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Let me first start off by saying that this story is 100% true. How do I know it’s true? Because this is the story of my first encounter with another man and I am telling it EXACTLY as it happened.

I am a somewhat of an attractive guy who is in my mid-twenties and manages to keep in shape by playing sports and hitting the gym. I also consider myself to be fairly open-minded and willing to try almost anything once; having said that though, my first experience with another man was totally unplanned and unexpected, although it did end up being thoroughly enjoyed.

A buddy of mine and I are music lovers, more specifically jazz lovers and so we make an attempt to head to the Montreal Jazz Festival every year to take in the sites and to hear some great music. Well this summer was no different, so we drove to Montreal and booked a hotel in the downtown area. On the first day there, we mainly just walked around all the local hot-spots and did a lot of people watching. Well since Montreal is such a beautiful city we ended up doing quite a bit of walking and never once got into a vehicle the entire weekend we were there. By the second day though, all the walking was starting to take a toll on me and although it was manageable, I still wanted to relax a little bit and get a massage later in the afternoon. I was on vacation after all.

I mentioned getting a massage to my companion and he thought it was a great idea, so we went back to the hotel room to begin our online search for a local spa that could take us both that afternoon. We found a place less than a block away and managed to schedule an appointment for within the hour. When we arrived at the spa, it was very luxurious and was very reminiscent of those resort spas down in the Caribbean. Both my friend and I were very impressed as we settled down in the “Relaxation Room” while waiting to be called in for our massage.

Less than 10 minutes later, a middle-aged woman came into the room and called my name to follow her. She guided me into a massage room off the main hall and told to me to disrobe to a level that I was comfortable with and to get under the covers on the massage table when I was ready. As she walked out, she told me that the massage therapist would be in shortly.

Now I am definitely not a prude when it comes to nudity and have always preferred to be fully nude during my massages, so with that I stripped down and slid face-down under the cotton sheet. Within a few minutes, there was a soft knock on the door and my massage therapist walked in after hearing that I was in place. I picked my head up from the rest to say hello and explain where I would like the massage to be concentrated, but as I did that, I was met with a little bit of a surprise because my massage therapist turned out to be istanbul travesti a man!

Now I have had numerous massages in my day, but they were all done by women. I can’t be certain if I have requested it that way or if that’s just how it turned out, but needless to say, I was just a tad apprehensive when I realized I was about to be massaged by a male massage therapist. I soon recovered from my mild shock however, because as I mentioned, I am open-minded and also because I thought that he might be able to do a better job of working out the knots, merely due to the fact that he appeared to be well-built with good upper body strength.

So I relaxed and he introduced himself. We spoke briefly and I told him that my shoulders could use some extra attention, as well as my legs, due to all the walking of the weekend. He said it wouldn’t be a problem and to lay back onto the table. With that, he folded the sheet down to my lower back and started rubbing oil into his palms. He began massaging both my shoulders and back, as well as my arms and even my hands. As I had guessed correctly, he did do a wonderful job of working the knots and kinks out of my shoulders and I was grateful that I didn’t make a big deal out of him being a guy.

He finished with my back and arms and went to start on my legs. But in order for him to do that, he had to fold back the sheet to give him access to my legs. He folded the sheet in a manner to expose one leg and the majority of half of my buttocks and with that, he then began massaging and loosening up the tightness in my leg. He was very skilled and my stiffness and pain was melting away underneath his touch. He finished with one leg and began folding the sheet once again to allow for better access. The sheet ended up being folded in a long strip, about 8 inches wide and a couple feet long, and was draped lengthwise down my body so it was only covering, in essence, the crack of my ass and between my legs. I didn’t mind this at all, because I knew that was normal procedure for a massage and have actually always been kind of impressed with how they are able to fold the sheets so neatly – almost like origami with bed linens.

As he started working up and down on my other leg, I felt him getting awfully close to my inner thigh. I didn’t notice it too much at first, because again I knew this to be par for the course and figured that if he was getting closer than my other massage therapists had it was probably because he was a guy and knew exactly how far he could go before touching anything “sensitive”. So without any protests from me, he continued working my leg and then moved on to my hip and my partially exposed butt cheek. But as he kneaded my cheek, I felt him gently slide the sheet completely off of me istanbul travestileri and continue on with the massage like nothing had happened. I froze and didn’t quite know how to respond to this.

I knew that because of his ministrations that he would be able to clearly see my asshole and balls and I was now shocked and definitely confused because I didn’t feel as if this was proper protocol for a massage. I began thinking that maybe this guy was coming on to me or maybe I inadvertently went to one of those “illegitimate” massage parlors or something! I quickly scolded myself though because it was obvious upon first entering the establishment that this was clearly a legitimate business with upscale clientele and not some back-alley Asian massage parlor. Plus I thought, throughout the massage he hasn’t touched me inappropriately or suggested that this massage was anything but standard and professional. And just as quickly as I first became alarmed, he finished my back and unfolded the sheet to cover me back up and I began to relax once again.

So after being covered back up by the sheet, he then told me to flip, face-up, onto my back so he could continue the massage. I did as he requested and he once again folded the sheet in a manner so that only my upper body was exposed and the rest was covered by the sheet. As he massaged my chest, neck, and arms, I started thinking about how I would’ve reacted if he had actually tried to seduce me. The longer I kept thinking about it though, the more I started to become turned on by the idea.

This revelation took me by surprise because I had never fantasized about another man before this day, but like it or not, there I was on a massage table, getting turned on by another man, and to make matters worse, my dick start to harden slightly! I was a little nervous at that point because I didn’t want it to become obvious that I had the beginnings of an erection, but the more he worked on me, the harder it became. Fortunately, the sheets managed to mask it at first, but I am fairly well-endowed at over 8 inches long, so I knew the sheet wasn’t going to conceal it forever. By that time though, he had folded the sheet once again to begin working on the front on my thighs and the only part of me that was covered was my ever increasing erection.

At this point, I was about to apologize for the embarrassing reaction I was having to a guy who was clearly just trying to do his job, when I felt his fingertips graze my balls resting against my thigh. I thought it was an accident and I spread my legs a little wider apart to give the guy room enough to massage my inner thigh without having to worry about touching my ball sack. In hindsight, between not protesting when he previously removed the sheet travesti istanbul and widening my legs after him touching my scrotum, I may have sent the wrong message.

So I suppose it shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise that right after I had widened my legs, he brushed my balls again even more deliberately and even lingered awhile on them. It was then that I knew this guy was planning more than just a massage. Once that revelation hit me, I became fully aroused almost instantly and no amount of bed sheets could conceal that fact.

It was then I felt him slip the sheet completely off of me once again and without any restrictions, my erection sprang free and slapped against my stomach with an audible smack. But even then, he continued the massage like nothing strange was going on and like this was an everyday occurrence (maybe it was for him – but certainly not me!). He then moved his oiled hands up to my stomach and casually brushed the full length of my engorged cock with the sides of his thumbs. I wasn’t sure if he was waiting for me to say something or even to just open my eyes, but instead my dick jerked up at the touch and I guess that was all the invitation he needed because he then grasped my entire cock with both hands and began slowly stroking it for me.

It felt AMAZING and I was in heaven! I started groaning a little and began slowly thrusting my hips in rhythm to his pumping, when all of a sudden I felt him lean forward and take my throbbing cock into his mouth!! My eyes flew open and I nearly came right there on the spot – this guy was such a talented cocksucker! The massage therapist was simultaneously swallowing my cock with his mouth, pumping the base of it with one hand, and massaging my balls with the other hand. How I lasted as long as I did, I will never know, but I do know what sent me over the edge was when he took on of his oil-covered fingers and slipped it up my ass! With that, I EXPLODED down this guy’s throat and moaned so loudly that I’m surprised no one gave me any strange looks when I finally left there. I had the most intense orgasm of my life and was still shivering a little when he released my spent cock from his mouth and casually went to the sink to lather up a small hand towel to clean me off with.

After he soaped up my cock and balls, he wiped them clean with another towel and then leaned over and told me to take as much time as I needed and to head up to the lobby when I was fully dressed. And with that, he walked out of the massage room, I dressed after talking a few minutes to compose myself, and then met up with my buddy who was already waiting for me in the Relaxation Room. We then went to the lobby of the spa, paid for our massages and left to continue our weekend in Montreal. As we were walking out though, my friend asked me why I had tipped my massage therapist so well after he saw my receipt and I merely explained to him with a shrug that I guess I was just in a generous mood. And that was my very first experience ever with a man and I think it’s safe to say that it definitely won’t be my last.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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