Sweet Routine Pt. 02

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The quarantine was only weeks long at first, but time stretched. Mel was on his meetings, Lauren in hers. Once every couple of days they’d go out to buy groceries. The rain outside made the air even fresher than they’d expected – the usual layer of smog had thinned to nothing. They could step outside and breathe in fresh air, feel lungs full of clean coolness. Mel had taken the liberty of getting groceries on the Friday off. Lauren knew it wasn’t off, per se, but he had his whole workload done by midmorning, despite their routine.

The stairs creaked – they always creaked when either of them walked up, but there was a little more weight with Mel and a few bags of food. Fruit, bread, all the necessities for a little while. Lauren flashed him a smile as he set the bag down in the kitchen and began putting everything away. She kept an eye on him while he did so, taking a mental note of everything he’d got. The morning left her dazzled and she half-thought he’d sneak out and get something to add to the night. She was ready to let him have her already.

Her eyes drifted back to the meeting – her dreary meeting. Dumb psychology work on a lab project she didn’t want to be a part of, but needed to because of what her boss had deemed “an administrative necessity.” Mel worked in the living room so as not to intrude, and the two continued their normal rituals that carried them through the more normal workdays.

Quarantine, for instance, didn’t mean the two wouldn’t send each other texts hinting at the night to come. Unlike before, however, those little distracting messages could actually pull them from work. Sometimes they’d only have the time to smile and kiss a bunch, maybe lay down in bed for a second, let themselves decompress. Lauren let Mel take more and more control with each interval – she’d had her time as his little goddess that morning, now she wanted him to do something a little more… domineering.

She heard her supervisor say something about, “context dependent memory formation,” and the phrase let her scattered brain begin to drift into their second encounter of the morning.

Mel had only one assignment from the firm and he was a quick writer. A few hundred words in, and she felt her phone buzz in her pocket. She smiled as she pulled it out and read the message. Her pajama pants had been pulled down a little by the vibrations from the message.

Her memory of what it had said was already fuzzy now, for all she knew it could have been something stupid, maybe a joke, but when she read it, she strolled out into the living room and began her little assault on Mel.

He hadn’t heard her come through (all the doors were kept wide open), but he suddenly felt a pair of soft warm globes against his shoulders and hair intertwining with his. She wasn’t wearing anything but her pants and a shirt so soft it should have been illegal – it was emblazoned with the text: “Good Morning” written in a lazy cursive.

“Sweetheart, you needed something?” Mel sat still in the swivel chair, stunned that she’d actually come out of her morning work. He knew she was busy with some coding; he had no idea what it was, but knew she would be occupied through the afternoon with it.

He had given her all the control in their first moments of the day, and pulling her back to him was the little routine bit of rebellion that made their days in isolation so sweet. She wasn’t ready to let her little thing take over, though, and she swiveled his chair around to face her, giving him full view of his cozy girl standing above him. She was messy with bedhead and wrinkled soft pajamas. He could see the two breasts staring him down had filled up a little in the hours he had left them alone. That was the joke he’d sent – “Sorry if you’re feeling a little drained at work right now, I’m sure you’ll be full of energy again in no time!” he’d tacked on a few smiles at the end, then another message:

“And then I’ll have to drain you all over again, love you darling!” He’d chuckled at it, he knew it was a bad joke, a pun. Puns didn’t get much more than a little disapproving groan. Lauren loved his little remarks though, it was a little thing that made her little mersin escort thing what he was. And he was all hers, and she loved him all, so she loved his little puns. She bent down and kissed him, both breasts swinging like pendulums as she bent over. His eyes were locked on them, and he swore he could see a little droplet of moisture dampening her shirt. Just a little bit, a single drip of intoxicating, addictive sweetness.

She smiled and pulled her head back, “D’you have a good break time soon? I’m off for a bit, I just can’t focus right now, and that assignment needs me at full focus.” She didn’t wait for a response, however, and took one step closer, stopping only inches from Mel’s face.

He tried to be coy, and said, “Well, I could try and arrange some time, but things are…” he trailed off. She knew the power she had over him right now.

“C’mon babe, it’s cold out here, let’s go somewhere a little warmer.” She pulled at his arm, but he tugged her back. She knew what he was up to, and played along, let him take her down to the chair and kiss her clean on the lips. She felt his warmth fighting against the chill of their little living room and wrapped her arms around him. She was on him now, on the chair making out with him. Her hands always found their way behind his head and she slid her lips around his, smooching and letting her tongue find its way with his. She pulled his right hand off of her hip and onto her breast and pulled her face from his for a second to make one more demand of him, “play with it.”

He began to let his thumb drift in slow circles around her areola, working closer to the nipple with each consecutive motion. His other fingers massaged the orb. It felt a little cold in the room’s air, and Mel wanted to make her feel all warm and cozy again. She tugged on his collar to pull him back towards their bedroom. She whispered something in his ear that didn’t quite register; he was entranced by the softness in his hand and the hands on his body.

She pulled herself closer again and made sure that he heard her. Her soft thigh pushed against his as she said, “Good boy, Mel, good boy,” and kissed him softly on the ear. It sent a shiver down his neck, goosebumps and all. He loved it when she did that, loved the love she gave. It made his whole body feel warm and safe and welcome. He blinked and they were lowering back into bed, on top of cloud-white blankets with freshly washed sheets. She knew why she needed him here, knew what they were both after. She lifted her shirt off, letting both breasts drop out and swing above Mel’s patient face. He was needy too, and she felt the bulge on his jeans pushing against her leg already. It was still her time of the day, and she took priority over him as she lowered her breasts so they hung just inches above his face.

He eagerly tongued the nipples, letting little droplets hit his tongue as she softly encouraged him. “You’d like a little milk, babe?” He nodded as she smothered his face with her breasts – he didn’t get an option. He didn’t need options though, he needed to please her and feel pleasure with her. He swirled the nipple with the bottom of his tongue, letting little jets of milk into his mouth. She loved feeling him enjoy himself, and lowered her body so that his whole world was just her face and her breast. A repeat of a few hours before, draining herself and pleasuring them both. She rotated her chest from side to side, letting the full breasts and nipples brush against Mel’s face, letting his tongue play with one after the other, then again and again. She looked up and held her lids half open, enjoying the smooth bliss of letting the two orbs drain into her lover’s mouth.

The draining wasn’t quick enough for her, and her arms began to waver. She rolled onto her back, pulling her breast from Mel’s latch. He gave her a concerned look, furrowing his brow, and asked, “Honey what’s up?”

Lauren just shook her head and said, “Tired.”

Mel understood intuitively – it was all part of their little routine. He latched back on, laying on his belly as she let him suck from her right breast. Her laptop was on the mersin escort bayan bed stand, still open to whatever she was working on. She picked it up and continued typing code out, lines upon lines of python. That was the one type of code that Mel could barely understand, it almost looked like English sometimes.

Mel didn’t care that she was busying herself with something else. He loved it when she used him like that, like her little pleasure thing. Of course, he needed to get back to work too soon. He switched to the other breast, trying his hardest (and failing) not to distract Lauren.

Finishing her off, he kissed her nipple, then up her chest to her lips to wish her a soft goodbye.

The memory faded as gently as it rolled in, and Lauren looked back at Mel in the kitchen, back at her work – back at the same dumb meeting she’d been listening to before she fantasized. She realized that a trail of drool had fallen from her lips and soaked her shirt over her breast. It was noticeable on the camera, and she took a tissue and tried to soak it up. As she lifted herself a little of her seat, she realized that she hadn’t just been dripping from her upper lips. The wetness wasn’t uncomfortable, and only one person would know, and that same person wouldn’t judge her for it.

She almost called her little dog over to lap it up, but remembered that she’d already played that card a little earlier, just before he left. She knew her time to control him was waning as her mind drifted again into fantasy.

There were no texts that time, just warmth and need. She strolled back over to his desk – he was almost done with his little report on some business in Greece. She didn’t let him say a damn thing, she just lunged over on top of him and began making out with him. She took his hair in one hand and pulled his face up to hers, letting him kiss her all over. She put it on her chest, her collar, briefly on her breasts, then on her belly. He felt where she was taking him, but he’d let her do that to him. It wasn’t quite his time to take control from her. He was still her little thing.

She pulled him off the chair and over to the couch, he stumbled on two legs before she planted him on the ground, pushing his head down. She smiled down at him, “good boys go on all fours, babe.” He smiled back and pulled himself closer to her with arms and legs working in tandem. She sat herself on the couch, and he smelled the luxurious scent emanating from her. She hadn’t even undressed; she was still in her plaid pajama pants – with one big wet spot soaked through.

“Go on – lap it up good boy.” She let him ponder it for a second. He gingerly lowered her pants off, letting the pads of his fingers tickle her ass and thighs while he pulled the garment aside. As soon as her mound was visible, he eagerly lunged at it and began to work her. She couldn’t hold her poker face anymore and moaned and squeezed his head with her thighs. He pushed his tongue deep inside and swirled around, pulled it out and massaged around every inch of her. She lowered her own head and nuzzled him while he worked, while her little thing, her little puppy worked. She folded her legs around him and began to pull his face in closer with repeated motions, humping his mouth with her lips.

She began to quiver on the couch, shaking with ecstatic joy as he worked her, she felt the warmth of orgasm building up. He wasn’t stopping – for all she knew he may not have even been breathing while he worked her non-stop. Her eyes rolled back and she tightened every tensing muscle as she came, letting a gush of wetness lather Mel’s awaiting face. He didn’t stop until she released him and pulled his head up to hers. She kissed him slowly.

“Honey you’d better get back to work,” Mel started, “I think you’ve got a meeting in a few. I’ll take care of the groceries today, alright, you just take this afternoon easy.”

The words meant only one thing for Lauren. She’d be letting him have her for the remainder of the day, letting him initiate, letting him do what he did to her.

She smiled as her mind went fuzzy again for a second, “I’m all escort mersin yours babe…”

She blinked, and suddenly the feeling of being lifted back up off the couch. She never forgot how light she was – how her control was something ceded from Mel, not something fought for. He held her and kissed her on the lips. He wanted his share of the pleasure. She twisted and tried to pin him back on the couch. He let her do so, but made it a little bit of struggle.

“Oh, honey, you know it’s my time now.” Mel knew their routine, Lauren did too. Their first phase of the day was over, and Mel wanted his time with her. She’d make him have to take it back. It was rare when that gentle side of her got so possessive, but he loved it when they’d play fight for control. He was nearly twice her size, but there was a little bit of thrill in the two of them stumbling from room to room, pinning each other to the walls and forcing themselves on the other like that.

She had him stuck on the couch and was holding his head with both hands, keeping him in place, keeping his lips locked with hers. He rolled her off onto the ground and held her, pinned her by her right wrist and kissed her back before lowering to her neck, biting softly – just enough to let the sting of the sensation ring pleasure across her body, but not so much to force Lauren to wear a scarf during her next call.

She let him have her for a second before flipping him back over with her free arm. She grinded on him with her still bare, still soaked lips. He was briefly mesmerized by how that looked, how they’d just slide up and down his leg, how each motion was sending waves of mindless joy back up to his girl. The moment of haze ended, and he lunged up, pulling her against the wall with him as he grabbed her and lifted her up against the structure. Now that they were standing, their control was shifting from one to the other rapidly. He’d pull her and grab her ass, she’d push back, scratch him up a little, then he’d put her back against the wall, let her feel how aroused – how engorged he was.

Each unsteady step of their chaotic dance brought them closer to the bedroom, brought them closer to the middle of their routine. Their dance was a balancing act – mutual dominance. She was his and he was hers, and he was her master, she was his goddess. They fell into the bed and she pulled his jeans off just as slowly as he had taken her pajama pants off. His dick flung up and smacked his belly once the waistband was no longer restraining it. It was rigid, and it wanted nothing more than to be inside its goddess.

Lauren looked at it, and felt the warmth of it in her hand, felt it throb. There were no words now, just the urge between two mindless bodies to fuck each other into oblivion. She didn’t spare a second sleeving her smooth, wet vagina over him, he felt her insides and felt how each band of muscle contracted around him. They were both on their sides, hands all over each other, pulling and tugging and feeling every inch of the other. She was leaking already – she needed to be drained again. But she wanted to be fucked more than that. Mel looked down to suckle but she pulled him back up and continued grinding on him.

He paused her motion, pulled her off of him, and kneeled on top of the covers. She knew what he had in mind. She wrapped her legs around his back and lowered herself back onto him, getting her wetness all over him as she did so. He was deep into her now, and began to pump his hips as she raised and lowered herself. She was in bliss now, with a mouth on her breasts and a dick buried deep inside her. The suckling, the thrusting, the warmth, all of it drove her to the edge in mere seconds. She let her nails run deep into his back, leaving a mark of her affection on him. They fucked for only a minute longer before his mark was left deep within her. She gasped as he came, gasped as he pumped out whatever was left of his cum from the morning, gasped as she felt herself being his. She was his, and he, her little thing at her breasts – he was all hers. She slumped forward onto him and felt him leaking out of her, felt her milk leaking out of his mouth. She felt her control ceded back, and took one last kiss in control of her good boy, “Love you babe.”

That last memory of control faded again, and she was reminded of the wetness below her and her little dreary meeting. She shook her head and hoped that her little thing had brought something back with him to make the night’s events worth the day’s wait.

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