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A very special thanks to my darling friend, Woody, whose fantasy… about me! (((BIG GRIN))):o) inspired this.


Judith and Delta, “Fuck Cunt” and “Cow” to the two men in the room, were naked on their hands and knees on a bed. The bed was in a cheap, dingy hotel in the middle of Downtown Kingston. It was late afternoon on a Wednesday in the Jamaican capital, and both professional women were oblivious to the sounds of the traffic in the street four storeys below them.

The women were side by side, hip to hip and shoulder to shoulder. They were getting fucked from behind, their gigantic melons swaying in unison. Up and back. Up and back. Judith and Delta’s nipples were nearly touching the bed; their arm-length tits responding to the pounding from their companions.

Judith dropped her head occasionally, looking down, obstructing the view of the man who was fucking Delta. He had insisted that both women crouch in front of a mirror so that he could watch their four mammoth breasts swing. The pose tired her for she was not a young woman, and she had allowed herself to put on an extra thirty pounds. Neither man seemed to care what she looked like; they just wanted her to do whatever their perverted fantasies desired.

“Keep your head up, you fucking cunt!” the man fucking Delta growled at Judith.

Everything that dangled swayed: balls, boobs, braids. The man nailing Judith blew his load inside her a few minutes after they started. The ferocity of his assault caused her jugs to shake and beat back, forth and sideways as she also juddered to a climax. His cum squirted out strongly as he finished fucking her with a last few ragged strokes. Her cunt milked the last drips from him desperately. He pulled away roughly and slapped her ass. As his spunk dribbled out of Judith’s body she finally collapsed. The man’s cum dribbled out of her pussy into a puddle on the bed. She lay in it, sighing in relief, feeling dirty pleasure at the no-rubber, cunt fucking that she just accepted from him. Then to her surprise, she began to cry.

The man ploughing into Delta just looked toward the mirror on the vanity next to the bed so that he could watch his own cock ramming her cunt. His hand tightened in her hair as he watched her boobs, swaying, back and forth like a slow blues song. He ignored Judith’s tears completely.

Judith’s guy was done with her. He seemed disappointed, not only because he had cum first, but also because his friend, the man fucking Delta, showed no sign of climaxing any time soon. Judith was disappointed about that too.

“Some whore you turned out to be,” Judith’s man complained, apparently trying to hide his embarrassment. “This bitch hasn’t got any staying power,” he said to the other man. “I want my fucking money back!”

He slapped Judith’s ass again, smiling because it shook like a plate of pudding. Judith hid her face in the bed covers. She was still euphoric from the fuck; full of cum though now increasingly embarrassed that the man was saying that he hadn’t enjoyed being with her, and that there were two people who had witnessed that. His complaint about her technique only heightened the shame that she felt about the fact that she had been compelled to accept money from him for her services in the first place. She would not be allowed to return it even if he insisted. She would be expected to argue with him until he permitted her to keep the money. Her Dom wouldn’t care that she had promised herself to give it to Delta, compensation for her services; he would just want to see her take it from the client.

Judith turned and saw that Delta was still pumping away with the second man, but not for long. He had slipped his cock out of her soaking cunt and slid it into her ass in one violent stab.

“Tight!” the man groaned, approvingly.

Judith heard Delta groan loudly also, but beyond that, she did not seem unduly perturbed. Delta really was a pro! The man rode her hard, but she seemed to be able to push back on him thrust for thrust. Wasn’t she in pain?

Judith wondered, for the first time, what sort of life this woman really had, how long she had been at this and why she had come to this as an occupation. She wondered if she should, or even could, do anything to help a genuine woman of the street. She wasn’t ready to think about that seriously at the moment, but she suspected that Delta would haunt her thoughts if she did not. For some reason, Delta reminded her too much of herself for comfort.

Judith’s guy wasn’t completely done; he was just done with her. He hustled around to the other side of the bed, kneeled on it and yanked Delta’s head back by her hair and an ear. Her mouth opened involuntarily, a gasp of pain, and he rammed his cock home, roughly.

Delta obviously could not hold her head that far back and she started to cry. Neither man would let her stop servicing him though. Both men rammed into her body in tandem, one into her ass, the other into her mouth. Her jugs went every which way, and the men made lewd remarks in response erotik film izle to that. She seemed to be in real pain, but they kept her body taut, delighting in the grotesque figure that she made.

The cock in her mouth cut off her air. Her eyes were red, clenched tightly shut, and gushing tears. She struggled, but the men would not stop. She tried to give one of them a push. Nothing happened. She clawed the air in desperation.

Judith watched what was happening to Delta while still in her stupor of climax. She did nothing to save the woman. It was not she who was being battered; it was not even Delta that she saw. It was some other person next to her, on this bed, in this increasingly sleazy room in this nondescript hotel getting the life fucked out of her. Judith wondered exactly what words the men would use to describe her if they were asked and thought that she would never find out what they had said.

Both men came at last. They had pumped Delta full. Cum dribbled out of her ass and cascaded down her legs. It came out the corners of her mouth. Judith’s man had nearly drowned Delta in it so it came out her nose as well. She gasped for air. She was in a desperate state, but still, no one in the room really cared.

“Fuck,” said the rear guy who had fucked Delta’s ass, tiredly. “This cow is not bad for a thousand dollars. You ought to get your money back, dude. That fat bitch was useless.”

“Yeah, but,” said the front guy who had fucked Judith before raping Delta’s mouth, “she sure has some awesome tits. Cunt’s not too bad, either now that I think about it. You’re a lucky man, Woods!”

They both laughed. The rear guy slapped Delta on her ass repeatedly. It jiggled. He reached over and spanked Judith’s ass, several times too. It wobbled; and, if his hoots of joy were anything to go by, it was exactly what he wanted from her. It embarrassed her, however, and while she kept her head averted from him she pushed up a little to offer herself to him some more.

He noticed the gesture and kept spanking her. He knew that she was a pain and humiliation slut and tried to oblige her as often as possible.

“What an ass,” he exclaimed. “Two beautiful, fat asses! Four huge melons! What’s not to like here, P?”

“A cunt that hasn’t got any staying power,” said the other guy, obviously directing his comment to Judith. “That’s what. Do you still have that butt plug that you brought, Woody?”

“Yeah man; why?”

“Give it to me. I want it for this fucking cunt bitch.”

The man reached over with the anal plug that his friend gave him. He ran it along the slit between Delta’s legs and having lubricated it, he moved it over to Judith. He tore her buttocks apart roughly and tried to stuff the toy into her body. Judith resisted as best as she could, but eventually he prevailed; and she learned a new level of humiliation when he fucked her ass with it until his arm became tired. Neither of them came. He left it wedged in her hole and told her not to move it for the rest of the night. The other man smiled in complete agreement with his friend and turned a warning eye on Judith cautioning her against disobedience.

Delta had collapsed on the sheets, too. She was facing Judith; smiling, conspiratorially, at the quietly petulant expression on Judith’s face. She could see that Judith hated anal sex, but that it was becoming common place for her to endure it. She was glad that the sex was over for her with these men; happy for the fuck fest and cum and whoring to be done for the next hour or so when her pimp would expect her to collect her next trick. She reached over and took Judith’s hand. It was cold.

Judith could still feel cum leaking out of her pussy and the butt plug filling her ass. She could see the thread of drying cum on Delta’s face. She closed her eyes to shut out the image. One of the men, she didn’t know, or care, which, kneeled next to Delta’s head. She knew that he was there only because she felt the bed sink. She heard water stream. She wondered if he was pissing on Delta and if she would be next. She planned to protest if he came anywhere near her. He didn’t and the other man was, apparently, not into golden showers.

The man pissed in Delta’s hair and on the side of her head away from her so Judith watched the other woman’s reaction to being pissed on. Delta obviously didn’t like it at all, but she didn’t protest either. Judith could smell it, now, the ripe odour of a man taking ED drugs to help him keep it up. She could see the rivulets of urine begin to flow down the other woman’s neck from her hair and ear as they got soaked. Delta closed her eyes and suffered in silence.

The two men dressed. They laughed, congratulating each other. The hard-to-please one, Paul, spat on Delta. She seemed hardly to notice. Judith was shocked but impressed. She would have tried to slap the man down several times during the last few minutes, not just lay there submissively. She would have likely got herself hurt since he had demonstrated that he was not above film izle hurting a woman when he forced the butt plug into her body. The men regarded the two women silently for a minute, and Judith wondered how awkward it would be when she saw them again. One of the men, Woody, looked her straight in the eye as he left the room. He smiled at her slightly, winked, and was gone.

Judith shoved herself up off the bed. The cum that drooled from her pussy, down her leg left a trail on the sheet, recording her tortured attempt to get off the bed that she would never have thought before today that she would touch, let alone lie on for the last hour.

“Time to go,” Judith said, not looking at the woman still reclining carelessly on the soiled bed looking at her. “I took off from work early for this gig, and now I need to get home and fix dinner.”

Delta lay there; staring at the sheets. She looked extremely unhappy. Although she let the gooey cum and spit run off her body she was the picture of disgust at what had happened to her. She was the one paying for the room, not Judith. If Judith had paid for it, it would have been in one of Kingston’s finest hotels, regardless of what she was doing there. That was not what her husband and his idiot pig of a friend and business partner wanted though.

Judith walked around the bed, toward the bathroom, tits swaying from side to side. Her udders were so massive that they looked as if they could pull her off balance. She hated her breasts. She had actually made an appointment with a surgeon to get them cut down but her husband had objected strongly and so she left them as they were. She wobbled toward the bathroom to clean up a bit. She wiped off of the gobs of cum on her thighs and pussy lips and clenched her ass cheeks to hold on to the plug that her husband’s friend had inserted into her earlier. She only had a dress, bra, and shoes to put on. They were very nice pieces since she was a well-to-do woman. She noticed, again, that Delta did not have a bra with her. When Delta had undressed she had just removed her dress and shoes to the delight of her two male companions. Her monstrous tits would be on display for the rest of the night.

Judith was not sure that Delta cared. Most likely, the braless look was deliberate advertising. Obviously, there would be more johns before getting home. There would be more fucking; more money for her tonight. Judith wondered for a moment if she should give the other woman her bra because she couldn’t believe that anyone truly wanted to live like that. She reflected to that Woodrow would be happy to see her come home without her bra, if he noticed at all given the afternoon that they had just shared and his obvious delight in Delta. He was probably rushing home right now to wank again and think about her.

“I gotta fix supper, too,” Delta said quietly.

Judith could barely hear her, but given that she had been working up an interest in her, and that she knew that she would help her, even if not today, she turned to look at the woman encouragingly. She didn’t say anything, but she smiled slightly, hoping to convey sisterly interest.

“Two little girls, and my mother,” Delta continued. “Naturally, they don’t know what I do when I leave the house every morning… I still have to get to the store.”

“Why do you do this?” Judith blurted.

“I lost my job. I was artistic director for the Business Bureau magazine. Our circulation was never great, so we closed, like so many other businesses with the recession. I tried but I couldn’t get anything else. I have a family to feed, bills to pay… Why do you do this?”

“Because I’m told to.”

Delta grunted, apparently understanding somehow.

Judith had wanted it to be very clear to Delta that she did not belong on the streets or in this dingy little room. She was a bored housewife who worked part time to get out of the house. She had taken off from work in order to troll the streets that afternoon at her husband’s request. It would have been clear to anyone that she hadn’t wanted to be seen, but when the black Pajero had pulled up near to the sidewalk where she had stood near to Delta she had come to life and almost begged the men to take her too.

“Look, I’m learning to be a writer,” Delta offered, apparently trying to stave off Judith’s scorn, a projection really. “I read all I can and I write short stories.”

“We oughta hook up sometime,” Judith said, apparently ignoring the confidence. “I don’t plan to do this for much longer and I don’t think that you should either. I don’t think you have to; you’re an artist; you can do better. I would imagine that it’s dangerous here on the streets.”

“I suppose so.”

Delta didn’t sound very optimistic. She seemed to be dead tired, and defeated emotionally for now. Judith guessed that she would have to split her take with some pitiful little wimp of a pimp. There wasn’t much work out there for artists at the moment.

“Does your pimp beat you?” Delta asked Judith, breaking into her reverie.

“I seks filmi izle don’t have a pimp; I have a Master. He’s my husband, really. He’s the pig who fucked you just now.”

“Does your Master beat you, then?” Delta asked after thinking about it. Judith could see when she decided that it was not strange that she had just entertained a woman, the husband that she clearly resented and a friend of his. Rich people were different from her in many ways.

“No. I beat myself. He sits and watches me do it. He likes me to humiliate myself for him.”

Delta smirked and Judith nearly cried at the dawning realisation that she was really no different from this woman. Judith’s price tag was about a million times higher, but she was still a commodity trader. Her stakes were a whole lifestyle and Judith would obviously pay any price to preserve hers. If romantic holidays couldn’t do it anymore for them then why couldn’t she just leave Woodrow?

Judith saw Delta smirk again and thought to shut up. She did not know why she was telling Delta about the sordid details of her life, but she couldn’t seem to stop herself. For some strange reason, she wanted Delta to understand her just as she wanted to understand Delta and her life. She had always looked down at women who sold themselves, but she had learned something today. They were people; people who had abilities that she did not, and that would be appreciated by her husband and their friends; people whom she was accustomed to have being impressed by her and her achievements in life. Delta was a professional! An artist who had fallen on hard times! Judith only bought art. She created nothing except a showcase home for Woodrow and their children. The children, now at school in Europe, adored her, but Woodrow was clearly becoming bored. His demands became more outrageous by the week. This week, her task had been to whore herself downtown. What would next week, or the week after bring?

“Would you hire me to beat you in front of him and his friend?” Delta’s voice brought her back to the squalid room.

“I might,” Judith chuckled, disbelievingly at the suggestion.

She packed away the idea that she needed to assess her interests and see how feasible it would be to launch a career out of them. At 46 years of age, and the soon-to-be former wife of Woodrow Martindale, what would her chances be of starting a new life? Judith decided that she might have a good chance if she kept her head on right and chose her moves wisely. Obviously, a career in art wouldn’t be one of those moves.

“I can get really, really angry sometimes. I’d beat the crap out you. There’d be nothing nice about it; no hugs and kisses afterwards. I’d make you cry!”

Judith stopped getting dressed for a moment. She thought about Delta’s offer seriously. The dynamics of their emerging relationship intrigued her. She realised that unless she treated this woman well and helped her get back on her feet she was opening herself and her husband to possible blackmail. She realised that she was not ready to make her move against Woody as yet. Until then, she would use this woman to help her keep him happy.

She felt a thrill of excitement at the risk at which she would be putting herself. She interrupted her thoughts by taking a wad toilet paper and stuffed it in her pussy to stop the last of the leaking of her husband’s partner’s cum. God, she hated that man!

“I’d like that,” she said. “I’d like that very much, and I’m sure that they would love it. I like belts, and flat shoes. Are you sure you can make it hurt?”

“I guess so. You’d have to tell me exactly what you want. You’re the first woman client I’ve ever had. You’ve been nice to me. I’ll do whatever you want.”

Dressed, Judith dug out a business card and tucked it into Delta’s purse along with twenty thousand dollars. Grocery money Judith would say if asked. Someone would have to be gouging her eyes out for her to admit to be paying for sexual services of any sort. She tucked the money into the other woman’s purse next to a switchblade. Judith was happy to see the knife. Delta would be okay; she could take care of herself. She turned away and saw Delta sitting on the edge of the bed. She was dirty, smelly and crying now.

“I’m not a slut,” she said defiantly. “I’m not a whore.”

Her nose was running and Judith offered her a scented tissue that she had fished from her handbag.

“Of course not, dear. You’re now my consultant. You’re going to teach me everything that you’ve learned about sex. I want my husband to be impressed. I’ll pay you well to make me perform like you. I don’t want you to go anywhere near that pimp of yours ever again, and you must have an AIDS test before we do anything else. If you work out with me, I could recommend you to a couple of my friends. They would also pay you well to help them keep their husbands interested.”

She paused and sneered. Judith always was a practical woman and this wouldn’t really be pimping since Delta would not have to pay her anything for the hook-ups. She had done well in life because of her lack of wishful thinking. She made her life happen on her terms, no matter the cost. This woman would be her contingency plan until she was ready to make her move.

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