The Bet Ch. 03

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We bet big. To the winner, anything goes for the weekend and the loser must comply. I thought I had it in the bag, but she won. And now I had no hair, the hard way. Except for my head, she waxed me stem to stern Friday night. This morning, she dressed me in sexy lingerie and gave me a world class handjob. Lilla had plans.

After an early dinner Lilla called me upstairs. A pretty woman briefly caught my eye as I passed the foyer mirror and strutted up the stairs in my 3 inch pumps, sexy green lacy top, deep plum hair and dangly earrings swaying with my movements, the hem of my flippy black dress snapping smartly with my steps.

I entered the bedroom and Lilla said, “Hey love bug, let me get this wig off you, then I want you to take a shower and shave real good. Oh, and make sure you use those Fleet thingies I left out for you. Chop, chop, lambkins.”

I did all that, got squeaky clean, inside and out. When I came back into the bedroom Lilla pointed at the bed. “Okay, tootsie, I have some more dainties for you. You’re gonna love these,” she gushed. “Look, baby, here’s a lace half jacket and half slip from Frederick’s, your new favorite store. I love the lace bra with the sheer sleeves. Ooh, and the lace half slip. Don’t you love the wide solid border on the bottom?”

“Sure,” I muttered.

“Oh, I know you do-oo. So put it on, sweets. And put on these scalloped topped thigh highs. I got ’em long ’cause I wanted ’em way up there on you. Maybe the boys’ll rub against them. Wouldn’t that feel great?” she teased. “And you’re really gonna love these, baby. Put them on and follow me.”

Besides the lingerie, Lilla left me black 5 inch fuck me pumps. Very pointy closed toe, no sides, stiletto heels, ankle straps. I put them on, held onto whatever I could grab and wobbled my way to the bathroom vanity.

In the mirror I saw myself wearing a black sheer half-jacket attached to a black lacy bra. The “jacket” sat a couple of inches over the tops of my shoulders and the sheer sleeves flared at mid-forearm where the material changed to lace. I had to admit it was sexy. Bare skin below the bra, the black half slip, skirt-like, about a foot in length, half lace, half microfibre, set low on my hips just above my cock. Long, sexy legs with sheer black thigh highs rising up to my crotch. I was slim and in pretty good shape so, surprisingly, the look wasn’t bad.

“Okay, honey bunny, quit admiring your sexy self and turn this way. She sat me down and made me up. Again. All the subtle shades and touches she had used before on my already androgynous looks, hiding masculinity and emphasizing femininity. Lilla did something with my eyebrows and eyelashes, a light touch with smoky eye shadow, lipstick then other magic to bring out my cheekbones. The tasteful dangly earrings that twinkled. A black lace choker. And that dazzling deep plum wig with highlights that simply sparkled in the light.

I looked at myself in the mirror, slender, flat tummy, skimpy lingerie, actually attractive, and thought, “How can I look like this. I’m a man for cryin’ out loud.”

Lilla gaped at me, softly said, “Frickin’ unbelievable. Tomorrow’s gonna be outfuckinstanding.”

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing, baby. How about you go downstairs and get some more champagne for us.”

When I finally, unsteadily, got back to the bedroom, dressed in my skimpy black lingerie, 5 inch fuck me pumps and sporting a semi-hardon, from the friction I told myself, Lilla was on the bed reclining against the headboard in her blue silk robe, black sheer stockings and shoes similar to mine.

“Hey baby, welcome back,” she said in a sultry voice, patted the bed.

“Cheers baby,” She said as I stretched out next to her. She put her arm around me, smiled warmly at me in my sexy outfit and dazzling purple hair. We clinked glasses and sipped champagne. “You look absolutely fabulous, baby. I’m amazed. What’s it feel like to be such a hot little number?”

“I don’t know, Lilla, kind of weird. At first I didn’t want denizli escort to, but here with you it’s okay, I guess. I mean, if this does it for you, then I’ll do it.”

“Oh, it do. But don’t you feel sexy, baby? Doesn’t it turn you on, tent your skirt a little, hmm?

“I guess, some. I didn’t expect that. Brings out different feelings, you know? And when I passed the mirror downstairs I did a double take. It’s weird.”

“Mmm, you’re gorgeous, baby. I’m gonna bring out all kinds of feelings in you, pumpkin.”

I sipped champagne and Lilla took my glass, put both on the bedside table. She put her arm back around me and pulled me to her for a kiss. Softly, lips brushing, she nibbled and bit my lips. She pulled away slightly and looked at me, smiled sweetly and kissed me again, lips parted and tongues caressed.

Breathing a little heavier when we broke, Lilla said, “Baby, you know how I love your mouth. Are you gonna be good to me, use your mouth on me?”

“Mmm, yeah baby, I’ll use my mouth on you,” I said and leaned in for another kiss.

“Take off my robe, sugar lips,” Lilla said with a small smile.

I untied the front and slipped the robe down her shoulders. She leaned forward slightly to let me pull it away from her. She had on the wide garter belt I wore earlier today, a matching black lace bra, and something else.

“Surprise, baby. How do you like our new toy? I love this thing! It’s got a wire inside so I can adjust the angle of the dangle. Isn’t that what you guys say? It also has a curvy part that goes inside of me and it fits perfectly along my little pleasure zone. Ooh, and get this, it comes apart so I can just use the fucky end on you,” she said and snuggled against me. “It’s awesome, peanut butter. It’s a win-win strap-on, baby. Here, touch it.”

Lilla pulled my hand to her strap-on and I gently touched it, causing her to squirm slightly. It was flesh toned and felt silky soft. The thin outer cover moved slightly over whatever firm spongy material was underneath. It was both soft and hard. It was a state of the art dick.

“Wow, that’s pretty realistic. Where’d you get it?”

“That’s right, baby, it’s very realistic. I got it online, lover. They have all kinds of cool stuff on that site,” Lilla said with a gleam in her eye. “Okay dollface, you know what to do, you promised, remember?”

Sighing with resignation, I moved to my side, on my elbow, leaned down took her into my mouth. I moved my head up and down some, tried not to scrape her with my teeth.

“Mmm, that’s nice lover. I can feel it. This is gonna be good, baby. You’re doing great.”

I continued my efforts, taking a little more of her in, my plum colored hair and dangly earrings flowing and swaying some. I felt so feminine. As I sucked Lilla, she talked.

“Mmm, So nice, baby, don’t stop. That’s good. Does my cock seem familiar, baby? Do you recognize it?”

“What?” I wondered.

“You should, you’re sucking your own cock, baby, the one I made from you this morning. Isn’t that horny?”

A vague anxiety surfaced. I felt my cock move slightly.

“Sucking your own cock because you can. Isn’t that the punchline, baby? Mmm, now you know why I like your cock so much, why I like to suck it. Doesn’t it feel good in your mouth, baby? Makes you stretch wide for it, doesn’t it. But not too much. Not too big, not too little, it’s just right. Oh! That felt nice, baby, keep going.”

“I’m gonna teach you to deep throat our cock, baby. Just like I do. Are you ready? Are you ready to learn to take me all the way? To feel what I feel?” She stroked the back of my pretty purple hair as I rose and fell on her stiff spongy cock.

I moaned with a perverse pleasure.

Lilla slid down and lay flat on the bed. “Here, move around this way.” She moved me so I was sort of lying across her stomach, facing her cock. Okay baby, tilt your head back a bit to straighten your neck some. Now extend your tongue just past your lower lip. That’s right, sexy. Flatten the back of your tongue like you have a tongue depressor back there. Okay, baby, now force your throat open like you’re yawning. That’ll help counter antalya escort that nasty gag reflex.”

I did as she said, feeling the dildo penetrate deeper into my mouth. I got a little anxious.

“That’s right, baby, you’re doing fine,” she said gently. “Oh, that feels good. Take a deep breath and slowly slide me in.”

I started to gag a little.

“Hold me there, baby, don’t move. Good, baby, that’s good. Now back off and do it again. Mmm, the movement feels good in me. You’re gonna blow me until I come, baby. Alright, do it again, keep on taking me deep and holding, then pulling back.”

I followed Lilla’s instructions. Took the head to my gag point and held it for as long as I could, over and over, deep in, hold, and back out.

“Okay, baby, show time. Go deep, and at that point push your tongue out a little further, then pull it back in, pulling me deeper. Go ahead, baby, you can do it. If I can take your cock deep, so can you.”

I tried for her. I found the urge to gag was fading. A few more times and I was going to try to deep throat Lilla. She was moaning a little. Somehow I knew she was playing with her nipples. I found myself wanting to make her come this way.

I was practically drooling. With a practiced move I tucked my dazzling deep purple hair behind my ear, felt and heard the sexy whisper of nylon as I shifted, saw the flared lace sleeve and my long light burgundy nails as my hand held her cock. I pushed my tongue out a bit and used it to help draw her deeper and suddenly I was at the base. She was all the way down. I was a little anxious, but I held still and my eyes teared some. I eased her out and breathed. Back down. On and on, it got easier. My rhythm increased. I heard Lilla gasp and moan as I took her in. I deep throated her. It shocked me that I could do it that easily. I worked her faster, not as deep now, heard her soft sounds and quick breathing. Jerked her with my hand some, went back down on her.

“Yeah, baby, don’t stop, oh, that’s it, oh god, oh, oh, ohhhh.” Urgent sharp cries and with a long groan she sat halfway up, her back arched, head back, before collapsing to the bed, sighing.

I slid back up beside her, my lips fuller than before.

“Oh baby, you have a talent there. God, I came so hard. Whew. This thing is a wonder! Okay, baby, your turn,” she said and rolled over to kiss me. She had me on my back, hands fluttering over me, caressing me, making me eager for more of her touch.

“On your knees, baby.”

I rolled onto my stomach raised up onto my hands and knees, ankles extended, toes to the footboard. My rich, deep purple hair framed my face and I felt the downward tug of my dangling earrings.

Lilla moved behind me. “Spread yourself, sweet cheeks. Like I do for you.”

I flipped my hair, lowered my cheek to the bed, my back arched seductively, and reached back under my lacey skirt. I spread myself open for her. I felt so lewd, so slutty. I was so hard.

Nothing for a time. I was anxious, wanted her to start it. The bed shifted, she flipped up my skirt, commenting on how feminine and sexy it was. I felt her soft, hot breath and it jolted me. My eyes were closed. I felt a soft, moist rasping across my rear opening. I gasped. So intimate, being licked there by my Lilla, on that little crinkled hole. Holding myself wide with light burgundy nails, dressed in my sexy lingerie and stunning dark purple wig, Lilla licked me.

Lilla kissed me there, milked me at times, licked me, made me swoon. Then her tongue was in me, pointy, firm, penetrating me. I thought, “Oh god, she’s tongue fucking me.” The pleasure was intense, the nerves so, so sensitive back there. On and on she licked me and milked me, forever. Finally she pulled away.

“Hey baby, you got the sweetest little ass there,” she giggled. “I’m going to open you up more now. I’ll be gentle since you’re not a slut yet.”

I felt cold slickness on my opening, pressure, and a slender finger gently pushed into me. It felt so big. She grazed my prostate and I flinched and gasped with the pleasure. Slowly, another finger, then another, gently but firmly rocking in and out of me.

“It’s izmir escort time, baby,” Liz said softly. I felt the bed shift, more cold slickness and then a thick dull pressure at my opening. She slowly leaned into me and I breathed quicker, through my nose, my lips pressed together.

Slowly, slowly, the first ring yielded, and I gasped, clenched my eyes and held my breath.

Slowly, slowly, Lilla broke through and held, knowing I needed stillness for a time. She’d prepared me well and it didn’t hurt, just pressure and fullness.

“It’s okay, baby, don’t worry. I’m gonna fuck you good,” she said softly, lovingly.

She began slowly, slid deep into me and I felt her body flush against me. Slowly in and out of me, an immeasurable fullness.

I lay there, on my knees, head down with my cheek on the mattress, dazzling purple hair now covering my face, holding myself open for Lilla with long light burgundy nails. She moved back and forth in me with long, slow, deep strokes. I couldn’t help letting go and folded my arms above my head. I realized I was rocking back a little, to meet Lilla’s gentle thrusts. She felt so big in me. The sensitive nerves back there firing endlessly, blissfully. It felt so, so good, especially that spot, when she passed that spot.

“Mmm, that’s it. That’s right, baby, push back, let me know you like it.” I rose to my elbows. I gripped the sheet for leverage and moved back against Lilla. Eyes closed, I pushed back. I fucked her back. My gorgeous purple hair and dangly earrings snapped with our thrusts.

I felt it start from deep inside. I felt something building inside me that demanded Lilla go harder, faster. Lilla slapped against me, moving faster, a steady pace.

She slowed, pulled out and moved me to my back. I slung my hair out of my face, felt my earrings downpull. I threw my legs up and back like an eager slut so Lilla could get to me, get back inside me because I needed her there.

Over me, face full of love and lust, Lilla knew my need. She fucked me hard, knew that desperate need and kept at it. I spread wider, pleaded, “Oh god, baby, don’t stop.”

Lilla drove into me, her sweat dropped to my chest, splashes of darkness on my black lace bra. Lilla made small grunts as she fucked me fast and hard. My neck arched, eyes closed, building toward that moment, that singular moment where nothing else exists.

“More, harder, faster,” I uttered in a husky voice.

My legs up and wide, toes pointed to the ceiling and trying to curl inside my 5 inch fuck me pumps. Lilla grunted and pounded against me. My breathing ragged gulps of air.

I laced my hands behind her neck, pulled her in and jammed my tongue in her mouth. I wanted her deeper and used my legs and heels to pull her in tight, then threw my legs back high and wide so she could give me long, hard, fast strokes. I rocked my hips on her cock with the need building inside of me.

“Please baby,” I begged into her mouth.

Lilla drove into me again and again, on and on until I heard her cry out and then the world vanished and I shuddered. From my core bands of rapture blew outward and my whole body shuddered and shuddered and shuddered, the pleasure so extreme.

When I finally returned, became aware if my surroundings, Lilla, still in me, lay on my chest.

“Oh god, baby, oh my god,” I barely got out.

“It’s okay lover, don’t say anything. I love you, baby. Take your time. You came hard, baby, I made you come.”

Lilla pulled gently out of me, took off the strap-on, snuggled next to me, said, “Mmm, that was nice, baby. You really took to that, didn’t you, getting done with your own dick.” She rose and took off her bra as she straddled my face, said, “Lick me, baby, use your mouth on me. You promised.”

I pulled her to me and licked her sweetness. I chewed her hairless lips, her clit, kissed her, and licked her. She looked so beautiful above me, head down, then back as she worked her nipples hard.

Using her wetness I worked a finger into her rear and she hissed, “Yes.” With one hand twisting a nipple Lilla reached behind my head, pulled me into her hard and I heard her growing moan crescendo and felt her spasms on my tongue.

After resting on my chest for a moment catching her breath, Lilla lay down beside me. “Oh my GOD baby, that was spectacular! Whew, permission granted to do that anytime. Okay, let’s get some sleep, buttercup. Tomorrow’s gonna be a big day.”

“Uh oh,” I thought as I turned off the light.


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