Sometimes Life is Great

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My name is Jeff and I’m in a freshman in college. There’s no doubt that college will be the best time of my life, but I don’t mind coming home every once in a while. I actually like my family. My parents are funny and laid back and my sister and I have never really fought. When I’m in town I get to see old friends, raid my parents’ pantry, and usually hook up with ex-girlfriends. This time though I brought my new girlfriend, Maggie, home with me. I met her at a party a few months ago. We hooked up that night and haven’t stopped since. She is 5’8 with red hair and the hottest body I have ever seen. She has amazing B cup breasts that are almost too perfect to be true. She has a cute hour glass figure and her pink shaved pussy confirmed that I had to keep this one around.

Maggie is completely wild. She says she was never crazy before, but I think it all stems back to the first time we hooked up. We were both at a party and it was getting really late and the last six of us not passed out were playing truth or dare. I had never met her before, but I was instantly attracted to her. I supposed we were easy to pick on during the game considering the other four people we were playing with were couples. The dares started off easy enough. We were dared to make out for 10 second. We made a fuss about it, but everyone could tell that neither one of us were truly complaining.

Each time they dared us I would dare them right back something 10 times worse. Instead of making out for 10 seconds I would say finger your girlfriend for 30 seconds. And of course that dare would come right back to me and the hot redhead that was sitting next to me. Again we gave our fuss, but in the end my hand was slowly slithering up her thigh and into the short skirt she was wearing. I slowly rubbed the outside of her panties and could feel a wet spot from her leaking juices. I tuned out the other people’s yells of excitement and heard a soft moan escape her lips as my fingers went around the tiny piece of cotton that was protecting her most intimate area. I slowly traced her pussy lips from the top all the way to the bottom and up again to her clit. I slowly teased her button by moving my finger in a clockwise circle. I could tell she wanted and needed more satisfaction, but the 30 seconds were long up and I removed my hand from in between her thighs.

As I came back to reality I noticed that my friends were all saying how hot that was and how sexy we looked together. Before they could continue to talk about it, Maggie dared her hot blond friend Jenna to suck her boyfriend’s dick in front of us. Of course she did it half assed. She licked it like a lollipop one time and then made an excuse about how the dare didn’t specify for how long. I knew what was coming next, and already had a semi just anticipating it. Jenna, who was still upset that she was just humiliated in front of her friends dared Maggie to suck my dick until I came in her mouth. We all thought the game was getting a little out of hand so we decided to just chill.

By this time the sun was coming up and the six of us were all on the verge of passing out after the night of drinking. One couple playing the game said goodnight and went home. The game fizzled out and Jenna’s boyfriend passed out after the two girls starting talking about their outfits. Just as I was about to fall asleep Jenna said the game wasn’t over yet. She said that a dare was made and it should be upheld. Maybe it was the alcohol or maybe Maggie was sick of arguing, but she agreed and started rubbing her hand over my groin through my jeans. She could feel the potential and unzipped my pants. Her eyes got wide as she saw my big hard cock rise out of the hole in my jeans. Jenna came to the other side of the couch to get a better view and gasped when she saw my member. As Jenna was admiring on my left side, Maggie was stroking my cock to its full 8 inches.

I slid off my pants completely. While Maggie was still stroking my dick in her hands she slid her body between my legs until she was kneeling of the floor in front of the couch. She flicked her tongue and tickled my balls. She increased her speed with her hand and now put her entire mouth around my left nut as if it was a grape she was gently trying to break off its stem. I broke away from the amazing view I had and looked at Jenna next to me. She looked mesmerized by what is happening before her. She leaned in and whispered in my ear “can I touch it?”

After of course nodding yes she reached over and replaced Maggie’s hand on my rock hard dick. She gave me a smile and slid down next to her friend on the floor in front of me. As Maggie was still licking my balls and now even teasing my taint every so often Jenna was on her knees with her back straight. She leaned down and takes my thick head into her warm mouth. It felt so amazing that I let out a moan. She looked up at me and put her finger over her mouth and slowly said “shhhhh, my boyfriend might hear you.”

Just then I remember that less than five feet away grup sex the boyfriend of the girl who had her lips around my cock was sleeping. This was just more of a turn on for Jenna as she was now bobbing with more voracity. Maggie brought her skilled tongue to lick my shaft. It was the most beautiful site in the world. Two young hot college freshmen both sucking me off at the same time. Maggie took control now and started deep throating me. I was so impressed how she took almost my entire 8 inches deep into her throat.

Since there was nothing left for Jenna to suck she took off her jeans and sat next to me on the couch and played with her clit. This was too much for me and Maggie could tell I was about to cum soon, but she wanted to be fucked. She released me from her mouth just before I ready to blow my load. She pulled down her soaking wet panties, flipped up her skirt and got down on all fours. When I got behind her I could see how swollen her shaved pussy had gotten. She was so wet her entire mound was glistening. As I slid into her she let out a load moan.

Jenna, still worried her boyfriend would wake up and see her pantsless with another man, acted quickly. As I was fucking Maggie’s tight drenched pussy, Jenna moved over to the other couch, next to her boyfriend, until her slit was right in front of Maggie’s face. Since she couldn’t control her voice she would at least muffle the sound by getting her to muff dive. Jenna grabbed Maggie’s head and lead her mouth down directly onto her clit. Maggie, being so turned on ate Jenna out like she was a pro. As I humped her doggie style her face pushed into Jenna’s pubic area even if she didn’t want to. She started out by tongue fucking her pussy. When I would thrust into her her tongue would go so deep and as I pulled her hips back to she would flick her tongue to tease her clit. Soon Jenna couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed her head down onto her pussy.

I could hear moaning again, but this time it was Jenna who couldn’t control herself. She said, “MMMMMMM, Maggie suck my clit. Yes that feels so good. I had no idea a woman’s tongue would feel so good. Don’t stop! I’m Cumming!!”

Maggie’s head was moving back and forth quickly now and really milking out Jenna’s orgasm. After her spasm she collapsed directly onto her boyfriend. Luckily he was passed out cold. This gave me more confidence that he wouldn’t wake up, as I started to thrust faster now. I could hear Maggie mumble that she was cumming. I felt her vagina walls pulsating. I couldn’t hold it anymore as she was so tight now. I pulled out and spun Maggie around until she was on her knees facing me. She took me in her mouth as I started to fuck her face. She could taste her own juices and soon she would be tasting mine. Her mouth felt amazing as she was taking me all the way down her throat. I started shooting my seed into her mouth. I felt as though I was cumming forever. It must have been a gallon of cum because when I pulled out it was dripping out of her mouth and onto her chin. She swallowed most of it and what she didn’t Jenna came over and licked off of her. They made out for a minute or two as we all tried to catch our breath.

When the excitement and thrill wore off we started to get dressed. Maggie and I were about to leave when Jenna said, “I can’t believe I just did that five feet from my boyfriend.”

“I can’t believe I just did that with someone I just met tonight.” Maggie said as she picked up her soaked through thong from the floor.

“A bet is a bet my friend.” Jenna said with a wink and a slap on her bare ass.


Usually I try to wait to bring a girl home to meet the parents because then you are officially a couple. In college that is a huge deal because there are so many options you never know when that perfect opportunity may come along and you definitely don’t want to be known as the dude with the girlfriend; however, I needed a date to my cousin’s wedding and Maggie looks almost as good all done up as she does naked.

When I got to my parents house no one answered the front door. Luckily there is a hidden key and when we got in we noticed no one was home. I still had to take a shower before the wedding so I told my girlfriend to hang out and watch tv. I start ripping off my clothes because my parents could be home any moment and I don’t want to leave Maggie downstairs for long.

By the time I get to the bathroom door I am completely naked. I was expecting to be in and out, but I open the door and am in shock of what I see. My sister completely naked soaking in the bathtub. My sister’s name is Jane. She is an 18-year-old senior in high school. I mentioned before that I don’t mind coming home from college, well half the reason is my sister. She is 5’6 about 105 with I’d say C cup tits. I would often fantasize about her and when she got older I could hear her bring her boyfriend over for a fuck session after school. Our rooms are next to each other and I’d always wondered what latina fuck tour porno it would be like to have sex with her. We’ve always been comfortable around each other. She would see me in my boxer briefs walking around and I would see her in her bra and panties all the time. Most of the time after seeing her though I would go in my room and masturbate while the image was still fresh in my mind.

This, however, was the first time I had ever seen her totally naked. I was about to turn and leave when I noticed that her eyes were closed and she had her headphones on listening to her music loud like she always did. I decided to press my luck and give her the quick up down. Her breasts looked huge on her skinny body. She had nice half dollar sized nipples that were hard and poking out of the water. As my eyes moved down past her flat stomach I could feel my cock get hard with the anticipation of finally seeing my sister’s pussy after all these years of waiting and wondering. She was not fully shaven, and had a well groomed landing strip.

Just when I was about to leave before she opened her eyes and busted me I heard a sigh escape her lips, and then another sigh, and another faster this time. Then she moaned. I had to double take, but when I looked closer my sister had the shower head in between her legs. She was thrusting up and down slightly and her moaning was getting faster and louder and more long winded.

I was frozen where I was. I was completely naked with a hard cock and so close to my masturbating sister. I knew I had to leave, but I just couldn’t take my eyes off Jane. She was now pinching and pulling her nipple as the other hand held her sleek silver toy close to her clit. She bit her lip and I could tell she was close to cumming. I had to leave now or she would open her eyes and know I was watching her this whole time. As I turned to leave I accidentally knocked over a toothbrush into the sink. This was apparently enough of a noise for Jane to hear. She opened her eyes and saw me standing there naked with a hard on. She did what I expected, which was yelled and told me to get out and I did so quickly I’m surprised I didn’t get my dick stuck in the door.

I sat in my room and waited for her to get out of the tub because I still had to shower, but when she didn’t for a few minutes I went back to the bathroom door and listened. I heard Jane moaning again. I couldn’t believe it! My sister was still playing with her clit even though I walked in on her. I instantly was hard again and this time couldn’t resist stroking it. As I heard the moans I brought up the image that was just tattooed in my mind. My smoking hot sister masturbating in the tub moaning every time she pinched her nipple or thrusted against the jet stream of the showerhead. I felt my balls clench and as her moans got louder I came right there on the floor outside the bathroom. I could tell Jane was close now. She was saying something in between her breaths but I couldn’t quite make it out. Then I heard her say, “Mmmmm. Yes. Oh my god Yes. Fuck me. Oh Jeff I want you deeper. Yes…yes…yes oh Jeff I want you so bad…oh my god I’m cumming.”

I couldn’t believe what I just heard! My sister just rubbed her pussy to a fantasy about her brother fucking her! Just as it was the first time I’ve seen her naked it was the first time she saw me naked as well. It must have turned her on.


During my shower and getting ready for the wedding all I could do was think about Jane and how sexy she looked in the tub and how she said she wanted me so bad. I was now sitting next to Maggie watching tv. My parents were now home and they had met her and were in the kitchen grabbing a few things before we all piled into the car for the wedding. Just then my sister came into view. She looked absolutely radiant. She was wearing a simple black dress that fit her curves perfectly. Her cleavage was amazing and you could see more than half her tits. There was an opening on the side of the dress that went all the way up to her thigh. I saw no panty lines and was praying that I somehow was at the right angle to catch a glimpse of the opening between her legs.

Maggie noticed me staring and must have felt awkward. She said “Wow you look really good. I’m Maggie, Jeff’s girlfriend.”

“Oh its great to finally meet you. Jeff has talked so much about you. I sure hope you’re keeping an eye on him. He’s quite a handful.” Jane said.

“Yea, I try to keep an eye on him at all times.” Said Maggie.

“You definitely should. If you close your eyes for just one second it seems like he disappears. Or sometimes when you open them again he’ll be right next to you staring at something.” Jane said as she looked directly at my eyes that were looking at the floor at the moment.

“Right…” Maggie said thinking it was some kind of inside joke.

“Well we’re off and we’re already late so lets pile into the car. Jeff why don’t you sit in the middle seat lezbiyen porno since you know both girls already.” My mom said.

My parent’s car is pretty small for 5 grown ups to sit in. Maggie sat to my right and Jane sat to my left. My legs were rubbing up against both girls and I felt my pants get tighter as everyone was adjusting to the tight quarters.

Since we were already late my dad was driving like a maniac to get to the church on time. Every time he turned one of the sexy females next to me would fall onto my lap. When Maggie would fall over she would find it funny to give my cock a stroke or two before sitting back up properly in her seat. It was all funny until we missed the church and had to make a U-turn the opposite way and I was almost completely hard from the occasionally leg rubbing and stroking. When we turned Jane fell almost completely onto my lap as I fell onto Maggie. I felt Jane’s hand reach for something to stabilize her fall and it happened to fall directly on my hard on. I was a little surprised that she didn’t move it away as soon as she felt my member. Instead it seemed like she was sizing me up, and admiring the girth and length of the covered pole. I felt her trace the entire length of it with her hand and giving a few quick tugs before letting go and sitting back up.

We made it to the church just in time and luckily for me my dick became less hard after the teasing subsided. It was a nice and quick service and now it was time to party at the reception. Needless to say, but I got drunk. We all did. Maggie and I could handle it mostly because we are in college and drink almost every night, but my sister was a mess. My parents even got so hammered that we needed to stay the night in the hotel.

The hotel only had 2 rooms left. My parents took one and Me, Maggie and Jane took the other. Maggie and I practically carried my sister up to our room. The only room they had was for a single so there was only one small bed in the room for the three of us.

When we finally dragged Jane up to the room she immediately passed out Jane face down on the bed and her dress was riding up to her ass. You could just start to make out the crack of her ass and a little of her pussy. Maggie saw her passed out and said, “we should really hang up that dress. It could get ruined if she sleeps in it. I’m going to get washed up. I think you should take it off of her. I mean you can already see her privates now so what else is the problem”

I guess Maggie made sense and I wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity to see my naked sister again, so I walked over to Jane as Maggie went into the bathroom. As I approached I admired her perfect body. She was even a tease when she was sleeping. I could see almost everything, but she still left a little hidden just to torment me further. I wasn’t about to let her do that to me again like she had when we had our rooms next to each other. I started to unzip the back of the dress all the way down to her lower back. I then flipped her over onto her back and brought her arms through. I took a deep breath and pushed the dress down past her beautiful C cup perky tits. They were even more amazing up close. I looked back and the bathroom door was still closed. I had to touch them. I double checked that she was passed out by giving her a little shake. When she didn’t react I seized the opportunity and I felt my sister up. I cupped her tit with my hand. It felt amazing. So soft and just the right size for my hand. I don’t know what came over me but I needed more. I bought my mouth down to her chest and sucked on the nipple. I circled the nipple with my tongue until it became rock hard. I flicked it with my tongue and Jane let out a moan that made me nervous. I gave her a little shake and still no reaction. I decided it was time to go even further. Her dress was still on her bottom half and according to my girlfriend I had to take it off completely.

I grabbed her dress at her hips and glided it down over her bellybutton, over her trimmed landing strip, over her pussy lips, and finally over her feet. I hung up the dress and looked at my prize. Just then I heard the shower begin to run so I knew I had some time. Jane was lying on her back peacefully sleeping. Her tits were pressed up against her chest. Her legs were bent at the knees and turned to her left side. I could see her entire gash and even her asshole, but I wanted to see even more.

I couldn’t believe it. My hot baby sister was in my bed naked and I could do anything to her I wanted. The first thing I wanted to do was taste that sweet pussy I only fantasized about before today. I grabbed her right leg and moved it over my left shoulder so now she was almost spread eagle for me. I gave a quick lick with the tip of my tongue all the way from the bottom of her slit to the top. Her lips parted ever so slightly as I gently kissed her most intimate lips. I can’t describe the taste because you wouldn’t believe me. It tasted so sweet if I could sell it as a drink it would sell out everywhere. Even though she was passed out her body still reacted towards my sexual advances. Her lips were swollen and turned a deep red color and she was dripping her juices down the crack of her ass onto the bedspread. I quickly lapped up all the juices I could from her dripping snatch.

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