The Best Girls Night Out

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“To the best girls night out we ever had!” In unison we raised our wine glasses. “And to being best friends for life!” Catherine continued to yell in her excitement. None of us cared, though. Everyone was in the mood for a good time. We were black and single women in our early 30s having our first night out together in six months. Tonight was our time for getting drunk and having fun. Gina, Catherine, Stacie and I have been best friends since high school. Each of us has very demanding jobs so a night like this is rare. So, to us it was special. Gina was able to get a limousine from her father for the evening and the four of us spent a lot of our cellphone minutes talking about what we would wear. Our final clothing decision? Skin-tight, breast showing mini-dresses with matching color thongs. Somehow I ended up wearing dark yellow while Gina had red, Stacie wore black, and Catherine chose purple. A little high schoolish, but we didn’t care.

“Where should we go first, ladies?” I said trying to adjust myself to avoid sticking to the limo’s leather interior and not spill my drink at the same time.

“How about a strip club?” Stacie practically yelled as she poured herself another glass of wine. The rest of us looked at each other as if we were telepathic and smiled as if we reached a mutual decision.

Finally, Catherine broke our two-minute silence, “Sure. Why not? Sounds like fun. Anyhow, it might be good for LaDonna’s non-exciting sex life.”

“What the fuck does that mean?” I gave her a hard elbow nudge in her side as I watched Gina and Stacie hide their laughs while covering their mouths.

“Damn, girl!” she rubbed her side and sipped the last drop of her wine, “I was just jokin’ with your ass.”

“Uh huh.” Giving her a semi-smile.

“So, let’s go to Randell’s.” We looked at Stacie as if we were searching her face for a pimple. See Randell’s is considered to be raunchy. It is known to allow open sex acts among the dancers and patrons, which is also illegal. I always wondered why they never closed down the place, but rumor has it that the local police that patrol the neighborhood are dirty and get benefits to look the other way. What those benefits are I have no idea. Either way the idea of watching a live porno show was not my idea of fun at the time. Stacie continued, “Come on, ladies! It’ll be fun.”

“Don’t we need a man to go with us?” Catherine asked.

“I think so, but we can ask David to go in with us. Hey, David!” Stacie tapped on the window that separated us from our driver. He slowly rolled the window down and glanced in the mirror. “We want to go to Randell’s. Would you like to go in with us? They do require women to go in with a man, right?”

David was very attractive. Smooth dark skin with green eyes that would make any woman melt. He was average height with a muscular body. I have had a crush on him ever since he started working for Gina’s father 6 months ago.

In his semi-deep voice and one eyebrow raised at us he said calmly, “Yeah, they require women to go in with a man. I don’t mind going in with you ladies, but why Randell’s of all places? That place is nothing more than a whorehouse with a so-called fancy name. You women are way too sophisticated for that. Plenty of nice strip club you can go to.”

“Just curiosity, I suppose.” Stacie answered back.

“Okay, then. We aren’t far from there. Be there in a sec.” He rolled the window back up.

We arrived before any of us could sit properly in our seats. As we got out of the limo we looked at the building surprised at how nice it looked. Not at all what we expected. Somehow, it got us all back haramidere escort into a good mood as we walked in even more amazed. Neon blue likes, tables nicely decorated everywhere, and a large runway stage with tiny bright lights that decorated its edges. We were like high school boys who were seeing their first naked woman in a Playboy magazine. Even commented on the noticeable fact that we weren’t the only female group with the strip club idea.

As we found ourselves a table I watched the current dancer on stage. Wasn’t what you would call drop-dead gorgeous, but she was no doubt attractive. Dark skin, cat-like eyes, full lips, straight hair that reached her shoulders, athletic build, and an ass that made mine seem very small. The way she danced made me have sudden feelings I never had before towards another female.

“A round of drinks, everyone?” Stacie yelled as she danced in her seat. “What would you like, David, since you’re still on duty?”

“Coke is fine since I have to keep my eyes on you four ladies.” Giving a somewhat sly smile looking over my shoulder at the dancer.

The five of us just looked around the room. Smiling, dancing in our seats, and drinking our poison of choice. All we saw were men drooling while they watched the stage and others getting lap dances. Those close the stage filled the dancers garters with bills and screaming for more action.

It was obvious David felt a little uncomfortable being there with us by the way he sat there with his hands under the table. Like a little child who was in the corner for bad behavior. I suppose I wasn’t the only one who noticed because immediately Gina held one hand on the table and gave him a kiss on the check, “Have some fun, Boo. I won’t tell Daddy you were a bad boy.” She winked, “What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.” He smiled back and got in the rhythm of the music, yet still trying to hold his composure.

After two hours of naked women, uncountable rounds of alcohol, and thunderous music none of us cared anymore what sexual acts were and might take place. The four of us talked about the old days and our past relationship. To David’s surprise he learned that we all had our own freaky wild side. How Catherine and Gina at one time had their first lesbian encounter with each other, how Stacie did a porno movie when she was 22, and how I was into Softcore BDSM. After hearing all of that David excused himself from the table. Obviously because he was physically excited by the whole experience.

As David left our table, Gina and Stacie sat there suddenly with their mouth wide open. Catherine and I quickly turned around to see what was going on. There on the stage was the dancer I had admired earlier sitting as she had an imaginary chair under her and a black male with his face between her legs. She had one hand on the pole and the other grabbing a handful of hair. The men gathered around to watch but her legs held his head in place obstructing their view. Her ass jiggled as she fucked his face. Then without hesitation he grabbed her thighs and pushed her down to the stage. Even from where I was sitting you could see a little bit of her clit, as he liked it like a cat having a bowl of milk. He held her legs open and it was more than obvious his fingers were fucking her at the same time. The music was drowning out her moans. The whole scene was making me wet and I could tell I wasn’t the only one as I glanced over at Catherine. She was sitting there fingering herself under the table as she watched. Stopped the moment she noticed me looking. Actually, I found it be a very big turn on. Maybe it içerenköy escort was the alcohol talking.

We continued to watch this display. She held his face tight as she grounded her pussy into it hard. Dollar bills filled the stage around her. Then another man got on stage and knelt over her with his dick in hand. Holding the back of her head he forced his 7 inches into her mouth and fucked it hard.

I think I was about to explode at that very moment, but was pulled away as I heard David’s voice behind me, “Ummmmm, ladies. You don’t mind if we leave now? Just a bit too much for a man like me with the four of you.” His face was sweating and nervous looking. We all looked at each other with blank faces.

“Sure. Come on, ladies! Time for a brand new playground.” Catherine stated quickly grabbing her purse from the chair. The rest of us immediately followed, however, not without taking one last look at the stage. The doorway gave us a perfect view of the dancer taking on two men and every private part involved.

Once in the limo we sat there in silence. All with smiles on our faces. My heart was beating fast and loud in my own ears. Couldn’t even hear David speak to us on the intercom, “Where to now?”

Gina was the first to move by grabbing a full cold bottle of wine from the mini bar, “Can you just drive around for a little while, David?”

“Sure. No problem.”

Quickly, we all grabbed our glasses from the drink holders and watched Gina pour the wine. Then in unison, “That was da bomb!” and tipped our glasses in the center of the limo.

“You know. At first I didn’t think I would have fun, but it wasn’t bad at all.” I said taking a small sip and leaning back.

“Man, it’s hot in here don’t you guys think? Let’s get some air in here.” Gina opened the sunroof and slowly tried to stand up on the seat to look out. The rest of us laughed and watched her.

“I had a lot of fun, too.” Catherine slowly sipped her wine and watched Gina from the edge of her glass. Her free hand began to rub Gina’s long, smooth legs. She didn’t push her away. Just stood there with her head out of our view. Catherine continued to massage her calves and worked her way up to her thighs. She places her empty glass back into the holder and moved closer to begin kissing Gina’s inner thigh as the wind blew her skirt up slightly. Stacie and I just looked with major interest and curiosity. We could here Gina give a slight moan as Catherine’s kisses moved closer to her thong. The she stopped and looked at us, “Am I making you two uncomfortable?” she winked at me.

“No. As drunk as I am I don’t give damn what you two do.” I winked back and held up my glass.

With that approval Catherine didn’t hesitate to hold up Gina’s skirt and began running her tongue against her covered pussy. I could se her clit bulging through her thong. Catherine tugged at it then returned to lick her lips. Gina’s moaned became louder. She began to rub her bare ass with one hand and move her thongs aside exposing Gina’s glistening pussy with the other. I could hear Catherine slurping her juices and it made my entire pussy tingle.

Not realizing it until that moment, Stacie was sitting across from me with panties off, legs open and two fingers inside herself. Her eyes were closed and her other hand pinched her hardened breast. She looked so attractive to me then and I wanted to suddenly make her moan too.

Gina came back into the car and leaned back. Catherine pulled off her thong while she continued to lick her pussy. Once they were completely off Catherine opened her legs innovia escort and sat up to enjoy the view as her two fingers slammed into Gina. She looked over at me and smiled. I smiled back as my own juices slowly flowed down my legs. Watching the three of them was exciting me beyond belief. Wanting to join them yet slightly scared.

“Oh, Cat!” pumping her pussy to Catherine’s fingers hard and fast, Gina began pinching her nipples and biting her lower lips.

Stacie sat up rubbing just the inner area of her pussy lips. It was all there for me to see and I liked it. How wet and pink they looked with a big clit. I wanted it. She knew it as she gave me that look of “Come and get it!” I could see Catherine smile from the corner of my eye as she bent down and flicked Gina’s clit fast. Stacie looked on, too. Then without warning Stacie bent over and kissed me. She had such soft lips that made me melt.

I closed my eyes and tasted the alcohol from her tongue. My clit began to throb. “Mmmmm” escaped both of us. Her hand held my breast and the palm ran across my nipples. I could feel her hand run against my juice soaked panties. I opened my legs wide to invite her in and she did just that. Before I realized it two fingers were fucking me deep. I moaned louder. I could hear how wet I was the harder I pumped my pussy for more.

The limo started to rock slightly as Catherine’s pussy eating got faster. Both of them moaning loudly. “Fuck, Cat! Oh, Fuck!” Gina screamed.

With an obvious mouthful of Gina’s clit, “Cum for me, baby.”

Stacie was now kissing and sucking my nipples. I held her head close to them then pushed my skirt up to my waist. Without hesitation she moved down and sucked my throbbing clit. That was almost enough to send me over the edge, but I held back. With my eyes opened I watched her looking up at me and licking my pussy hungrily, “Like this don’t you?”

“Yessssssssss.” I said out of breath

“Mmmmm” her mouth held my clit tight while her tongue flicked across it fast.

Catherine then held my nipples in the same fashion. I looked over to see her bent over on the seat. Ass exposed in the air and Gina behind her. Two fingers slammed into her ass while Gina’s buried herself underneath. My body began to shake violently and I could feel myself cumming. Stacie held my legs open tight. She began to suck out every drop of cum juice I gave her. Catherine kissed me covering up my scream. She began to shake too.

Stacie then returned to her seat as soon as she figured my orgasm was over and watched Gina eating Catherine from behind. I had a new found courage and bent over forcing her legs open. With my entire mouth I sucked her pussy lips then ran my tongue to her swollen clit. I could feel it throbbing with each touch. She tasted sweet despite the slight musty smell, which made me wet all over again. Her hands grabbed my hair tight and I began to finger her pussy with extreme force. She moaned and slammed herself into my face with the same rhythm.

“Donna, more! Fuck! Oh, fuck!” she screamed. I knew she was getting close. Placing a third finger in her I sucked her clit like a straw and flicked my tongue over it fast than I thought I ever could.

All at once, Catherine and Stacie screamed, “Aaaaagh!” my mouth was suddenly filled with what seemed like flavored water. I enjoyed it and licked in search for more.

After a few more licks and moans we all returned to our seats. We looked at each other panting and smiling. Catherine picked up her glass and noticed it was empty, “Well, where to now, my friends?”

Gina grabbed the wine bottle, “How about my house? I could use a relaxing hot tub and company right now.”

Once our glasses were refilled and we straightened ourselves up in unison we made a toast, “To the best girls night out ever!”

“And to even better best friends for life!” I sipped my wine and smiled.

We all just laughed and looked forward to the rest of our evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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