The Chair Ch. 24

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He could tell from the moment he walked into the apartment that tonight was going to be something special. The redhead was dressed in a black corset that hugged her body in such a delectable way. The attached garters held up a pair of sheer black stockings and on her feet were a pair of stiletto heels. She greeted him at the door with a big hug and long passionate kiss, not caring if anyone outside saw her. After he closed the door behind him, she told him that she had some surprises for him tonight. Recently they had taken to trying to outdo each other in surprising the other.

She directed him over to The Chair. As he stood beside it, she slowly undressed him. When he was completely naked, she ordered him into The Chair. She securely fastened his wrists and ankles with the cuffs on The Chair. She then went to the computer and started The Chair in motion. He was slowly maneuvered into a flat vertical orientation with his arms stretched straight out to his sides and his legs spread with his ankles about 4 feet apart. As always, the motion activated video cameras had begun recording the scene as soon as they had first approached The Chair.

The redhead was now beside him, digging through a box of supplies she had for tonight’s activities. When she had found what she was looking for, she removed his glasses and replaced them with a blindfold. Now thrown into total darkness, his other senses became acutely aware of her every movement. Besides hearing her as she moved about collecting more supplies, he smelled her scent and also felt her as the air moved about his naked body. As he lay there waiting for her to begin, it was torture of a most delicious variety.

A shiver ran up his spine as she lightly brushed his calf with her fingernail. It felt like minutes that he waited for her next touch to come, though it was actually only 15 seconds. This time her fingernail lightly ran along his neck. With gaps of variable length between each touch, her nail went on to gently touch his thigh, his stomach, the bottom of his foot, his cheek, his earlobes, and his sides. After the light brushing of his sides, her touch changed. Now she was using all of her fingers on both hands, as she raked them down his sides and then down his chest. She then changed direction and starting on his sides, raked her sharp nails up and toward the center of his stomach. Then he felt nothing again.

Finally a new sensation. He felt her hot breath at his right nipple just before she took it between her teeth and bit it. As the pain surged through his chest, blood also surged through his already hard dick. His left nipple was now being pinched and twisted by the redhead’s fingers. Then he felt nothing again.

Now he felt her fingernails again, this time lightly tracing a slow path up and down his dick and over his balls. Then he felt nothing.

After what seemed like an agonizingly long time he then felt a new sensation on his right nipple. It was extremely cold as she ran the small ice cube around his nipple. When the ice cube had melted, leaving a cold wet path down the right side of his chest, she moved on to his left nipple. What he felt now was different. It was cold, but not nearly as cold as the ice cube. It was a cold thick liquid that she was dribbling on and around his nipple. Then he felt her warm moist mouth as she lowered it over his breast and sucked the substance off of him (he later learned it was honey).

The next sensation he felt was a light tickling on the side of his calf. He then recognized it as being the touch of a feather. For the next several minutes she explored every exposed part of his body with the feather. From his toes all the way to his head and then back down again.

After a couple minutes with no new sensations, a new one finally came. Another cold thick liquid was now being dribbled over his hard dick and balls. Then she lowered her mouth over his messy penis and began licking and sucking it clean. She then proceeded to lick his balls clean as well. He then felt her lean over his face as she lowered her mouth to his. As she kissed him he detected the sweet flavor of chocolate syrup.

For the longest time he didn’t experience any new sensations. Then he felt a coolness on his left nipple. She was lightly blowing on it. Then she stopped blowing, but did not leave Ankara escort his side. Then suddenly a short burning pain hit his nipple as the melted wax from a candle hit it. Although it was painful, it was also pleasurable (as she could tell by the way that his hard dick throbbed in such an inviting manner).

He then sensed the redhead as she climbed onto The Chair above him. Her thighs straddled his waist and The Chair as she lowered herself onto his hard cock. Then more hot wax hit his nipple, again causing his dick to throb, this time within his lover. The pain had barely subsided when several more drops of molten wax came in contact with his nipple. Then a stream of molten wax encircled his left nipple and continued across his chest to his right nipple. Each time the wax hit his body, his dick would throb uncontrollably within her. She then continued to drip wax down to his stomach. The redhead continued to dribble hot wax down his right leg and then up his left leg before stopping. From the sounds she was making above him, and the way her pussy was squeezing his dick, he could tell that she had stopped because she was experiencing an orgasm brought on by the throbbing she had induced with the wax. When she climbed off of him, his cock was still just as hard as it had been before. Then her felt her hot breath at his ear as she whispered to him, “Do you trust me, lover?”

He told her, “Always.”

Several seconds later he felt such indescribable pain as molten wax now came into contact with his hard dick. The pain had seemed so intense because it was unexpected, but it had not actually been as bad because the redhead had dripped the wax from a much higher height, allowing the wax to cool significantly before striking his cock. Even so, his dick now throbbed and bobbed around as if it had a mind of its own. She then whispered into his ear, “Do you want me to stop?”

“No.” He told her. Although it had been painful, the feeling after was extremely arousing. Plus he knew how much it would please her to let her continue. His answer earned him a deep passionate kiss from the redhead before she resumed with the candle. Several more drops of wax dripped along the length of his penis as they made their way toward his balls. After she had dropped enough wax on his balls that they looked like they had a wax cocoon, she moved back towards the tip of his dick. As she did this, she was slowly lowering the candle height, because the hardened wax was now acting as an insulator. As a coup de gras, after she dropped the final drip of hot wax on the sensitive tip of his penis, she quickly engulfed it with her wet mouth to sooth his pain. His dick throbbed within her mouth as she bobbed her head up and down, using her teeth to scrape the hardened wax from it. She would occasionally stop, presumably (as he was still blindfolded and could not see) to clear the wax out of her mouth.

When she had cleaned the wax from his dick, she again climbed onto The Chair above him. This time after she lowered her mouth over his dick, she began inching her pussy back towards his mouth. When she reached her target (or he reached his) he set his tongue to work licking her pussy and clit as she sucked his hard cock. She came before he did, flooding his mouth with her nectar, which he devoured. A minute later he came, filling her mouth with his cum which she quickly swallowed.

A few minutes later, she removed his blindfold and began slowly peeling the dried wax from his body. When she had finished, she released him from The Chair and led him to the bedroom where they proceeded to make love into the early hours of the morning.


Shortly after she entered the apartment, she knew that he had something special planned tonight. Her clue was when she saw that walls and floor of the room they now affectionately called their playroom had been lined with plastic drop cloths.

He had her stand just outside the entrance to the playroom while he undressed her. First he pulled the sweater off over her head. She was wearing the black bra that he had bought her for Christmas. Then he unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor around her ankles. He held her hips to steady her as she stepped out of the skirt. As she stood facing him, he reached behind her and unfastened the bra. As he slipped the straps off Ankara escort bayan her alabaster shoulders, the cups slipped forward slightly exposing the luscious contours of the tops of her breasts. He then pulled the bra completely free, allowing it to fall to the floor on top of her skirt. He then knelt in front of her to remove her shoes. As he worked on slipping them from her dainty size 6 feet, his face was now staring directly at her naked pussy. It took all of his willpower not to dive in for a taste right now. With her now completely naked, he led her into the playroom.

He led the redhead to the end of the room where there were two chains dangling from the ceiling. On the end of each chain was a cuff for her wrist. Attached to the two opposing walls were another set of chains. Each of these had a cuff for one of her ankles. He positioned her halfway between the chains and attached the cuffs to her wrists. The lengths of chain were perfectly sized so that her arms were fully extended. In order to attach the cuffs to her ankles, she had to spread her legs wider. As she did so, her arms were stretched even tighter. As he dug through a box looking for something, she surveyed the room about her. The walls behind and beside her had been covered with plastic drop cloths. There were three objects placed in a semicircle on the floor in front of her. Unfortunately they were each covered with a sheet so she couldn’t tell what they were. It was about now he returned with the object he had been seeking. He placed a blindfold over her eyes and then pulled her hair back and fastened it with a hair scrunchy. As he stepped away from her, he brought his hand away from her hair, running his fingers lightly across her neck, down her chest, and over her breasts.

He then went to each of the three objects and removed the sheets that were covering them. Each of the objects was identical. The base was an inexpensive camera tripod. On top of the tripod was a simple pan and tilt motor assembly. Attached to the pan and tilt was mounted a spray nozzle with a hose leading down to a small pump mounted on top of a bucket of paint stored under the tripod. There was also a small remote control box, which he set aside for the time being. From under one of the tripods, he picked up a battery operated Uzi squirt gun that was filled with green paint.

He asked her if she was ready, to which she replied that she was. He then pulled the trigger and the gun began spraying a stream of the cold green paint across her stomach. The sudden cold wetness caused her to scream playfully. Having now established the proper trajectory, he pulled the trigger again as he aimed for her breasts. Soon there was a green circle around each of her breasts. He then retrieved the remote control and started the three automated paint sprayers. In unison each sprayer began spraying streams of blue, red, and yellow paint across the redhead’s naked body.

When he had first sprayed her with the paint, the impact of the thick liquid striking her body brought her a sudden adrenaline rush that served to heighten her excitement. At the time she did not know what the liquid was. It was a few seconds later when her senses became aware of and identified the smell of the paint. When she first felt the simultaneous impact of three individual streams of paint, her first thought was that he had enlisted the assistance of at least two of their friends (or perhaps even complete strangers) to spray her with paint. This instantly brought a delightful wetness to her pussy. It wasn’t long before she remembered the three covered objects and realized that whatever had previously been covered was probably now painting her body. She was actually a little disappointed that it wasn’t friends or strangers as she had first imagined. She would have to mention her disappointment to him later. Perhaps he would remember it the next time a similar situation came up. Who was she kidding, of course he would remember it. Over the past six years since they had first met, he had remembered every detail she had ever told him. Things she liked, things she didn’t like, things she had done, things she hadn’t done, things she wanted to try,….

In a matter of five minutes, the redhead’s body was almost completely covered in four different colors of paint from her neck to her Escort Ankara feet. After putting down the Uzi, he picked up the remote and stopped the three automated sprayers. While the redhead’s painted body was still suspended by the chains, he pulled back the plastic drop cloth on the floor in front of her to reveal a large white canvas stretched across a wooden frame. He slid the frame until the one edge touched her feet. He then lifted the opposite edge and began rising it toward her. He warned her not to move, although she probably couldn’t even if she tried. Then while grasping the frame by the two sides, he pressed the canvas against her, allowing the wet paint to transfer from her naked body to the naked canvas. He then carefully pulled the canvas away, taking care not to smudge the image on the canvas. He then stood the canvas against the opposite wall to dry and also be where she could see it once he removed the blindfold from her eyes.

After the canvas had been pressed against her, she heard him cross to the other end of the room. Shortly after that she heard him as he approached her. Then his right hand grabbed the side of her neck and pulled her head toward him as he kissed her deeply and then pulled away. Still being chained to the ceiling and walls, she was unable to keep him from moving away. Then she felt him standing close behind her. His chest was against her back and his hard dick was pressing against the crack of her ass. She loved the way they fit together, like two interlocking pieces of a puzzle. She did what she could to press herself back against him but the chains kept her from moving much. His arms then reached around her and grabbed her painted boobs. The paint squished out between his fingers as he held her breasts. He then ran his hands down over her stomach, smearing all the colors of paint together as he went.

After his hands reached her pussy, her downy soft patch of red pubic hair became matted down with the varicolored paint. With his arms still around her, he slid around so he was now pressed up against her front with his hands on her back pulling her toward him. Her wet boobs were pressed tightly against his chest and his hard dick was sandwiched between them. As he rocked back and forth against her, she could feel his dick slipping back and forth, as it must now be covered with paint from her body. He then took his hands and placed them squarely on each of her ass cheeks and pulled her even tighter against him, leaving a painted handprint on each cheek. After stepping away from her, he told her that the time for the unveiling had finally come as he removed the blindfold from her eyes. As her eyes became reaccustomed to the light, she focused on the canvas standing against the wall. It looked remarkably like an abstract painting of a naked woman, albeit without a head. The outline of her gorgeous body was clearly defined, as were her tits and pussy. She then looked at him standing naked in front of her. His body was covered with paint almost as much as hers was. Once he had released her arms and legs from the cuffs, he led her into the bathroom where she could see herself in the full-length mirror. The entire front half of her body was covered with paints of various colors, as was her back. The only paint on her ass was that of his handprints.

As she admired his handiwork in the mirror, he started the shower. He told her that his masterpiece had been even more impressive before the colors had been smeared together. He also told her that she would be able to see for herself later via the videotape he had made of the painting process. They then both stepped into the walk-in shower and proceeded to lovingly wash away the paint from each other’s body. While she stroked his hard cock to remove all the paint, he proceeded to finger her pussy to remove any paint that may have worked its way in. Just for thoroughness, he also worked a finger into her asshole for the same purpose. When they were both satisfied that each other was clean, they dried each other off and made their way to the bedroom. As they made love to each other, the redhead told him of her thoughts when the painting had begun, that there had been other people present and participating. When she told him that the idea had really excited her, he came inside her. After her orgasm, he told her that he would remember that for next time. The redhead smiled to herself, she knew her guy well.

As they lay there in each other’s arms before falling asleep, the redhead was already starting to think of what her next surprise for him might be.

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