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This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.


Anita and I have two sons and two daughters. The oldest, a son, is married and lives on the other coast. The next one, the other son, is in his last year of college and doing very well. Both sons take after me. I’m 6ft4. Both are almost that high.

The daughters don’t take after me or their mother, who is 5ft9. We think they take after their grandmother on Anita’s side. Their grandmother is 5ft3. Our oldest daughter, Penny, is 5ft3, a little over 19 years old and our younger daughter, Trish, is 5ft4 and just turned 18 years old. They both weight around 103 or 104 pounds. Their size worked out great because they both do quite well at gymnastics and have won several awards and achieved high performance status.

Trish just graduated from high school and Penny finished her first year in college and they’re home for the remainder of the summer. They have a training program even in the summer vacation time. They’re often on trips for competition or training. Sometimes it’s grueling and it stresses their muscles and frames. They get homesick and plain tired so we let them crash as much as they can handle. Trish is more outgoing than Penny and makes friends easily. Penny is reserved except when she’s performing. Then she explodes with energy.

I drive a train, to Chicago and back, on a rotating basis with other drivers. Sitting takes its toll so I exercise a lot to stay slim. I also have varied time off and can sleep late most mornings. My schedules work great for the whole family. We get to spend a lot of time together and it’s not all the same time of the day.

When Penny was young Anita used to lie on her back and put Penny on her stomach. Penny went right to sleep. We figured she could hear her mom’s heartbeat. She grew out of it fairly quickly when the sisters discovered each other. When Penny was in grade school she started sleeping on her mom’s tummy again. Not all the time. Finally she got too big and Anita eased her out of the habit. When Penny graduated and concentrated on her gymnastics and college she seemed to want to do that again. Anita said she was too big for her and she should give me a try. She did.

One morning about 5:00 I went to the bathroom and when I came back Penny was there, next to her mom. I got in bed. She was between us. She said, “Dad, Can I try sleeping with you sometimes like I do mom? I can sleep much better that way for some reason.”

“Sure,” I said. “Want to give it a try?”

“You mean now,” she said. “Ok.”

She hardly moved. We had the sheet up around our waist. It bobbled and there she was. A little over 100 pounds and with the muscles she had from gymnastics she could easily do that. On top she was no problem at all. I hardly knew she was there. Her legs were down on either side so that took weight off and her arms were down under my back or waist so that took weight off. Her head was bent over on one side or the other of my chest and that shifted weight to my bones and that took weight off. Her trunk was about all that was left and it was stretched down mine.

From the other side of the bed Anita said, “She likes me to wrap my arms over her back and I massage her a lot. Her muscles always need that. She doesn’t snore. She moves around lightly so she shouldn’t wake you up. Night.”

I wrapped my arms over her back and whispered, “Are you comfortable?”

“Yes,” she said. “If it doesn’t work out for you let me know. You need your rest too.”

I said, “Ok.” I hardly knew she was there. It was nice having a warm breathing person on top. Very relaxing. I knew how she felt. I slumbered off back to sleep. She was gone when I woke up. If she moved around I didn’t feel it. I woke up one morning after getting in late and there was Penny, on top with her arms around my back and waist. I didn’t wake up when she came in.

I wore boxers to bed, no top, since Penny started sleeping this way. I was thinking I should switch to briefs since sometimes I came out of the boxers during nightly man up practice. Penny wore panties to bed so I wasn’t that worried but still. I thought I would mention it to Anita.

“Anita, Penny and I aren’t wearing all that much clothes,” I said. “I could switch to briefs. I don’t really mind. I’m not all that worried. She’s grown and she’s always been level headed.”

Anita said, “With the skimpy outfits they wear practicing and competing she’s almost bare all the time anyway and around all those people wearing mostly the same thing. Not having much on is normal for her. I think she’s wearing pants just because you might object. She grew up not wearing pants while she’s sleeping. She’s uncomfortable with them. If you can I wouldn’t mention it so it doesn’t become a thing. If you take off your boxers she’ll probably get back to normal and take off her pants.”

“Ok,” I said. “I’ll keep her as comfortable as I can. As long as it’s not a problem.”

Anita meet suck and fuck took to being sure the curtains were closed and pulled the bedroom door almost closed so she and Trish wouldn’t wake us up. I didn’t notice at first. Penny must have noticed. She wound up on top of me more. Not all the time, just more. When I had nightly man ups Penny was up high enough she would never know. I stopped wearing boxers.

About five nights later I was rubbing Penny’s sides and ran off the bottom of her gown and noticed she didn’t have any pants on. I worried about me being nude and her with just a gown on. Rubbing her back I knew she didn’t have a bra on. Both Penny and Trish had smaller breasts so they weren’t imposing on me. During my normal nightly man ups the weight caused me to drop over towards my stomach but I never seemed to touch anything. If I did I would feel it for sure. My Krakatoa nightmare was proportional to my height of 6ft4.

I rubbed Penny down her back and sides slowly and lightly as Anita mentioned. She cooed and stuff when I did that. Sometimes I got a moan and sometimes she squeezed me a little with her arms around my back or waist. Sometimes when she was waking up she tilted herself down into me and back, flexing her muscles to get herself going. I got to looking for that. I liked it. I do it myself. It’s a nice wakeup gesture. I brought it up to Anita once and she smiled and gave me a kiss. That was it.

One morning about eight, days and days later, I felt Penny moving. I woke up although a bit groggy. I could feel her hips moving very slowly. I could also feel myself fully up and something brushing against the head. I kept my breathing the same and didn’t move a muscle. She wasn’t pressing against me. I thought it felt more like hair. Pubic hair. She stopped and lay still.

She said, “Sorry dad. I didn’t mean to wake you up. I was teasing myself. You seemed to be, uh, available.”

The only thing I could figure is she heard my heart beat faster. Had to be it. I said, “I didn’t really mind. Very pleasant. Thank you.” I knew both girls took the pill. With all the athletes they interact with it seemed wise. They thought so too.

“You don’t mind?” She said.

“Well, we probably shouldn’t but no harm is being done,” I said. “I think your mom wouldn’t mind except maybe a lecture. Maybe not even a lecture.”

“I would like to do that a little longer if it’s ok,” she said. “It feels very good.”

“Ok,” I said. “Enjoy yourself. I think it’ll stay that way.”

She put her face down into my chest and slid down maybe a fraction of an inch and shifted around. I felt her touching the head lightly then she put her head sideways on my chest. Her hips started a slow rotating and rocking motion. I felt the pubic hair again and something more solid that came and went. Penny was doing some teasing of herself, using me. Well, it did feel very good. I didn’t know how far she was going to go but thought I’d let her enjoy like I said.

I reached up under her gown on her back, causing it to pull up. She lifted slightly so it pulled up underneath her stomach. I rubbed her back right onto her buns and over wide and down to the inside of her thighs on both sides. I stayed just a little down from touching where she was playing but did get down the inside of both thighs lightly. That got a little moan so I figured that was ok.

I pulled up to the outside of her hips and curled my little fingers down and under enough to more than notice. She lifted her middle up to give me a little room. Not that much. I slid my hands down on both sides of her vulva, not touching, to her inner thighs in front. I held them there a moment or two and pulled both hands up letting the edge of my hand rub the outside bottom edge of her outer lips and on up.

I could feel her tilt down into me ever so softly. She was trying not to alarm me as I was trying not to alarm her. I held my hands flat with the edges touching her tuff on both sides and slid down again, a little tighter in against her outer lips. They weren’t small. For a small frame her vulva ran down and underneath noticeably. A slight movement so she liked that too.

I moved my fingers on both hands up almost on top of each outer lip and pulled my hands all the way up slowly. They were open some judging the distance between my fingers on one hand and the other. I went back down with my fingers just over on the inside of the top of her outer lips. She opened her knees a little and rotated her hips around me catching me with her pubic hair quite a bit. I had my dick pulled back to stay out of her.

My fingers were resting down on the inside of her thighs. It’s very erotic to have my hands down underneath on either side of someone’s vulva with it open like that, palms up against everything all the time. I started pulling my hands back up but curled my fingers over together and when I got to her outer lips I slowly opened them right up, stopped where I was and pulled outward. Her vagina was opened mobil porno up right there.

We both took some breaths. I got my little finger out in the air and tilted my dick up and tried to connect the two and did. Tilting and pulling my stomach in I slowly placed the head of my dick right in the entrance of her vagina and slowly pulled my fingers out and put my palms up on the top of her buns. We both took some breaths but held the contact.

Without any air moving between my dick head and her vagina entrance it got warmer. I tilted into her so softly I wouldn’t have moved a flea out of the way. She felt it and squeezed me around my chest. I held it and she moved down. We doubled teamed back and forth like that in almost unnoticeable amounts. After a while I could feel her touching me about the middle of the head. I took a big breath and worried her vagina with my dick.

It wasn’t long before we were working together. We weren’t going anywhere with it, just a masterful tease to see if we had the balls to go on some. She got down far enough to have a good time with my whole head working in and out. My pre-cum was helpful. For a long time she didn’t go for more and I didn’t either. Just the head in seemed to satisfy us. It wasn’t an orgasm search. I was rubbing her buns and working with her movements. We finally slowed down and lay still.

She said, “Thanks dad. It just felt so good I didn’t want to stop.”

“It felt just as good to me,” I said. “As long as you’re comfortable with everything I am too. You can control how much and how fast. I’ll adjust.”

She tilted her head up and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. She said, “Thanks. I’m glad I can do that to you. Get you so hard. I wasn’t sure I could.”

She didn’t wake me up doing that for several days. Neither one of us had the fortitude to give it a try again. Then one morning she was moving stronger than normal. Slowly waking up I couldn’t see why. She had me touching her vagina from how it felt. I thought she probably moved more to wake me up on purpose. I looked at the clock and it was about 7:30. I massaged her back and hips and inside her thighs a little to let her know I was awake then I rubbed her buns down and out, not hard. She started moving down with each rub like that. Not much and hardly noticeable.

Soon she had almost the whole head in again. I kept my hands on each bun and worked with her. She got into the same routine she was in the first time but it seemed more concentrated. I started short thrusting with her and we kept that going while she moved around just enough to wind up lower down on me. She was thrusting her hips down every time I came up. It wasn’t all that long before I was in about four inches, maybe five. She held it there and we did ins and outs for the longest time. Not really fast.

I expected her to have an orgasm but she didn’t. Neither did I. I was absolutely not to going to have an orgasm in Penny yet. It was some of the most sensuous feeling sex I’ve had for a long time and Penny made all the familiar sounds and movements. She was on one of those plateaus that you never want to leave. The only thing that could possibly be better is more of the same.

Very matter of factly she said, “I didn’t know it would feel that good. Do you want me to stop?”

“It feels to me like it does to you,” I said. “Don’t stop on my account. I’ll try not to have an orgasm, it’ll be messy.”

I felt her nod her head. She was tight but it wasn’t bothering her. She was working it in on her own terms. After a minute or two she pushed down on me and held it there and took a deep breath and pulled up and off and came back up my stomach and lay still.

She seemed to go to sleep so I got back into slumber. We both got up about a half an hour later. She didn’t mention it and I didn’t either. Life as normal around the house. My drive today started at three in the afternoon. I had to leave for the station at two to fill out sheets for records and absorb information but we had time for a kite flight since it was windy so we all did that.

Trish was the best and her kites were always top notch. She always had the kind that dived and scared you to death they were going to run right into the ground and destroy themselves but she always turned them around at the last split second and they soared way up again. Anita had one with cats eyes and cats tails. Mine was boxy and always stable in high wind. Penny always flew two at the same time. Always a spectacular sight watching her keep them apart then letting them cross each other.

Anita didn’t say anything about Penny and me. I don’t think Penny said anything to her or Anita was ok with it. She gave our daughters whatever she could and one of those things was me. I learned that over the years. My trip was extra-long and I didn’t get back until mid-morning. I was off until the next afternoon. Penny didn’t normally start out the night with me but migrated over at different times of the early morning or morning to finish up sleeping or slumbering.

She mofos porno came over about six o’clock the next morning. Anita was still in bed with us as she often is and many times ran her hands down Penny’s back and buns while Penny was on top of me. Sometimes she went on down and had a very good wifely feel of me. I’ve had my hands down on Penny’s buns, just off to the side, and felt Anita come back with her hand curled under Penny and pulling right up across her and up her butt crack. Penny was used to it and seemed to like it. A few times I tilted up carefully when I was fully aroused and ran into Penny quicker than I thought I would, mostly tickling pubic hair. Penny didn’t wait all that long.

When Anita was pushing down about at the top of Penny’s buns I could feel Penny move down. A few times like that and Penny had the head of my dick at her vagina again. Just enough to get started. Penny’s hips started rolling left and right. Anita was rubbing across her buns, down low. It wasn’t that dark and I could see Anita’s hand. When Penny was in sync Anita moved over to her side of the bed and turned the other way and pulled the sheet up a little higher. I started thrusting just a little, very lightly. Penny squeezed her arms around me when I did.

Penny could swivel her hips down on me and I could thrust up into her almost while we were sleeping or slumbering. It was a very nice feel good thing and we both seemed to enjoy it without getting crazy turned on. Over time, days not minutes, she was working me further into her. Even with all her gymnastics she seemed super tight although she could have been squeezing. She had very fit muscles down around there. I figured sometimes she had me in better than six inches.

I wasn’t immune to all this and Anita could attest to that. She got the blunt of my sexual prowess and unbelievable performance level each night after Penny’s antics. Penny hasn’t interrupted us in the evenings yet. I thought there must have been some sort of scent in the air to let each other know. It’s not a man thing. Penny was probably having orgasms in her bed since she hadn’t with me. I couldn’t find a way to ask about it. I really wanted to give her one myself and maybe have one since she wouldn’t get pregnant.

Sometimes we slumbered and sometimes we just quit and got up but it was always wonderful and fun for both of us. I now know Anita knew all and instigated some of it. I’m sure that was to let Penny and me know it was ok with her if we did. It was our routine and we loved it. A few mornings later Penny and I were at it again. Having sex that slow and sensuous was so satisfying. Penny would get me in and even with my minor thrusting and hers I seldom came all the way out and back in. She would get me in where she wanted me and work me in and back about two and sometimes three inches instead of all the way out and back. I few times I think I was in over 6 inches or more.

There were a few times I would thrust a longer distance and she would be working me a longer distance and I would come virtually all the way out and back in a long way. I never got all the way in yet. I was trying to leave that to her as to how far. One morning we were just floating along with each other. In and out about five inches I thought. I had maybe three more inches I could work with depending on how compatible our crotches fit.

I said, “If sometimes you would like me to do my normal thrusting let me know. Not speed I mean but distance. We would go our normal speed so you have time to stop if you want to.”

She was still quite a tight fit but she was adjusting and was excited so she might be more open. I thought I would offer.

“I’ve been wondering if you would,” she said. “Do you want me to thrust with you or be still?”

I guess that answered that question. I said, “I think I have the range in my hips but if it’s fun go ahead. It won’t interfere and I’ll adjust whenever you start. Want me to start now?”

She took a kind of deep breath and said, “Yes. I’m ready.”

“If you feel like it you can pull your knees up beside me and have more control,” I said.

I got my hands on her hips. I was planning on working her hips and the back bottom of her buns like I do with Anita. I lifted my knees a few inches and moved my feet out some and my heels dug in with my toes turned down for traction. It must have triggered something in Penny. Her knees came right up beside me and her butt pushed back, her vagina wide open with a perfect angle. She took another deep breath. I think it got to her just a little.

I tilted up in about as far as we have ever went and started. She was very wet so everything was very smooth. I would have to go slow. Everything suddenly got very erotic and my dick got very hard. With her knees up beside me I had perfect push points for my hands where her thighs were turned upward at the bottom of her hips on the outside. I could push her back onto me or hold her so I could get in as far as I wanted.

I was getting in a little further each thrust, maybe a quarter inch or half an inch. It wasn’t going to take long. She was opening right up, probably dilating from the excitement. I forced myself to slow down and finally felt my balls start to get into her crotch, first just touching then squashing in more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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