She Thong

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Her name was Cindy and she had been born a male. Cindy was a beautiful woman is every way except one. She didn’t like the term tranny and preferred being referred to as a shemale. She was truly happy living as a woman. She began taking light doses of hormones at 19 she had stopped hormones because she had difficulty maintaining a full erection. Cindy was brunette with blue eyes and stood 5 foot 10 inches tall and usually wore a size 12 dress. Cindy weighed about 150 pounds and was shapely. Her transition had been long and difficult. Last year she had undergone several facial surgeries. Her cheeks were implanted, she had a nose job and her lips were injected. Over the last five years she had received breast implants, buttocks implants and had her Adam’s apple shaved. She worked hard at keeping fit. She still had a penis and wanted to keep it. In fact her penis was very impressive she measured a thick 9 inches when fully erect and was 6 inches while flaccid.

Cindy was 27 years old and lived in San Diego on the waterfront. She worked as an internet technician. Most of her co-workers knew that she was a transsexual. In fact her company had numerous gay and lesbian employees. Cindy was the only transsexual working in her department, but had experienced close relationships with several gay men. One worker John had dated her for two years. The only thing they have in common was her cock. John heard how well endowed she was and asked her out. That began a two year relationship that Cindy had recently ended.

Cindy liked a certain very specific fashion look and had numerous fetishes. She shaved her body completely smooth. Her tongue was pierced so she could pleasure partners during oral sex. Her impressive penis had a Prince Albert through the head. She wore rings or barbell jewelry in her piercing. Cindy thought that her best feature was her size 9 feet. She loved her toes and bared them in open sandals year round. Not any sandal they had to be thong sandals. She preferred high heel thongs of at least a 2 inch heel. Cindy owned several high heel thongs with a five inch heel. She loved to wear her sandals with 2 or 3 toes rings on each foot. Usually she wore a delicate gold chain on each of her ankles. Cindy wore her short hair in a bob. She often dyed her hair in various colors.

Sexually Cindy was mostly a top. She was very aggressive sexually and dominated her lovers. She had dated only men and other transsexuals. In fact she loved the companionship of another “girl.” Since ending her relationship with John she was both lonely and horny. Tonight she would go out and try to pick up another transsexual. She decided to visit a club the “Tranny Cave.” It catered to transsexuals and men that were tranny chasers. In light of all the recent violence against shemale transsexuals it was a very safe place to go out and have a good time. Cindy had been there many times in the past. In one of the back rooms John often had performed deep throat fellatio on her cock. She wanted a change from gay men. She thought they were too hairy, too smelly, too masculine. Cindy wanted a feminine girl like her with a cock. She decided that she would try to meet a pretty shemale to top. She might even let the girl top her if she was to her liking.

It was Spring Friday night in San Diego and the temperature hovered at 78 degrees. Cindy started getting cleaned up. She prepared a 2 quart enema to clean out her bowels. She gave herself three flushes. She kept her anus as clean as her mouth. If she met someone they might tongue her rosebud. Cindy usually didn’t let a partner sodomize her, but occasionally she would. She shaved herself smooth from toes to neck. She paid special attention to her genitals and anus. Cindy had had electrolysis done on her face, lower legs and arms.

After showering Cindy dried her hair and put moose in it. Cindy had recently purchased a Prince Albert wand for her penis. Tonight she decided to wear it. The jewelry comes in two parts. The first is a sound, a metal rod that slides down the urethra consisting of a rod that is hollow allowing urination and ejaculation to pass through. The second attachment is a couple of small balls that screw into the PA piercing and the opening at the end of the urethra. Kurtköy Yabancı Escort When she ordered hers she ordered the six inch wand. Six thick inches of metal rod were inserted into her flaccid penis. She had only worn the PA wand for a few minutes after recently receiving it in the mail. The wand could be worn during oral sex or fucking as well. The sensations of the rod inside the erect penis were supposed to be intense. After lubricating the thick wand she slid it down the head of her penis and aligned the lower arm with her piercing. Cindy then screwed the metal ball through the threads in the arm and ending of the rod. These balls keep the rod anchored inside the penis.

Now it was time to dress. Cindy decided on yellow tonight. She found a yellow G-string with a large cock pouch to contain her sizable package. She would wear a slinky yellow sleeveless dress that ended a full eight inches above her knees. Now to top off her ensemble she had to choose between flat thong sandals or high heel thong sandals. Cindy had over one hundred pair of thong sandals. She did not own a single pair of flip-flops. She found a pair of high heel thongs that were off yellow that had two inch heel. After searching her closet she found an old pair of yellow Collin Stuart high heel thongs with a five inch heel. She decided to go with the higher heel due to the color and heel height. She loved these sandals they fit her beautiful feet like a glove.

They had only two connections to her foot the thin thong that went between her toes and then wrapped around her ankle that ended in a thick cupped heel strap at the rear of her foot. No zippers on these babies. She loved the way her feet looked in these sandals. If someone had a foot fetish this was the ultimate shoe. She decided to attach the straps as tight as possible to hold the back of her foot in the thong as she walked. She pressed her feet on the floor and walked a few steps. She watched as her ringed toes spread as she walked. Her pedicure was a sculptured light pink shade. Her two inch nails on her hands matched her toe nails. Cindy placed gold anklet chains on each ankle that rode directly above her ankle straps on her thongs.

Cindy called a cab at 8 pm and arrived at “Tranny Cave” a few minutes later. The club had a dance floor and bar. There were back rooms were customers could meet. Typically these rooms were used for heavy kissing, petting and oral sex. She mingled with several shemales at the bar. Cindy walked around the bar and searched for someone to hit on. She sized up several shemales sitting in the bar area. Many were too old, too heavy, too short, too much cross dresser. . She spotted a very feminine looking brunette that was 3 or 4 inches shorter than her. She appeared to be Latino and was sexy as hell.

“Hi my name is Cindy is this seat taken?”

“No please sit. My name is Juanita I am glad to meet you.” She replied.

Cindy sized up this curvy creature. She was heavier built than Cindy maybe dress size 16. She wore a black leather top with matching leather shorts that revealed most of her midriff, arms, legs and bust line. Juanita was a sandal girl as well and wore open thong boots with a small heel. Cindy saw no hint of her package in those shorts.

The girls talked for about an hour over drinks. Juanita was the same age as Cindy and was an artist. She painted seashore scenes of the local beaches. After pleasant conversation they decided to leave the club and go for a walk outside.

Juanita suggested they walk along the walkway near the beach.

“I was looking for another girl like me tonight.” Cindy smiled.

“I know what you mean. I am sick of men. They are not for me. I prefer a girl like you Cindy. You are so sexy. I am shocked you hit on me.” Juanita explained.

“I think you are beautiful Juanita. I looked over a whole bunch of girls before I sat next to you.’ Cindy replied.

“Why did you want to leave Tranny Cave?” Juanita asked.

“You have no idea. So many people at that club have pressured me about seeing it or touching it. I saw some those girls talking about me tonight. I felt uncomfortable and decided to leave.” Cindy clarified.

“Seeing and touching what?” Kurtköy Yeni Escort Juanita asked.

“My penis.” Cindy stated.

“That must be a special cock?” Juanita grinned.

Juanita put her hand into Cindy’s as they walked. “I am happy with all that I see.”

Cindy laughed. “That is sweet. Everyone is curious about that part of me. I like what I see. Come here Juanita kiss me.”

The two embraced and French kissed and began to explore their bodies. In many locations in the US they would be arrested for indecent behavior. San Diego is very tolerant of public displays of affection. The girls hugged and held hands as they began their walk to Juanita’s houseboat that was not far from where the street they were on.

The girls decided to clean the sand and sweat from their bodies after they arrived. Juanita handed Cindy a white terry cloth robe to wear after they showered. Juanita showered first and returned in a few minutes wearing a black silk robe. Cindy decided to wear her thong sandals and G-string for Juanita. As Cindy entered Juanita complimented Cindy on her pretty sandal clad feet. They both shared their love of thong sandals and feet. Juanita preferred flat thongs over high heels, but enjoyed higher heels as well. Juanita was barefooted and had tan lines of thin thong sandal straps visible.

” I can see the sandal pattern on your foot Juanita.” Cindy laughed.

Juanita glanced at Cindy’s feet and saw several tan lines on her toes. She had obviously worn toe rings at some recent time on every toe. Tonight Cindy had two toe rings on each foot. The naked toes all had tan lines.

Juanita said” I know your feet have sandal patterns. Heck I even can see tan lines from your toe rings!”

“Busted!” Exclaimed Cindy.

They moved to the bedroom and embraced again. This time they were in private. Cindy removed Juanita’s robe as they kissed. Juanita wore a black lace thong panties.

“When did you have your tits done? I love them Juanita.” Cindy kissed Juanita’s DD pierced breasts. Her lips sucked on the barbell studs in the nipples.

Juanita moaned. “That feels great. Your tongue piercing feels amazing on my nipples.”

Cindy suddenly stopped sucking and stood. She turned away as she disrobed. Juanita looked at her nude body from the rear and saw the thin yellow G-string. As Cindy faced Juanita she looked into her friends eyes. Juanita’s eyes were locked onto Cindy’s yellow pouch.

” You invited me here to have me. Get over here you voluptuous vixen and kiss me.”Cindy said. They kissed deeply with their tongues buried in each other’s throats.

Cindy made the first move and hoisted Juanita tightly carried her to the back bedroom. “Do you feel the ocean breeze. “Cindy breathed hard as she held Juanita in her arms.

“You are strong Cindy.” Juanita said as Cindy placed her on the bed.

Cindy stepped out of her thong and her penis was in a semi -erect state. Juanita gasped. “My god you are huge.”

“It is not all about me tonight. It is about us. I plan on pleasuring you. I am not sure where this goes. That is up to you.” Cindy said as she massaged Juanita’s pierced breasts. “God I love these rings through your nipples. I am getting mine done someday.” Cindy began alternating the sucking of Juanita’s perky breasts.

Cindy knelt beside Juanita on the bed and rubbed Juanita’s penis through her G-string. She released Juanita’s erection from the G-string and milked it with light strokes.

“Nice cock Juanita. I love it. 6 inches?” She asked.

“Yes about 6 and a quarter.” Juanita responded.

Cindy had not sucked a cock in weeks. She decided that tonight she would perform fellatio on this cock .Cindy slowly lowered her mouth and engulfed Juanita’s cock to the base. Juanita humped into Cindy’s throat as Cindy swallowed her. They developed a rhythm and Juanita fucked Cindy in the throat. Cindy’s throat muscles were milking Juanita as she swallowed her. After about ten minutes of extreme deep throat action Juanita was near orgasm.

“Ugh, Ugh, Ugh. Cindy I am cumming.” Juanita gasped.

Cindy kept eye contact with Juanita as she gulped down her thick spurts of semen.

“What do Kurtköy Masaj Salonu you think Juanita?” Cindy grinned.

“I think that was the best head in my life. I plan on returning the favor”

Cindy slowed walked to the bed and placed Juanita’s hands on her penis. Juanita was confused by the look and feel of the turgid erection before her.

“What is that inside your cock?” Juanita asked.

“That is a Prince Albert wand. It is about the width of an ink pen. The insertion rod is six inches long. It is held in place by the two steel balls screwed into the rod.”

Juanita’s hands slid up Cindy’s huge cock and stroked it along the entire length. Juanita used one hand to jack off Cindy and the other to lightly scratch the underside of the lower part of the shaft. Juanita could feel the fat steel rod inside of Cindy’s cock.

“That feels amazing. I have never felt this sensation before.” Grunted Cindy.

“You have never worn it before?” Juanita asked.

“Not during sex. I only tried it on the other day. I just ordered it.”

Juanita knelt before Cindy and began sucking Cindy’s cock. She placed her hands on Cindy’s hips and began swallowing Cindy’s cock. Cindy grasped Juanita’s head and humped into her throat. Juanita could only take about six inches. Cindy had never felt anything like this. Her penis felt like it had an electrical charge in it. Cindy knew if this continued she would cum soon.

“I want you to fuck me Juanita.” Cindy said as she pulled away. Juanita looked confused.

Cindy knelt before Juanita and sucked Juanita back to a full erection. Cindy laid herself flat on her back and spread her legs open. Juanita crawled between Cindy’s legs and lifted her friends feet behind her head. She looked at Juanita as her ass was being loosened by the tongue of this pretty Latino. Cindy loved the tongue in her ass and was glad she had taken those enemas.

“I am going to fuck you now Cindy. You are all mine tonight.”

Cindy felt the thick penis enter her anus. Her ass was not very use to fucking. She was usually the top. After about five strokes Juanita was balls deep. Cindy was impressed by Juanita. Her cock was not long, but it was as thick as Cindy’s meat. Juanita held Cindy’s ankles as she plowed into her ass. She was captivated by Cindy’s pretty thong sandal shod feet. She sucked and swallowed her friends ringed toes as she penetrated Cindy’s tight anus. Juanita grabbed Cindy’s huge erection and milked it as she fucked into her friends ass.

“What are you trying to do.” Cindy grunted.

Juanita was still fucking Cindy but bending down between their locked bodies.

“Relax. I am going to suck you as I fuck you. I did this with one of my lovers recently.” Juanita explained.

“Damn girl you sure are limber.” Cindy said as she felt Juanita’ lips around the head of her penis.

Juanita came up for air and said “Yes Cindy I can lock my legs behind my head. I will do that later. I can even suck my own cock.”

“How far down can you go?” Cindy asked.

“I can suck on 3 or 4 inches. I have sucked myself while being fucked in the ass. I am very limber for 170 pounds. I was a male cheer leader in high school. I have always been able to do the splits.

Juanita resumed her acrobatic fellatio of Cindy’s organ. Juanita attempted to swallow as much of Cindy as possible. She could manage about six inches. It was very difficult to keep fucking Cindy’s tight anus and swallow huge cock at the same time. The effect this dual assault on Cindy was bringing her near orgasm. Juanita’s thick cock was fucking her balls deep in her prostate and at the same time over half of her sensitive cock was being swallowed into her friend’s tight throat.

“I am going to cum Juanita.” Cindy grunted through clenched teeth.

“Ahhhhh. Ahhhh. Ahhhhh. Ahhhh.Ahhhhh. Ahhhh.Ahhhhh. Ahhhh.” Cindy screamed.

Cindy began shooting jets of thick semen. Each shot was immense in volume.

“Uuuuuggggghhhhh. Uuuuuggggghhhhh.” Juanita pressed her open throat around Cindy’s jerking cock. With each swallowing gulp Juanita made she could feel the steel rod inside of her friend’s penis. Cindy’s entire penis was exploding in the strongest orgasm Juanita had ever seen. She locked her lips over about 3 inches of Cindy and swallowed each bolt shot down her throat.

They collapsed into each other’s arms and hugged and kissed.

Cindy and Juanita are now a couple.

Author’s Note: Look for Future Adventures of Cindy and Juanita.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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