Texas Heat

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Patrick took a long overdue trip to Houston. It was late June and the temperatures were already into triple digits. The plane landed and he looked out the window and readied for business.

He picked up his rental car and drove it to a plush hotel near his first appointment. Patrick checked in and was pleased at the room and the fitness center. He decided to go down to the lobby and have a beer at the bar.

The hotel bar was fairly quiet. He gazed around and noticed a tall, pretty brunette looking down at her phone in disgust. When she looked up he did a double, and then a triple take.

It was her. In a city of nearly 3 million, there she sat. The girl he talked with many times on Skype and MSN. The girl with sensuous eyes and alluring smile. She nearly spilled her drink when she realized it was him.

They sat and talked and Patrick learned that Stephanie’s date was a doctor. He had to cancel at the last minute, due to an emergency. Apparently, this wasn’t uncommon, and Stephanie was not pleased.

Patrick chastised the doctor aydınlı escort for leaving a pretty girl waiting and ordered a drink and had her’s freshened. They toasted to unexpected meetings and enjoyed a talk.

After a few drinks, Patrick invited Stephanie up to see the wonderful sunset from his room and she smiled coyly then followed him up the elevator

His hand brushed her thighs as they walked to his room.

He opened the door and took her to the window. It was truly an expansive view as they enjoyed to vibrant colors.

He mixed her one more drink from the minibar and approached her from behind. The light shone thru her beautiful sundress and he could see the curves of a voluptuous, toned ass.

As he got closer, he stopped just behind her and looked over her shoulder. They gazed out at the last of the daylight and he leaned in to kiss her neck and inhale her soft scent.

He reached down and lifted her sundress by inches. Her tanned thighs were toned, but sexy. bağdat caddesi escort Stephanie’s thong was revealed as he raised her dress, ever so slowly.

While still kissing her neck and softly biting her shoulder, he lowered her silky panties down deliberately.

He took a drink and grabbed and ice cube with his lips. Then, he exposed her lower spine. Kneeling, he traced the ice cube softly down her spine and let it tease her rosebud and the cheeks of her bottom.

With the curtain open, he leaned her forward. Spreading her legs with gentle power, he began to search for her essence with his tongue.

As Patrick held the ice cube with his teeth, Steph pushed her hips back and he fucked her sweet pussy with the cold cube.She was hot and wet and the cube dissolved in her honey. His tongue pressed into her nectar.

He curled his tongue up, like and slid it in deeply. Licking pussy at this angle allowed him to suck and reach places she hadn’t felt. He held bostancı escort her hips and licked her sweet clit until she throbbed

Reversing his head he lowered her until she was nearly sitting on his chin. He pulled her in and she needed no more help. She tilted her pelvis and rubbed her sweet pussy all over his face. Steph felt an orgasm build from her toes to her ears and exploded. Her sweet cum flooded Patrick.

After the spasms subsided, Patrick rose and stood behind her. He took his hard cock into his hand and rubbed and probed her core. She wanted him and she wanted it hard and deep, the first time. His cock swelled up as he drove the head, and then the shaft in faster.

He pulled her sundress of completely and pressed her against the glass. Her beasts firmly against the window, as Patrick drilled her tight pussy. She turned to look at him with a fiery lust in her eyes.

He knew that look. The one that says, fuck me hard. Patrick fucked Steph until his balls were slapping her clit. He drove in again and again until he felt his cum boiling in his balls.

Before Patrick filled Steph with his seed, he reached around to stroke her nub. At last, they came together in an explosion of sex.

He lifted her and turned her and carried her to bed.

Looking into her eyes he smiled and was grateful for doctors being on call. They shared one last drink and thought about the next chapter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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