Strange Day

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It was hot; almost too hot for the time of year. She was lying next to him, watching him doze off. They had spent the last half hour making out, and now they were side by side on his bed. She was listening to the neighborhood children yell and play outside. He was breathing, gently and deeply, lying on his back with no shirt on. She was in shorts and a tank-top, biting her lip as she watched his chest slowly rise and fall. Everything about him was intoxicating to her; his smell, his body, his voice, even the sound of his breathing. She was propped up on one elbow, staring at his lean, muscular chest. Slowly, she reached out and brushed his nipple. He took a sharp intake of breath and then moaned. Opening his eyes, he smiled at her. She returned the smile and then shyly looked down at the bed, causing some of her hair to fall across her face. Gently he brushed the hair away, rested his hand on her cheek. She pressed her face into his hand, enjoying the feel of his warm palm despite the heat. Slowly he traced his fingertips from her neck down the side of her body, all the way down her exposed thigh to her knee and back up to the hem of her shorts. His hand rested there while he stared at her legs. He caressed her thigh, smiling.

“That’s a whole lot of leg there,” he was grinning down at her long, tan legs. “Nice and long.”

“Thanks,” she said with a slight giggle. “I grew them myself.”

“And you did an excellent job of it,” he said with the tone of an adult praising a small child. She playfully slapped him on the shoulder and glared at him.

“Yeah, you just want them wrapped around you,” she giggled at her own comment. He said nothing, just stared into her eyes for a moment. With one hand on the small of her back, he pulled her into him so their bodies were pressed together as they kissed, their hands roaming each other’s bodies. He was cupping her breasts, and then caressing and grasping her ass. She was running her hands through his hair and then lightly dancing her fingers across his chest and back. He was yenibosna escort responsive to her touch and she could see goose bumps forming on his arms and chest.

“You seem to like that,” she said softly.

“You have very soft hands,” his voice was barely above a whisper. He began kissing her again, carefully pushing her onto her back. As he kissed her, he pulled the top of her shirt down to expose her breasts. He kissed her down her neck and chest until he found the left nipple. He sucked and nibbled on it then moved to the right. Something about his every kiss, every touch, sent sparks of electricity throughout her body. She had never felt so aroused. As his mouth continued to work on her tits, his hand rubbed her stomach her sides, her legs, her inner thighs, her neck, her hair. Everywhere but where she wanted him to. And then, as if he had read her mind, his fingers began to go up the bottom of her shorts. He toyed with the area between her shorts and her pussy. She was beginning to think she couldn’t take anymore. Leaning back on his knees, he undid her shorts and pulled them off her, leaving her black thong exposed. Then he removed her tank-top. She lay on his bed, nude but for her panties.

“Damn,” he breathed, appreciating her naked body exposed before him. She reached up and traced a finger down his stomach, brushed her hand across the front of his pants.

“Fuck,” she whispered feeling how hard he was. He smiled at this and removed his pants. He kneeled, completely naked, still staring at her body. Again he leaned down and began sucking her tits. This time his hand reached into her panties, petting the lips of her neatly trimmed pussy. As he alternated between deeply kissing her and sucking on her breasts, his finger experimentally pushed into her hot, wet opening or toyed with her clit. She moaned and writhed in ecstasy. He drew a hand down the side of her body again, making her shudder. This time, he removed her panties, kissing down her zeytinburnu escort body. Her eyes were closed as she felt his tongue slide between her lips and up to her clit, licking her like an ice cream cone. She arched her back and moaned deeply as he slid two fingers into her while his tongue continued working. Her hips took over with a life of their own as he played with her G-spot and licked, sucked, nibbled her clit. She felt her orgasm wash over her, coming harder then she could remember ever doing before. He lay down next to her on the bed, still gently petting her.

“Damn, you could almost take a guy’s hand off,” he said gently.

“What do you mean?”

“Amazing muscle control down there,” he laughed. She just smiled and gently rolled him onto his back. She kissed him, running her hands all over his body this time. Reaching down, she began stroking his cock, marveling at its size. She had to have it in her mouth. Kissing and licking her way down his chest and stomach, she brought her mouth down to his dick and began licking the tip. Greedily, she sucked it into her mouth, hearing his breathing increase, she swallowed his whole cock. His hands reached down grabbed her hair, pulling it as she bobbed her head up and down. She turned her body sideways so his fingers could once again enter her as she pleasured him with her mouth. He slid a finger in and out of her, rubbing her clit with his thumb, almost bringing her to another orgasm as her lips drew tighter and tighter around him. She released him from her mouth and lay back on the bed. He climbed onto his knees between her legs, hovering over her, the tip of his cock resting on her labia. She reached out, grabbing his ass, and pulled him into her. She almost screamed as he entered, he was bigger than she had imagined. He filled her completely as he began to move in and out of her; gently at first, but with more force as her hips rose to meet him. She clawed at his arms, his back, anywhere she could acıbadem escort reach as she felt another orgasm building inside her.

“Yes, come for me baby,” he whispered. It was enough to send her over the edge. She came again; enjoying the heightened sensation of him inside of her. When she was done, he rolled over, pulling her on top of him “Ride me, fuck me.”

Her hips rolled back and forth as he plunged further inside her. His length filling her so much she felt like he was going to split her in two. She rode him, harder and faster. He held onto her hips, guiding her movements. She squeezed her own tits as he made her come again. Shaking and sweaty, she continued to ride his cock, enjoying the feeling of him so deep inside her. She turned around on him, so he could see her ass this time, riding him in reverse. He squeezed her ass and rubbed her legs. Pushing her slightly off him, he moved her onto her hands and knees. Forcefully, he took her from behind, pounding her so hard that she had to fight to keep her balance.

“Oh fuck yes! Fuck, fuck!” she screamed as he brought her to yet another orgasm. After she came, he moved her onto her back again. Putting her legs up on his shoulders, he pushed deeper into her. This time he toyed with her clit as he fucked her. As he pounded into her, she slipped her legs down and wrapped them around his body. He moved faster and faster, she screamed and moaned in pleasure. “Fuck me, yes fuck me. Oh god yes. Come with me this time. Come with me.”

As she came for the final time, he moaned loudly as his body went rigid. He lay his head down on her stomach, panting and sweating. She didn’t want to move, afraid to ruin the moment. She placed a hand on his head and stroked his hair. They were both spent.

“How was that?” he looked up at her, smiling.

“Not bad. Not bad at all,” she returned his smile, finding it unbelievable that she had achieved so many orgasms. She reached down and gently kissed the top of his head. They fell asleep together.

Hours later, she awoke to find he was in the shower. Quickly she gathered up her clothes, got dressed, and left. Walking away from the house, she remembered the sight of him standing in his yard, so tall and sexy. She remembered stopping to talk to him, accepting his offer of a cold drink on a hot day. Now she found herself wondering, what had possessed her to fuck a total stranger?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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