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I woke up to the smell of bacon. What an angel. I walked downstairs and saw Sydney in her favorite robe standing in front of the stove. I loved that little robe on her. Her body filled it out just the way it should. You could see her feminine hips pushing the fabric out, making it grab a hold of her buttocks quite nicely for a girl of her size. I stood there and just admired her for a bit. I was one of the luckiest men on earth to get to be with Sydney. She was a little angel, who made everyone else’s lives better just with her presence. Even though I had seen her naked throughout the whole summer, I enjoyed looking at her petite little body in her favorite robe more.

She sensed my presence and whipped her head around.

“Hey Joey! Howd ya sleep?” she asked quizzically

“Come on sis, you know I sleep well when I’m with you. What’s for breakfast?”

“Bacon. I would say eggs but were all out. So bacon” she said with a sly grin

“My favorite. Well make a trip down to the store today if you want, I know were running low on supplies. You’re doing a great job cooking this whole summer though.” I said

I much preferred my sister cooking to my parents cooking. My parents both grew up in a household where meals were irregular, and they would mostly eat scraps and snacks between the few meals a week. At a young age we learned that Sydney had the cooking gene, all summer she had been perfecting recipes found on the internet mixed in with some original recipes. She loved to cook, and I loved to eat; so with the summer boredom at hand, that’s how we spent a lot of our time.

At this point she had most of the bacon on a plate and brought it to the table, along with a bottle of orange juice. She opened up the jug of juice, took a swig, and put it back in the middle of the table.

We had pretty much become savages over this summer. Cups were rarely used, and we pretty much shared everything we ate. With our parents in Japan for the summer, the house had gotten pretty bad. Our parents sent a weekly cleaner, which helped a lot. Sydney and I would leave the house while the cleaner was over so she didn’t see what we lived in. My sister and I would clean up whatever we could around the house. She was a great helper, and never complained about doing it.

We finished up the last piece of bacon and gulped down about half of the orange juice. She got up and put the grease stricken plate in the sink, and put the open bottle of juice back in the fridge. I looked at her cute ass as she walked around the kitchen, cleaning up the mess she just made. I admired her body for the second time this morning, and started to become a little aroused.

Although we had made love for a few hours only the night prior, hormones raged and my dick began to spring up watching my younger sister prance around the kitchen. She caught me staring at her out of the corner of her eye. She smiled delicately, and decided to give me the ultimate tease show. She bent down to put a plate away, directly in front of field of vision. Her ass swam in the air beautifully, with the tight robe pulling in all the right spots. She bent down farther now, and arched her back so her little ass was in my all time favorite position. She stood back up and looked over her shoulder, smiling gleefully. She jumped up onto the island in the middle of the kitchen, to put a pan away on the dangling instrument that held kitchen utensils up. It was a tough reach for her, even on top of the island. Her arms were outstretched and she was on her tippy toes. She knew doing this made her robe ride up on her ass. The robe proudly presented her bare ass when she was outstretched, and although she knew she could put the pan up, she continued to do it to give me a little show.

I admired her little ass from my position at the table, how beautifully white it was. Sydney had naturally pretty pale skin. She wasn’t a “ginger”, but had dark auburn hair that lay straight with subtle curves throughout and a light complexion on her whole body. She didn’t tan well, and burned easily, so she was pretty white compared to other kids her age. She had light freckles around her nose and cheek area. They were beautiful; they weren’t overbearing on her face, but if you decided to examine her closer than normal they were perfect.

Her eyes were easy to look at for hours on end. They seemed to switch between green and blue constantly, but were the same amount of beautiful. They were a tad bit farther apart from eachother than normal. Her nose was like a little gumdrop, it was smaller than most with a few freckles of it. The perfect nose to kiss after a long night.

At this point I had pulled my shorts down and started to stroke my dick slowly, watching my little sister show off her ass to me. She turned around and saw me stroking slowly, shot me a small smile, and climbed down from the island.

She walked towards me teasingly, slowly pulling her robe strap off. The closer she got, the more exposed skin I saw. She knew what I liked and how to get to me, she had pretty much perfected it at this point. By the time she was only a few feet from me, She was holding the robe in one hand, with her beautiful pale tits gleaming in the morning Alaskan sunlight. The robe was covering her downstairs, sakarya escort and she slowly inched it down her body with each step she took.

My eyes were focused on hers stunning A cup tits jiggling in the sunlight. Sydney was still growing, as you could tell from her womanly figure. Thankfully, I liked some petiteness in my girls, and she fit the cut perfectly. Her nipples were smaller than normal, but fit her pale tit well, as they were a darker red. You could tell she was sexually aroused because her tits always got hard when we started foreplay.

Now she was standing right in front of me. The robe was on the floor now, not even worth looking at. I didn’t even bother staring at her phenomenal little pussy; I looked right into her eyes, knowing full well she was naked from the neck down. My hand was still slowly stroking my dick as she stood there, letting me stare her body up and down. Just recently (about a month prior) we began to actually have sex during the daytime, so we could see each other.

Sydney said she loved my body more than I loved hers, which sounded impossible. I wasn’t ripped by any means, but years of hunting and camping gave me a pretty lean and strong body which girls admired. I had above average biceps muscles, a flat stomach (although no 6 pack), and a strong jaw line she lauded over.

She came down and pecked me on the lips. We pecked a few more times until I grabbed her at the waist and pulled her closer to me. Her mouth opened slowly to let me enter my tongue, and we intertwined for a few seconds while she sat on my lap, facing me. My dick was at full attention right now, standing straight up as she sat on my lap, facing me and kissing me. I had one arm on her lower back and slowly rubbed up and down, while I put one hand on the side of her face as we kissed. She had both hands at either side of my face as we made out slowly.

Within a few minutes I could feel the wetness coming from her little pussy, and knew she wanted me to do something about it. I moved my hand down from her face and two her pussy, and started slowly dragging my fingers up and down her little slit, capturing moistness as I went a long, I grazed her clot, and everytime I did she let out a soft moan between my lips as a signal to keep going.

I focused just on her clit now, and was moving my thumb around it while we continues to intertwine tongues. She pulled away from the kiss and lifted her butt off my legs, as if to readjust. With one hand she realigned my rock hard dick up with where her pussy was previously. At 6 ½ inches it was quite large for her, and she had to lift herself pretty high in order for it to peirce her little hole.

We had become quite good at this though, and soon the head of my dick was inside her as she slowly slid down my rod. Within a few seconds I was all the way inside her tight little pussy, felling the moistness and enjoying the tightness only a young girl can have. She didn’t move up or down yet, just side to side, feeling my dick move around inside her.

She moved her hands from my face, to my kneecaps. She started to bounce up and down a little, and was gaining momentum quick. Her little tits were right in front of my face, as she put her head back in ecstasy and bounced on my hard rod. I put one hand on her left exposed tit and paid attention the nipples while I moved my right hand down to her clit to give it some more stimulation. The look of ecstasy on her face was rising, and I could tell she was coming close to orgasm, as was I. I leaned forward and put her tit on my mouth, and started to rub her clit a little more vigorously. Her moans were getting louder and louder, and I started to pump harder.

“Oh fuck joey, don’t stop! Im so close just rub me harder down there! Ugh!” Sydney said as she started to come. Pulses shot through her body and she started to shake as she rode my hard rod up and down. I hadn’t come yet, so I decided to finish myself off as she was cumming. I grabbed her by the waist, and laid her back even farther than before. I pumped faster and harder. She was shaking as she was coming down form her first orgasm, and my persistence wasn’t helping. She began to cum again,her body shaking violently, followed by load animalistic moans.

I kept pumping, and started to feel my balls get ready for takeoff. I pressed my hands together on her hips and shot 4 or 5 spurts of cum right into her little pussy. She shuddered again as she felt my load escape me and enter her, something she had felt on a night prior.

“God joey, 3 orgasms. Ive never felt anything so good in my life!” she exclaimed

I picked her up off my now limp rod and set her on the floor. Cum was dripping out of her delicate pussy and hitting the floor drop by drop.

“Woops!” she said as she wiped 2 fingers across her slit and picked up all the leftover semen, sticking it into her mouth and sucking. “Still tastes good!” she said with a small smile


We came home with a few bags of groceries in the car. We had the essentials, meat, bread, eggs, snacks; stuff that would get us through the week. My parent’s budget for us was a little tight after they left for the summer, even though there were only 3 of us living here (well technically two escort sakarya right now).

My brother Ian was one year younger than Sydney, and was on a camping trip with some family friends. They left about 2 months ago and wouldn’t be back for a few more weeks. It was a long trip, but Ian decided he would rather be out doing things that staying in the house all summer. I would have agreed and went, but Sydney and I just began to start our little “get togethers” at that point and I thought some time alone in the house would be nice.

Ian looked a lot like me. Obviously he was much smaller, but he had a similar facial structure and did a lot of the same things I did. He had the chest and stomach that most little boys had, with a small six pack showing, and little pecs protruding from his chest. His hair was still dirty blonde like mine used to be, but was slowly changing into a brown.

Sydney and I unloaded the groceries from the car and put them away in the cabinets. My head was constantly filled with the thought of Sydney: what we would do that night, if she was satisfied, what we would do when out parents came back, etc… I was a planner and she just went in the moment. Our whole love affair never would have started unless she had been living in the moment.

“So sis, whatdya want to do tonight?” I asked

“I’m not sure; we’ve done just about everything. Maybe I can think of something new. I’ll make it a surprise.” She said smiling

It’s true, we had done just about everything: Lights on, shower sex, car sex, road head, hot tub sex, sex on the trampoline, role play, etc; but then it dawned on me, we hadn’t really done any type of fetish sex. I had never thought of really doing Anal, Sex while watching porn, Sex in front of other people, BDSM, or even anything crazy like sex with dogs.

I knew she wanted something new. Although our sessions were always filled with passion, it can become “routine-ish” quickly. I don’t think it was at the point where she was bored yet, but I knew that day would arrive soon. I decided that night we would try something new: Anal. For a very young girl, Sydney was sexually experienced and a bit of a wanton; I knew with some time and lube wed be going at it in no time.


Night time came around. Sydney and I were both tired, we decided to hike down to the lake and do some fishing earlier, which took quite a bit of our energy out. We didn’t do anything sexual at the lake really, even with all of her advances. I knew she was horny but wanted to save all the passion for tonight.

“Alright Syd, I think I’m gonna shower. I’ve got worm juice all over me. You’re welcome to join if you like.” I already knew she would join me; she sat on my lap and rubbed as much as she could at the lake, she was desperate to get fucked.

I stepped in the shower and made sure the door was unlocked, so Syd could enter freely. I heard the farmiliar creak of the bathroom door as i was lathering my body with body wash. Sydney was naked and stepped in the shower. She got under the water and stroked her hair back to get it all wet. Her little tits were protruding as she did it. The soap ran down her naked body, past her nipples, all the way down past her little slit and down her thighs. I watched and admired her petite little body for about the 50th time that day. Although she was only young, her body presented a maturity that was hard to fine. You could tell boys would soon be drooling over her; not just because of her beautiful face, but the body that would follow.

Sydney began to grab at my dick like she always did in the shower. She slowly caressed the head, rubbing her index finger along the bottom of it. My dick was soon erect as ever, with all the attention it was getting. Syd got on her knees and started to jerk my cock, licking the underhead as a tease, trying to get me going. Soon she was taking almost the full rod, slowly sliding it in and out of her mouth while the hot water rained over both of us. She swirled her tongue around the head and tickled the underside of dick all while caressing my balls.

I was close to cumming, so i moved back and held out a hand to get her off her knees. She stood up and got on her tippy toes so she could kiss me. We intertwined tongues under the water for a few minutes, letting passion fill in her and excitement build in me.

I grabbed her by the hips and swung her body around. She was now turned away from me with her ass gaining the attention. She put her hands up on the shower wall and pushed her ass outwards to show it off. Her little ass dangled in the air with an arched back.

I got on my knees to give her a little cunnilingus, with her probably expecting me to lick her little slit. I started from the underside of her pussy and licked upwards, only when i passed her hole i kept going until I reached her tight puckering asshole. She jumped forward a bit, as i had never given this part of her body any real attention. I moved my head back and started kissing her buttcheeks. I kissed and swirled my tongue around all of, almost preparing her for whats to come.

I spread her asscheeks apart and lightly let my tongue rest on her impregnable asshole. She didn’t jump this time, but stuck her ass out farther as if to let me know she wanted sakarya escort bayan it. I let my tongue linger, and then started to flick it. My tongue was grazing the opening of my little sister virgin asshole. I spread her asscheeks a little farther apart and started to really go at it. Her asshole was becoming more relaxed now, allowing the tip of my tongue to enter and taste the inside. I licked and sucked and flicked my tongue all over her asshole until it was no longer puckered tight but a little bigger.

I turned off the shower. “You like that? I thought we would try something new. You wanna go to the bedroom and keep going?” I asked

“Joey that was awesome, why didn’t we start doing that earlier?!”

I grabbed her hand and helped her out of the shower. We dried off and went into the bedroom. Sydney jumped on the bed, fully naked and spread her legs.

“Flip over onto your belly” I told her

She did, now her ass was exposed. I put the lube i grabbed earlier on the bed and began to do the same thing i was doing in the shower. My tongue explored all aspects of her tight little ass. I poured a few drops of lube on her asscrack and a few on my finger, and began to slowly work my finger into it.

Her ass was way tighter than her pussy was the first time we had done it, it took almost 5 minutes of playing and rubbing to insert the finger fully. When i had gotten the full finger up her ass i moved it around a little, making a soft moan escape Sydney’s mouth.

“God thats so good joey, keep going” She said as i began to move my finger in and out of her faster. She was really warming up to this idea, so i decided to get bolder. I put a few more drops of lube on my middle finger and began to insert both fingers into her ass.

“Uuuuhhhhh” was all she could say as i started to pound my fingers into her little ass. I worked my fingers around her ass until it had become loose enough to stick them in with little to no resistance. I went for 3 fingers after a few minutes, but the position she was in wouldnt allow her ass to become open enough. I told her to get into doggy style position, but lay her head on the bed and put her arms down so only her ass was in the air. She did as i said and gave me full access to her now puckering little asshole. I went in with two fingers again. As i entered i felt the heat her bowels gave off, and felt the tightness of an asshole a pussy didnt have.

With a little coaxing I got 3 fingers in. Her moans were increasing at this point, and she was moving her ass back against my fingers as if to get more in. I decided it was time. I gott on my knees and pulled out my cock. I rubbed the erect head along her ass crack, and put some pressure on her asshole. I knew it would take some resistance, but i slowly pushed my head in further. The tightness and heat that radiated from her this hole added a whole new level of arousal and pleasure i had not yet felt.

My head popped into her hole, making her loudly moan in pleasure/ cry in pain. I put a few droplets of lube on the cock, and slid in deeper as i grabbed her hips and pushed her back. I was now fully inside her ass. Syd moaned as i moved my dick around deep inside her bowels. I grabbed her hips and pulled all but my head out of her ass, and slowly pushed back in. She moaned in pleasure again.

I began to pump my rod in and out of her asshole, with moans of pleasure escaping her everytime i entered. I knew i would finish quick, but didn’t care at this point. I grabbed and squeezed her pale little buttcheeks as i rammed my cock inside her. Her face was smashed against the bed, with her arms extended forwards laying on her elbows.

“Oh fuck joey, keep going! it feels so good!” Syd said as she reached a hand between her legs and began to rub her clit. I stuck 2 fingers from my hand into her pussy with no resistance and pumped while my dick was still in her ass. The farmiliar feeling in my dickhead arose and I knew i was gonna cum.

“Shit Syd im gonna cum soon. Oh fuck, Oh fuck, Oh fuck.”

I took my fingers out of her pussy and grabbed her by the waist again. I pumped hard and fast just as I shot my load off deep inside her bowels.

“Oh fuck! Oh shit! oh god.. oh joey! Wow… Whew… Joey, i’ve never had an orgasm like that in my life! That was so awesome!” she said panting.

I pulled my dick out of her bowels. Surprisingly, there wasn’t any waste on it. I grabbed some nearby baby wipes and wiped it off. I grabbed another wipe and wiped down her asscrack so no juices came off.

“So I guess I should shower again” She said

“Haha, yeah, probably. And your ass will probably hurt for a litte while. I know you liked it but we may have to wait a few days.” i said

“As long as we get to do it again thats ok” she said grinning

“So i guess you like kinky stuff now. What else do you want to try? We still have a few more weeks before anyone gets back.” i said

“You suprised me this time, so ill suprise you next time. If i get something crazy do you promise youll do it?” she asked

“Whatever you want to do ill do, as long as I dont have to kill anyone” I said jokingly.

She punched me in the arm and laughed.

“Ok, be ready than” she said.

She strutted off back into the bathroom to wash everything off. She made sure to wiggle her ass as she walked, to give me a show.

“Finally” i said to myself “Now were gonna get into some real fun stuff”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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