Taking Over

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Linda sat confidently in the black leather arm chair tapping her red stiletto pumps anxiously on the deep carpeted floor. She gazed around the luxuriously appointed office of her soon to be significant other and waited for the arrival of her unknowing victim. For months now she had seduced, bewitched and aroused the man she would soon call her own. Ben was older and not that handsome and not really her type but he owned the largest porn network in the world and besides being rich he could give her something she couldn’t get elsewhere. Access to a bounty of beautiful, busty, sex driven women that would satisfy her deepest need, sexual conquest.

Although Ben could have any number of women who were fighting for places in his films Linda had discovered his secret fetish. He loved to watch one woman dominate another sexually and physically. This was the perfect combination for Linda as ever since her first lesbian encounter in College she had found and built up her desire to sexual conquer other alpha females and show her dominance. Nothing thrilled or excited her more than having a strong sexy woman crying out in orgasmic bliss and submitting to her after she had ravaged her body any way she wanted. Now after years of preparing her body and setting her plans in motion she was about to fulfill her goal. Only one thing stood in her way.

Ava. Ben’s current girlfriend and legendary porn star. Known for her half Asian, half Italian smoldering beauty, her huge round breasts and her ability to dominate in any sexual encounter, beating Ava would ensure Linda took her place at Ben’s side. Knowing Ben’s office was covered by hidden cameras always taping Linda knew he would see every detail of their encounter.

As she waited for her encounter Linda proudly glanced down at her own outrageous proportions. She had earned and spent enormous amounts of money and found the best plastic surgeons and it had been worth it. She could barely see her feet beneath the swelling mountains of her titanic breasts almost spilling out of the tight red tube dress she wore. At a size 34MM and filled with 4500cc of saline they stood out from her chest like watermelons. Other women felt immediately inferior whenever she entered a room and along with the size Linda had enforced a strict regimen of exercise to strengthen her core to support the 20lbs of breasts she carried.

Linda had done her homework on Ava and knew that although also big busted her 36F breasts would be no match for her own dynamic duo. At 5’6 and 150lbs Linda carried her weight well with an hourglass figure and large hips that set off her enhanced butt that swelled out in two glorious orbs that swayed as she walked and drove men crazy. Combined with her natural beauty and gorgeous wavy blonde hair that ran down to her mid back she was the ultimate Milf. At 5’4 and 135lbs Ava was outmatched in every category, plus Linda had a trick up her sleeve with a special item she had brought with her in her Gucci bag beside her.

The sound of clicking heels in the corridor outside brought Linda’s focus back to the task at hand and her pussy started getting moist at the thought of what was coming. The office door opened and in walked Ava, dressed to kill. Her long straight black hair hung down her back and her body was bursting out of a tight black wet look strappy dress that stopped just sort of her pussy. Black high heel booties helped push her already famous round ass up and out as the black dress wrapped tightly around it. Dark eye makeup and slutty bright pink lipstick highlighted her beautiful Asian, Italian looks.

Linda almost started to drool as she stood and sliding behind her quietly she closed the door and locked it with a loud click. Whirling around with a surprised look on her face Ava couldn’t help but raise her eyes at the sight she beheld. As Linda advanced seductively towards her unknowing opponent she thrust her giant breasts forward and swayed causing Ava to step back and gawk at the powerful sexual woman advancing on her. “Who are you, you’re not who I’m supposed to be seeing, what’s going on here?” Ava demanded uncertainly, stepping back a pace.

“I,” Linda stated, “am the woman who is going to destroy your pathetic little body and make you my little slut. Oh and steal your man. Who, by the way I’ve been fucking for months now.” Linda smirked “That’s why he’s had such a hard time getting it up for you lately darling, he’s just worn right out.”

“I knew it,” Ava screamed, and suddenly emboldened moved up until she was tit to tit with Linda’s enormous pair although hesitating for a moment as her large breasts bumped into Linda’s and started to slide under hers as Linda’s huge breasts hardly budged. “If you think for a moment you’re taking my man then you’re crazy. I’ve been in this business a long time and know konya escort how to take care of slutty tramps like you.” and without a moment’s hesitation she drove her knee up into Linda’s cunt causing a scream to erupt from her and as she bent over in pain. Ava then grabbed a hold of her long wavy blond hair and half dragged half threw her on to the floor with her face crashing into the front of a leather sofa. The impact with the ground tore open Linda’s dress and her huge tits spilled onto the floor.

Before Linda knew what was happening Ava had jumped on her back and with two handholds of her hair started to pull her head back achingly and then throw it forward into the edge of the sofa. Stunned by the brutal attack Linda found herself helpless as Ava shifted back and placed one knee on her back and started driving the other knee up into her already aching pussy. Linda found herself screaming again as pain flowed upward through her body. This was not how this was supposed to go, she thought, as she started flailing to try and get her attacker off her back. The attacks to her pussy stopped as Ava slid upwards and put her full weight on Linda’s middle back squeezing her enormous tits to the ground and out to the sides painfully.

“So what are you going do now you useless slut?” Ava taunted. “Now let’s see how those huge tits like this.” Sliding her feet forward, Ava turned her heels inwards and proceeded to drive her stiletto heels into the sides of Linda’s huge breasts as they squeezed out from underneath her. “Argghh,” Linda cried out, as again and again Ava twisted and pushed her heels into different parts of the sides of her breasts. “Maybe I’ll pop these blown up balloons and mount them on my wall,” Ava threatened. Letting go of her hair Ava then pulled Linda’s arms back and placed them over her knees as she locked her hands under her chin and hauled her back in a devastating back breaker. Linda gasped as her lower back ached from the pressure Ava was applying and then Ava began to rock back and forth, crushing her huge tits into the floor every time she rocked forward and she was helpless to do anything.

After what seemed like forever the rocking stopped and the pain in Linda’s breasts subsided. “So you’re going to take my man, are you,” Ava hissed, “I don’t think so, slut.” Standing up but still with her arms locked through Linda’s behind her back she dragged her up onto her feet. Struggling to get free, Linda suddenly found herself running straight towards the wall as Ava shoved her from behind. With all her body weight Ava slammed Linda’s tits straight into the wall with a smack that drove the breath out of her as her giant breasts ballooned out to each side of her body. Ava then released the hurting blonde as she sank to the ground cradling her massive chest. “Had enough bitch?” she hissed, yanking her head back by the hair.

“Fuck you!” Linda snarled as she whipped her elbow back and up straight into Ava’s waiting cunt. A scream filled the air and Ava’s legs buckled as she bent over grasping her pain filled pussy. Another elbow flew back and nailed her right in the side of the head dropping her to the floor as Linda climbed back to her feet. “I’ll tell you when I’ve had enough!” she ranted. Grabbing hold of Ava’s hair she dragged her to her feet and whipped her around in a circle by the hair then threw her in a heap on the sofa. Moving quickly she then launched herself and her body crashed down on top of Ava pinning her down on her back on the sofa. A quick struggle ensued before Linda managed to take hold of each of Ava’s wrists and then started forcing them down over her head.

All those hours in the gym were now paying off as Ava found herself trapped under the larger women with her huge breasts dangling impressively over her own. “Let’s see how much you like my huge tits now,” Linda sneered, as she angled forward and dropped her enormous breasts over Ava’s face, completely engulfing her and cutting off her air. Immediately Ava began to thrash and moan into the suffocating tit flesh trying to find a way to get air. Linda continued to hold her arms down and ground her tits even harder into Ava’s face. Then she would rise up allowing Ava to gasp for breath before plunging down and covering her again. Ava’s eyes were filled with panic each time the buxom blonde rose up as she struggled to breath. Finally Linda shoved her babies down over Ava’s face and didn’t rise up. After a minute Ava began to thrash, becoming desperate for air, then stilled and her body collapsed under Linda as she passed out.

Although pleased that she had disposed of her rival fairly quickly she knew that this was not the show Ben needed to see to get him infatuated with her. She needed a real show of her domination over this legendary porn escort konya star. Peeling out of her tight dress Linda reached down and pulled off Ava’s dress as well and then rolled her onto the floor. Standing over her she leaned over and began to slap Ava’s face forcefully until her eyes fluttered open and she gasped deeply. A look of confusion, fear and fierce anger beamed up at her as Linda stepped back and beckoned Ava to get up. “Come on slut, I’m not finished with you yet.”

“Oh Bitch you don’t know what’s coming!” Ava spat as she rose up but stepped back chest heaving, still drying to get her breath back and clear her head. Before she could recover Linda launched herself across the room smashing her immense bare chest into Ava’s and nearly driving her off her feet as she shoved her across the room and ran her back into the wall with a thud that took her breath away again. Quickly securing a hold of each of her arms, Linda then pulled them apart spread eagled against the wall.

“Now you’ll see what a real woman’s tits can do!” and then with a heave she slammed her huge rack into Ava’s large round tits. With a cry Ava looked down to see her big breasts almost squished flat against her chest as Linda’s huge tits crushed them.

With an evil look Linda proceeded to pull back and then smash her tits forward again and again into Ava’s, crushing, flattening and pounded them as Ava could only stare down and watch the destruction of her beautiful breasts. The pain was radiating through her body and after a few minutes of this pounding her breath started to shorten and her legs weakened causing her to sink down the wall.

“Oh no, we’re not done yet slut,” Linda hissed, as she let go of Ava’s arms, grabbed two handfuls of her hair and as Ava shrieked from the pain in her head she whipped her around and threw her back first against the back of the sofa behind them causing Ava to arch backwards with her bruised and pain filled tits pointing straight up. Quickly Linda rush forward and again grabbed Ava’s arms pinning them down and pressing her bare body against hers pinning her to the back of the couch with her enormous breasts looming directly over Ava’s weakened pair.

“Time to really flatten those little babies,” Linda growled, as she lift up and then threw her 20 pounds of breast flesh smashing straight down into Ava’s chest. With nowhere to go and pointing straight up, Ava’s breasts took the full impact and flattened horribly as Ava cried out in pain and fear as she looked up to see Linda lifting up to repeat the brutal pounding. Time after time Linda’s huge breasts smashed down into Ava’s turning them red and then black and blue.

Tears streamed down Ava’s face and her legs spasmed as the pain increased. “Please stop, your destroying my tits!” she screamed.

“You want me to stop?” Linda questioned, pausing in her assault for a moment.

“Yes, please, no more,” Ava whined.

“Who’s tits are better?” Linda queried.

“Yours, yours,” Ava responded quickly.

“Yes they are!” Linda declared as she rose up and smashed her monstrous breasts down again onto Ava’s poor deflated tits. Screams filled the air as blow upon blow rained down until finally Linda stopped. Grabbing Ava by her nipples she twisted them causing another scream as she lifted her up from the couch and spun her crashing into the side of Ben’s desk where she lay cradling her tender damaged tits.

“Now we’ll see how tough that legendary pussy is,” Linda announced, as she walked over to Ava, rolled her onto her own shoulders on the floor, grabbed one leg in each hand and spread her legs wide as she lowered her dripping pussy and sat down between Ava’s outstretched legs until she ground her own pussy down into the pornstars own wet cunt. As a further sign of her domination she put one of her feet down on Ava’s neck to hold her in place. Blessed with a large clit Linda had spent hours masturbating and learning to control her orgasms just for situations like this. There was no more powerful feeling then forcing another woman to orgasm using the power of her own sex.

Slowly Linda lowered herself until her clit was gently rubbing Ava’s. Then she ground down harder, and then softer, and then back and forth flicking their clits together. In moments Ava began to moan from the pleasure she was receiving. Linda continued to change up her movements, lighter, harder, side to side, roughly downwards, and Ava started to grind her hips upwards involuntary as her sexual tension built. Within minutes Linda could feel Ava beneath her building up to her first orgasm and just as her body stiffened to release Linda pulled up and smacked the flat of her hand down hard directly on Ava’s clit. Knowing the porn star for being the pain slut she was, Linda konya escort bayan was pleased to see the effects of her tactics as Ava’s orgasm mixed with the pain of the slap drove her body arching backwards as cries of ecstasy and pain rolled from her mouth. Linda’s body plunged down again as she continued to work her clit across Ava’s now soaked pussy lips.

“No please stop,” Ava squeaked, “I’m too sensitive, give me a moment.”

Just grinning Linda just started working her hips faster as with Ava’s legs spread wide there was no resistance from any of her movements. Within minutes another orgasm built up in Ava and once again just as it crested Linda spanked her clit hard and Ava’s body bounced off the floor beneath her from the pain and pleasure.

“No More, I give, I give!” Ava yelled but Linda was just starting. Years of gym work and cardio had strengthened her abs and thighs and given her the stamina to continue her assault. Time after time Ava’s body buckled as wave after wave of painful orgasms spasmed through her body. Watching this incredibly hot woman writhing beneath her was so intoxicating and Linda found herself almost getting to the point of no return herself as her own orgasm built up inside her. Finally she stopped and stood, trying as hard as she could not to reach down and finger her own pussy for relief. Ava collapsed in a heap sobbing and shuddering as her body continued to release the sexual energy she had been subjected to.

Swaying over to her purse Linda reached down and pulled out the tool she would use to finish off her opponent. Turning to face Ava she slid on the strap on harness with the odd shaped dildo attached. Linda knew a slut like Ava could take a lot so she had had to find something a little different. At nine inches long the dildo was made of ever increasing balls fused together so as it penetrated it would expand and contract the opening over each ball. This would be perfect for stretching out Ava’s already loose pussy. But that’s not what Linda had in mind.

Strutting over Linda reached down and pulled Ava up by the hair to her feet and spun her around grabbing both arms behind her back. Ava was in no condition to defend herself and was already on wobbly legs and exhausted from all the Orgasms Linda had forced out of her. Pushing her into position in front of one of the rooms cameras Linda then pulled up on Ava’s arms forcing her body down and her ample ass into position in front of the menacing dildo. “Ready for the finale?” Linda gloated, as she thrust her hips forward while pulling Ava backwards and impaling the dildo almost completely in her ass hole. Ava’s screams filled the office as although she was used to a good anal fuck, this dildo expanded and contracted her sphincter brutally as it lunged deep in her ass.

Pain and pleasure and the thrill of being totally dominated by this powerful sexual woman was driving her quickly to another gushing orgasm. “Want more?” Ava questioned as she drove her hips forward again popping the last two parts, one as big as a baseball, of the dildo into Ava’s gaping ass hole and triggering a round of orgasms through her almost causing her to collapse on the floor. Linda couldn’t have that, so she pulled on her arms forcing her up and showing off her large but bruised breasts directly to the camera. “Now slut who’s the better woman?” Linda yelled as she withdrew the dildo and then rammed it home again deep into Ava’s asshole.

“Ahhhhh, you are, you are.” Ava pleaded as Linda relentlessly pounded the dildo home as another anal orgasm ripped through Ava’s body.

Linda continued to thrust deeply as the shock of each pounding shook Ava’s tits and rippled her bountiful ass. Ava’s eyes rolled up into her head as the sexual beating continued and more orgasms ripped through her until finally she could take no more and she collapsed onto the floor, the dripping dildo sliding out of her now gaping asshole. Body shuddering, gasping and sobbing Ava rolled onto her back as Linda pulled off the strap on and descended upon Ava until she had mounted her face.

“Now tell Brad who’s the better woman,” Linda demanded once again.

“You are, you are, please no more,” Ava begged.

“There is one more thing,” Linda leered down at her. “I hear your one of the best cunt lickers in the business, now prove it.” With that she pressed her soaking pussy into Ava’s big lips and started to grind on her face as Ava did her best to please her. Linda relaxed and let Ava’s talented mouth go to work on her as her sexual energies quickly built and released with an explosive force as she rode Ava’s face through an incredible orgasm of her own.

Satisfied with the results of her display Linda stood and looked down at the dishevelled porn star below her. Ava’s face was covered in her pussy juice, make up destroyed, flattened bruised tits on her chest and swollen puffy pussy. Yes she was satisfied with today’s work. Moments later as she dressed with Ava still curled up on the floor behind her, her cell phone chimed. Looking at the incoming text Linda smiled brightly. It was from Brad. “Marry me,” was all it said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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