The Birthing Cocoon

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It had been months since I’d received and enjoyed my “I’m having a baby!” simulation kit. After much contemplation, and after reading about the most popular kits made by Birthing Simulator Kit Incorporated, I was most intrigued by the Birthing Cocoon. The website said very little about it except that it involved sensory deprivation and that it was not for the faint of heart. This sold me!

The fee provided disposable materials as well as the rental and delivery of a machine. Within hours of placing the order, I received a phone call arranging delivery of the machine in only 2 days time: noon on Thursday.

I was slightly embarrassed when the delivery people arrived to set it up. However, I got the impression that they didn’t even know what it was. I claimed I didn’t know either and said it was something my roommate ordered. They didn’t need to know I didn’t have a roommate.

Anyway, I had hoped they would set it up in the basement, but when I mentioned this, the main guy hesitated, dramatically stretched his back and winced. I knew he didn’t want to carry it down the stairs, and I didn’t blame him. He told me most people set them up in the garage. So I reluctantly conceded.

Once they left, I wasted no time studying the instructions, which were dramatically less detailed than my previous kit. It said I should not eat for at least 12 hours before. Fortunately, I hadn’t eaten since dinner the night before, and I was so excited about the delivery that I skipped breakfast that day too.

The instructions also said I would need to dedicate 3-4 days to the process. “Three to four days?!!” I said to myself. “There goes my long weekend!” In all honesty, I was ok with that. I had no plans anyway and could use some time to just blank out and decompress.

The machine consisted of a narrow banana-shaped “cocoon” that was attached on either end, hammock-style, to something like large circuit breaker boxes. Tubes and wires fed into the cocoon through both ends. The cocoon was centered in a plexiglass container with the metal boxes outside the plexiglass. I plugged in the machine and attached my garden hose where directed, turning it on to full power. The machine took over, filling the water several inches to preheat, and stopping automatically when it reached the predetermined depth of 18 inches.

As this processed, I went to my room to prepare myself. I removed all my clothes, made a quick trip to the bathroom, then dressed in the body harness as the diagram instructed. I inserted a small, somewhat ridged hose into my vagina. The instructions stressed it should be fed in as deep as possible and then attached to a clasp on my harness. Next, a smaller device was attached to the harness. It firmly pressed against my clit and I knew what its function would be. I was giddy with anticipation! Strangely, my least favorite part of the preparation was inserting a tiny feeding hose into my nose and far down my throat. I struggled several times but eventually got it in place. After attaching the slack to the harness around my neck, I was free to wipe the tears from my eyes I’d created while gagging. A band went around my upper chest to monitor my breathing. And sticky circles with wires were placed on various parts of my chest to monitor my heart. This felt serious!

The time had come to step into the cocoon. I was SO excited. I had no idea what to expect, but I knew I would love it. For some reason, I don’t know if I was feeling bashful or if I was just cold, but I made my way to the garage wearing my bathrobe. I unzipped the cocoon, stepped across the water and into the center. Then I slipped off my robe, dropping it on the floor beside the machine, and sat down. For the next steps, I attached the small ridged tube to a connector that ran through the cocoon past my feet and to the metal box outside the tank. Then I slid down a bit and slipped my feet through fabric loops. Next, I did the same with my feeding tube, and heart and breath monitors, connecting them to lines that ran the opposite end of the cocoon, above my head.

I attached the darkening mask to the tube that would give me oxygen and ventilation. My heart was racing by this time. Finally, I pulled the mask completely over my head and fastened it securely around my neck.

I zipped up the watertight cocoon as I laid back. I could feel the warmth of the water outside the material and it comforted me.

Suddenly, I heard a voice. There must have been speakers inside the hood and I heard a prerecorded greeting. The female voice with a lovely English accent said “Welcome to The Birthing Cocoon. adana escort Your experience will begin shortly. Please insert your arms into the inner sleeves then relax and enjoy.”. I felt around until I found some folds of material near my shoulders. The sleeves she spoke of ran comfortably alongside my body. I reached deep inside and felt fabric loops similar to the ones I put my feet through. I put my hands through them and relaxed.

“Thank you.” The voice said. At that, my heart jumped as I felt the machine moving me into position. The material around my wrists and ankles was sinched firmly and the slack was withdrawn from all the tubing. I was all at once thrilled and terrified to be this machines’ prisoner. I even felt myself getting wet.

I heard the water start again and observed a slight floating sensation as the tank became fuller. As the water filled the tank, the weight of it caused the cocoon to hug me snugly. Especially with the mask over my face, I began to feel claustrophobic. “I need to work through this,” I whispered to myself. Air was pumped into the mask, causing it to pull away from my face, and I relaxed slightly. Soon I became aware that I was completely underwater. The power controlling the water then stopped.

Silence. Stillness. Minutes passed. I was anxious for something to happen. Nothing. My mind began to race through possibilities. What could be taking so long? More time passed. I assessed my condition. I was completely restrained by my self-inflicted prison. I could barely move and there was definitely no way I could release myself in the event of an emergency. My heart began to race as I imagined the worst. More time passed. I continued to get nervous. Why wasn’t anything happening?!? Then I began to calm myself with some logic: if the thing were broken, I wouldn’t continue to get oxygen. Also, I could feel the water continuing to gently warm me. I relaxed. I focused on the delicate way the cocoon supported me, protected me. I closed my eyes and appreciated the way the warm water hugged me. I listened to my slowing breath and relaxed further, soon falling asleep.

Something was different. I felt bubbles and movement of the water. I quickly realized I was the cause. Moving my spine forward and back in repetition, I was making myself swim through the darkness. It was exhilarating as the water rushed past me. I heard a strange kind of laughter from behind me. I was being chased and my heart raced in panic. Faster and faster I flew through the darkness. Ahead I saw a light and I moved toward it. The laughter continued, matching my time. The light was closer than ever, taunting me from the other side of the water. The bubbles danced all around reflecting its beauty in a sparkling wonder. I shot through the barrier into the warmth of the sun. My shadow mimicked my action. When I saw him, I recognized him immediately. He was my dolphin lover. I tucked my nose and plunged back into the deep blue, and again he followed laughing his musical laugh. It all came back to me and I remembered him. I remembered how much fun we had and I remember how much we were in love. I slowed for him and he came alongside me. Pressing his bottlenose to mine, I knew what he wanted, and I wanted it too, more than ever. I felt my dolphin body open for him. As he pressed into me, I was overcome with the most wonderful bliss I had ever felt. Nothing had ever felt so real, so exhilarating. Such love and desire for him. Nothing like I had ever known. He wasted no time ejaculating deep inside me. Then he swam ahead, laughing again. My body needed him more. The desire in my core was a massive inferno and I needed him in me again. Now it was my turn and I chased him laughing. This went on and on. We swam and played and laughed and made love and it was the happiest I had been in my whole life.

I awoke screaming. Yanked from my fantasy into a new horror. I could still see the shark and the water changing color. I could still see my lover’s eyes urging me to get away. The taste of blood still lingered in my mouth as the machine now forced a powerful, and almost painful, orgasm on me. Was it the shark? Was he biting me too? I cried out to my lover, clinging, but his image faded away as it was all torn from me. I sobbed as my body convulsed. Such a mix of emotions. When it was done, I was again so alone. Just the residual pounding of my heart remained. Still confused with my reality, I struggled to find him, to recall the way we felt together, the way we loved. To no avail, it all drifted away like ash

I sighed deeply, settling eskişehir escort back into my human existence. That is when I felt the heavy pressure inside me. For a brief moment, I felt our love child, then I came to my senses and concluded the machine had installed an object within my body. I sighed heavily, knowing I must begin the work involved in expelling the object, but I felt a strange connection to it and longed to hold it within me as long as possible. That was not meant to be. My body began to cramp a little and the natural urge to push took over. The objects I’d birthed with my “I’m having a baby!” kit had been inflated with air, but this object felt significantly more solid and heavy. Had I been upright, it probably wouldn’t have been so difficult to conquer this challenge, but the fact that I was, for the most part, horizontal, made my body work harder to move the object along my birth canal. When it finally emerged, I was quite exhausted. I longed to hold it and examine it closer but it’s weight caused it to quickly fall away from me to an unknown place within the bottom of the cocoon. Feeling a now more complex level of loss, I waited impatiently for the machine to give me another, eventually drifting off again.

I woke to feel the warmth outside the cocoon calling me with some urgency. Finding a fissure, I willed the cocoon open and inched my way out along the branch. Having no fear, I spread my wings and took off towards the sun. The air rushed past me and I panicked as I quickly realized I was falling. I had abandoned my cocoon without fully experience the change it demanded. The air was sucked from my lungs as the ground rapidly approached.

I woke again with a start. I swallowed hard to reduce the lump in my throat. The machine began, bringing a warmth and desire between my legs, this time more gradual. I settled in and focused on it, finally enjoying the pleasured sensation. The sound of another motor and I soon felt the machine filling me with another object to birth. I guessed perhaps a small sandbag of sorts. The machine filled at a steady pace and it soon began to become uncomfortable. It continued. Beads of sweat gathered as it continued. I moaned into the combined pleasure of the vibration outside with the weight of the expanding object inside. The discomfort turned to pain. “It’s too much!” I cried out, knowing the machine couldn’t hear me. It continued. It’s defective, I thought. I decided if I didn’t get it out of me immediately, it would grow until causing damage to my body. My heart raced as I began aggressively pushing, kneading the object down the canal. I had birthed a “full term” object as part of my last Kit, but I trained for it. Now, I was just thrown into the fire with no warning. The pushing seemed to last forever and my whole body became wet with perspiration. I grunted and screamed in frustration as I heard the machine continually enlarging the object within. I was so frustrated, making little progress. I was in a race against the thing and I was losing! My heart raced faster as I shifted my body the best I could. Fighting my unyielding restraints. The vibration continued against my clitoris and every time the machine forced me to orgasm, my body clinched the object tighter, drawing it back in and undoing all my work.

I was growing frustrated mentally and physically when suddenly I heard the unmistakable sound of a power surge and loud SNAP followed by a soft buzzing outside of the machine. My heart pounded away and I tried to quiet my breathing as I listened for further signs from the machine. Suddenly a loud POP! And silence. I waited. Nothing.

I decided to pass the time by continuing to push the object from my body, finally free to go at my own pace. I rested when I needed to and pushed aggressively when I could. I was not making progress and I decided it must be due to my legs being pinned together. If I was in a traditional birthing position, my open hips would assist the delivery, but there was no way to accomplish that in my confined space, Therefore, I continued pushing, as I saw no other option.

I have no idea how much time passed. I had no indication from the movement of the sun nor the trowel of my stomach. I drifted in and out of sleep. What I knew for sure was the machine had malfunctioned and I was a prisoner inside. The water eventually chilled and I began to panic that I would die from lack of oxygen, or starvation or hypothermia. My mind raced with all kinds of possibilities. How humiliated my parents would be when they would be told what I had done to myself. I was torturing myself mentally, but I knew I needed to stay calm and conserve oxygen. Eventually, sleep took me again.

I woke up shivering to hear the unmistakable sound of my garage door opening. Then voices. The machine must have notified some kind of support team that there was trouble. “Help me! I’m trapped in here!” I screamed. No reply to my cries, but I could hear them talk amongst themselves, though what they were saying was too muffled to hear. Suddenly the water made a great shift and it felt as though the machine was being hoisted and moved. With a THUD it was placed down. “I’m inside! Help me! Please!” I screamed again. The sound of a motor and the water moved again followed by a steady vibration. The entire machine, water and all, must have been loaded into a truck! With great relief, I knew I was being transported somewhere to be rescued! I dropped my head back and was overcome with gratitude. Then my self-consciousness set in and I began to fear the moment when I would have to see them, and they would see me. How shameful! How humiliating! What kind of depraved girl would allow a machine to have its way with her? I felt so dirty. So sick. “What have you done?” I whispered to myself. I returned my focus to getting the object out of me. That, at least, would be one less thing to need their help with

I wasn’t making much progress when the vehicle abruptly stopped, the water in my tank, shifted violently. I heard voices and strained to understand their words. Then suddenly yelling, and rapid gunfire! “Oh my God!” I whispered. Again my head swimming with possibilities. What’s happening?! What would become of me?! I shivered waiting for news of my fate. It became harder to breathe and I felt a heaviness take over me.

When my eyes drifted open, I felt again as if my location had changed. I listened to several sets of footsteps approached. I heard voices and they became clearer the closer they got.

Finally, in strange, almost metallic voices I heard them:

“Yes, Captain, these 8 pods have been recovered These females gave their lives for our cause.”

“Excellent work. Now liberate our eggs from the pods and send the residual meat to Chef for processing.”

“Yes, sir!”

I gasped.

“Sir? Excuse me, sir?”

“Yes, what is it?”

“It appears that this female still shows signs of life.”

“The Earthling will be processed anyway.”

“Captain, the nursery is in need of more eggs to incubate. Our species is struggling and this female did volunteer to assist in the repopulation effort, Sir.”

A pause “Fine. Triple this ones’ egg production and once she expires, notify Chef immediately.”

“Yes, sir!”

I heard the machine come back to life and felt the pressure inside me grow again. “NOOOO!” I screamed out. “You can’t do this to me! Let me out of here!”

The aching inside me grew and the pressure was great. The vibrating component was restored and I moaned as I was brought to orgasm again and again. The machine wasted no time installing a large object within me behind the one already lodged. I screamed out and felt the older one tear free. I sobbed at the sensation and the machine quickly filled me with another and another. I began birthing an oversized object every couple of minutes with blood-curdling screams. The machine mercilessly pushed me beyond my limits again and again. The strength of my orgasms increased too and it was enough to drive me crazy. My vagina began to swell from too much activity and the eggs became lodged within me once again. The machine didn’t stop. It pushed me further and further until I felt my insides tear and felt my abdomen suddenly take storage of the eggs. I screamed again as my stomach grew and stretched. The intense pain was more than I could bear and I eventually passed out.

When I came to, I was shocked to find myself alive and undamaged. The water was warm and I could hear it draining. The voice in my hood returned “We hope that you enjoyed your experience with The Birthing Cocoon. Please visit our website and enjoy all our fine products.”

The slack returned to the bands around my wrists and ankles and I was able to free myself. I yanked off the mask and unzipped the cocoon. Unhooking myself from the harness and all the tubes and wires felt so liberating, but as I stepped out of the pod onto my cold garage floor, I looked back and ached for the love I had once known there. I was astonished at how this machine had made me believe I had gone places and heard people. It must have been via drugs in my feeding tube or a prerecorded track playing in my hood. I was intrigued by the whole thing, as it was so believable. Especially the emotions I had… and the love I experienced. I sighed deeply, picked up my robe, exactly where I had left it, and I vowed I’d try again to get back to him somehow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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