T-Girl Fantasy Island Pt. 05

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Big Tits

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Mine was ok. Yasmin Lee and a sexy Jessy Dubai were not under the tree waiting for me but a guy has to dream, right? lol. Happy Holidays to you all!

Steve was not so fortunate in duty assignments on the night before the hunt. This time he was required to bring out food which was much more demanding as he was required to remember the series of colored markers set to each guest’s plate as to what dinner they were to receive. This also meant more frequent trips to and from the kitchen. He did luck out on getting the closest row which meant their trips were much shorter than most servers. A possible perk from a supervisor who didn’t want to appear that she was playing favorites while still hoping for a more positive reception to her future advances towards him.

Steve quickly passed down the row, gracefully placing down dishes of every sort while quickly removing dishes no longer required. The lady hunters had all arrived and were present tonight for this year’s event instructions and a surprise that had been promised.

As the evening progressed, the guests had enjoyed many glasses of wine, beer and liquor with their meals, the naturally aggressive ladies became bolder in their desires. Steve felt roaming hands about his legs, ass and crotch oftenaccompanied by whispered offers of lewd pleasures back in the owner’s room after dinner. Steve found himself strangely numb to such offers.

He smiled and always said “thank you” for every offer while not committing to any. Vance was like an excited puppy, eating up every moment of the aggressive ladies’ attention. He almost always pulled Steve aside in the kitchen to give him the latest update on who came on to him or another server. Apparently he was to follow the sexy British girl back to her room after dinner tonight. Steve sighed relieved at having their room alone in peace again tonight.

Earlier that day, unable to resist the secret desires he had fought so hard against, he switched the room tv to the channel exclusively for transsexuals. He sat at the edge of his bed breathless at what he witnessed on the screen. There was scene after scene of beautiful women easily seducing men out of their clothing and using them for their pleasure. Steve’s hand moved towards his crotch as his cock hardened at the sight of these men, he secretly wished to be, accepting these amazing ladies’ beautiful cocks into their mouths and willing asses.

He was constantly in fear that Vance would return without warning and catch him in his growing fascination with these women on the screen. While at work, the beautiful Latina girl caught him staring more than once and with her usual knowing smile and wink but she always left him to go about her job.

Steve resolved that afternoon to forget about these women once and for all and focus on his plan to snaring one of the beautiful hunter’s affections. Maybe later, after they satisfied their passion for each other, he would move away from anyone he knew and he could safely explore this perverse desire that was consuming him.

Now here he was unable to become even faintly aroused by any of the sexy ladies present. He shook his head to clear his thoughts of his building worries over his new found desires and focused on his work.

Isabella stood and walked gracefully to the temporary podium placed on the front center of the band riser. A thick white curtain hung from ceiling to floor behind her.

“Ladies, if I may have your attention?”

The room noise quickly ebbed to silence as each hunter turned to focus on the beautiful resort owner.

“I want to welcome back the ladies who took part in last year’s hunt, as well as all of our first time guests. Judging from the responses from all of you, we here at Blue Fantasies Resort have decided that the Hunt will be an annual event.”

The room erupted in applause and cheers. Isabella smiled at each lady and waited for the excitement to die down some.

“Apparently you all enjoyed yourselves so much that we have a 100% of last year’s hunters return for our event this year.”

More cheers and a few lewd remarks followed by drunken laughter.

“We only had nineteen hunters at last year’s hunt.” She smiled, “apparently someone has been talking since this year we have over sixty hunters!”

Laughter was scattered through the dining hall as guests clicked glasses acknowledging the friends they had brought with them this year.

“Tomorrow morning, we will start the hunt. Before the first horn sounds releasing your prey, those of you that wish can leave early to take ambush positions if you choose. Remember, no captures count if they take place before that second horn sounds to release the hunters. We have an excellent video system set up around the island. Anyone violating that rule will lose their captive and be expelled from the Hunt. You will not be allowed back until next year.”

The crowd listened intently as Isabella continued.

“As çapa escort you that have enjoyed last year’s hunt know, each of you will be issued a marker unique from the other hunters to properly mark your captive. The ink cannot be rubbed off once applied. Also, the ink contains a paralytic that will subdue your captive for about an hour.”

Some of the bigger ladies jeered at that.

Isabella held out her hands to placate the small group. “I know some of you wish to physically subdue your prey, which is allowed. Remember though, there are limits. No force beyond what you need to subdue your captive. Wrestling is permitted only! If you are caught harming prey beyond that you will be removed from the hunt permanently.”

Patricia took her place beside her partner and continued the briefing.

“You may capture as many prey as you can, there are no limits.” She said with a grin.

That statement was met by enthusiastic cheers as hunters eyed each other competitively.

“But each captive you take, you are responsible for.” She continued, “We will visit each of you randomly through the year to speak alone with your slaves. Any that show signs of not being cared for with the best clothing, housing, food and medical care that we know you can provide and your slave will return to the island with us. The five hundred thousand dollars US that each of you have deposited for EACH captive you take will be released to your former slave in compensation. You will not be allowed to return to the hunt… ever.”

Several hunters nodded their head in agreement.

“I don’t have to tell you what will happen if harm or death occurs for your slaves while in your care. So let’s not dwell on the negative, you all read your agreements and signed the contracts.”

Isabella raised her glass to the ladies in the hall, “On behalf of all of us at the Blue Fantasies Resort, we wish you all a good hunt!”

Glasses were raised with a loud cheer.

“Now for the surprise we promised,” smiled Isabella.

The curtain behind her parted revealing seventy five men and women. They were of various ages and races, heights ranging from average to extremely short. They were dressed in the skimpiest of swimwear, white string bikinis and briefs. Their skin glistened in the lights from oil applied just before assembling on stage.

The dining hall went silent as the hunters stared hungrily at the glowing flesh on the stage. Eyes took in every detail. A person from both ends of the line came forward smiling, some nervously while others enjoying the attention, to take a slow turn before the crowd. With each pair, the murmuring in the crowd grew louder until the final pair had the room in a roar of enthusiastic cheers.

For a moment, Isabella and Patricia thought that the ladies had drunk too much to contain their lust and would leap on the stage in pursuit of the men and women who were being loaded on buses to return to the dormitory they were housed in.

Thankfully, that didn’t happen. But the tension in the room was stifling as each of the hunters turned their attention to the unsuspecting servers.

It started at the far end of the room as a young man was pulled into the embrace of a Russian huntress and his startled yell was cut off as the powerfully built brunette that took his mouth for her own. Another lady quickly stepped up and together they pulled the helpless young man into a corner. His clothing was ripped from his struggling body as hands moved to explore exposed flesh.

The room quickly broke out in an uncontrolled orgy. Servers were pulled down to the floor, on tables, into laps, against walls in any position imaginable. Some men and women were even picked up and held in the air by groups of women. Then the lady hunters’ clothing began to fall off. The helpless men and women had their first glimpse at what was in store for them for the evening. Hard cocks gleamed menacingly in the soft lights of the dining hall.

Steve happened to be in the kitchen when Vance nearly knocked the swinging door off its hinges.

“Dude! We have to get out of here!!” he whispered fiercely. He looked over his shoulder back at the dining hall he just left.

Steve could not see what was happening in the hall from where he stood but he could hear yells and cheers, laughter and weak protests and muffled screams.

“What the fuck, man?” Steve said as he tried to balance the tray he was holding against the fearfully clutching of his best friend.

“They all have cocks!!” Vance blurted out fearfully. “All of them!!”


“They are all like that girl you told me about! They are out there right now fucking everyone we work with!!” Vance was in full panic by now. “We have to get out of here!”

“The only place you two will be going is out into that hall to do the job you both agreed to do here!” stern voice said from behind them. The two young men turned to see their supervisor glaring at them.

Steve stammered istanbul escort bayan trying to keep the excitement and fear out of his voice. “What the hell is going on?? We weren’t told about this before we signed the contracts!”

“The contract you signed didn’t go into those details and you never asked either,” She said then broke out in an evil smile. “You can go out there and do your jobs or you can come back to our apartments and you can take care of our needs instead.”

Vance’s jaw dropped, “You?? You are..??”

The four cooks stepped up next to their supervisor with equally hungry smiles.

“We have to make a break for it, Steve!” Vance whispered in terror. “Maybe if we run fast enough, we can make it through the hall and back to our room.”

Steve hesitated but gave a quick nod and followed Vance to the door. Vance took a breath then ran through the swinging door trying to build up speed as he ran straight through the hall.

Steve paused at the door as he watched his friend try to make his way through the room. Vance never had a chance. An exotic Asian girl grabbed him and swung him over a table, two other women grabbed the struggling young man and started pulling his uniform off.

Steve could hear his friend’s screams as he fought his attackers off as best he could. Steve watched breathlessly as the ladies closed around his friend. The struggles weakened as the ladies easily over powered the terrified young man. Soon, the group was working their cocks into the helpless boy’s body while his stunned friend looked on from the kitchen door.

Steve jumped as he felt hands grip his ass cheeks as the cooking staff had crept up behind him while he was captivated by the rape of his best friend.

Steve bolted through the door in a blind fit of terror and ran through the room. He spared a glance back at the kitchen door for signs of chase and slammed into a warm soft mass of flesh.

“OW!” cried a sweet voice.

Steve stared up from the floor at the giant of a girl he had run into. It was one of the twins he had seen earlier. The one with the pigtails, she looked down at him in innocent surprise.

“Sorry,” she said with a smile as she reached down to help the fallen man to his feet.

Steve noticed the sizable bulge in her skirt and backed away from the hand in panic. “Stay away from me you freak!” he shrieked in panic.

The girl’s eyes mirrored up as she pulled her hands back to her chest.

Steve felt a faint stab of remorse at the hurt in the innocent girl’s eyes.

He started to climb to his feet when another hand gripped his shoulder like steel and hauled him up nearly pulling him completely off the ground. He found himself staring into the coldest blue eyes he ever imagined.

“What did you call my sister?” Sherrie Anderson growled into Steve’s face.

Steve felt his body go numb at the cold fury of that stare.

“S.s..sssorry,” he stuttered cowering under the glare of the giant of a girl. “I was scared. I didn’t mean it, honest.”

“Don’t tell me you worthless asshole,” commanded the angry woman, “Tell my sister.”

Steve looked back at the girl still clutching her hands with soft blue eyes brimming with tears. He really felt awful seeing her like that. “I really am sorry.You scared me is all.” He said.

The girl nodded her head quietly and looked about the room in wonder. Steve followed her gaze. Everywhere he looked the guest were having their way with the serving staff.

A blonde boy had completely surrendered himself to the arms of two women, one, a redhead, supported his upper back while the subdued boy had his hands over his head grasping the woman’s hips. His head was thrown back allowing her cock to slide effortlessly down his throat. A dark skinned beauty held him by his waist while he wrapped his legs about hers. Steve watched as her cock vanishing between his pale open thighs. The boy trapped in the air by the two women flexed and arched his back as he languished between the two demanding women that were fucking him forever it seemed.

A teenage girl with dark hair was on her back on one of the dining tables. Her mouth locked with a beautiful blonde woman who was fucking her missionary in front of the eyes of anyone who cared to look.

The men and women had been rapidly and successfully reduced to mindless toys for the amusement and satisfaction of the dominant women that surrounded them.

Steve wanted to clamp his eyes shut at the sights of the unnatural orgy that surrounded him. He looked from group to group envying the helpless man or woman caught in the embrace of the hunters. He felt Sherrie move up behind him, taking his shivering form into her arms. She ran her hand down his body to find his cock hard and ready. Her eyebrows rose in interest. Her smile widened to a sly knowing look.

“Take me out of here,” he pleaded.

“Why?” she smiled, “you’ll be no safer in my room.”

She glanced around the güngören escort room and returned her gaze the young man in her arms.

“You’re not afraid of what we will do to you…” She said knowingly, “You are afraid that the others here may see how much you want it to happen.”

Tears welled in Steve’s eyes as his fear was exposed by her words so quickly. Was he that so easily read?

All he could do is nod his head as his face reddened with shame.

“Very well,” she smiled, “you come along and offer no more of a fight and we will satisfy all of our desires in private.” She took his hand and pulled him from the room. Her sister followed her pigtails swinging as she took a last look about the dining hall.

Once they were back at the sisters’ rooms, Sherrie guided the group inside and quietly shut the door. She took Steve into her Carrie’s bedroom and pushed him down on to the mattress. She turned to Carrie and helped her sister undress.

Steve felt that forbidden surge of desire race through him as more and more of her tan skin came into view. Her enormous breasts were so full and delicious, her hips were round and lush. As her skirt and panties were pushed to the floor her cock slipped free it sprang from between thick inviting thighs. Steve felt a jolt of perverse lust at the sight of her body completely uncovered before his eyes.

Sherrie smiled at his obvious desire. She undressed herself and her body every bit as equal to her sister’s left Steve feeling like he was a weak mere mortal in the presence of two unearthly goddesses. Her smile fixed as she motioned for her sister to take the other side of the bed. The two girls had the young man helpless between them. Steve mindlessly allowed them to take his uniform piece by piece until he was naked on their bed.

After pushing the young man down until he was lying facing the foot of the bed, Sherrie slowly lowered herself onto the young man’s back. Her hands caressed his sides taking in every detail.

“You have spent so much time and effort on this wonderful body,” she whispered into his ear.

Steve felt her cock pushing between his cheeks and up his lower back. Her breasts felt amazing as they slid over his shoulders and around his neck.

“All that effort and it was wasted on those lesser girls,” She said as she closed her palm on the back one of his thighs.

“Carrie, sweetheart, stand in front of our new friend.”

The girl rose off of her side of the bed and walked around to the foot. She stood wide eyed staring into Steve’s handsome face. Sherrie pulled a couple of the long, thick pillows from the head of the bed and slid them under the boy’s chest. She settled back down on top of him. His mouth was inches from her sister’s waiting cock.

Sherrie ground herself against the helpless boy’s back and ass. “You know why you want us so badly?” she asked.

Steve continued to stare mesmerized by that amazing cock so close to his lips. His desire welled inside him.

“She is beautiful isn’t she? Her sweet face, her breasts, that wonderful round ass, her legs.. all of that lures you men in and fires your natural desire to mate. It’s our beauty, our feminine charms that excite that instinct within you.”

She took his hand and guided his trembling fingers to touch that warm shaft in front of him. Sherrie felt his breath labor beneath her as he stroked the girl from tip to base and back again. Her own cock hardened and pushed itself down into the flesh of the sweating body beneath her.

“It’s her cock that forces you out of your dominant role.. leaves you confused…” she murmured into his ear. “We are all driven to mate with the most perfect partner. We seek them out and even leave others for the more perfect specimen.”

She nudged the boy’s legs apart while grinding her body down pushing him deeper into the mattress. “Women like us who won’t allow ourselves to be confined by one sex, are the best of both. It makes us the better mate for both sexes. Men and women recognize that and it weakens them all to our wants… our desires.”

She slid her body down slightly and with a twist of her hips, her cock slid between Steve’s spread legs. The thick tip burrowed into the cleft between his firm round cheeks. Sherrie almost drove inside as she fought her urge to fuck that ass that seemed built just for her use. She knew he wasn’t ready to cross that line just yet. She wanted him begging with the need to be filled. She wanted his body trembling with the mind numbing desire to have a hard cock inside him.

“Men and women recognize us as superior.. dominant.” her soft words poured into the mesmerized young man beneath her. “with your normal role as the dominant partner taken, it’s your natural instinct to assume the submissive role. That is what causes you fear, anger. The abrupt change in what you have been taught is your proper place when it comes to mating.”

Her hands ran down his trembling body. “Most of you fight against your natural instincts which causes you so much hardship. But almost all of you will give in to your true nature whether in public or, like you, in the privacy of a bedroom. After you accept your natural animal instincts, you will eagerly let girls like my sister and I breed you.”

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