Shower Curtain Glory Hole

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“But a promise made must be honored. As true for a commoner as it is for a queen.”

Geralt, ‘The Witcher’, Netflix movie

My roommate, Rob and I were doing real well with the ladies and partying hard until this quarantine was imposed on us and we were stuck on the eighth floor in this ten story apartment building. Of course, we were going nuts and getting desperate. At some point, even a television show with a girl showing boobs would give me a woody.

During the lockdown, we would do laundry at different times of the day; routine was out the window. We would go there just to do something and perhaps talk to someone. Rob and I would meet other bored people our age, twenties and early thirties. We would talk and hang out in the laundry room, preferring conversation instead of just dumping it in the wash and returning later.

Rob and I would discuss the people we met and we agreed a few of them were really interesting and fun to be around. We eventually asked a few of them if they wanted to have a movie night with us on Wednesdays. Many agreed and Rob and I had chips, finger foods, liquor and beer.

Nine of us convened in our living room. Each couple brought a beverage or finger foods and we settled in the sofas and chairs. We debated our options and we all liked adventure shows. Scrolling through the Netflix options, we agreed on the show, “The Witcher.” It included monsters, witches, kings, queens, and in a Middle Ages type setting. There was brief nudity, adult language and content. It was a perfect diversion from the nonsense happening all around us.

I looked around the room and scanned our laundry room friends.

Kenise and Amy are roommates and live a floor below ours. Kenise is six feet tall, caramel covered skin, shoulder length twist braid hair which compliments her beautiful facial features and sleek form. She has an awesome butt and very generous breasts. Amy is much shorter and reminds me of a light brown haired pixie.

Rob and Kenise can see each other eye to eye but I need to look past those gorgeous breasts to look into her eyes. Rob is burly and I have more of a swimmer’s build and women have told me I have a great ass.

Joe lives alone on the third floor. He is shorter than I am and has an average build. Dennis is heavier than Jerry, though both can see eye to eye with Kenise. They are roommates on the fifth floor and I think are an item.

A married couple living down the hall from us joined. However, they had to leave just as the show was beginning because the babysitter bailed on them the last minute.

Other than that glitch, the night went perfectly. We all talked, laughed and enjoyed the episode, with promises to meet up again next week.

Rob and I talked afterward while we cleaned up the apartment.

“Hey, Rob. Kenise is hot as fuck!” I told my roommate.

Rob agreed and laughed. “Considering we are dreaming, I would want Amy all day long!”

The following week, the same group showed up on time and the married couple managed to make it through the entire show without interruption. The following week, another married couple joined us and though the room was packed, Rob and I watched the show from the kitchen; we managed it.

We all talked about the sex, violence, costumes, etc. There was even talk about us dressing up to the characters we liked if we were still stuck on Halloween. As expected, there was more sex talk between us than actual plot or character or scenery discussion. The women loved the main character and made more than one comment about him each episode. However, we all agreed Yennefer would be the perfect sorceress queen and Triss Merigold was awesome as a powerful mage.

We started with nine people and it expanded to eleven at the height of our movie night. Not all people attended every week and we could easily accommodate them in our apartment, so everything was fine. Quite often, we had to replay scenes and replayed parts of previous episodes so everyone could catch up to the latest episode. Everyone would bring something for the one hour of entertainment and everyone always had a great time.

After everyone left, Rob and I were cleaning the apartment and chatted.

“I tell you, Rob. I think Kenise purposely wears those low cut blouses just to tease the fuck out of me.” I happily lamented.

Rob agreed, “I think Amy knows I like her. She crosses her legs a lot and it seems she is trying to catch me staring.”

We talked about the others and were glad this turned out to be a great idea and we were all anxious for next week’s movie night.

Wednesday could not come quickly enough. This night, there were only six of us, Dennis and Jerry, Kenise, Joe, me, and Rob.

Dennis laughed when he looked over to me during a scene with a woman showing her boobs. I immediately covered myself up.

Kenise laughed, “If I was not living with Amy, I am sure I would be just as visibly aroused. Don’t worry about it.”

Jerry chimed, “Agreed! If it wasn’t for Dennis, Ümraniye Öğrenci Escort I am not sure how well I would handle not having my cock sucked!” He and Dennis held hands for confirmation.

Joe added, “You are lucky! I have not had physical contact in way too long!”

Rob added his tale of lament, “I could almost fuck a wall, I am so fucking horny.”

“Like, a glory hole?” Jerry chimed in teasingly, looking at Rob.

“What the fuck is a glory hole?” Rob asked, trying to show only passive interest but he did shift in his seat.

Joe nervously said, “In adult video stores, they show movies in booths. A couple booths have a hole in the wall so you can get a blowjob from whoever is behind it.”

Dennis added excitedly, “It is completely anonymous and definitely relieves the pressure.”

Jerry asked me, “Aaron, have you had your cock sucked by an anonymous person?”

“Hey. I am not saying anything.” I laughed.

“Bullshit!” My roommate, Rob said. “You can’t bail out. Answer the question.”

“I don’t want the word on the street to be I visit video booths, okay?” I said defensively.

“Circle of trust.” Jerry stretched out his arm and put his hand out. We all put our hand on top of Jerry’s.

Jerry continued, “A promise made must be honored.”

Rob added, “As true for a commoner as it is for a queen.”

Each of us agreed and repeated the oath.

“So, what do we do now?” Kenise added excitedly.

Dennis spoke slowly and smiled mischievously. “Well, I have an idea.” He paused for dramatic effect, looking into each of our eyes. “I am sure you all have played ‘seven minutes of heaven’ so I am thinking each of you will go to the bathroom for no less than seven minutes. Nothing has to happen. If something does or does not happen, it stays strictly between that person and me.”

Jerry continued, “I know what you all are thinking and I promise to not share anything with Dennis and he will do likewise. We will all keep the promise and trust and our honor.”

“And, it doesn’t go outside this room?” I asked very nervously.

“Never.” We all agreed in unison.

Joe looked at Kenise. “Um, what are you thinking, Kenise?”

Kenise took a drink. “Well, I have zero interest in men and the same with Amy-she, too, is only interested in women. However, this sounds like fun. I have always wanted to be in a cult. If this goes past tonight and if you all agree, we can bring her into our pact. Who knows? You may need pointers about, you know, whatever.”

Rob added, “I don’t know. How do we keep it anonymous? I am fucking horny. I don’t know. I am not turned on by guys and I don’t know if I could, you know, do it.”

“I agree but I have an idea. Let’s go to the bathroom to figure this out.” Joe suggested.

We jammed into the bathroom and a couple people had to stand in the tub so we could all fit. Each of us agreed a person could not see through the curtain, from inside the tub or outside of it. Okay, the first problem is resolved-we cannot see each other. Second problem was resolved when I took a pair of scissors from the medicine cabinet and cut a hole big enough for a cock and balls to fit. I did not create a hole. I just started close to the top, made a circle but left the plastic still intact. It looked more like a flap. A cock could push through the plastic hole and only the dick would be visible.

Rob added a concern. “Um, we are all different heights. Wouldn’t the person know who he is helping? How do we keep the anonymity?”

Dennis added, “That is the easy part. You can squat down or raise the heels of your feet.”

I added, “There can be no talking. No words, sighs, or anything to give you or the one behind the curtain any indication of who you are.”

We reconvened in the living room, chatting nervously amongst ourselves.

“If we can’t talk, how do we tell the person what we want? Maybe we just a hand job or the person needs to use a condom or something like that?” Rob asked nervously.

“I agree. This is getting too complicated. I don’t know.” I lamented.

Joe added, “Let’s make rules.”

I found a pen and pad and wrote the list of rules we discussed, debated but finally agreed upon.

1) Respect everyone; don’t judge kinks, desires, etc.

2) The game ends immediately if other people learn about the arrangement. There are only Rob and Aaron, Dennis and Jerry, Joe, Amy and Kenise in this pact.

3) Anonymity is a must; No cheating, and no talking during the experience

4) No anal sex, no pain, no kissing, No means No

5) No talking about the specifics after the experience

6) No making fun of anyone-ever!

7) No more or less than seven minutes

8) What happens between them is only between them

9) Tapping once lets the person know you are going to cum

10) Tapping twice means you want to reciprocate

11) Everyone should be behind the curtain at least once

12) The person Ümraniye Çıtır Escort behind the curtain is not obligated to do anything

13) Condoms and gloves are made available behind and in front of the curtain.

The person may only want a hand job-no pressure

The person giving may only be comfortable with giving a hand job or a condom covered blowjob-no pressure

14) No hooking up with the person

15) Lipstick, make-up, and clothing are optional. However, these items will be available to the person behind the curtain

16) You must knock once and wait a couple moments before entering

17) All Glory Queen’s rulings were final

18) Other rules, as needed

“Wow! This is intense.” I sweated after the rules were complete.

“Glory Queen. I like that title. Thank you, Aaron.” She beamed.

“Kiss ass.” Rob cheered. Others agreed and I turned beet red with embarrassment.

“What now?” Joe asked.

“Yay! I get to make my first ruling.” Kenise stated with full authority. “I, Yennefer, Glory Queen, believe it is time to seal the deal. Let’s make sure we are all committed to doing this thing.”

Jerry added, “Yes. I agree. Dennis and I will be behind the curtain. You won’t know which person is helping you-there will not be two hands. Either I or Dennis will turn our back to ensure there is privacy between the giver and receiver. You won’t know who is doing it. And neither of us will know what the other person is doing.”

We all nodded in agreement. Dennis and Jerry smiled at everyone and walked toward the bathroom. I let them know there are condoms and plastic gloves below the medicine cabinet.

We anxiously await the seven minutes; to keep in practice and build up the moment. Kenise then looked up from her phone, indicating time was up. She looked at each of us excitedly and impatiently, “Well, someone has to be first.”

“I admit. I am horny. I may as well go first.” Joe said while blushing and walked slowly down the hall to the bathroom and knocked before entering a few moments later.

Kenise, now in full Yennefer mode, started the timer once he was through the door. I guess the guys in the bathroom also had timers because exactly seven minutes later Joe was walking out of the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

He sat down on the sofa, took a long drink of beer and was smiling. He made no indication of what he did or his experience.

Yennefer looked at my roommate and he bowed to her before he shakily walked to the bathroom door, knocked once and entered after a couple moments.

Seven minutes later, a sweaty Rob walked out of the bathroom. He bowed to our queen and sat down on the sofa next to Joe. He took a big gulp of beer but made no indication of anything that may have happened in the bathroom.

Yennefer looked at me and smiled broadly, while motioning to the door all the way down the hall.

I took a big drink of beer, bowed to our queen, and slowly made my way to the door, knocking on it quietly. I paused before I entered and quietly closed the door. I heard no response from inside and no movement. I set the timer on my phone to let me know when my time was up.

I had to pee first and it was difficult with my cock being rock hard. I somehow managed it but it was strange knowing I had an unseen audience. I shook the last drops out and used tissues to clean up the slit and squeezed my shaft to remove any remaining urine. I rinsed my hands longer than I ever did. I think nerves were getting the best of me.

I nervously looked at the flap in the curtain wondering if I had the nerve. I scanned the area and noticed the loose condoms and a few of those cheap sterilized gloves I bought weeks ago. I was pulling my pants down as I wondered if I was really going to let a guy wrap his lips around my dick. I looked down and my lower head seemed to make the decision for me because I was at full staff before I positioned myself toward the shower curtain.

I eased my conscious-less cock through the hole and was immediately welcomed by a warm mouth and tight lips surrounding my shaft. I had to stifle a moan but, oh my god, it was awesome! Within moments, I tapped on the bathroom floor to indicate I was going to cum. The lips just got tighter and descended lower. I blew my load! I don’t know how I managed to remain standing as spurt after spurt shot out from my dick. The incredibly soft lips and cavernous mouth kept on sucking and sucking until I fell limp. I tapped twice on the floor to let the person know I was done.

I checked the time and I still had four minutes. I was pulling my pants up and noticed the hole opened back up to show me a very hard cock dripping precum. I just had an incredible blowjob and I was trying to recall the rules. Did I have to reciprocate? Was this gesture appropriate? Why was I dropping to my knees? Would he cum? Would I swallow? Would we be interrupted if I exceeded my Ümraniye Elit Escort time?

I knelt on the tiled floor; my mouth was inches from my target. Three and a half minutes left and if I was going to do something, I better be fast. ‘Circle of trust’, I thought to myself as my tongue made its first swipe, licking up the precum. ‘No making fun’, I thought as I licked more of the head and along the shaft. ‘No specifics’, I recalled as I swallowed the cock head. ‘Not obligated’, I thought as I started to bob my head up and down. I know time was running out.

I heard a low sounding beep and removed my lips to check my phone. I had thirty seconds. I plunged my mouth over the dick and shoved it down as far as I could go. I rapidly bobbed my head and down and wrapped my lips tightly around the large and thick pole. I was well rewarded for my last ditch effort. His orgasm flooded my mouth with so much cum! Most of it shot straight down my throat but my mouth was filled with the sticky fluid. I quickly stood up and spit out into the sink what was left and quickly rinsed my mouth with Listerine. I hurriedly adjusted my pants and made it to the door as time ran out.

I have no idea what I looked like when I entered the living room. I sat down quietly and took a long drink, using the drinking action to get my head back in order, being afraid to say or do something too soon. I just sucked a cock and swallowed his cum! The flavor is still in my mouth. Did I like it? What was it that appealed to me? So many questions ran through my head.

Yennefer handed me a slip of paper with yes and no answers to the questions on it. She then excused herself and went to the bathroom and check on the roommates’ experience. She wanted to get their feedback-once again, not too detailed and focused on yes and no responses.

I watched her disappear down the hallway and read my slip of paper on the kitchen counter as I grabbed another beer from the refrigerator. “This note is strictly confidential and the specifics will not be shared with the others: Did you enjoy it? Would you do it again? Would you consider being behind the curtain? Honor and Promise. Circle of trust.” There was nowhere to write my name, so my responses were anonymous. I checked yes, yes, and yes. I then folded my paper and noticed there was bowl in the center of the coffee table with Rob’s and Joe’s responses, already completed and papers folded.

The list of rules was next to the bowl and I noticed Rule #8: ‘Tapping twice means you want to reciprocate.’ I turned redder than ever, realizing I asked him to let me suck his cock. I accidentally told him I wanted it! My hands were trembling when I sat down and took another huge gulp of beer. Did I forget the rule or did I really want to try it? My mouth was dry and I drank again. I tried to determine if any cum flavor remained in my mouth but there was none. I guess the beer washed out the remaining taste.

A couple minutes later, Yennefer returned with the roommates in tow. She pulled Dennis aside and handed him a paper and pen. Once he put his answers down, our queen had Jerry do the same. The five of us were seated in the living room and tried to talk about something as our queen remained in the kitchen tallying up our responses.

She returned to the living room with a wide smile. Yennefer took her rightful seat on the recliner. I made a mental note to fix it up to resemble a throne for next week. She acted every part of being our ‘Glory Queen’ and my cock reawakened.

“Good news, guys! You all enjoyed it and want to do this again!” She beamed at all of us as we raised our beer bottles. “Naturally, I am not going to say anything about the third response. We do want to maintain anonymity and wonderment. Remember, if one of you speaks, your world will be completely unturned and this game ends immediately. Here is to Honor, Promise, and Circle of trust!” She said, raising her glass of wine.

Of course, we all repeated the chant and cheered!

“As Glory Queen, I have a suggestion.” Kenise/Yennefer added, pausing for dramatic effect. “Considering you know neither Amy nor I are going to be behind the curtain, we can make sure you guys are okay and I am sure there are other things Amy and I can do.”

She took a drink before continuing, “For example, even though you all think Dennis was behind the curtain, you don’t know for certain because Jerry was with him. One of our goals is to maintain anonymity and all that jazz. If we do this next week, after the movie, I recommend everyone leaves for at least twenty minutes. You can leave the building, go to the basement, go to your apartment, or wherever. After that time, you can return here. If there is a rubber band on the door, you know there is a person behind the curtain. If you want to enter, you have to put a rubber band on the door to indicate to another person, there are two people. You can enter. A third person can enter but must immediately move to the kitchen and stare at the cabinets, or whatever. A fourth person must not enter and may come back after 14 minutes.”

We all nodded in agreement.

Yennefer continued. “Once you are done in the bathroom, Aaron and Rob, you cannot return here for probably an hour. Everyone else goes back to their apartment and we will see each other next week for our show.”

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