Shivers Ch. 02 – Moving In

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Suzie stood up angrily, “Tell me that you’re not fucking your brother, Katie!”

“I love him.” She mumbled, right on the edge of tears. “I just… I hoped…”

“Hoped what, that I’d understand?” Suzie shouted.


“Yeah, actually!” Katie spoke excitedly into her phone, “Training has been going well, and I’ve actually got a charity match!”

Suzie gushed, “Seriously? When?”

“Next week. You seen the advertising for Eliza Jones’ cancer match?” Katie asked, “Thursday, in the city. Her opponent was meant to be someone else who also qualified for last year’s Open, but they pulled a muscle so… I’m the replacement.”

Suzie sounded impressed, “Hot damn, girl. You get that this means everyone is expecting you to qualify this year, right?”

“A… Ha.” Katie’s voice was suddenly a bit more strangled and she squirmed on the couch, dropping down it slightly, “I… Think it’ll… Go well.”

“You okay?”

Katie looked down at the man on his knees, her legs hooked over his shoulders with his face hidden by proximity. She hadn’t exactly meant for this to happen, but she had sat on the couch in nothing but panties and one of his hoodies. “Yeah. I’m good. Something’s… Just come up.”

“Your brother isn’t being an annoying ass, is he?” Suzie asked accusingly, “I know you chose to move in with him to get away from your overprotective parents, but I did date him as well. He can be a clueless dick.”

She flushed bright red, “Nah. Dick isn’t being clueless. Just… Inconvenient.”

“So you don’t want to tell me, then.” Suzie guessed with surprising accuracy.

Katie bit her lip, struggling to contain the sound that someone else was determined to get her to make, “I’m… Going to let you go. Suze.”

“Sure thing. Tell Will that he’s an ass, from me.”

She hung up and her eyes rolled back as she could finally let out an excited and protracted moan, “Oooh! God, fuck! Oh, you cheeky bastard. Eugh… God damn it… You’re going to make me…”

It was entirely unfair how good Will was at making her cum.

Her own hand wasn’t capable of finding the right spot that quickly and expertly, driving her over the edge into the land of pure bliss and white lights.

Katie tried to breathe as she shook gently in the throes of her post-orgasm state. Will ducked out and stood up, a proud smile etched into his face, “I’m home.”

“Noticed. Jerk.” She held her chest and shook her head, “What would I have said to Suzie if you actually made me moan, idiot?”

“You?” He frowned, “I think you’d probably be honest, and tell her that you were fucking your brother. And she’d laugh as if it were a joke.”

She threw a cushion at his head.

He dropped down beside her, already reaching for his computer. Katie grabbed his wrist and swung around and into his lap. She leaned in and kissed him, her lips meeting his tenderly.

His tongue was as eager as hers, as she tasted her sweetness in his mouth. Feeling the thrill of knowing that her brother had just been between her legs, and nearly got her to spill the beans to her best friend.

“I love you. Jerk.” Katie said at length.

Will cupped her cheek, “You’re the best little sister in the world. But… I do actually have an assignment to finish up. Sorry.”

“Oh, you jerk!” She punched his chest lightly, “You go and get me in the mood, and now you’re telling me I can’t have any?”

He shrugged, “I’d be happy to give her ladyship whatever it is she desires. After I’ve done my work.”

“By then I’ll be hungry.” She pouted.

Will rolled his eyes, “Yeah. Who cooks for you, again?”

“You.” She kissed him briefly and rolled back beside him, “Because you’re totally crushing on your little sister.”

He only grunted a response, his single-minded focus already lost as he pulled out the laptop and popped the essay onto the screen.

She wanted to pout that he wasn’t paying any attention to her, but he had just given her a massive welcome home… And he was the one who had come home.

Their home.

It might just be a shitty apartment, but it smelled like Will, and now that she’d got rid of the leftover things from his train wrecks of relationships, it was a safe place for the both of them.

The bra hanging from a nearby lamp wasn’t from some slut that would dump him in a month, it was hers. Removed in an excited frenzy last night when she suggested that they hadn’t christened the couch as theirs yet.

Something her friend had said finally percolated through her distracted brain, and Katie glared at him, “So… You and your friends used to crush on me and Suzie, right?”

“The both of you were hot as hell. You were very guy’s dream, Katie.” He said, not really paying attention to her, but sort of listening.

She frowned, “I remember making it a rule that none of you and yours were allowed to ask me or Suzie out. After the swimsuit incident.”

“Young and dumb. Steve deserved whatever Suzie dashed out for that one.”

Katie crossed her arms, “Also forbid you from asking kocaeli escort Suzie out.”

His fingers froze above the keyboard, and he turned his head slowly, “Oh. Oh, you’re mad.”


Will winced, “Um… We’re together now. You and me. Something I really never thought was a possibility…”

“You bastard!” Katie yelled at him, “You were dating Suzie behind my back? How long for?”

“A night.”

She stared in confusion, “Wait, what? When was this, Will? What the… You had a one night stand, with Suze? I didn’t think she’d… Be like that. I mean, she is definitely a slut at times, but… I didn’t think she would be with you.”

“I dunno if I’d quite call it a one night stand…” He hesitated, “Uh… You’re going to get even madder. So, New Years, after I moved out? I was on my own. Moping about the place. Suzie turned up with drinks, board games and party hats. Said that because you weren’t around it was her duty to make sure I wasn’t a total loner.”

“That’s a line, Will. How did you not know it was a line?”

He shrugged, “I did. I moved out because of you, Katie, remember? Because this brother was terrible and in love with his sister? So… I thought maybe it’d help me to move on. Two years ago.”

Her jaw cracked audibly it was so tight as she glared daggers at him. “You fucked my best friend. Kinda feel cheated on. And that you broke a rule. And that the both of you lied to me.”

“It was before we were together.” He said sensibly, and then shrugged, “But we didn’t have sex. It wasn’t like that. Honestly, I think Suzie is still a virgin, Katie.”

It was her turn to feel nervous. “No, Will, she isn’t. I love her, but she’ll sleep with anyone, push come to shove. Anyways… My best friend turned up to fuck you, and you invited her in, like a cocksucking vampire.”

“We had fun. We laughed. We got a bit tipsy, and then we made out on the couch.” Will sighed sadly.

Katie punched him, “You violated our couch. We’re getting a new one.”

“No, we didn’t. The kiss was it.” He insisted, “Katie… I actually did want to talk to you at the time about it, but I didn’t know how to bring it up without you getting mad. Suzie spent the rest of the night in tears. She stopped kissing me, broke down, and I held a crying girl until she fell asleep. Never got an explanation.”

She looked at him in concern, “Did you try asking her?”

“Once. She threatened to carve out my tongue with a spoon if I ever brought it up again. She also threatened to put my balls in a vice and squeeze until they popped if I ever told you.” He said seriously, cringing at his own description of the quite vivid threats.

Katie cocked her head, “Huh. She called you clueless, but I suppose with mixed messages like that, it isn’t surprising you never made a move.”

“Well. Care to inform me about the mysteries of women?”

“Nope.” She shook her head and stood up, “I’m going to go call her back. This time, private call is private. I’m claiming the bedroom, make sure you knock.”

“That is so not fair.”

Katie shrugged and grinned, “You love me.”

“I do.” He smiled at her, right before returning to his computer and uni work without pushing any further. Which was irritating as hell.


Will turned on a song as he explored the fridge to find something to make dinner for his incorrigible sister. At this point, it might have to be pancakes. Her appetite was beginning to eat into his grocery budget.

The headphones went in, and he felt the beat as he began to put things together. He’d always found cooking to be relaxing.

He’d actually been surprised that Katie had only just found out about him and Suzie. The woman practically bragged that he’d kissed her every time they saw each other, teasing him for never calling.

And then threatening to hit him in the nuts if he acknowledged it.

On the other hand, he was only half-certain that Katie hadn’t told Suzie about the two of them. They talked about everything, sparing no details. He’d even overheard them discussing masturbation tips once.

He decided to move on from stressing about the two women in his life he didn’t really have a hope in hell of ever understanding, and onto the next item.

Things were looking distinctly borderline about whether he’d be able to graduate his degree this year, or have to do another semester.

Normally, faced with something like this he would knuckle down in his study. Stop going out on weekends, or bringing anyone over. No more bras on door handles. Put the family dinners on hold, and resort to memorising his lecture notes.

Problem was, he wasn’t alone in the house anymore.

He and Katie were still trying to find their equilibrium, and had started to rub each other up the wrong way. She was looking for more attention, and he was feeling cramped in the space.

Will’s history of terrible breakups was weighing heavily on him, as was the massive fallout that this particular breakup was likely to bring down.

If kocaeli escort bayan it went badly… Both their lives could easily be destroyed.

Katie had joked that an unexpected pregnancy would wreck her tennis career. He was imagining just how quickly she’d be blacklisted if her incestuous relationship with her brother hit a newspaper.

At least she had a future ahead of her. Whilst everything he touched seemed to turn to crap, Katie seemed to have the opposite effect. She hadn’t made it to her dream goal yet, but every news article seemed to treat it like a matter of time.

Only some of which were funded by Katie’s manager.

She had steady appearances in all the right magazines, an ongoing contract with one of the local brands as their brand name model. She even managed to not sound stilted with the terrible scripts they gave her for TV.

Katie’s one weakness, an attraction to the worst kind of guy, didn’t seem have gone away.

He was a dead-end nobody.

Will tried to shake himself out of his existential dread.

He could imagine if he was talking to her, Katie wouldn’t even care. She’d tell him something about crosses bridges when they got to them, laugh, and then she’d be fine whilst he continued to spiral.

Being the best thing in his life right now, and very clearly being the best thing that had ever happened to him, he didn’t need much of an excuse to find a reason to do something nice for her.

Pulling himself out of his funk by imagining her excitement over some present or something sounded like fun.

Couldn’t really afford to take her out on a date right now, and buying her a dress or jewellery was out for similar reasons. At least, jewellery that Katie would actually wear. She had expensive tastes.

The most romantic thing he could do for her was probably some kind of snuggle excuse. One of her favourite meals, curled up on a couch, with maybe a movie.

Problem was, Will didn’t know what kind of movies that Katie actually liked. When she was younger, it had been all about horror. Then there was the weird noir phase.

All she watched in bed now seemed to be romance dramas, which she quickly abandoned to roll over and makeout with him. Which led to a lot more than just kissing. He was half-way convinced she watched them as an excuse.

Normally, faced with a lack of date ideas, he could just reach out to a friend of the girl. However, he doubted Suzie would be down to help him romance his sister.

He didn’t want Katie to feel like he was pressuring her for sex, either. He wanted her to feel warm and loved, with no expectations of any kind.

Not to make up for missed time, or because he had nearly abandoned her before they went camping and finally admitted that they loved each other.

He wanted to do this for her, simply, and only, because he did love her.

Next time he went grocery shopping, he knew what he would be adding to the list. At least making her comfort foods wasn’t expensive… She just ate even more than he did and wanted cooked food three times a day.

Which brought him nicely around to the massive cut in hours he’d just had with his work.

Right now, he was eating into his savings to pay for all the bills. It wasn’t sustainable, which was creating a hanging cloud of dark and pressing feelings.

Warm arms went around his waist from behind, and he felt soft breasts against his back. He popped his headphones out, “Hello, you.”

“What’s he spiralling about, now?”

“Stuff. Doesn’t matter.” Will shrugged, “How’s tomorrow looking for you? I’ve got classes, and work. But we really need some food. Household shopping trip.”

“Magazine shoot, actually.” Katie said with a tired sigh, “I won’t be home until real late. So… You’re going to have to eat alone. In the dark. And cold.”

He rolled his eyes, “I am not a hobbit.”

“No. They’re happy folk who never have an empty larder.” Katie shot back with a surprising amount of nerd spice.

Will finished cooking and walked over awkwardly with Katie still clinging to his back and laid out their terrible dinner, “So, this shoot… Is it with a cute photographer?”

She laughed and jumped onto the couch, “Feeling jealous? People do love a tennis skirt.”

“I am people.” Will replied without shame and sat down beside her, “So how do you actually feel about that?”

“Annoyed. Usually.” Katie took on a serious tone, “I’m not out there trying to be a sex symbol. I play, because I enjoy playing, and I’m damn good at it. Objectifying it sucks, because putting on a skirt is easy. I don’t do sprints until I vomit, or practice my aim or trickshots until I can barely hold a racquet and turn around and call that easy.”


Katie smiled coyly, “Well, for you… Just for you… I might be able to be convinced to let you fuck me in my uniform. For a price.”

“Does that price involve paella?”

“You know me so well.” Her nose wrinkled.

Will chuckled, “I don’t think we’re quite to the escort kocaeli point of a new role play, yet. Sort of enjoying the whole incest story line, no need to move on.”

She leaned in close and whispered in his ear, “Best. Big. Brother.”

“Is dinner that disappointing?”

Katie glanced down and then back at him, “No… But it’s your fault! You got me all hot and… Feeling stuff, before. Suzie wasn’t any better. So, if the brooding jerk can spare it, I would really like to borrow his dick.”

“Kind of attached to me.”

She punched him, “Oi. You only get to tease so much.”

“Suppose I’ve done my work…” He pretended to hesitate, not able to help himself.

She stood up, “Screw you! I’m going to go take care of myself.”


She was gone, and the bedroom door slammed.

He hadn’t expected it to go quite that badly.


She was busy hunting for a video with one hand rubbing away gently, panties around her knees, by the time he arrived to make his apologies.

Katie pretended to ignore him as Will entered the bedroom, pausing as he saw her naked and masturbating where they fucked and sometimes slept. Drinking in the sight of her with an extremely lustful gaze.

It gave her a thrill, but she wasn’t about to forgive him.

“Mind if I -“

“Yes. You can’t take over.” She snapped.

Will rolled his eyes and then picked her up, causing her to discard the computer in surprise and grab for his neck. He laughed at her surprised squeal and started walking, “Wasn’t actually going to offer that. Your night is taking a bit of a left turn.”


He took her to the bathroom, and she hated herself for being bitchy towards him when she smelled the salts and saw the bath and bubbles waiting for her.

He put her down on her feet gently, and knelt down to slowly finish drawing her panties down. He kissed on the inside of her leg as he did it. Tender, not lustful.

The black lace fell to the tiles.

He stood up and helped pull his own hoodie over her head, exposing her chest. That, he couldn’t stop himself with. She bit the inside of her cheek to stay silent as he held the orbs gently, her softness in his firm hands. He flicked his tongue across one of her nipples, before kissing up her, kissed her neck gently, and then took her hand.

She let him help her into the hot water and she just about melted down into it, feeling the tension leaving her exhausted muscles as she did. He kissed her hand and sat beside her.

Just gazing at her with love and adoration, and no expectations.

Might just be the best apology she’d ever got from any boyfriend.

“You going to stare, jerk?”

He shrugged, “I can go.”


She leaned back, settling and looking at the ceiling, “I… Didn’t even notice how stressed out I was. How did you?”

“I abandoned you once, I won’t do it again. I’m always here for you.”

Katie smiled and closed her eyes, “Mmm. You’re not bad, big brother. Training is hard. And I’m terrified of embarrassing myself next week. I really could have done without Suzie’s revelation.”

“Hey. I’m the one that’s supposed to spiral.”

She smiled, cupped a handful of water and dumped it over his head. “Aw, no. Well. Can’t be helped. Now you have something worth spiralling about.”

“Are you telling me you want me to hop in?”

Katie giggled, “That’d be fun, but we wouldn’t fit. You just get to be wet and watch me enjoy myself.”

He made an exasperated noise as she settled back with her eyes closed again. “Going to ask me about Suzie?”


She yawned, “We talked about you. A lot. I might have realised I came very close to losing you, and not getting any of this. She’s not stupid, Will.”

“She know about us?” He asked fearfully.

Katie didn’t have an answer for him there. It was possible that she did. Neither of them had come out and said anything directly, this time. But… “She cried, you moron, because she didn’t want to choose between me and you. And she had already been having a shit time when you were all sweet to her.”

“Was she?”

Of course Suzie hadn’t told him. Always tried to do everything on her own. “She lost her mum that Boxing Day.”

“Shit. I knew things had got bad, but I didn’t… She’s never mentioned it.”

Katie fumbled blindly to hold his face, “Yeah. Well this princess gets territorial when it comes to her brother. Might have had something to do with it. I never really wanted you and Suzie to be close.”

He kissed her palm, “She coping okay, now?”

“Mostly.” Katie yawned again, “Kinda jealous I got to move in with you. I’d invite her over to shove it in her face, but she’d realise there’s only one bed and no one sleeping on the couch.”


She laughed, “Still? Wow. I guess I did have to fuck you before you realised I loved you. But I’m your sister. What’s the excuse for not noticing Suzie has a major crush on you?”

“Huh.” He sounded surprised, but not interested.

Katie cracked an eye to look over at him, “Like you said, she’s hot. No reaction?”

“I’ve already got you.”

She blushed, and then decided to see just how far she’d have to go before he’d admit attraction to another girl. Or how far she needed to go to make him consider it. “You thought Suzie was a virgin?”

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