Stripping for Uncle Ray

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Jenna Gordon stared at the tuition due and wanted to cry. $9538.35 due in 6 weeks. She had gone to her mother, who had wept about how hard it was to make ends meet now that her father had abandoned her. Her father had a bitter tirade about how Jenna’s mother was sucking him dry with her alimony while he was trying to make a life with his new young wife. Jenna was 3 years younger than the newest Mrs. Gordon. Her parents were not getting her out of this.

Jenna looked at the bill one more time. There was one person that she could ask. Her mother had forbidden her from making contact most of her life, but now her mother was not able to hold the purse strings of control. Jenna grabbed the phone and called her mother’s younger brother Ray.

Ray Phillip’s looked at the stage and grimaced. Tiffany was starting to look haggard. The girl was obviously turning tricks in her off time and she looked to have undergone another procedure. She was starting to look like a melting Barbie doll. He grabbed his drink and wandered back to his office. He nodded at the bouncer as he went to indicate where he would be if needed. The strip club “Ray’s Man Cave” ran like a top. There was very little that his well-placed staff could not handle. It was time to find new dancers though. The dwindling attendance was proof of that.

Ray placed ads for dancers everywhere. The college was a good source of girls willing to lose their dignity for a little bit of cash. Flash some tits and ass, easier than student loans, that was what he told all the young feminists. The money was so good that most of the girls ended up quitting school. Ray never mentioned that it was a short-term career opportunity. Like pro-sports or modeling, there came a point when you were no longer bankable.

Jenna called Ray at home, and on his cell. There was no answer. What she did not know was that her caller ID came up with her mother’s name and there was no way that Ray was going to talk to that leach anytime soon. Jenna was desperate, so she called the club.

“Man Cave. What you need?” A man answered.

“Can I speak to Ray?”

“Dancer auditions are tomorrow at 2pm. If you get picked be ready for a shift tomorrow night.” Then he hung up.

Jenna stared at the phone. Interesting, she thought, she needed money maybe this was the answer. She was cute with shiny brown hair and big brown eyes. She was not built like a stripper that was for sure. Her tits were big and pendulous, her ass was wide and flat, her waist was narrow, so really her shape was good just wider than the normal stripper. Jenna had done every exercise craze including Flaunt, Pole Dancing and Stripping away the Pounds. She knew a few tricks of the trade, so maybe there was a chance she could pull this off.

Scotty Kines sat on the floor of his best friend Jenna’s dorm room and watched her dance erotically. It would have been amazing if he were not extremely gay. She had all the moves and the flesh to back it up. Scotty clapped as she once again came to the big finale.

Jenna panted and looked hopeful. “Is it good enough?”

“Oh, yes honey.” Scotty assured. “Why not take off the bra?”

“I am hoping that the place is not full nude.”

“Your breasts are fine!”

“They are not perky.”

“No that is definitely not the word I would use. They are huge and they are real. Both plusses if you ask me.”

“You are gay. You don’t like any breasts. You are not fair judge on this. You are just saying what I want to hear.”

“I may not be on the market for a pair to play with but I am aware of the market standards. I watch porn.”

Jenna laughed. “I will hopefully get by to maybe get a waitress job where I can wear push-ups to put them in the right place.”

“Men do not have a ‘right place’ for boobs. Are they on a woman? Check.” Scotty stated with a sarcastic head shake.

“Whatever. Help me pick my outfit. I gotta leave soon.”

Ray looked over the 7 or so girls that showed up. Some of them were what you would expect, desperate and addicted to something. Stringy hair, skin and bones, dancing like it was too important. There was nothing about desperation that filled seats.

There was one silicone bleach blonde girl that had been fired from the Beaver Trap looking for a job. Obviously a professional and jaded to the moves and routine. There was vacant expression about her. But she had moves and it was easy to see he was going to hire her.

The last one looked so out of place it was uncomfortable to watch. But when the thick young co-ed took the stage she was captivating. She had decent moves and her flashes of innocence and skin were enough to give Ray an actual hard on. It had been years since a dancing girl had made him hard. But this was like watching the girl next door through a window. It was voyeuristic and entrancing.

Jenna finished her dance and stood in the line with the other 6 women that had danced. All of them were looking expectantly at Uncle Ray. Jenna looked at him as well and noticed he gaziantep escort was staring at her. She smiled slightly and waved hoping he wasn’t too mad that she was auditioning.

“Candy Cane and Jenna G please stay. The rest of you thank you for auditioning.”

“Candy, please see Bruce at the door for the schedule and dressing room tour. Your paperwork is in order. Jenna, I need to see you in the office.”

Jenna followed Ray to the office. The door closed behind them and the lighting was brighter back here and Jenna squirmed. She was not comfortable in the bright light with so much skin showing. Ray sat on the edge of the desk and sat watching her.

“I want to hire you but I need to see the goods so to speak.” Ray said with a calculating tilt to his head. “Strip.”

“Didn’t I just do that out there?” Jenna asked with a nervous laugh.

“You danced out there. In here I need to make sure that you are physically appealing to the clients. So again, strip.”

Jenna looked at the door. When she started this journey, it did not sink in that she would be naked in front of her uncle. But here in the bright light of the florescent tubes she was about to get as the day she was born nude. He did not seem to recognize her, so maybe it was just an uncomfortable secret for her to keep.

She blushed and started pulling at the corset she wore. Soon she was topless. Ray inhaled sharply. Her breasts rested heavily against her chest and upper abdomen, they were massive and real. In a world of augmentation and plastic she was luscious organic fruit. She reached down to draw off her panties and her breasts hung below her swaying and jiggling with every move she made. Ray felt like his jeans were going to shred from his cock trying to escape.

Jenna stepped out of her panties and stood before Ray in a garter and stockings. She moved to remove them as well when Ray grabbed her wrist. “That is fine, leave them.”

Ray stood up and circled her. She was thick, shapely, dangerously curved. Just what he needed to liven up this Barbie Doll parade. Just enough real to make the men remember the primal need for sex came from a biological necessity to procreate, and this vixen was meant for breeding. Ray stepped behind her and unfastened his jeans. He reached out and nudged her thighs apart. “Lean over the desk, I need to see your holes.”


“Look you want to strip here, I gotta know what the goods look like before I send you out there to represent my club.”

Jenna hesitantly leaned over the desk, well aware that she was dripping wet from being on display. The shame of being turned on by this situation with her uncle was like a snake squirming in her belly. She tried to be professional and let him finish his inspection.

“You might want to wax all this off. It is not the best look to have pubic hair curling around the g-string.” Ray squatted behind her and inhaled the fresh woman scent of her pussy. It was dripping and begging for penetration. His cock throbbed and strained toward the hot wetness. “I have to touch you. Do not be alarmed.”

Jenna squeaked as he put his finger directly on her clit and began to manipulate it. He watched the clit as it emerged from it’s hood and salivated at the tiny pearl begging to be sucked. He stood, still flicking at the center of her universe. He watched as his cock jumped like a divining rod as it pointed toward her dripping hole.

“Lean up a bit, I need to feel your tits.” Ray said.

Jenna was lost in feeling and obeyed without thought. Ray clamped on to both of her tits. Mashing and mauling the soft flesh in his big rough hands. He was out of control with just a quick adjustment he was plunging deep into the tightest softest cunt he had ever felt.

When Jenna squealed loudly Ray covered her mouth with his hand. “Hush, just enjoy it.” Ray said sliding in and out of heaven.

Jenna was in a tornado of sensation and confusion. His hand over her mouth was turning her on and preventing her from blurting out the only thing that could stop this incredibly erotic and insanely wrong fucking. His cock was pounding her like it knew exactly where she needed it. The thrust across her g-spot was driving her higher and higher. He moved his hand from her mouth to grip her hip to get leverage to get deeper. He pounded deeper and just as the world splintered around her she screamed. “I am your niece.” The orgasm she had was bigger than anything she had ever experienced and as he pulled back she contracted forcing his cock and her squirting girl cum out of her pussy. He grabbed her hard and thrust back in deeper and harder.

Jenna figured that he had not heard her, but as he animalisticly fucked her, he leaned forward and whispered in her ear. “Such a good girl cumming on Uncle Ray’s cock. Such a dirty little niece bending over for Uncle Ray.”

Jenna moaned and tried not to get swept away but it was too much. It was too dirty and too hot feeling him fill her to the brink. She was going adıyaman escort to cum again. This time it was not a secret she was going to cum for her Uncle Ray.

“Fuck me Uncle Ray. Give it to me. Yes, give me that dirty Uncle dick.”

Ray was blind with the heat. She was saying the dirtiest things. If this is what she needed to get off he was more than willing to play along. It was dirty and hot so he was getting way to close. “Cum for me you dirty girl. Remember, don’t tell mommy.” He grunted just before his cock started spewing.

The first splash of his cum and she was over the edge again. The long low moan that came out of her was the most erotic sound he had ever heard.

He left her slumped over the desk as he did up his jeans. She moved slowly but began gathering her things.

“That was really hot.” Ray said. “I rarely ever role play, but that was so taboo.”


“Pretending to be my niece. I don’t usually go in for that, but it was hot as fuck.”

“I wasn’t pretending. I am your niece Jenna.”

Ray swallowed audibly. “What?”

“I am Jenna, your sister’s daughter.”

“What the fuck? Why didn’t you say so?”

“I did, but you just kept fucking me like it didn’t matter.”

“I thought you were playing.” Ray screamed. Then growled when his cock twitched.

“I gathered that. I am really sorry. Nobody needs to know this happened. It was an accident and we can just forget it.”

“Can we?” Ray asked skeptically. “I doubt I am going to forget this.”

“Well, okay, so we may not forget it, but we don’t need to talk about it. Our secret.”

“Our dirty, filthy secret.” Ray said as his cock stirred. Jenna shivered. He was looking at her like that again.

Jenna scrambled to get into her corset.

“Um, I kind of need the money, so do I have the job?” Jenna asked trying to distract him.

“Yes… No… Yes…” Ray grabbed a fistful of his hair. “Shit I don’t know. I am really confused right now.”

“It is a job. You were going to hire me before you knew who I was, right?”

“Well, I thought I was. Then I fucked you. I don’t normally fuck the help.”


“I have fucked a couple girls that worked here but it doesn’t work out well so I try to avoid it.”

“Please, Uncle Ray,” Jenna begged. His cock surged. “I really need the money for school. My parents are currently useless and I really need this.”

“You really need something.” Ray mumbled under his breathe.

“What was that?”

“Nothing.” Ray said shaking it off. “I don’t think it is a good idea.”

“Why not?”

“Because when I look at you I want to start round two. This is the kind of twisted mind fuck I do not need.” Ray yelled. “I mean when I think of watching you dance now…”

“I am desperate, please Uncle Ray. Please.” Her begging was having a very strong effect on his cock.

“2 weeks. You can earn the money you need and get out.”

“Thank you!” Jenna started bouncing around her tits jiggling about trying to escape the corset. Ray groaned and pointed at the door.

“Get out, get out before I lose my fucking mind.”

“What kind of fresh hell is this?” Ray said to Bruce.

“Jenna G wants props.”

“We need a stripper name for her.”

“Baby J. We are already promoting that. Candy Cane is on the marquee but I have a feeling Baby J will be by the weekend.” Bruce said watching the stage like he was hypnotized. “I cannot remember the last time a dancer got me hard. But damn if Baby J didn’t rev the engine.”

“Shut up. I do not want to hear that.”

“I am just saying… Good choice.”

“I think she is going to be more of a hit than I can handle.”

“What does that mean?”

“Baby J is making me insane for many reasons. I am just warning you that she is going to be trouble for me.”

“Wow boss, cannot remember the last time anything worked you up.”

“This is a whole slew of triggers for me.” Ray motioned to the stage, “What in the hell is that?”

“Dress makers dummy. Baby J has a plan for the brand…” Bruce laughed. “Most of these girls are just getting dressed. This one is creating a brand.”

“Smart. If you have a brand you have a customer base.” Ray shook his head. “Does she have to be smart, and cute and hot?”

“Kind of killer combo.”

“Definitely going to kill me.” Ray said walking away.

Jenna peeked around the curtain, thankfully the dimly lit room showed not too many faces in the audience. She was very nervous. She realized that she was not going to get most men by flashing her body so she needed to work the fantasy triggers. That was the reason that she got props. This first one was going to be kind of shocking but hopefully well received. The stage hand grabbed the dress maker dummy clothed in black shirt and black pants with a small white square at the collar, and mounted it in the hole specially placed in the floor. Jenna straightened her short pink akkent escort pleated skirt, grabbed her pink lollipop and waited for the first notes of Aerosmith’s Pink to start. She skipped out on the stage with her hair in pigtails, saddle shoes, knee socks, short pink skirt with pink ruffle butt panties with a g-string underneath, white button down top with white lace see through cup bra. Her freshly waxed pussy felt weird brushing against her clothes. She reached the dummy and began to sway with the music. She kept her motions innocent.

She swirled around the dummy and then as the music swelled she dropped to her knees in front of the dummy. A quick twist and she was bent at the waist with her ass in the air. She looked over at the edge of the stage and pulled the lollipop suggestively in and out of her mouth, making sure that the sucker distorted her cheek. It was clear that she was giving the priest a blow job.

She rose up and rubbed her back against the dummy. Then bent at the waist again, standing doggy style. She popped up quick and grabbed her ass rubbing it like she was rubbing away the sting from the invisible slap. She turned her back to the audience and bent at the waist pulling down her ruffle butt panties and exposing her ass for a little corporeal punishment.

Just as she was supposed to she turned to the audience bring them in and slowly stripping away the panties, then she started working on the buttons on her top. The chest came into full view and she began to skip slowly around the edge of the stage. She reached the end of the stage and sank to her knees and began fellating the sucker again. Men were throwing money at her.

Ray stood at the bar and tried to remember how to breathe. She was making every catholic girl fantasy a reality right there on the stage. Every man in the place wanted to throw that sucker away and give her something to suck instead. He desperately wanted to spank that ass and use those pigtails as handles while he fucked her face.

Jenna twirled her hair and sucked her sucker, winked at a man in front of her, then with a shy glance behind her raised her skirt and allowed the man to put his money in her g-string. She giggled and dropped her skirt, then slid over to another gentleman and with her back to him raised the back of her skirt. His money slid over her ass until it was trapped in the string as well. She shimmy crawled to the next man and allowed him to stuff his money in the deep crease of her cleavage. The guy was digging for nipple when she sat back and pouted.

Ray wanted to bite that fucking lip. He sat there and tried to convince himself that she was not only his employee, but also his blood fucking relative. The dick in his pants did not care what was right or wrong, he just wanted to access that sweet tight heat again.

The song was reaching the end as Jenna began to crawl back to the dummy. She climbed the dummy until she was hugging it, just as the song ended and the stage went black. The whooping cheers echoed into the back stage, as Jenna left the stage. Candi Cane was standing there as she came off.

“I guess you gotta do something to overcome being a fat ass, huh?” Candi said dismissively.

“Excuse me?”

“I think you heard me. Now if you want to see a real dancer pay attention.”

“Why are you hiring someone to go out there for you?” Jenna asked bitingly. Candi opened her mouth to reply but the music started and she had to get out there.

Jenna headed toward the dressing room when Bruce intercepted her. “Ray needs to see you in the office.”

“What? He said I had 2 weeks!” Jenna cried. Tears ran down her face but she lowered her head and went to the office. She had to walk thru to the front where Candi was hanging from the pole by her legs in an awkward back bend. The guys did not seem to be paying any attention. That thought made her smile before the eminent firing came back to her.

She knocked softly. The door was ripped open and she was dragged inside. Ray forced her to her knees before she could even speak and then his cock was thrusting in and out of her gaping mouth. “Suck it. Be a good girl or I will have to tell mommy that you were a bad girl. Is that what you want?”

Jenna moaned and began sucking his cock like her life depended on it. Ray gripped her by the base of each pigtail and began guiding her. “What every good princess needs… handle bars.”

Ray thrust forcefully down her throat and held her there. Like the good girl she strived to be, she sat there as he ground himself against her face. He wanted to cum so bad, but his cock wanted another dunk in her taboo little fuck hole. He pulled her off and thrust her back until she was on her back. He flipped up the little skirt. He pulled the folded bills out, pushed aside the tiny little string and thrust deep into her pussy.

“Uncle Ray!”

“Oh, fuck yes.” He moaned.

“We aren’t supposed to do this! Uncle Ray, it is so dirty.”

“MMM Fuck!”

He pounded harder. Jenna realized that like her every time he was reminded of their relations, it did not make him want to stop, it just made it hotter. She did as she did on stage, and steered into the fantasy.

“You’re making me tingle. Uncle Ray!”

“Hush Baby J, your mom might hear.”

“Yes, sir. I will -unnnnn- try.”

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