Step-Father Knows Best Ch. 01

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This is the first time I’ve submitted a story, I hope those who read it will enjoy it. Any and all comments would be greatly appreciated. If you like what I’ve written, please let me know and I’ll continue the story. If you don’t like it, please tell me why so I can improve my writing skills, and I’ll still continue with the story.


Linda and John had only been married a year now and all was going well with them, until Linda’s daughter, Jennifer, moved in. She was 20 years old and was Linda’s only child from her previous marriage. She was very young when Jen was born, and so was her father. From what little John knew, when Linda divorced Jennifer’s father, the two didn’t speak to each other for several years. As Linda put it, Jen was daddy’s little girl, she just adored her father and, in her eyes, he could do no wrong. He remarried when she was about 14, so when Jennifer turned 18 she moved in with her then boyfriend. But money issues and other problems caused her to leave him a little over a year later. She went back to try and live with her father and his new wife for while, but she didn’t get along with her and was left with very few options. When she contacted her mother to see if she could stay with them, Linda saw this as a chance to reconnect with her daughter. But first she needed to talk it over with John, he had never met Jen, and she wanted to make sure he would be ok with her moving in with them.

Linda was looking at John over her coffee mug trying to think of the best way to bring up the subject of Jen. They were having breakfast together before heading off to work.

She cleared her throat, “Hon, I need to ask you something. It has to do with Jennifer.”

He lowered his newspaper and looked at her, “What’s the matter? Is she ok?”

“No no she’s fine, its just. Well, she needs a place to stay and called to ask if she could stay with us.”

John looked thoughtful for a moment, “Its fine with me. Is that what’s been bothering you this week?” Linda had been trying to find the right time to talk with him about Jen, and she was worried about how he might react. “How long will she be staying?”

Linda hesitated, “Um, I’m not really sure, Jen didn’t say how long she wanted to stay.”

“Well she is your daughter so she can stay as long as she needs to.” He went back to reading his paper.

John was a good man and very understanding, but she didn’t want to take advantage of his good nature.

She smiled at him, “She said she’d like to move in this weekend if that’s not a problem.”

John put the paper down, he could still see this was worrying Linda, and he tried to reassure her, “That’s fine with me, I think its great she’s moving in with us. The two of you can get to know each other again.”

He knew a little of their past history and had some sense of what Linda feeling. She loved her daughter but when the divorce happened, Jen blamed her mother for the failure of the marriage. Maybe now that she was older she could see it wasn’t Linda’s fault, or at least not all it. Sometimes people just fall out of love.

It was a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon when Jen pulled up in her old Honda Civic that was packed with everything she owned. Linda and John came out of the house to greet her and help carrying things in. As Jen got out of the car Linda walked up and gave her big a hug. Jen seemed a little uncomfortable with it but tentatively hugged her back.

Linda was so happy, “I’m so glad you’re here. We’ll help you unload your car, then we can have some lunch and talk.”

Jen gave a weak smile, still not completely comfortable with being here. “Thanks mom, I really appreciate you and John letting me stay here for a while. At least until I can get back on my feet and get a place of my own.” She looked over at John to gage his reaction.

He smiled warmly at her, “You can stay as long as you like. You’re family. “

Jen liked him right away, a man of few words, and not a bad looking man at that. They started to help Jen unload her car and put her stuff into her bedroom. Linda had moved into John’s house before they were married. It wasn’t anything special, a single story house with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a large backyard. John bought it as a foreclosure property and had been fixing it up for the last 3 years.

It didn’t take them very long to unload the car as they moved Jen into the larger of the two available bedrooms as she started to unpack and put things away. John noticed how much the two of them looked alike, with a few differences of course. Jen was a few inches taller and she had a slimmer figure, Linda was a bit more voluptuous, but you could defiantly see the family resemblance. Linda looked young enough that they could be mistaken as sisters. Both had the same honey blond hair and blue eyes and they even sounded the same when they spoke.

After the car had been unloaded and Jen had all her clothes and other belongings in the bedroom she joined her mother illegal bahis and John in the kitchen. Linda was so thrilled to have Jen here with them, it felt like they were a family again.

John opened up the fridge to grab a beer, “So what are we having for lunch?”

Linda looked over at John and shook her head, “Typical. All men ever think about is beer and food.”

“You forgot about sports and sex.” John retorted.

Jen smiled at their exchange and at how happy they were being together. She looked at the two of them, “How about we get a pizza, on me.”

John looked at Linda, “Sure, sounds great.”

Linda was less enthusiastic, “I could just as easily make us something to eat, it wouldn’t be a problem.”

“Mom, you and John have done enough for one day. Let me do this for you two, to say thank you.”

Linda smile and then nodded, “Very well dear, that’s sweet of you. Thank you.”

“Great. What do you guys like on your pizza?” They had decided on a large pizza with sausage, onions, and peppers.

John called in the order and was on his way out the door to pick it up. Jen followed him out to his truck, “You don’t have to come, I’ve got this. Besides, I thought you’d might like some time alone with your mother.”

Jen gave a weak smile, “I really wanted to talk with you, alone, if that’s ok?”

John was a little confused but agreed and they both got in his pick up truck. As they drove it was clear Jen was nervous and he didn’t know why.

“Are you ok? Is there a problem?” He asked cautiously.

Jen looked out the window, then turned towards John, “I know my mother is fine with me moving in with you two. What I really want to know is, are you ok with it?” She had a worried look on her face.

John broke out in a big smile, “Jen, we’re family, and I love your mother very much, she loves you, so by default I love you, as my step-daughter of course.” He blushed a little at that last statement.

“Look, I know this was kind of sudden, and it was forced on you. I just don’t want there to be any problems for you or mom because of this.”

“Hey, I’m really ok with it. Your mother is very happy and that makes me happy so don’t worry so much about it. If there is a problem we’re all adults and we can sit down and discuss it. Alright?” He looked over at Jen and gave her a reassuring smile. She smiled back and thought how lucky her mom was to have such a great guy, and cute as hell.

John was a good looking guy, standing at 6’2″ with his dark curly hair and brown eyes. He never had the need to work out, his job was physically demanding enough that kept him fit and trim. Linda hated that about him, one of only a few things she found annoying. She had to work hard to maintain her figure, going to the gym at least 4 times a week and here he was, eating whatever he liked and never thinking twice about it. He also has this boyish grim that made most women weak in the knees, including Linda’s. That was one of the first thing that attracted her to him. The second was his gentle manner and over all good nature. The third was swinging between his legs.

They were all sitting at the kitchen table having their lunch time pizza and talking. Jen filled them in on what was going on in her life, which wasn’t to much. She had had several jobs, but nothing that kept her interested, or paid her very much. Her love life was none existent. The last boyfriend she had cheated on her and he was not able, or willing, to hold on to a job. When she moved back in with her father and his new wife, Sally, she knew it had been a mistake. With in a few weeks she and Sally were at each other throats and argued about everything. Sally had wanted her to pay rent, which Jen was ok with, until she told her how much she should pay. Sally also wanted to put a curfew on her so she wouldn’t be staying out late doing, as Sally put it, god only knows what with who. Jen had tried to find a place of her own but couldn’t find anything affordable and that’s when she called her mother.

Linda listened and after Jen had finished her story she took her hand and looked into her daughters eyes, “I know we haven’t been close for many years, and I know it must have been hard for you to call me, but I’m very glad you did. I’d like us to get to know each other again and, maybe mend some fences.”

Jen smiled, “Sure mom. I’d like that too. I know now not all that happened between you and dad was your fault, and, I don’t know, maybe you could forgive me for being so, stubborn.”

“Oh baby there is nothing to forgive. You were young and didn’t understand what was going on. As for being stubborn I’m afraid you get that from me.”

John could sense this was turning into a mother daughter moment so he started to clear the table and clean up before heading out to the backyard to work on some project he was working on. He usually had several projects going on at the same time either involving the house, the yard, or his truck. He liked keeping things in illegal bahis siteleri good working order and spent his weekends fixing something or just doing general up keep on the house or his truck. He was working in the backyard when Linda came out of the house and called him in for dinner. He hadn’t realized the time and that he had been working out in the yard for almost 6 hours. As he came back into the house thru the kitchen he saw Linda preparing dinner, but no sign of Jen.

He walked over to stand next to her, “Everything alright with you and Jen?”

“Everything is fine, we just need some time to get reacquainted with each other. She feels a bit guilty about moving in with us. I told it was fine and not to worry about it but she feels she is intruding on us.”

John gave a little frown and sighed, “Give her time, she’ll see she isn’t intruding on us at all.”

He kissed her forehead then went to wash up for dinner. As he walked by Jen’s room the door was open and he saw she was still unpacking and arranging things in her room. On the way back from washing up she was still at it so he knocked on her door, even though it was open.

She turned and looked at him, “Its almost time for dinner, you’ll have plenty of time to finish this later.” He smiled as he gestured at her room.

“Thanks.” She replied, “I’ll be there in a sec.” Then she finished putting some more clothes in a draw and moved a suit case off the bed into the closet.

During dinner they talked like any normal family, laughing at times, and just getting to know each other. They were starting to become more comfortable with the living situation even though Jen had only just moved in that day. After dinner John went to the living room to watch TV and Linda and Jen cleaned up the kitchen and washed dishes while they talked. He couldn’t hear what they were saying, but from time to time he heard them laughing which he took as a good sign. They finished up and came in to living room to watching TV. During the commercials they continued talking as he listened quietly.

Jen looked at the two of them sitting on the couch with Linda’s hand on his thigh and his arm around her shoulders, “How did the two of you meet? If you don’t mind me asking.”

They looked at each other with some embarrassment. “Well honey,” Linda started, “It was through one of those on-line dating sites. Its just so hard to meet people when you work all day and you’re not in to the bar scene. But as you can see it worked out nicely for us.” She was looking at John as he smiled back at her.

Jen smiled, “I must say you did pretty well mom. Maybe I should try it, and you could help by giving me some tips so I can catch the attention of some great guy like you did.” John smile at the compliment.

The news was starting to coming on and Jen stretch her arms over her head and yawned, “I’m beat, time for bed. Goodnight you two. Thanks again for letting me stay here.” With that she got up out of her chair and went to her room. As soon as the door closed Linda sighed and snuggled up closer to John.

He kissed the top of her head, “I’d thought you’d be happier to have Jen staying here.”

She stared at the TV, “I am, but….I don’t know maybe it’s that mother’s instinct in me. She seems like…she doesn’t seem happy.”

“Well she’s been through a lot these last few of weeks. You can’t expect her to be little miss sunshine all the time. She has some issues she’s dealing with and the best thing we can do is let her work them out herself in her own way.”

Linda sigh quietly, “Yeah I guess your right, but I just want her to be happy.”

John chuckled, “I can see that maternal instinct is really kicking in. Think I could get me some of that tonight?” He was giving her a sly smile and a wink.

She shook her head, “You are incorrigible you know that?”

“Well I didn’t hear you say no.” Still giving her that sly boyish smile.

He still had his arm around her shoulder as he brought his other had to her stomach. She was in great shape and loved seeing her naked body, with her long shapely legs, tight ass, and god those tits of hers drove him wild. They weren’t to big, but firm and perky, a nice 34C with smallish nipples. He could see the desire growing in her eyes as his hand that was on her stomach, was still there, but now he had moved it to underneath her shirt. He could feel the warmth of her body and this was enough to cause his own manhood starting to stir to life. She noticed the growing bulge in his jeans and moved her hand from his thigh to between his legs, and started to rub his hardening cock thru his jeans. Looking up into his eyes she raised her head and kissed him passionately as he returned her kiss, their mouths hungrily devouring each others.

Suddenly she stopped and looking into his eyes, “You need a shower, and then we can continue this in our bedroom.”

John realized she was right, with all the work he had done in the yard before dinner he canlı bahis siteleri worked up a bit of sweat. He slowly disengaged from her and got up off the couch and headed off towards their bedroom. He started taking off his shirt as he entered the room, then kicked off his shoes, followed by his pants and finally his underwear.

Linda followed him into the bedroom, “John, we have another woman in the house, please close the bedroom door. I don’t want you to putting on a show for her.”

He laughed, “No, I only do private shows for her mother.”

During his shower Linda had changed in to her sleeping attire which consisted of pair of boy short panties and t-shirt that left her mid-section exposed. John loved her body, she worked so hard to stay in this shape and he truly appreciated all the effort she put into it. John’s sleeping attire was a simpler, just pair of boxer shorts which looked more like a tent as he came out of the bathroom.

Linda was turning down the covers to the bed, it was going to be a warm sleeping night so the blankets wouldn’t be needed. As she did this John came up behind her and place his hands just above her hips and pulled her close, his cock fully erect but still trapped behind his shorts. She leaned back letting his hands reach up under her t-shirt to those wonderfully breast of hers, gently cupping each one in has hands as his finger tips teased her hard nipples. He was kissing her up and down her long neck occasionally nibbling her ear as she started to reach behind her back to release his beast from its cage. She let her head fall back against his chest as she surrendered to his touch and starts to pull his shorts down just enough for his cock to spring out over the top of them.

As he continue to kiss her neck and ear, “You feel so good girl and you look even better.”

Linda sighs at his touch, “You make me feel soooo good baby. You know just how to touch me.”

John kept playing with her nipples, then he whispered, “Tell me what you want.”

She whispered back, “Take this little whore and do what you want. Fill me with your hot steamy cum. Just fuck me hard baby, just fuck me hard.”

With those words John removed his hands from her breasts and pulled her shirt over her head and then, reaching down, he pushed his boxers to the floor. Turning her so she was facing him, raising his hand to her chin, he tilted back her head while she looked at him thru half opened eyes. Leaning his head down towards hers they kissed as their tongues probed each others mouths and their hands slowly exploring each others bodies. He could feel her hard nipples against his chest as her breasts pressed against him, the heat from her body, the smell of her sweat mixed with her musk, and her willingness to give herself over to him completely made him even harder. He was aching for her touch, his cock was pressed between them, she could feel it hard against the lower part of her stomach.

She loved his cock, all 9 inches of it. When she first saw it she was worried it was to long for her to take, both orally and vaginally. The first time they ever had sex she almost passed out from all the intense multiple orgasms he gave her. He knew just what to do and how to do it using that god given tool of his. He was gentle that first time, but as they started having sex on a more regular basis he kept taking her to new heights she never knew were possible. He was always started out gently, knowing what pleases her, and he would let her set the pace at first. Once they were fully engaged in their love making he would be more forceful, pounding his rod deep and hard in to her until she was at the point of begging him to stop. He always seemed to know what her limits were and he never pushed them to far, but just far enough. She really enjoyed their love making, he was gentle and forceful at the same time. He knew what he wanted but he also knew what she wanted and how to give it to her.

As they continued to kiss John lower his hands to her panties, hooking his thumbs inside the waist band and slowly pushed them down until the fell in a pool around her feet. He brought his hands back to her waist and guided her back down onto the bed. She willingly laid back letting her hair fan out about her head as John started to kneel down in front of her. As she lay on the bed with her legs hanging off the edge he reached between them at her knees and gently spread them apart. He could now see her wet slit, the folds of her lips opened like a flower glistening with her dew. With fingers on either side he gently parted her lips and drops of her excitement seeped out and droplets ran down her upper thigh. The musky smell was heavy and beckoned to John to taste it. He leaned his head down between her legs, kissing and licking the inside of her thighs and on either side of her lips. He could taste her sweetness and he saw her pink clit fully engorged, hard with anticipation just as his cock was. Starting at the base of her slit and slowly licking his way up, only to stop from time to time and shove his tongue it, until he was licking and sucking her clit. He then slide a single finger deep in to her cave and started to tenderly probe for that fleshy button that would bring her to orgasm.

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