grag a couple more sodas.

I left the apartment still aroused, but without even a goodnight peck on the cheek. I finished myself off in the shower, then hit the sack, somewhat confused by such an erotic invitation, only to sit quietly in front of the 23″ television set as if watching the ‘Brady Bunch’.

I didn’t see Ruby for a couple of days after that unusual date. I was pretty busy at the apartment complex, so either missed the brown eyed buxom beauty, or she wasn’t around much either. I had a feeling our night together was just a one shot deal.

I got to my apartment at a little after 6:30 on a Friday night, and had just shaved and was about to slide out of my too tight white jockey shorts so I could shower, when there was a knock on my door. Thinking it was some kind of service request wrapped a towel around my waist and went to the door. I was stunned to see my favorite neighbor at the door, looking very sharp in a tight navy-blue knit turtleneck sweater and a pair of skintight faded blue jeans, that were so snug the outline of her panty girdle was noticeable, yes I snuck and checked her laundry a couple times at the laundry room.

“Todd can we talk?” Ruby looked nervous.

“Sure.” I answered just as nervous, thinking brush-off after only one time together, and hardly an intimate one at that.

She scanned my neat apartment, then looked me over, almost naked, but a too small towel wrapped around my too tight cotton brief. I felt my cock harden as her big brown eyes gave me one last glance, before she walked over to my entertainment center. I took the opportunity to get a good look at her big, rotund, derriere, that the tight faded blue denim could hardly handle. She looked through my movie collection, as she let loose a thunderous, smelly, very unladylike fart! I moved closer, so my pudgy nose could inhale the strong pungent odor, while my thick 10″ cock throbbed inside my very tight white cotton brief!

“I had a good time on Tuesday night.” Ruby finally said as she looked through my Harmony video collection. “I like you a lot Todd.”

Another term for, ‘But you’re really not my type.’ I thought to myself. I just smiled nervously as she turned around, and let loose another smelly fart.

“I have to tell you something.” Ruby looked very nervous, as she blushed slightly. “It is personal, so please keep this to yourself Todd.”

“Sure.” I said.

“I like you a lot.” Ruby stammered. “But the other night, I wanted to get to know you better, however, I screwed up.”

“What do you mean?” I was very confused, this wasn’t a typical brush-off at all.

“Do you think I am pretty?” Ruby blushed, as she straightened up. “May-be a little too big around my chest or bottom?”

“God, Ruby you are beautiful and guys almost hurt their necks giving you an extra look.” I confessed. “You are perfect.”

“Thank you.” Ruby ran a well manicured hand across her denim clad derriere as she blasted out more rancid smelling gas.

I küçükyalı escort stared at her closer, and my baby-blues noticed a slight bulge in the front of her skintight jeans. I went up to her and ran my hand in between her thick, but well toned thighs as she backed away, but I pushed forward. I found it, as my cock spurted cum in my too tight white cotton brief!

“Please!” Ruby tried to push me away, as I undid the front of her tight jeans! “Todd don’t do it this way!”

I pulled the tight pants down to her knees and stared at the outline of her very thick 11″ circumcised penis and goose egg sized hairless ballsac! I wondered how such a gorgeous pre-op transsexual could hide so much manhood! She was huge, yet hid it so well, while wearing spandex exercise outfits and regular clothes, like she had on at the moment. I began to lick the huge purple head, as she blasted yet another odorous stinker! To my pleasant surprise she came very hard as she farted yet again! I sucked out every drop of her pearly white semen as she ran her long bright red fingernails through my thick wavy golden-blonde hair!

“This was a very nice surprise.” I finally stood up and pressed myself against her.

We kissed and hugged each other for a longtime, touching every part of each other’s body, her dressed, and me almost naked, somehow the towel had long disappeared from my well tanned frame. I went down on her for a second time, this time pulled out the huge very thick fuckstick, and sucked her to another orgasm.

She followed me into the bathroom and sucked me off, and boy was she good at sucking a cock, better than average! I had a nice climax in her luscious mouth.

Five hours later after eating at the China Star, an all you can eat buffet, Ruby’s choice, hitting a few night spots, even though neither of us drink alcohol, smoke, or do drugs, danced, and just cuddled in a booth and listened to a piano player in the Royal Hotel lounge. We finally ended up in Ruby’s apartment, both very aroused and extremely full, we both ate too much.

Ruby put in a bondage DVD, an underground job. She then helped me to undress, stopping me at my extra tight jockey shorts. I stripped her down to her cum stained white full-cut panty girdle. I spent a lot of time licking her erect silver dollar sized brownish-pink areolas, and massaging her enchanced giant firm breasts that felt so good against my flesh. All of a sudden Ruby took off, just as she let loose her hundreth smelly fart of the evening. I had to admit seeing her walk around in just her white spandex support brief was a real turn-on.

She returned with a roll of red duct tape, two worn panty girdles, (I now understood the reason for her wearing only support undergarments), and two wide ace bandages. I’m no genius, but soon went along with stuffing our mouths with the worn, pee, poop, and cum stained support briefs, then wrapped the ace bandages around our lips. We sat on the couch and watched the underground tape.

A very attractive 5’9″, buxom, blue eyed blonde was walking through a barn, she was wearing a tight white spandex support bra, crisp white spandex pants, and shiny brown riding boots, that did nothing sancaktepe escort to hide her very voluptuous 44FF-30-40 hourglass figure. She was grabbed from behind by a black masked muscular man, who was wearing the tighest white t-shirt, white riding breeches, than really had a prominent bulge in the front, and worn brown riding boots. She struggled for a minute, then the screen went blank for a moment.

She was soon in a stall, her hands taped behind her back with black duct tape, and her full red lips wrapped with enough cloth to cover Ruby’s voluptuous figure. She began to wet herelf with warm piss, as she farted out a very soggy load of dark rich brown shit in her skintight almost transparent white spandex pants! She soon pushed out a hefty three melon sized crapload in her once crisp white spandex pants!

The screen went blank again. The next scene had the ultra buxom blonde trying to walk around the stall with an even bigger load of shit in her pants, the two basketball sized load looked fake, most likely horse manure had been used to increase the smelly warm brown load, however the whole scene excited me, and from looking at the prominent bulge in the front of Ruby’s panty girdle aroused her even more!

I understood why Ruby had not moved her full bowels throughout our dinner and dancing date. I was ready for the next step!

The gorgeous buxom she-male helped me off of the couch and led me to the bathroom. She sat me on the toilet and pulled the ace bandage away from my mouth. I pulled out the sodden panty girdle that tasted of stale urine, feces and semen, as she pulled her enormous circumcised weapon from her support brief. I knew what she wanted me to do, and was more than willing to comply.

She was so thick it was not easy to place in my mouth, but boy was it worth the effort. I began to suck her off, as she ripped out more than a few odorous farts! She grunted, pushed and farted out a very thick, semi-solid, hot, smooth, very odorous, golden-brown turd in the seat of her spandex undergarment! I was hard as a rock as the pliable poop gathered between her huge hairless balls and wide upper asscrack, while I sucked her cock and inhaled the enormous smelly deposit. I licked the base of her cock and balls, just so I could taste her foul smelly feces, as she continued to poop in her already too full panty girdle! She finally came in my willing mouth as the last of her four overripe melon poopload filled out the spandex support brief very close to the bursting point! I had never seen a bigger BM in my entire young life!

She removed her gag and kissed me passionately, as she guided me to the bathtub. She pissed all over my white jockey shorts, then replaced my gag. She continued to kiss my gagged mouth, while her well manicured hands massaged my derriere. I wasn’t stupid and knew what was expected of me.

The Chinese buffet loosened me up, and it had been almost two days since my last BM, so I didn’t push very hard. I moaned, grunted and farted out a hot, smelly, chunky, thick, semi-solid bronze, shitsteak, that quickly curled up between my clean shaven ballsac and wide upper asscrack, as my cock got very erect! I felt Ruby’s warm lips around my big thick cock as I continued to push out a four grapefruit sized blob of extra smelly shit in my all too small jockey shorts. I soon had a wonderful climax, and best of all the sexy buxom she-male swallowed the entire load!

It was truly a wonderful night for both of us!!!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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