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She had never truly thought of him as a slave, even as he always did. Oh, she had come to really appreciate all of the perks as their special relationship had progressed and matured. The relief from all of the mundane daily tasks and chores, except for those she might occasionally want to do, the rest being exclusively his. His singular devotion to all of her wants, needs and whims, and unswerving deference to all of her decisions. And most delightfully, his undivided and ever ongoing attention to her utmost sexual pleasure, with never a thought to his own. That she not infrequently gave it a thought, and more than occasionally acted upon it, was because that gave her pleasure as well, for which he was ever grateful.

But she wanted so much more of him. Beyond a servant, even such an all encompassing one, she wanted a partner, a confidante, a best friend and soul mate, someone with whom to share life’s joys, but also its inevitable travails. To be her rock, her foundation, upon which she could stand and together securely face any and everything, yet also join with her in any happiness that came their way. And he always made every effort to comply with it all, as her ultimate happiness and comfort was what drove his and defined for him, deep within his core, his very purpose. She readily accepted all of this of him. She had no choice really. The fundamental order of their lives together was firmly rooted in, driven, and sublimely balanced by each other’s own innate nature.

And so they lived as such day by day. His professional success, and the immense respect, warmth and even affection from others that it brought, only served to make the gift of himself to her all the more precious and exalting. That someone of his achievement and status would so willingly and totally humble himself to her will brought her no end of wonder and enchantment. kaynarca escort She thoroughly enjoyed all of the moments they would spend together in equal harmony with family and friends. But even more so she came to revel in their greater time alone when he bent in full obedience to all of her desires, however large or small. She could never adequately describe the tingle she would feel having him, alpha with all others but beta only to her, always at her beck and call, scurrying about doing her bidding.

She tried her best never to abuse this power however, nor to abuse him. His wellbeing, in all ways, was as important to her as hers was to him. And so she set a strict structure and schedule for all his daily duties. One day for dusting sweeping and vacuuming, the next for cleaning all of the bathrooms, another dedicated to the laundry, followed by yet one more for ironing, folding and putting it all away. Weekends were for his extensive outdoor maintenance and keeping their property absolutely pristine. And, of course, there was always his after meal cleanups. Still, she always was sure to set aside ample time for snuggling with each other on the couch watching their favorite TV shows, or enjoying a board or card game together, or even more often for his to-die-for foot or body massages. And she never neglected his weekly perfectly performed pedicures.

And she never ceased to thrill to their nightly bedtime ritual when he would kneel naked at the side of the bed and bend down to softly kiss both of her feet and reverently thank her for allowing him to serve her that day. He would then begin to unashamedly beg her to keep him on for yet another day. For reasons she could never completely comprehend she greatly relished his begging and would have him continue on with it for extensive time. Without any coherent thought she would küçükyalı escort quiver with the sensations that surged through her as this super smart, incredibly virile, and ever to her eyes, gorgeous hunk of a man, whom she loved beyond all measure and couldn’t live without, would go on and on as he lay prostrate before her paying homage and worshipping her toes as he pleaded with her to continue to keep, use and own him in any and all ways that she desired.

As wetness would begin to copiously gather and grow in the center of her treasured trove she would then pull him up onto the bed and bury his face between her legs. Depending on her mood her only question then would be whether she wanted him slow and sensuous or fast and furious. If the latter, his expert ardor would rapidly bring her explosively to her first exhilarating climax of the night. Luxuriating then in a sublime after haze she would roll over from her back to have him more leisurely lave the fullness of both sides of her bum, taking his oh so sweet time to discover the crease before delving down to eventually lavish and ravish her nether bud.

Her smolder within then reigniting into flame she would roll back and once again urge him forward, now most definitely to be slow and sensuous. His ever artful tongue would almost timidly flick out to savor the dew on her outer flower before advancing within in search of even greater riches. Leaving no area unexplored he would twirl and swirl his tongue back and forth, in and out, faster and slower, always keeping in time with her swaying hips, suckling and sucking until unable to further contain herself she would arch her back and scream out her ecstasy as her juices would gush out to saturate his face and mark him as her own.

Sometimes his glorious tongue was all that she would need to be fully sated, leaving sancaktepe escort him at those times without. Though he would ache, her pleasure alone was always enough to fulfill him. It was his reason for being after all, and in his own mind his own was of little consequence. It was never inconsequential to her however. Far more often she herself would crave it, for him every bit as much as for herself, for all that he was, and she would then urgently summon him up and command his other more needful member to thrust deep within her hallowed hall. Without ever ceding final control she would otherwise allow him free reign to buck and bang to bring her ever more waves of bliss, knowing well that he would never unleash until she was at her peak and ready to empower it. He would strive mightily to bring her to that height, as she would ride him ferociously, exhorting him furiously to drive her higher and higher, exulting with no such constraints upon her own abandon. And he would strain to his utmost limits to meet her most insistent demands until she reached her ultimate pinnacle and rapturously cry out the blessed words of his release. They would then erupt simultaneously together, cascading seemingly endlessly along the torrent of their combined cataclysm, before finally collapsing in exhaustion into each other’s arms where they would cuddle, drifting off into a deep contented sleep until the next morning, to then awaken to begin another such day, of which she would always so generously grant.

As so the time went by, year after year. There would naturally be subtle shifts in importance and emphasis. Triumphs and occasional disappointments. Much laughter and a few tears. Children and grandchildren. But the essential essence that drew and held them together never wavered or changed.

She had never thought of him as her slave, even as he knew that he was truly so. And he cherished it. But they, together, were always so very much more.

And now she was gone. Given his own age and health it was likely that he would soon follow. But whenever that might be, exquisite memories would forever keep him fully enthralled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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