Sophie’s Dream Came True

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“Mom, no, I can’t come over. I already told you I’m going out with some friends tonight.”

“Sophie Marie Miller, you are not going back out with that slut who broke your heart, are you?”

“If you’re talking about Andrea then, no, Mom, I’m not going out with her. I’m going out with some friends from school. We’re going out to eat and then we’re going to a bar. Not a big thing, but, if you would like, I could stop by tomorrow for lunch or something.”

“Alright sweetie, have a good time, I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon. I love you.”

“Ok. I love you too.”

Gahh why does my mom always want to butt in my business? What does she care if I go back out with Andrea? Why would she even think I’d go back to her? Andrea and I were together were two years and on our two year anniversary I find out she’s cheating on me, WITH A GUY!!! No way in hell am I going back to her. But what my mom doesn’t know is that I’ve got my eyes on someone else. Andrea and I broke up a year ago and I’ve gone on a few dates, but mostly I just do the whole one-night-stand type stuff. I just don’t think I’m ready to be committed yet.

Jennifer Shoemaker was in a couple of my classes. We hung out sometimes because we have a lot of mutual friends, but what no one knew, was that I had a crush on her. I knew she was a lesbian and I knew she was single, but she showed no interest in me, so I kept it on the down low. Not even my best friend, Ashley, knew about this crush.

Ah, well, better stop thinking about all of this cause I gotta get ready. First thing’s first, shower. I grab a towel out of the cupboard in the bathroom and turn on the shower. Once I step in I instantly feel the scalding hot water and it soothes me. Time to lather up; I have no time to enjoy.

Once I get out of the shower, I wrap myself up in my towel and wiped the foggy mirror. I get a good look at myself in all my glory. I have long blonde hair with bangs to kill for. I’m 110 lbs. standing at 5’5”. I have good sized boobs with a C-cup and a flat stomach. My legs are shaped to perfection. And to top all this off my tan is indeed all natural. So, impressed with what I see, I start brushing my teeth and plugging in my hair dryer. After I’m done with my hair I walk out of the bathroom and over to my dresser. I picked out my black and pink zebra print thongs and matching bra. Then I walked over to my closet and picked out my hot pink tank top and my black spandex shorts. I hurried up and got dressed and slipped on my pink and black DC’s. I sprayed some perfume on and grabbed my keys, phone and purse and left the house locking the door behind me. I jump in my hot pink on black Lamborghini, start the ignition, turn the heat on and plug in my iPod. I turn it to Pussy Monster by Lil’ Wayne and crank it up. Pulling out of my driveway I head towards the bar I’m supposed to be meeting my friends at.

The bar is super crowded but I spot my friends all the way in the back. Walking over to the round booth that they are sitting at I instantly see Jennifer and my heart starts racing. Low and behold, the only seat left is right next to her. I sit down and am greeted with loud and boisterous comments. I look down and see that someone already ordered me whiskey and cranberry juice, my favorite drink. I take a sip and put it down and look towards Jennifer.

“Hey, ataşehir escort what’s up?” I asked.

“Not a whole lot,” she looks my up and down “You look gorgeous tonight by the way,” she said.

I smiled and said thank you and take my chance to look at her. She’s wearing a black and lime green plaid sweater and black jeans with a pair of black and green Nikes. Her hair is cropped in the front with it spiked in the back. Her boyish looks are what get me every time.

“Well you look pretty sexy yourself,” I said. Right after I said that some girl came up to the table and asked Jennifer to dance. She declined much to the girl’s chagrin. “Why didn’t you dance with her? I know you love to dance and she wasn’t all that bad lookin.”

“I guess it’s because I was kind of hoping you would dance with me,” she said, never breaking eye contact. I stood up and held out my hand, she took and we made it out to the dance floor. Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 was playing and it looked like everyone was having a good time. But, I could not take my eyes off Jennifer, I wrapped my arms around her neck and her arms instantly flew around my waist pulling me closer. I start dancing rubbing my pussy against hers. Her hands slid down to my ass and gripped it. I kissed her softly and moved my head back to see her reaction. But before I could bring my head all the way back, she went in for the kill. She kissed me with so much passion. I have never been kissed like this before. She licked my lips, asking for entrance and I granted her opening my mouth.

Instantly our tongues collided, but I let her take the dominance and just enjoyed the fruity taste of her tongue. We both pulled back after what seemed like eternity. My eyes were still shut but I could sense that she was looking at me. I opened my eyes to a sight that I never thought I would see. When I opened my eyes I looked in hers, trying to seek how she was feeling. It didn’t take long to figure out the emotion in her eyes, it was lust. There was one other emotion I saw in her eyes but I could not place it.

“Come home with me,” I said, hoping that she doesn’t notice my pleading eyes.

In answer, she took my hand and led me to the booth where our friends were. At first I thought that was a no but, once I saw her grab her keys, I grabbed my purse and my jacket. We didn’t tell them where we were going but I’m pretty sure they got the hint. Once again, she took my hand and led me to the door. I looked at my phone to see what time it was. It was nearly 1 in the morning.

“Do you wanna follow me or do you wanna just ride with me and I’ll bring you back to your car?” I asked.

“I’ll follow you,” she said but not letting go of my hand. I kissed her softly then whispered in her ear “I’ll see you in 10 minutes.” I walked off to my car and got in. Driving off, I made sure she was right behind me.

I drove into my drive way and shut the car off. I took a deep breath then opened my door. I shut the door locking it then turned around just as Jennifer was pulling in. I walked over to her car and opened the door for her. Grabbing her hand and pulling her out I led her to my door. I unlocked it and as soon as we were both in I closed and locked it. I felt strong arms encircle my waist. I turned around and planted my lips on hers. avcılar escort I wrapped my arms around her neck holding her closer. I licked her lips and bit her bottom lip asking for entrance, she granted it to me. I explored every nook and crevice in her mouth. She tasted of raspberries, which is my favorite fruit. She started to suck on my tongue and I let out a soft grunt. We pulled away breathing heavily. I grabbed her hand and led her straight into my room. She lifted me up and laid me on the bed as she climbed on top of me.

Her hands went to my breasts as mine went to her hair. I pulled her forward and into another kiss. She took off my tank top and I took off her sweater. I was privileged to see the most amazing set of abs I have ever seen. It was a six pack from what I can see. I ran my fingertips along her stomach and was greeted with a soft moan. Her head went to my neck and she started kissing and nibbling on the soft flesh. I let out a soft moan as I quickly pulled off her sports bra. She wasn’t very big I’d say a B-cup. But they fit her perfectly. She lifted her head up and looked down at me.

“God, you’re beautiful,” she said to me as she started pulling off my shorts. I lifted my hips to accommodate her. Once she saw my matching bra and panty set, she smiled hungrily. She pulled me up into a sitting position and reached behind me to undo my bra. Once that was thrown to the side she was greeted with my perky breasts. Right away she devoured each and every inch of both my breasts, spending more time on my hard nipples. She licked, sucked, and pulled on my nipples with her teeth, and my God did it feel great. I started moaning and writhing underneath her and she knew exactly what I wanted.

She kissed and nibbled her way down my stomach. She pulled my thongs off and laid a soft kiss on my freshly shaven pussy. I could feel it throb underneath her touch. She ran her finger tips along my inner thighs kissing each one. She ran a finger down the length of my slit and I shuddered. She lifted my legs over her shoulder and dove right into my very wet pussy. I let out a loud moan when she ran her tongue over my hole. She flitted her tongue over my clit just before she sucked my clit into her mouth. I could barely contain my moaning and my grunts. Before I knew it I started bucking my hips wildly feeling a very big orgasm coming.

“Oh damn baby, I’m cumming. And it’s big,” I screamed. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” I let out. And I came. That was definitely the biggest orgasm I’ve had in my entire life. It took me five minutes and soft kisses from Jennifer to come down from that high. I pulled her up to my face and kissed her hard and passionately. I gently pulled her face away from mine and looked her in the eyes. “Hon, that was amazing,” I whispered.

She smiled and said “Good.” She kissed me softly and caressed my sweaty face. I flipped her over and got on top of her and smiled deviously.

“Now, my love, is my turn to please you,” I said. Before she could reply, I lowered my face to hers and kissed her passionately lowering my hands down her neck and to her breasts. I caressed and squeezed and rubbed her boobs. I moved my way to her jaw and kissed all the way to her neck. I kissed, nibbled and sucked my way down her neck and to her collar bone. I immediately avrupa yakası escort sucked a nipple into my mouth and was pleased to hear a small whimper come from her mouth. I alternated between boobs a few times before I made my way down her stomach. I spent some time marveling over her abs. After a while, I ducked in between her legs. I moved my nose up her slit and was drawn into that inviting scent. I stuck my tongue out and ran it up her slit moving it from side to side. Once my tongue found its way in between the folds of her beautiful pussy, I couldn’t contain my joy. I licked and sucked on her pussy to my heart’s content. If I felt her come close to an orgasm, I slowed down and moved to another area. I wanted this to last. All this time she was wiggling and writhing underneath my tongue and it was amazing. Eventually after I figured she’s had enough of my teasing, I sucked her clit into my mouth and rolled it between my lips. I flitted my tongue across it and as soon as I started, I felt her bucking against me holding my face against her. She was practically grinding herself against me. I licked her through her orgasm until she pulled me up to kiss me. It was a soft and fleeting kiss, but it left my lips tingling. I rolled off of her and lay on my side and snuggled against her. She wrapped her arms around me and I fell asleep with a smile on my face. The last thing I thought of before I fell asleep was, “I love her.”


I woke up to the sunlight on my face. I looked around me and felt disoriented for a minute. Then I suddenly felt a squirming body right next to me and I smiled. Last night was the most amazing night of my life. I’ve been in love with this woman since the first time I’ve laid eyes on her three years ago. I can’t believe I had the guts to dance with her last night at the bar. But I’m so happy I did. I looked down and was greeted with a bright smile. I bent down and lifted her chin and kissed her. It was just a peck but it was filled with so much love. She stood up and I couldn’t help but stare at her naked body. She looked amazing just like that. She went into her closet and grabbed a long t shirt and slipped it on. It barely went past her butt. She then grabbed a pair of sweat pants and a big t shirt and handed them to me.

“I’m gonna go and make breakfast. You can put these on and I’ll wash your clothes for you,” she said after bending down and giving me a kiss.

“Thank you,” I said. Just before she walked away, I grabbed her hand and added “for everything.” With that, she walked away with a big smile on her face. I got out of the bed and out the clothes on that she gave me. I could smell her sweet smell on the clothes and I smiled. I walked out of the room and down the hallway to what I had assumed to be her kitchen. I walked through the swinging door and was surprised to see a very spacious kitchen. She turned around to face me and smiled. I smiled back walking up behind her. I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her lips.

After breakfast, which was delicious, we sat down on the couch. I turned around to face her. “What does this mean? What happened last night. What does it mean between us?” I asked. “I mean I loved it. I’ve been wanting to make love to you for a very long time. I hope this won’t be the last time. What I mean to say, Sophie, is that I love you,” I said with as much confident as I could muster.

She got on her knees and reached over to caress my cheek. She gave me a simple kiss that spoke volumes. “I love you too. I have for a very long time,” she said. I smiled and kissed her passionately and held her close. I couldn’t help but hope that I will never have to let go of her.

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