The Awakening Ch. 01

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This is my first story, enjoy and let me know if you want more!


Ava and Brooke stared at each other. Brooke had just removed all of Ava’s clothes, it was her first time seeing her friend naked and she was not disappointed by what she saw.

Brooke and Ava had known another for a while, yet neither had thought that the other had feelings, until Ava, a sweet, tan sinned tomboy, stumbled across Brooke’s diary, and found a heated description of the things that her friend wanted to do to her. Despite her shy demeanor, Ava finally mustered the courage to kiss Brooke one day as they were laying on her bed listening to music, and now here they were.

Brooke made it quite clear that she wanted to be in charge. She started by having Ava lay down on the bed face up, resting on a nest of blankets, legs slightly splayed with her head resting on a pillow. The fairy lights in her dorm room cast shadows on her brown skin.

“I appreciate you so much, you know that?” Brooke spoke as she began unbuttoning her flannel, she could see the excitement in Ava’s eyes brown eyes when she saw the peak of black leather underneath.

“I know that this might bostancı escort be scary for you, but you have opened me up so much as a person, now I want to do the same thing for you sexually.” She continued, removing her pants to show the bottom of her crotchless one piece lingerie, “Now I want to thank you.”

Brooke sauntered over to the window, opening the shades and the window itself. As sunlight streamed in the room, a cool breeze entered with it, making Ava’s exposed nipples stand erect from her body. Brooke liked the sunlight and liked the idea of being ever so slightly exposed to the outside world, it excited her. Her whole body was tingling with anticipation, and her eyes never left her friend’s naked body as she slowly walked closer, finally leaning over Ava as she placed on cool hand on her warm arm, “I just need you to trust me if you’re sure you want to do this?”

Ava’s eyes were wide, but she smiled and responded: “Yes please.”

Brooke could feel herself getting wet just from looking at Ava’s body, her muscular thighs and arms, her long dark hair and her perky boobs. The soft curves of her büyükçekmece escort stomach and the arch of her lower back on the bed were accentuated in the daylight. Brooke threw a leg over Ava’s torso, then straddling her gently leaned over until their lips were a centimeter apart. Ava tried to raise a hand to entwine in Brooks long curls but Brooke quickly caught her wrist pinning It above her head. With her free hand, Brooke pushed her face to the side and started to nibble on her earlobe. A slight moan escaped from Ava’s lips as Brooke’s warm tongue slid down her neck.

“I wanted you for so long.” Whispered Ava as Brooke’s hair tickled her chest, “I…I.. have imagined this a lot of times.”

Brooke looked powerful above her, her pink, hard nipples pushing against her tight lingerie. Her auburn hair was pulled back behind one ear, and her dark eyes reflected back the sunlight. Brooke paused to look at Ava, then met her mouth with her lips, soft, warm and wet. As soon as Ava’s tongue was in her mouth, Brooke felt herself begin to grow more excited, “I’m tying you up.” She growled.

Once the handcuffs çekmeköy escort were on, Brooke flipped Ava onto her back and started lightly rubbing her body, feeling her strong shoulders, the small of her back and cupping her soft breasts. She felt Ava exhale as she stroked her thigh, “You like that?” She whispered in her ear. As she wrapped her hand into the hair at the nape of Ava’s neck, Brooke pulled her head back, slipping her tongue in Ava’s mouth. With her other hand, she pinched Ava’s nipple.

Ava moaned and writhed in the bed, but was able to muster the nod that Brooke was looking for. With her head pushed hard into the pillow, Ava could feel Brooke’s wetness on her leg, and her own wetness on the sheets. Instead of fingers, she was shocked to feel a cold sensation against her pussy, an ice cube between Brooke’s pink lips.

Brooke slowly let the ice cube rub against Ava’s thighs and labia before brushing her clitoris, and finally moving it inside of her.

Ava gasped, it hurt in a sharp, cold way, but the feeling excited her, especially as she felt Brook lick the water dripping from inside. Brooke’s warm mouth finally found its way, hard and urgent, against her smooth pussy and a loud moan escaped from Ava’s lips. Brooke’s tongue was thrusting inside of her, curling around the lips of her pussy and tasting her juices.

“You are going to make me come so fast.” Ava’s face was contorted in pleasure.

“Don’t worry, I’m not even close to done,” Brooke responded.

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