The Awe of Being a Hucow Ch. 08

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English translation by Pimanko.

Chapter 8 Stephanie’s First Production

The days passed at the Good Breast dairy. Stephanie, who had begun producing milk moved into the second phase, increasing production. Having recently succeeded in extracting a half-liter (about a pint) of milk, their objective was still to obtain three litres a day. For that, it was necessary to train the udders to augment the lobules and galactophorous ducts of the mammary glands. The farm therefore had a specific programme to induce their hucows to produce in quantity and quality.

This programme included milking sessions supplemented with periods of arousal and sexual satisfaction up to and including repeated and prolonged orgasms during the entire milking period while extracting the precious nourishing fluid.

It went without saying that what the hucows housed at the institution really appreciated about the programme was the constant cumming during the milking sessions. But what really brought them to seventh heaven were the hot nights they spent together. After three daily sessions of milking, and due to the aphrodisiacal additives, which they had ingested during their meals, they were under constant arousal. It incited them to play sexual games to which they devoted themselves in their rooms.

The dairy provided them with all sorts of sexual toys to satisfy their extremely charged libidos. In addition, each milking table had its own instruments of pleasure. Their use during milking stimulated milk production which the business furnished to its clients. The milk was rich and very nutritious. If you had never directly tasted breast milk while the woman who was furnishing it was in ecstasy, trying it, I would strongly recommend it as a satisfactory snack.

Today, Stephanie was totally nude, on all fours on one of these milking tables in Room 2, the beginners’ room, the room she had visited on the day of her professional visit in her capacity as a journalist. She remembered this room where she had met Sylvie, her bedroom mate, for the first time, now only a few days ago. She had not yet had the opportunity to get intimately acquainted with her but that would end soon. She just knew it! That little one attracted her enormously.

But in the meantime, her treatment had to continue to order to increase her production to make her become a true hucow. But her mind was split between the need to become a good hucow and that of returning to her old life. This antagonist ambivalence arose out of her love for her profession, journalism, and her love for her temptations and needs, which had become very pronounced in the presence of her companions, by the additives added to her food, by the thirst to discover new sexual pleasures and by the joy in experiencing extraordinary sensations.

Lea, who was responsible for this room, helped her install herself comfortably on the milking table. Stephanie was impatient because she had seen what Sylvie had experienced during her first meeting.

“Good, Stephanie, I’ll begin with an enema. We have to clean your insides so that we can insert different phalluses to help augment your production.”

Stephanie was impatient to begin the session. She wanted to feel its benefits, especially cumming ecstatically like Sylvie on the day when she had met her the first time. She never had an enema before and so wanted to see its effect.

Lea put on the rubber gloves. With some hydrating cream, she applied ointment to Stephanie’s anal hole. Then she stuck her finger into the orifice to lubricate the canal well. The finger oiled the entire interior wall.

Stephanie liked this intrusion. Then she felt a harder object penetrate her. It was long enough to penetrate deep into her rear channel. It was both bigger and longer than the thermometer her mother had used to insert to take her temperature when she was a little girl with a fever.

Then she felt the internal pressure of the enema solution flowing into her rectum. She had never felt such a thing before.

Lea kept her hand on her ass cheeks while injecting her with the enema solution. With her other hand, she massaged her clitoris by making circles around it. The effect was immediate. Stephanie began to feel her excitement build from her vagina to her udders. Her vaginal muscles contracted and relaxed in rhythm with the pressure that Lea’s finger was carefully exercising on her pleasure button, which hardened minute by minute. She began to pant.

Lea quickly noticed. She had the experience as the woman who was responsible for Room 2.

After about ten seconds, the injected liquid was abruptly sucked out. Stephanie shivered a little. The sensation was strange but not disagreeable. The procedure was repeated three times in a continuous and automatic fashion.

“Good, now you’re clean. You’re going to sit on this trestle which I’m putting between your thighs. It’s a Sybian-type masturbation device with a phallus for your sex and a vibrating rough surface for your clit. I’m going to help guide you so that it penetrates bursa escort deeply. Its shape was designed to titillate your G-spot. Its vibration will bring you to the edge of the precipice toward carnal pleasure, cumming and orgasm.”

Lea then guided Stephanie in inserting the dildo properly while holding her butt cheeks to better orient the instrument of pleasure. Stephanie felt the erotic toy slowly penetrate her. It was bigger and longer than the vibrator that she used at home. It completely filled her vagina and touched her uterus.

“Now we are going to tie your limbs to the milking table. It’s for safety reasons because, according to the manufacturer, hucows who cum on this type of Sybian might collapse and fall off the table.”

“But I didn’t see Sylvie tied to it when I was here the first time in this room.”

“That’s true, but she wasn’t tied to it because she never mounted this trestle. Do you remember? In fact, this trestle-dildo type of device is our newest acquisition. Claude brought it to us yesterday. You’re the first to make use of it.”


After tying Stephanie’s wrists and ankles to the hooks provided for this purpose under the milking table, Lea said:

“Good, now I’ll start the vibration function to verify that it’s placed correctly and in contact with your clitoris.”

Stephanie felt the vibration through the membrane of this appendage of pleasure and began to get hot. Lea slowly started up the sex machine to ensure that the object completely filled the internal volume of her vagina and that its vibrating membrane properly pressed against Stephanie’s labia, which she had carefully parted to free the hucow’s clitoris.

“Ah, it’s so good!”

“Does it feel okay?” she asked the ex-journalist.

“Yes, there are no problems. It’s bigger than the one I’m used to at home but it feels much nicer.”

“Wait. You’re going to like this even more. I’m going to complement it with this plug.”

She showed Stephanie a huge long pink curved plug.

“What! You want to stick that machine inside me? Where?”

“Well, in your anus. We have to make it bigger, open the entrance!”

“What for?”

“To complete your preparation before placing the suction pads on your udders. Don’t worry. You’ll like it. The plug pushes the vibrating dildo inside your vagina so that it touches the sensitive surfaces. I’ll do at it gently. The orifice is already lubricated and so will penetrate easily.”

She placed the tip of the plug on the anal hole and then, with small movements, she gradually pushed the entire device into the anus, which offered itself completely. She pressed a button on the touch control tablet. The plug inflated slowly.

“Oh,” cried Stephanie, “you’re going to burst my colon!”

“No, don’t worry. I’m going to make it vibrate now.”

Impaled on it, Stephanie felt the plug-associated membrane vibrate inside her anal channel. Lea placed her tablet cursor in the slow position to let the hucow get used to the new intrusion.

“Hmm, I feel in the deepest parts of my insides. I’m going to cum soon. Ah!”

“Good, but don’t be in a hurry. There’s a lot to be done.”

Lea headed toward a door behind Stephanie. The latter could not see who was about to enter. She heard some snatches of what Lea was telling the new arrival, but didn’t understand their conversation.

“Yes, there she is. She’s ready,” she finally heard.

Curious and half-immersed in her erotic cloud, Stephanie wondered who Lea was informing about her status. Was it Claudine?”

She heard approaching steps. She then saw men’s pants. Frightened, she lifted her eyes and saw Pierre, her former boss, smile broadly.

“Hello Stephanie. I see that you like the treatment Lea has made you undergo. I told you I would see you again.” He bent down and kissed the hucow on her forehead.

“What are doing here? Get me out of here. I want to go home.”

“No way, you know that’s not possible. You’re a hucow in our livestock now!”

“Our livestock?”

“And yes, I’m also a shareholder in business with Claude, who you’ve already met, and a charming lady, who the hucows here like to call the countess. She’s not really a noble and they don’t know her real name. She doesn’t want anyone to recognize her because she’s well-known in the media. Moreover, she’s eager to meet you. It won’t be long. Meanwhile, we need to increase your production. We have to keep working on your udders, you know! You’ve got all the qualities of becoming our best hucow. Your well-developed bosom needs it too, if you don’t want to suffer like a martyr.”

He took her two breasts, which hung freely under their own weight, in his hands weighing the enlarged glands by the volume of milk that they contained. He felt the weight of them, feeling them by pressing lightly in the middle of the glands.

“Look. See how they’ve grown. They are true udders ready to produce milk that we are going to sell at a good price. Now I’m going malatya escort to take care of you as I regularly do with new recruits. It adds to the ambiance! Afterward, she cannot do without and they ask me to come back to the dairy again.”

Placing his fingers on her areoles, he massaged the glands by exercising pressure on them while at the same time moving his fingers toward her elongated teats, which he stretched delicately while pinching them. This gesture stimulated her milk to flow toward her udders. Several drops oozed out.

“Ah, stop! You’re hurting me,” Stephanie protested.

“No, this is how we start production. This little motion causes the milk to run.”

He then took her left breast in his hand and massaged it gently sliding them from the base to the areole. He repeated the movement three times. He repeated the procedure on the right breast. A whitish fluid came out in small jets in fits and starts.

“It’s nice like that, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it relieves the pressure inside.”

After having massaged Stephanie’s teats several times, he took the milking machine’s suction cups that Lea had given him and put them on Stephanie’s udders. From her control tablet, Lea turned on the suctioning.

Stephanie felt her two elongated teats fit deeply into the suction cups. It aroused her more while, at the same time, they discharged small jets of milk. The suction enabled painless expression of the milk. The milking machines operation both excited Stephanie and at the same time gave her relief. After several minutes, the milk came out in sustained jets.

“Ah, I’m going to cum!”

‘And yes, that’s the idea,” said Pierre. “The more you cum, the more you are going to produce. Plentiful production is our goal. But wait before you cum. I’m going to make sure that everything’s in place so that you appreciate the orgasms you are going to feel even more.”

She looked at him questioningly.

He moved behind Stephanie to her exposed butt, equipped with a plug and a dildo which continued to vibrate in Stephanie’s lower body. He slowly withdrew the plug from the hucow’s anus. Its extraction caused a plopping sound that startled, Stephanie. She could hear it.

“Ah, no, let it be. I’m on the brink of an orgasm!” she pleaded.

“Wait a little later. You’ll like it. It’s your party,” Pierre replied.

Pierre looked at the hole that had been left open after the plug’s extraction. He put his finger at the orifice’s entrance. Following the contours of the open hole with it, he then gently inserted it inside to gage the sphincter’s response.

Looking at Lea, he said, “It’s a bit tight but it’ll do.”

“Yes,” answered Lea, “your fingering is always good for this kind of situation.”

Stephanie heard their conversation but couldn’t understand a word of what they meant. Pierre came back. Facing Stephanie, he pulled down the zipper of his pants. Lea got down on her knees in front of him and took out Pierre’s semi-erect cock. Then she brought her mouth toward it and avidly swallowed the semi-hard member. She licked it. She sucked it as if it were a child’s lollipop. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked. With her right hand around his member, she directed it to the back of her mouth and then pulled it out to pass her tongue on the blood-swollen gland. Its prepuce had retracted. She carried on this action for several minutes.

The image offered to Stephanie’s eyes increased her excitement. After a moment, Lea pulled out Pierre’s member, now completely erect. Both headed behind the young woman tied to the table whose butt was exposed. Dilated by the anal plug that had been inside her a few moments before, her anal orifice was open. Lea aligned the hardened member to the new hucow’s open whole.

“What are doing?” Stephanie asked.

“Shh,” Lea, who had moved to face Stephanie, shushed. “Take it easy. Let it go. You’ll like Pierre’s action. He’s the best of them all at satisfying a sodomized woman. You’re going to love it!”

“Sodomized? I don’t want that! No one has ever done that to me. I’m a virgin there. It might hurt me. I don’t want that!”

“Not at all,” Lea responded, “it doesn’t hurt. Let it happen. It’s like nirvana, a continuous exploding orgasm! Also, we got your hole ready for it. Relax. Take it easy. You’ll like it! Pierre is an expert in the matter. I personally assure you of it.”

Meanwhile, Pierre slowly brought his penis closer to her open orifice. It awaited the intrusion without resistance because the dilated sphincter had not yet closed enough to prevent the intruder from entering. Even if Stephanie succeeded in using all her strength to close ass cheeks, the sphincter would not react and would remain completely open.

As the channel was already well lubricated, Pierre’s glans easily penetrated the initial anal door. Stephanie wanted to move her rear end to prevent Pierre’s erect member from entering her anus, but Pierre took the young woman’s thighs with his hands ans then guided çanakkale escort his cock into her hole.

Lea, who was still standing in front of the young hucow, took her head in her hands. Stephanie pleaded with her eyes for her to prevent the intrusion. But Lea brought her lips closer to the suppliant’s and gave her a languorous kiss. Pierre took advantage of that moment to make small thrusts with his pelvis that made his glans penetrate more deeply into her back tunnel.

Panicking, Stephanie opened her eyes and let out some small grunts. “Humm, ugghh, hmm!”

Pierre kept pushing in deeper so that half of his cock was inside her. Then slowly, he manoeuvred his pelvis in such a way as to make his lower belly touch the sodomized hucow’s ass cheeks. He then began a small in-and-out movement in such a way that his penis penetrated all the way in and then retracted halfway out of Stephanie’s anus.

Lea, who finished kissing the young woman, caressed her ears while whispered, “It’s good, right? Now you’re going to know ultimate ecstasy with an orgasm you will never forget.”

In effect, the slow steady sliding motion of Pierre’s member in her anus, the vibration of the membrane on her clitoris, the pressure of the Sybian phallus on her G-spot, the suctioning on her nipples causing her to lactate in alternating jets. The entire combination of these sensations set off fireworks inside Stephanie who was undergoing a succession of powerful orgasmic explosion. It was something that she had never experienced before, the supreme ecstasy that every woman would want and should experience.

Stephanie cried, moaned and swore. So sublime was her pleasure. “Ah, you slut, it’s so good. Yes, again. Shit, again! Ah!”

It was not usual for her to swear, but this time, she could not control herself.

Pierre smiled.

She was experiencing powerful spasms. Her thighs were trembling uncontrollably. Her arms, which were also quivered and beginning to weaken. Lea held her by the shoulders and let her slide down onto her forearms, using the milking table and the still handcuffed wrists to support her.

Pierre held back for 20 minutes, letting the young woman experience her continuous orgasms. Stephanie’s entire body shook with pleasure. She mooed continuously and full-throatedly.

Lea, who was still in front of her, stroked her cheeks, rubbed her ears and smoothed her hair. In one fell swoop, Stephanie started to sob softly. Tears flowed from her eyes and down her cheeks. Familiar with this totally natural reaction of a woman overcome by the ultimate climax, Lea put her hands on her eyes and cheeks to dry off her large tears.

Stephanie sobbed loudly. “Boo-hoo, boo-hoo.”

“Yes, my dear, cry. It’ll do you good. They are the tears of joy.”

Stephanie’s entire body had been taken over by uncontrollable spasms and shivers. As for Pierre, he ejaculated inside the hucow’s hot anus. The latter felt his seminal fluid invade her and began to cry even more strongly. Pierre had continued his in-and-out movement. Stephanie felt the vertical jolts of his cock as it poured powerful jets of sperm into her colon.

After a few minutes, Pierre withdrew his sex from the hucow’s anus and put it on Stephanie’s butt crack to wipe off the last drops of his sperm. Stephanie collapsed completely on the milking table. Her body remained under the influence of the spasms for another good five minutes.

Lea put her hands on her back and stroked her shoulders. Her hands travelled along her spine toward her butt cheeks, ending when they reached the open hole of her anus. She then put in a refreshing cream by sticking her index finger into the anal channel bypassing the dilated opening. Then, touching the control tablet, she stopped the milking machine and the vibrating trestle.

She bent down to lift the milk container. “Very good, 1.2 litres. You’ve made progress. Congratulations!”

Alas, Stephanie did not hear the compliments because she was still in her second state ecstasy. He sobs had subsided but she was still undergoing involuntary, spaced-out muscular trembling. Her body was totally wet with sweat due to her continuous cumming. She was exhausted.

“Good, let’s take her back to her room,” Lea said.

Pierre helped Lea with the hucow who was lost still in her cloud.

On the way, they met Claudine who asked, “And?”

“She produced 1.2 litres of milk,” answered Lea.

“Excellent,” said Claudine, “and how did the rest go?”

“She experienced her first double-penetration, one with a human cock, the other with a synthetic phallus. It was her first sodomy.”

I think she liked it,” responded Pierre.

“Good,” said Claudine, “I’m going to take your place now, Pierre. We’re going to take this beautiful fulfilled hucow back to bed.

The two women supported Stephanie and took her to her room. They put her on the bed, put on a diaper and a latex panty for the night, and attached the suction cups on her turgid and reddened nipples for the milking machine to do its work. They left the room leaving on a night light on for the night-time camera control.

Stephanie curled up her legs into a foetal position and began to sob for joy again. Each cell of her body vibrated with happiness. She was a satisfied woman. She had finally experienced the ultimate orgasm, ecstasy at its most extreme.

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