Speed Dating

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Mother 37, son 20


“Hi, I’m Chris.” I told the girl sitting across from me. She really did not look like she was interested in me.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Does it really matter. I am not interested in you and I am not going to give you, my number.” she said with venom in her voice.

“Hey look I am just trying to be nice. This is my first time doing this.” I said looking at her. The truth was I really was not interested in her either. She was too chunky for my taste. But for some reason she must have thought she was the best-looking thing in the room. Far from it.

“Well good for you. I only came because my girlfriend wanted to see what it was like to do this kind of thing.” she said being the arrogant bitch that she was.

“Okay, let’s just sit here for the next few minutes.” I said turning to look around.

“That was what I was planning to do creep.” she said again with more venom in her voice. That was it, I was pissed now and there are rules to speed dating. They were explained to us at the start of the game.

Yes, speed dating is considered a game. My friend has done it a few times and said he got lucky a few times. Of course, he dragged me with him tonight. Truth is it was fun up until I met this bitch. Most of the other woman were having fun. Several of the women even asked me why I was at this thing.

Okay, so here are the rules.

You are not allowed to use your full name. Like first and last name.

You are not allowed to give out your address to anyone.

You are not allowed to touch the other person.

If you do not like someone. Just tell them you are not interested.

Do not disrespect anyone or you will be asked to leave. If you are disrespected you are asked to raise your hand and the person will be removed.

There were more rules than that but I was at the one rule that suited me for the moment. I raised my hand and caught the attention of one of the organizers.

“What’s the problem?” the woman asked.

“This woman just called me a creep.” I told her.

“Is this true Karen?” the woman asked.

“You know damn well he is right so why ask.” She said looking at the woman with glaring eyes.

“Well, it is time for you to leave. You have been warned. I will get Carry and you will not be welcomed back.” the woman said. Then led Karen away.

I had to wait another five minutes before the next person would move to my table. In the meantime, the waiter came over and took a drink order from me. I ordered a strong Captain coke. He returned with my drink before the next woman arrived.

When the woman walked up to the table, I knew who she was right away. She was my mom’s best friend Sherl Conners. She was supposed to be going out with my mom tonight.

“What are you doing here?” I asked Sherl.

“Your mom wanted to do something fun. So, I suggested we try this out. She thought it would be a clever idea and thought it would be fun.” Sherl said with a smile on her face. “Now what is a handsome young stud like you doing here?”

“I am here with my buddy Jerry.” I told Sherl.

“Oh, he gave me his number. Aw yes, I remember him. He is the cute little red headed boy, isn’t he?” Sherl asked. I laughed then told her.

“He is not little. If you know what I mean”

“Oh.” was all Sherl said with a smile on her face. I guess it does not matter that he is fifteen years younger than Sherl.

If I knew Jerry, he would be calling Sherl and Sherl would be finding out just how big that little boy is.

“You don’t need to give me your number. I already have it.” She said with a laugh.

“Sherl what would my mother say?” I laughed with her.

Sherl is a wonderful woman but she has nothing on my mom. I have always wondered why my mother never dated. At thirty-seven years old mom still has it going on.

“Your mother would never need to know.” Sherl smiled with a naughty grin. “I have seen what you have in those pants and you have nothing to worry about satisfying a woman like me.”

“When have you ever seen what I have in my pants? Sherl.” I asked.

“Oh, Chris. When you were on the swim team. Those speedos you wore usually left nothing to the imagination. And boy you are hot to look at. If you would have been a little older back then I would have jumped your bones.

Thankfully, the waiter came around and brought me another drink and Sherl another glass of wine. We sat and chatted a little longer before she had to move on.

I talked to a few more women before I finally saw my mom heading my direction. I saw her smile as she approached the table.

“I know you.” she said as she sat across from me.

“I know you too. If I knew you were going to be here tonight. I would have rode over here with you.”

“Well how would you like to go home with me tonight.”

“Oh, are you inviting me to your place. Miss. Jones?” I said flirting with my own mother.

“Yes, I am I think I need a hot young stud to be with me tonight.” she said in her own flirty sincan escort little laugh.

Just as I was going to say something the waiter came over with another drink and told us it was last call; I ordered two more drinks and mom order two white wines. We sat and flirted with each other as we drank our drinks until the speed dating was over.

I watched as Jerry got up and left with Sherl. I smiled and was about to laugh when I realized Jerry was my ride home. I then thought mom had been left behind too.

“Mom, I hope Sherl wasn’t your ride? Because she just left with someone.” I told her. I did not tell her that she left with my ride.

“Nah, it is okay. We agreed to drive in separate cars. I was afraid she would meet someone and forget about me.” mom said laughing.

I wanted to ask mom for a ride back to my apartment but I needed to produce a way to ask her without sounding needy. Thankfully, I did not have to produce an excuse. My phone rang and I answered it.

“Oh, hey Jerry. What!! You told me you would give me a ride home.” I tried to sound angry. He knew I really was not angry at him because we talked about it before hand. I planned to get a taxi to get home. But since mom was there, I knew I could get a ride from her. “Don’t worry I will find a ride.” I said looking over at mom. I then hung up.

“It looks like I do get to take a hot stud home tonight.” mom said flirting with me with a smile on her face.

“Hey, I get to get a ride from a beautiful woman.” I said smiling at my mom.

I was feeling no pain after all the drinks I had and mom was looking good in her tight red dress. I was really going home with a beautiful woman. Even though it was my own mother. It was still early and mom wanted to still have some fun. So, she suggested we stop and pick up some more wine.

While we were picking up wine, I grabbed some Captain Morgan and a bottle of Crown apple for shots. The Crown was for me, I knew I would need to have a few shots after the speed dating. It was nice to be with mom.

Once we finished shopping mom asked me If I were done for the night or if I would like to stop at a night club and get a few drinks. I thought it would be fun, so I agreed to stop.

The club was full we had to wait in line just to get in the club. Inside it was even worse, there were line three people deep. Mom found us a table and by the time I got our drinks, mom was surrounded by men.

“There he is! Over here honey.” mom called out while waving at me. I could see that she was in trouble. Three good looking guys were trying to get her out on the dance floor. But I do not think mom was interested in any of them.

As I got closer mom rushed to me. My hands were full but she still engulfed me in a hug. Then whispered in my ear.

“Pretend you’re my boyfriend.” she said. Then she kissed me on the cheek. At first, I was a little shocked at what she asked me to do. Then I thought what, these guys were surrounding her like she was a dog in heat.

“I got you your wine dear.” I said as mom backed away and took the glass from my hand and took me back to the table. The guys looked a little defeated. We sat and watched the crowd of people moving around us. Then the band began to play a song my mom liked. She looked at me with a smile on her face.

I knew what she wanted. It is a good thing I was feeling the drinks and I got up to dance with her. Mom taught me how to dance when I was younger. Mom taught dance classes after graduating college and bought a dance studio which she still owns.

We were having a blast dancing and drinking. Our night almost felt like a date other than a mother and son having an enjoyable time together. When the band began to play a slow song, I began to move back to our table.

“Where do you think you’re going?” she said as she grabbed my hand pulling me back to the dance floor. I relented and went back and danced a slow dance. At first, I held my body back with my hand on her waist and the other on her shoulder.

I am not going to lie once we started, I really started to look at my mom differently. Mom pulled me closer and laid her head on my shoulder. The hand that was on my mom’s shoulder moved to her waist and the other went to my mother’s hip. Then mom surprised me when she whispered in my ear.

“Kiss me.”

“What?” I asked.

“I want you to kiss me.”

I did not need to be told twice so I gave her a peck on the cheek. But that was not good enough for my mom. I do not know if it was the drinks, the slow music or how close we were dancing. I was starting to get excited. Mom turned my face then planted a wet kiss on my lips.

It was not a peck but a lip smashing, lip opening, then tongue twisting full on lover type kiss. Soon we both lost control and began kissing like lovers. Not like mother and son. When we broke our kiss, we noticed the slow song was over.

My hands were no longer on mom’s waist and hips but were pulling her into my now sincan escort bayan fully erect penis.

Like Sherl had pointed out earlier. I am not small in the penis department. I am not as big as Jerry but I make an average man wish he had what I have between my legs.

Mom smiled and ground her hips into me since the song was that kind of song.

Before I knew what was happening, we were on our way to mom’s house. Even before we made it into the house mom was all over me. I had enough to drink to blur my judgement and I know mom did not have as much to drink as I had.

Once inside we made out with the passion of two lovers. When I broke the kiss mom pulled me towards her bedroom. Then began to take my clothes off. I stood there naked as I watched my mother take her clothes off. If I was not excited before I was now as I watched mom’s ample breasts come into view.

I was no longer seeing the woman in front of me as my mother. But as a woman that I desired. Mom pulled me over to the bed. Then she laid down and spread her legs. I was no longer seeing my mother but a woman I was going to fuck. But before doing that I had to taste this incredible vagina in front of me.

I knelt and pressed my mouth to this wonderful pussy and began to give her every inch of my tongue. The taste was incredible it was a sweet salty taste I have never tasted before. I knew right there and then that this would not be the last time I would have my face buried in this pussy.

“Oh, uh, fuck you are so good at that. Chris” I heard my mom say. It was then that I realized I had my tongue buried deep inside my mother. I stopped and looked up.

“Oh, baby don’t stop. Your father never did that for me.”

I looked back down and went back to work eating my mother’s pussy. Not only did I work her pussy but I attacked her hard clit. It was then that my mother started to cum.

“Oh, Gawd baby. I need you to fuck me.” she said moaning and thrashing about on my face.

It was one thing eating my mother’s pussy but it is another thing to fuck her. Sure, I had already crossed several lines. But could I really fuck my own mother.

“Mom, I can’t. It would be wrong. We are mother and son.”

Mom sat up on her elbows and looked at me.

“Not tonight. You are my date. You are the hot stud I met while speed dating. Just think if I would not have met you tonight, I could be getting fucked by one of those guys from the club. Now shut up and fuck me.” mom told me. My still alcohol muddled mind said that if that is what she wanted that is what she was going to get.

I stood up and lined my hard twenty-year-old eight and a half thick cock at the entrance of her very wet and willing hole.

I am not a virgin and have not been for some time. I knew I would have to take it slow at first so not to hurt my mom. I also figured that this was going to be a one-time thing, so why not do as she asked.

I slowly worked my cock half way in before I pulled back out, then began to travel back inside my mother’s slowly, I inched deeper and deeper inside her now quivering sucking pussy. Soon our bodies were pressed together. Mom had now excepted all thick eight and a half inches. I kept working my cock, slowly in and out which, was driving my mother crazy. I could feel her insides start to grip my cock. Which was bringing me closer to my own orgasm.

“Oh, gawd Chris you are so big. I love it. Fuck me hard.” mom kept telling me. So, I sped up and began to pound my mother. I could feel her body begin to climax over and over.

“Mom, I am going to cum. I need to pull out.” I warned her. After hearing me say this mom wrapped her legs around my butt and pulled me in.

“My date is going to cum in me and fill my womb up with his seed and get me pregnant, I am ovulating now baby” mom said as my cock began to hit her cervix.

“Oh, gawd your cock feels so good. We should have been doing this a long time ago. Uh, uh, gawd I am cumming again.” mom moaned out as I continue to pump my hard thick cock inside her pussy.

I no longer cared that the woman beneath me was my mother. I now thought of her as the woman I was going to knock up and have my babies.

“Oh, gawd mom. Uh, mom I am going to cum.”

“Do it baby, cum in your mother.”

“Are you really sure mom. I still have time to pull out.” I told my mother.

“No, baby I need to feel cum inside me. I want to have a baby.”

My Gawd, she was being serious. She still wanted me to cum in her. I was still in the throes of passion as the first shot of sperm left my hard cock and entered my mother’s cervix followed by six more large loads.

I tried to pull out of my mother, but mom held me in place like she wanted me to stay inside her. I could still feel mom’s vaginal muscles milking my cock and I know if she continued, I would be spilling more of my fertile seed inside her.

But that is what my mother wanted and she wanted to continue fucking. I was amazed that I was escort sincan still hard. Usually when I cum, I tend to go soft and it will usually take me about an hour to recover. But here I was still inside my mother and I was still hard as a rock.

I looked down into my mother’s face, I then leaned down and kissed her while pumping my cock with hard deep strokes. If I did not open my mother up before I was doing it now.

With all intent and purpose, I was going to breed my mother. If it did not happen tonight, I knew there would be other times.

We kissed and we fuck the night away. We no longer thought of this night as just a speed date hookup with a stranger. All through the night mom would call out how much she loved my cock and that it now belonged to her pussy.

By the end of our night together, I was shooting blanks. We both fell asleep still joined together.

I woke the next morning with mom still on top of me. It felt wonderful having a beautiful woman laying on top of me. My cock had slipped out of her during the time we were asleep. But it was up and ready for another go. I thought about slipping it back inside her and waking her up with a morning fuck.

I was about to push it inside when my phone began to buzz. I grabbed it off the bed stand and looked to see it was Jerry. I knew he was calling to tell me about his conquest. I decided to ignore it and sent it to voicemail.

I set the phone down and it buzzed again. I picked the phone up again. This time it was a text. It read.

“Chris, I need your help. I am in jail.”

I knew I had to help. Jerry was my best friend and had bailed me out several times. I wondered why he was in jail instead of with Sherl. I slowly rolled mom off from on top of me. I looked down at her naked body and admired her beautiful form as she laid sleeping.

I grabbed my clothes and slipped out of the room. It was then I realized I had ridden over here with mom. I thought about grabbing her keys. I then remembered my dad’s old pickup and decided I would take that; in case I did not come back. I figured I would let my mother sleep.

I picked up Jerry. I found out he had been in a fight while at another club. He never did get lucky with Sherl. We stopped and picked up his car. He then followed me back to my mother’s place. I went back into mom’s place to check on her. She was still in bed where I left her. I left her a note then left with Jerry.

I expected mom to call me. But no call ever came. I texted her to see how she was doing. She just texted me back she was doing fine.

For the next two weeks mom and I would just send text back and forth to each other. I was sure she was regretting what we had done with each other.

Then one night I got a call from my mom saying we had to talk. Fuck, I thought to myself. This was it. She told me to come over on Friday night. This both made me nervous and excited. I had avoided going over to my mother’s because it would remind me of what we had done. I knew I could not avoid this so I told her I would see her then.

Now I am not going to lie. I have thought back to that night several times. I feel guilty that I fucked my own mother. I also remember her encouraging me to cum inside her. I will not deny wanting to repeat what we had done. I had even considered going over to her house several times. To see if she would want to do it again. But since our text messages were never sexual. I figured she would not be interested. Since nothing was ever said.

When Friday approached, I sent mom a message asking what time she wanted me to come over. She told me to come over at seven and to wear something nice. I wondered why she wanted me to dress nice. When Friday arrived, I dressed in some nice slacks and a like blue shirt with a dark tie. I smiled at myself in the mirror. I hoped this was good enough for what she had planned.

I then drove over to mom’s place and parked in the drive. I had just got out of the car and was walking to the front door. When the door opened and mom stepped out of the house wearing a green silk knee high dress. Just looking at her was causing a reaction in my shorts.

“Mom you look beautiful.”

“You look handsome baby.” mom said coming up to me giving a quick hug and a kiss. Yes, mom kissed me a on the lips.

“Let’s get going.” she said as I helped her get into my car. She read me an address and I put it into my GPS. The place was called Bulger’s. I had been there once before with a couple of friends. It was a nice cozy restaurant and lounge they usually had a jazz band or light rock band that would play through the night. We chatted on the drive over, not really talking about anything. I thought she would want to talk about what happened three weeks before, but we never broached the subject. I found a parking spot and parked. I then turned to her and spoke.

“What did you want to talk about?”

“It can wait for now. Let us just go in and get something to eat and drink.” she said taking my hand in hers.

“Okay, mom.”

I got out of my car and went to open her door and help her. It was then I noticed just how beautiful my mother is. I took her hand and helped her out of the car. I let go of her hand once she was out of the car and helped her to her feet, mom then grabbed my hand and we walked hand and hand to the restaurant.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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