Submissive Adam’s Ass is Claimed

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All characters are over the age of 21 and consenting adults. Although Adam is sometimes referred to as a submissive “boy,” he is an adult. This story involves an alternative matriarchal culture in which submissive males are raised by dominant mothers and go on to marry dominant wives. If you do not enjoy stories about fetish or alternative femdom culture, please find another story!

Submissive Adam’s Ass is Claimed

Adam had just finished all of his morning responsibilities, including pleasuring his Mistress’s pussy twice, cooking and serving her breakfast, cleaning the kitchen, and cleaning all four bathrooms of his Mistress’s home. Because today was Saturday, he had also completed 3 loads of laundry, including folding them and putting them away, as well as cleaning the refrigerator. The refrigerator was his least favorite because he had to take everything out first, do his cleaning, and then replace everything. Although his Mistress employed a staff, she enjoyed having him perform much of the cooking and cleaning for her. Adam understood the nature of his relationship when he had agreed to marry her. He had been raised to be a submissive husband.

Stacy rang a little bell that she used to call Adam to his knees in front of her. He jogged upstairs to her bedroom, immediately dropping to his hands and knees when he saw her and crawling the rest of the way to where she was perched on her bed in luxury. When he was a few feet away, Adam knelt on the hard floor, spread his knees, and grasped his hands behind his back as she required.

“No Adam, I want you to kneel on this,” she said, tossing some rice on the floor just a foot away from him.

“Yes, Mistress,” he responded politely, although he hated kneeling on the rice. Twice she had made him kneel on rice while he serviced her pussy. He crawled over to the rice and placed his knees directly on the dreaded stuff, quickly resuming his required position. The pressure of his weight caused his knees to grind into the gains of rice she had scattered, sending searing pain sensations up his legs and straight to his tiny penis.

“Good boy,” she praised him, causing his heart to flutter and his tiny penis to harden, as it always happened when she let him know he had pleased her. Since she kept him naked most of the time, he knew the state of his erection would be on display for her.

“Look, Adam, I found your cock ring. Well in your case, it’s not for a cock, obviously. It’s for a micro-penis, that’s why I had to order the extra small size,” she teased him and waited for his response.

“Yes, Mistress,” he answered, blushing. He had been teased by his sister while growing up for having a small penis, so it especially humiliated him. He only hoped that his Mistress was pleased with him. He had nothing to compare himself to as he had not seen another man’s penis, except his father’s, which was only slightly larger than his own.

“Adam, I may enjoy teasing you, but I love your adorable little penis. It is the perfect size for a submissive husband,” Stacy reassured him.

“Thank you, Mistress,” he replied, grateful for her reassurance since he did not receive it often.

“This little ring makes your penis bigger. You know you enjoy wearing it for me. It excites you. Admit it,” Stacy said.

“Yes, Mistress,” he readily admitted, “it excites me to wear it for you.” It also excited him to be humiliated about the size of his penis, since his sister and mother had often humiliated him while disciplining him. “Oh, look,” they had exclaimed, “his spanking makes his penis hard but he’s still tiny!” He had felt so embarrassed as his mother and sister laughed. He had willed his erection to stop, but it had never worked. He had always become hard when punished or humiliated.

“Remember what happened the last time I allowed you to wear this ring?” Stacy asked.

“Yes, Mistress!” he responded, suddenly lost in the memories of his wedding day.

“What was your favorite part, little man?” she asked, teasing him.

It was a delicate question for him to navigate. He did not want to appear overly focused on his own pleasure. “Mistress, I loved learning how to serve you properly, as you deserve. I especially loved serving you with my mouth. And it felt amazing when, when you…” his words failed him as he thought of the first ejaculation in his young life.

“When I gave you permission to come for me. Yes, I’m sure it did. As you know, your Mistress may occasionally give that privilege to you as a reward for being a good boy. It’s been quite a while now since you had permission to come. Maybe today is a good day for me to reward you for being a good boy for me,” she told him. “Do you remember how long it has been?” she continued to tease him.

“Yes, Mistress,” responded Adam. “It has been since our wedding day, three weeks ago.”

“Well that hasn’t really been too long,” she mused, “for a submissive, I mean. Let’s see, how long has it been since I had an orgasm, Adam? You should çankaya escort know, my sweet little pussy licker!”

“Yes, Mistress,” replied Adam, blushing again. “It has been four hours since I had the honor of pleasing you.”

“So it has, a whole four hours! But then, we don’t have an equal marriage, do we, little man?” she asked.

“No, Mistress! Certainly not, for you are my Mistress and my purpose is to serve you,” he replied.

“Correct, my boy,” she said, laughing. “You live to serve me, not to ejaculate. It will serve you well to remember that, and to be grateful for any rewards I give you, little man.”

“Yes, Mistress! Thank you, Mistress,” said Adam, sounding humble and looking at the floor, as the rice hurt his knees. He couldn’t take his eyes off the cock ring she was holding. She seemed to play with it to tease him. As he stared at it, he remembered his wedding day and his first submission to his new wife. He fondly remembered his first sexual experiences and first public punishment, when she spanked him with the leather strap in front of the wedding guests. It had humiliated him to be spanked in front of his family and friends. His little penis had become extremely hard as they had all cheered on his new wife in enforcing his public submission. He understood later that such a public humiliation was required of submissive husbands on their wedding day.

And it had all started with that cock ring. He wanted it badly. His heart was racing because he hoped that all of his patience and servitude had paid off and maybe she would reward him. Maybe she would allow him to come for her again.

“I can see you staring at this little ring and wanting it. You remember how hard it makes the micro-penis,” she continued to tease him.

“Yes, Mistress,” he dutifully responded. He was always careful to speak to her respectfully as she deserved.

“If I grant your wish to wear the ring today, you’ll have to give me what I want first,” she advised him.

“Oh, yes! Yes, Mistress!” He replied, thinking she wanted him to service her pussy again. He loved licking and sucking her swollen clit. She had trained him to take his time with it so that she gained maximum enjoyment before squirting her juices all over him. He was very proud to give her so much pleasure with his mouth.

“Assume the puppy dog pose, little man,” she instructed him.

The smile left Adam’s face as he realized she wanted something else. But he quickly got into the puppy dog pose on his knees with his face pressed into the floor. Some grains of rice stuck to his forehead and hands as he held himself in position.

Stacy hopped out of bed and leisurely strolled to her closet. He could not see what she was doing but he heard equipment rustling and she soon returned.

“I have your favorite wide leather strap, Adam. You know you like to take it for me on your ass, little man, just as you did on our wedding day. Do you ever fantasize about that?” she teased him.

“Yes, Mistress!” he blurted out.

“Good. I loved punishing you in front of your Mother and your sister, Adam. I showed all of our family and friends that you belong to me, that you are my submissive boy to punish as I see fit. Wherever, whenever, and however I see fit, you will submit to me, Adam.”

“Yes, Mistress!” he agreed, knowing it was true. His desire to serve her knew no bounds.

Beg Mistress for it,” she demanded.

“Please, Mistress, strap my ass. I need to feel your punishment,” he pleaded sincerely. He felt his arousal building at the thought of being spanked.

“Why? Are you a naughty boy?” she asked.

“Yes, Mistress, I have had naughty, filthy thoughts that I know are wrong. I have thought of misbehaving, of masturbating without permission, Mistress! Please punish me so I’ll behave!” he begged.

“All right little man, I’ll give you a piece of this strap. But first, place the cock ring over your micro-penis and tiny balls,” she directed him. She placed the ring on his back.

“Yes, Mistress,” he agreed, heart racing, as he took the ring from his naked back and slipped it over his already hard cock and tight balls. Immediately he felt the blood rush to his tiny penis, filling it with desire and stiffening it further.

“You are being punished today because of your disobedient thoughts. Good boys share all their deviant thoughts with their Mistress-Wives, Adam,” said Stacy. You can’t hide anything from me. You have been a bad boy for fantasizing about coming without permission. You will be punished for that today with this strap. You are not to think about coming, as well as you are not allowed to touch your micro-penis without permission. You didn’t touch yourself, did you?” she demanded an answer, as she brought the strap down hard across his ass.

“No, Mistress!” he cried out. “I would never pleasure myself without your permission!” He started to sob.

“I believe you, little man. You are also being punished cebeci escort because I wish to punish you. You already know that you will be punished often as my submissive husband. You may cry and scream as you choose. My staff members are used to hearing you by now. You will count each sting of the strap, little man, and you will beg me for another, until I decide that you have had enough discipline,” explained his Mistress. “I know you need my discipline, Adam. Tell Mistress why you need my discipline,” she demanded.

“Yes, Mistress! Please discipline me. I need your discipline to remember my place as your submissive boy. I wear your marks proudly because I know I am yours,” he confessed.

“Yes, Adam, and do you also crave my discipline because it turns you on, sexually?” she wanted to know.

“Yes! Mistress! Please discipline me. It does turn me on, Mistress!” he responded readily. He then cried out as he felt the strap on his right fleshy ass cheek, stinging unbelievably. “One. Thank you, Mistress! Please may this submissive boy have another?” he asked.

“You surely may. Anything to make sure you get what you need, what you deserve, my submissive little pussy eater!” She declared, spanking his round left cheek just as hard.

Adam yelped and responded, “Two. Thank you so much, Mistress, for disciplining your naughty boy! Please may I have another?”

And so it went until submissive Adam’s poor ass was red and throbbing with pain, while his neglected, stiff little penis was throbbing for release. Each time his wife had struck his ass, his penis had stiffened even more, especially as it was bound up in the cock ring. It felt helplessly vulnerable as he desired his Mistress more with each sting of her favorite leather strap.

Then he heard her walk away, back to her closet. “Look and see what I have for you, husband,” she said as she returned to him.

“Yes, Mistress,” he responded, moving his head as little as possible out of position in order to glance up at her from his upside-down position. He gasped when he saw her wearing a cock between her legs! It was not a small one like his! She strode confidently toward him, wielding the scary phallus. Adam’s penis grew harder at the sight of his powerful Mistress, seemingly even more powerful now. Adam had no idea what to expect. He had not been taught about sexual intercourse or penetration.

Stacy was practically salivating with anticipation. She had wanted to fully claim her submissive boy on their wedding night. However, she had been warned by her family that it was not a good idea to consummate her marriage on the first night. They pleaded with her to wait since her new husband would be coping with a lot of lifestyle changes and it would be a lot for him all at once.

But that had not stopped her from thinking about it constantly. Especially when she saw him doing his housework in the nude. Sometimes he bent over, which gave her a glimpse of his cute little asshole peeking out between his perfectly round ass cheeks. Or when she punished him and got to examine his ass up close as she warned him to spread his legs further. Her favorite position for her “little man,” as she called him to tease him about his micro-penis, was puppy dog pose, just as he was positioned now. The position gave her the perfect view of his little virgin fuck hole.

Stacy threw a pillow on the floor to cushion her knees. She thought of closing her bedroom door but decided against it. She wanted her staff to hear poor Adam’s deflowering. At the last minute, Stacy pulled a bottle of lubricant from her nightstand drawer. After all, she wasn’t a total sadist and she did want him to beg for it at some point in the future.

She had been warned that it could take him a while to warm up to being fucked. Unfortunately, some husbands never did enjoy it, although naturally they still had to endure it. Other wives had told her that, while all husbands needed to be fucked regularly, only some of them were turned into sluts by the experience. For others, the fucking was utilized as discipline, and even more effective discipline than spanking. If she had to place a bet, Stacy would have bet on her little Adam being the slut type. She certainly hoped he would be.

What should she tell him? She wondered. Suddenly it didn’t seem fair that males were not educated on fucking. He was in for a big surprise!

“Adam, You know you belong to me. You know I own you and am responsible for protecting you and keeping you safe.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he responded tentatively, worried about what was coming next.

“It is also my responsibility to introduce you to another sexual activity that Mistresses require from their submissive husbands. You may find it unusual or frightening at first, but I want to assure you that it is perfectly normal and will not harm you medically. This will require you to trust me fully and to completely give yourself to me,” she said, by way of educating him.

“I çubuk escort am very excited to share this with you and I have been looking forward to it very much. It will be a new way for you to please your Mistress, to be a good boy for your Mistress,” Stacy continued.

“Yes, Mistress!’ he replied. He could not get the image of her big cock out of his mind.

“Like all of my cocks,” she explained, “this cock is made for fucking submissive husbands. This cock is plenty big, but it has a small, tapered head for fucking virgin submissives, like you,” she explained. “Although the head of the cock is smaller, the base is much thicker. That means the further I push it in you, the more it will stretch your tight, virgin fuck hole. That hot little hole was made for me to fuck, Adam. The day I met you, I knew it. I imagined myself fucking you. But I waited until today to claim your little ass as mine.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he said, “Thank you for waiting, Mistress!”

“I’ve waited long enough! This big cock is going into your little asshole, Adam,” she continued. “This is how I will take your virginity and claim your ass. But don’t worry, I will start off very slowly because I have heard that with some husbands, it can hurt quite a bit, the first time, especially. But I know pain turns you on, little man, so maybe it won’t be too bad for you,” she said.

“Yes, Mistress,” he replied, extremely worried by this time.

Stacy spread the lubricant on her cock, a silicone 7-inch cock with a thick base and a tapered head, marketed to dominant wives to facilitate the penetration of virgins. Wives were expected to train their husbands to take the beginner cock when starting out. Stacy hoped to fuck him with a more advanced cock soon, a bigger one with a large, bulbous head. She had it in her closet for when he was ready for it. Her excitement grew as she imagined him on his knees begging for it.

Stacy thought of the advanced cock as she pressed the beginner cock at Adam’s puckered asshole. She poured some lubricant right onto his virgin hole. She felt her hard clitoris press against the base of the cock. She anticipated that she would come as she fucked him. She had fantasized about it often.

He screamed, probably more out of fear than pain, since she had not yet driven her cock into the tightest part of his anus. “It’s ok, little man, just relax and it won’t hurt as much,” she instructed him.

“Yyyyyes, Mistress!” he cried out, trying to be a good boy for her, even as he was overwhelmed with fear. As usual, he tried to focus on making this a good experience for her.

Stacy played with the tapered end of her cock, moving slowly it about one inch, in and out of his fuck hole. She added more lubricant. Next, she did what she had learned was the best way to ensure compliance from her submissive husband. She reached under her husband and gently stroked his cute little hard-on while she slowly guided the head of her cock further into his ass.

“How does that feel, little man?” she asked. It was the first time she had stroked his little penis.

“Good, Mistress! Thank you, Mistress!” he exclaimed.

Stacy took advantage as Adam relaxed with the pleasure of her stroking his cock. She pushed her cock in by about two more inches ramming it past the tightest part of his poor little anus. He screamed with both fear and pain, unsure what was being done to him.

“Good boy,” she reassured him. “I’m taking your ass now. I’m fucking you in the ass. Tell me how it feels when I fuck your ass.”

“Please Mistress, it hurts when you fuck my ass!” pleaded Adam. He was crying.

“Yes, but there’s no getting out of this, Adam. I am your wife and your Mistress. You are my submissive and I will fuck your ass! Try to relax and maybe you will enjoy it. Doesn’t it feel nice with me touching your micro-penis?” she asked. “Focus on that because the only time I will stroke your pathetic little penis is when I’m fucking you. And that’s only if you’ve been a really good boy, Adam. Naughty boys get fucked with no stroking, understand?”

“Yes, Mistress! I will always be a good boy for you! Please, please continue to stroke my micro-penis, Mistress,” he begged. He accepted the cock into his asshole and focused on the fact that his beloved Mistress was stroking his extremely stiff little penis.

“That’s my good little man,” she said, starting to ram it in a little further. He quieted and seemed to be ok for a few minutes. Then she rammed it far enough so that the wide base of her cock was stretching his poor virgin fuck hole. Stacy stroked his little hard-on a few more times as it bobbed in the air. Then she let go of his penis as she looked down at his poor stretched-out little fuck hole. Her cock owner’s manual had promised to stretch the husband’s hole a couple of inches bigger. She loved how it looked, as she penetrated him fully.

He cried out again at the stretching of his abused asshole. “Please Mistress, he begged, “please, please keep touching me while you do this to me. This, this, fucking,” he sobbed.

“Keep being a good boy for me, little man, and I will consider your request,” she said. She heard him sobbing as she stretched him further. She tugged on his tiny hard-on a few times and then stopped again.

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