Spa Des Femmes Extraordinaire

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The Gift Certificate

Chapter 1:

I’ve given you a gift certificate as your Birthday present; it’s to a very high end Spa that you have never heard of before, up in Pacific Heights. You have the day off and decide today’s the day you’ll go there to relax.

A Cab takes you to the address on the gift certificate and drops you off in front of a HUGE Mansion. It’s one of the biggest buildings on the street and is fronted by a pair of imposing black metal gates that are at least 25 feet tall. The rest of the property is surrounded by a 15 foot brick wall that is covered in ivy.

You buzz on the intercom at the gate and a very cultured female voice answers; “how may we serve you?”.

“I’m here for my Spa day, I have a gift certificate” you reply.

“What is the number on the certificate, just below the bar code” the voice asks. “We have to make sure it’s genuine, I am sure you understand that some people will do anything to get in here, including making counterfeits”.

You read off the number and a few seconds pass. The gate silently swings open and you enter. You follow the path to the front door and just as you reach out to ring the doorbell, the door retracts; you are greeted by an extremely well dressed brunette who guides you towards a desk inside the front vestibule.

“Welcome to the Spa des femmes extraordinaire; the most exclusive Spa in the USA; can I ask how you got your gift certificate?”

“Oh, it was a Birthday present from a friend of mine” you reply.

“Really?” She gasps, “he must be VERY generous; our rates are $2,000 per day”. She smiles at you and asks you to fill in some paperwork at the desk.

Once finished writing, you hand the paperwork to the Woman sitting behind the desk. She reaches under the desk and presses an unseen button or switch and a door opens just to your right.

“Please go through the door, you will be met by our technicians on the other side”.

You head towards the door and enter.

You are met by two Women; One a tiny, yet perfectly proportioned Asian Woman. You guess her age to be around mid-twenties, but you can’t be sure. The other is a tall, athletic Woman with raven black hair, a pale and perfect complexion and an air of non-nonsense and competence about her.

“We are Miho and Karin” The brunette tells you, “I am Karin and this is Miho”.

Each of them comes to your side and takes one of your hands in theirs and lead you down a hallway to a door; opening the door, you enter a sumptuously furnished room. Inside there is a huge Japanese style soaking tub; the floor is covered by a gorgeous silk Persian rug that must be 20 X 35 feet in size. Skylights in the soaring roof above you let dazzling rays of sunshine into the room. There are lush plants of every type all around you. At the center of the room is a massage table and an armoire of sorts with various lotions and potions set neatly beside each other, a pair of large floor standing mirrors are at either side of the massage table; they must be 7 feet tall and 10 feet long.

“Please Ms. Nicole, would you remove your clothes for us? The first thing on your schedule is a long, hot bath.”

You start unbuttoning your dress and have trouble with one of the buttons… Miho quickly gets behind you and helps unfasten your dress. Slowly peeling it from your body, she gently taps your leg and you wriggle out of your dress. Before you can reach for your bra, her hands are there and she unhooks it for you and removes it. Karin in the meantime, kneels in front of you and has hooked her elegant fingers into the waistband of your silky panties and slowly pulls them down. You step out of them.

Again, each Woman takes one of your hands and leads you to the bath, which is steaming and bubbling. You step into the bath and slowly lower yourself into it. Miho cradles your head gently and slips a folded towel behind it so you can be more comfortable.

Easing down into the warm waters, you relax and breathe deeply. The bath smells amazing; some exotic scent and oils that have been added to the water you surmise.

You look up and see both Women begin to remove their clothes also. A bit taken aback, you watch as they both slip out of their clothes and into the water; Karin positions herself in front of you and Miho slides in gracefully behind you.

Each Woman picks up a small cotton cloth and pours a thick creamy liquid onto it; they each take one of your arms and begin smooth circular strokes up and down the length of your limbs.

Karin looks at you; “we are using a special preparation imported from Switzerland, it is used to exfoliate your skin and also moisturize and nourish it and it will also remove all traces of hair from your body”

You close your eyes and enjoy the rhythmic movements. A few minutes pass and they move from your arms to your neck and then your torso. The feeling of the soft cloth and slippery, smooth lotion on your skin and the intoxicating smell melts away your stress and you find canlı bahis yourself as relaxed as you have ever been.

Between the two of them, they wash every tiny part of you; their hands and fingers probing, caressing and washing even your most intimate areas; with your eyes closed you cannot tell whose hand is where, and you feel fingers exploring between your legs and slowly passing over the tender, sensitive rosebud of your anus.

Karin speaks again “Miss Nicole, can you stand up for us, so we can treat the rest of your body please?”. You stand and they continue their work, stopping every so often to replenish the cloths with more lotion.

Standing there with these Women kneeling in the warm water beneath you, gently scrubbing your body makes you feel dreamy and peaceful, you could almost fall asleep as they caress and glide their hands over every inch of you. Soon, their motion stops and they both stand up. Miho takes a big, fluffy white towel and wraps it around you; Karin takes a smaller towel and wraps it around your hair which is wet.

Taking your hands, they lead you over onto the silk Persian rug and they start to dry you. Each Woman concentrates on the task at hand with supreme focus, as if it means the World to them to do their job perfectly. Soon you are dry and your skin is pink and flushed.

The petite Asian Woman leads you to the massage table and gently helps you onto it. Once you are lying down, she gently positions your arms and legs and steps away for a second.

“Miss Nicole” Karin intones, “we will be giving you a massage that involves not only your muscles and joints, but will also involve us removing toxins from your skin, your glands and your digestive system. Please relax and let us take care of you; we are here to make this a most pleasurable experience”.

With your head turned to the side, you can see your long, lithe naked body reflected back at you in the mirror. Both Women, still naked are positioned either end of you; one at the head of the table and one at the foot.

You feel the drizzle of warm oil on the skin of your back, it drips onto your neck, then shoulders and down the crease of your spine, until it reaches the valley between your nether cheeks; you feel the pleasant warmth trickle down the crack and over the sensitive surface of your anus, then further down, until you feel it gently coating the outer lips of your pussy.

The Women position themselves, one on each side of you and place their hands on your back. Their hands begin slow, smooth strokes; each set of hands the mirror image of the other. Where one set touches you on the left side of your body, the other replicates on the right side.

Their hands are warm, soft and strong; each successive stroke relaxes your body; the warm oil on your hairless skin seems to amplify the sensations you are experiencing. Relaxed and warm, your body softens and you open yourself up to being completely cared for.

Their hands push, knead and probe every muscle in your back; strong fingers, palms and knuckles are recruited as their tools. They move up to your shoulders and your neck, wonderful liquid movements that bring you bliss with each stroke, caress and touch; they move to the small of your back, then to your exquisite bottom; each Woman concentrates on her side of your body, each muscle squeezed, pulled, pushed. The Women change from their soft massage, to a deeper more insistent pressure; their fingers and knuckles pressing firmly and deeply; penetrating your firm buttock muscles.

As they continue their attention to their task, a slight brush from one of their fingers that has strayed onto your outer pussy lips gets your attention; you twitch involuntarily and gasp slightly. The finger moves away and you settle back down and a few seconds pass; another brush, this time the finger lingers a while longer. In your present relaxed state, it somehow feels natural and yet excitingly forbidden.

Once they finish the back of your body, they help you turn over and begin on your front. Your eyes are closed and you luxuriate in such blissful treatment. The warm, soft hands work your feet, shins, thighs and work upwards.

Karin speaks; “Miss Nicole, we are going to give you an internal organ massage. This will help to remove some of the toxins stored inside your body; you might feel a slight bit of pressure or even some discomfort. Please tell us if you DO feel uncomfortable and we will stop”.

The two naked Women place their hands on your abdomen, just below your stomach and start to gently push and probe through the muscles under your skin. It feels strange at first, as they gently but firmly massage you deeply. You can feel their fingers probing, pushing on your internal structures, moving them, squeezing them, almost caressing them.

Their skilled hands work the whole area around your navel; one set of hands then moves upwards, towards your ribcage and one set moves lower, until they are only a couple of inches from your pudenda. They begin their probing and massaging again; the top pair of bahis siteleri hands digs slightly under your ribs, concentrating on a particular area; the lower pair of hands begins to apply pressure to your lower abdomen.

The hands on your lower parts begin to make circular motions as they push and prod you; your skin is pulled in various directions and you realize that as the hands pull slightly upwards, the motion is causing your pussy lips to open slightly; spreading with each upwards stroke. The fingers probing downwards through your pubic muscles, suddenly hit a hidden nerve buried deep inside you; you spasm and gasp as an almost electric shock of pleasure wells up from that spot. A firm hand pushes you back down onto the table and the fingers continue their work.

Miho speaks; “Nicole, what you just felt was me massaging the crest of your pubic bone; some Women feel extreme pleasure from having that area massaged, as it is right above your g-spot. I hope it didn’t startle you too much?” A small smile plays over her lips as she speaks to you; her gorgeous brown eyes looking directly into yours sparkle mischievously as she talks.

A few more minutes and they are finished with the massage and you wonder if that is the end of your day of pampering.

Miho speaks again; “OK Nicole; now we move on to the purification ad detoxification part of your treatment. You may find some of the treatments a bit strange, but this will be incredibly beneficial to your overall health. Please trust us and I am sure you will come to really appreciate the benefits of the treatments.”

Karin continues; “first, we have to administer and internal cleanse to flush all the contaminants from your digestive system. I need you to bend over the table and spread your legs as wide as you can please.”

You slowly sit up and swing your legs over the side of the table; bending at the waist, you rest your torso and head on the table and widen your stance. Looking over your shoulder, you see behind you, the armoire with all its bottles and jars of potions and the image of yourself, reflected back at you in the huge mirror. You see your long taut legs and luscious ass spread wide; your brain flashes images of wicked things from your past; memories of pleasures from your childhood you had all but forgotten about.

Karin opens a drawer in the armoire and takes out a series of tubes, bags and cylindrical objects. Placing them on the armoire, she takes one of the larger bottles from the row and opens it. Pouring the contents into one of the bags she placed earlier, she shakes the last drops into the bag and return the bottle to it’s previous place.

“Nicole, in order to properly cleanse you, I will be administering an enema. The liquid in the bag will make sure that every last crevice inside you will be clean.”

Reaching into a drawer, she pulls out a pair of red latex examination gloves and a tube. Opening the tube, she spreads a clear gel onto her right hand index finger. You watch as she uses her left hand to coat the finger completely in the clear substance.

“Nicole, my dear; please relax while I prepare you. If at any time you feel discomfort, please let me know immediately” intones Karin.

Still watching yourself in the mirror, you see the naked Woman place her left hand on your ass and slowly spread your cheeks apart. Almost obscenely exposed, you watch your tight little anal bud as her finger slowly moves towards it. A slight touch at first as her finger makes contact. Your mind reels; you have always been interested in anal play, but you have never had a Woman touch you there.

In the mirror, you watch as her finger slowly pushes into your ass. You feel the warm slippery finger pushing through the resistance of your tight ring; slowly Karin pushes further inside you until her whole finger is deep into your rectum.

She slowly pulls her finger part of the way out, then slowly, sensuously in again. You have always loved the feeling of being penetrated there; the way it stretches your forbidden hole; the feeling of the smooth ring of muscle as it grasps its slippery invader. As she repeats her motion, you start to push back on her red latex encased finger; you can’t help yourself.

“No Nicole, please, let us do all the work” Karin pipes up; “relax and be patient please”.

Her finger is withdrawn, much to your disappointment, but as you watch the scene unfolding in the mirror, you see her pick up the bag she filled previously and hand it to Miho. She takes one end of one of the tubes that is attached to the bag and then picks up one of the cylindrical objects from the armoire.

Now that you can see it better, it is about 6 inches in length and has an opening that goes straight down the center. It is about 4 inches in diameter, has a blunt, round tip and a wide flared base. The naked brunette plugs the tube from the bag into the base of the cylinder and then uses the tube of clear gel to coat the entire length of the cylinder with it’s contents. She uses her left hand to coat the cylinder, twisting her bahis şirketleri whole hand around the girth and length of it, pumping her fist up and down it’s length until the whole cylinder glistens with the lubricant.

“Nicole; please take a deep breath and relax for me my love” Karin says.

She brings her head up close to yours and whispers in your ear… “From the reaction I got when I put my finger inside you, I think you might enjoy this”. A small giggle escapes her lips which are almost touching your earlobe.

She places the blunt, rounded tip of the cylinder against the resistance of your slippery, tight little pink ring and slowly pushes.

You feel an incredible sense of pressure, then feel your ass stretch to take the thick probe, a slight sensation of cold, as the gel covered instrument penetrates you. Karin’s lips are still by your ear and her breathing quickens; you can feel the warmth of her skin pressed against yours, her breath on your cheek. She slowly pushes the probe further inside you, until it’s full length is deeply embedded in you; the wide base prevents it going any deeper.

You feel Karin’s arm reaching behind you both and you hear a slight “click”. Warm liquid from the enema bag starts to flow into you. The feeling is strange, yet the warmth and feeling of pressure and the deep, stretching penetration of the cylinder excites you. It feels like being gently penetrated and fucked by a warm soft cock that burrows ever deeper inside you.

Karin’s strong hands hold you down as more and more fluid fills you until you feel full; your belly swollen as you look at it.

You are panting now, your breath coming in short gasps as the sensations overwhelm and excite you; more and more liquid rushes into you, filling you up; you can feel your belly swelling and distending with fullness as you are filled; your clit is swollen and flushed with blood, your pussy wet and dripping, trickling down the insides of your thighs in tiny rivulets; your legs tremble with the exertion of holding yourself up.

“Almost done my love” whispers Karin into your ear; her breathing as labored as yours. She slowly pulls the cylinder out of you and then slowly, exquisitely thrusts it back inside you. As she repeats her thrusting, fucking of your ass, more fluid fills you, each deep thrust fills you more completely; your excitement builds and your breath becomes ragged; small mews of pleasure escape your lips and you start to pant and thrust back onto the invading device; Karin kisses you ; soft wet lips suck and bite gently at your earlobe and neck, as her hand and arm continue their fiendish work; you turn your head towards her and her lips find yours; her wet tongue slides into your mouth and your lips suck greedily at it as your tongues explore each other.

Karin stands up and checks the hose and valve behind you. “OK, that’s enough for just now; Nicole my dear, you need to be strong for me, just hold it all in for 5 minutes. I have something that will help you do that, OK?” She grasps a small black bulb that is attached to the tubing that is filling you and she squeezes.

The cylinder inside you expands!

“The device inside you can be inflated to make sure it stays in place my dear” Karin tells you. “Five minutes and we can let you relieve yourself”.

An eternity it seems. You start to feel yourself cramping up; your pleasure centers are still aroused from being penetrated and fucked by Karin and the cylinder and you wish she had kept fucking you, kissing you until you could cum.

With a snap, Karin disconnects the fluid bag from the tubing inside you and gently takes your hand; Miho does the same. They lead you to a side door into a lavish bathroom, gold fittings and plush carpets. They take you towards the toilet in the corner and gently lower you to the seat.

“Spread your legs for me Nicole my love; I have to remove the device slowly and I need to be able to see that you are clean back there”. She kneels in front of you, Miho to your side. Reaching between your legs and underneath you, she delicately grasps the base of the cylinder and slowly begins to pull it out. As she does so, Miho kneels as well; her tiny, delicate fingers reach between your legs and find your swollen wet clit; you gasp as her fingers start to stroke it.

As Karin slowly pulls the device out of you, the Asian’s fingers twirl, pull and pinch at your hard, pink clit; you spread your legs wider to give them better access to you; your orgasm is building quickly.

Miho’s fingers move faster now, teasing and flicking at your hugely swollen clit; her other hand joins her first and she gently inserts two fingers inside your pussy. Dripping wet, she easily slides them into you. Your body tenses; the intense sensations from your stretched, filled ass, combined with the stimulation of your clit has you one the edge.

More of the cylinder slides out of you, the pressure of the fluid inside you pushes on it and finally it slips out! One final sensation hits you as the head is pushed out past your tight anus; it stretches the ring of your asshole wide enough that it feels as if you will split in two! It’s the final jolt that takes you over the edge as your clit and pussy are pleasured by the teasing fingers between your legs.

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