The Cougar

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Teen (18+)

She sat in front of her computer thinking about the day’s events. She had been out of prison for about a week now. She was as excited as a schoolgirl whose school had been shutdown because of snow. The three years she had spent in prison were rough on her. She occupied herself spending as much time as possible doing physical things, athletic things, working out, even in her cell. Thousands of push ups, sit ups leg lifts, isometrics…. Anything she could think of to take her mind off her predicament. She spent the first week of her freedom taking walks, enjoying sunsets, all the little things that a person takes for granted.

But tomorrow the biggest excitement was her son coming to stay with her. He was in his senior year of high school and they were very close. His frequent visits while she was in prison made them closer then ever. He had lived with his grandparents during her time in prison. It’s a long story but basically she was/is a very successful business woman owning two businesses. The income has accumulated for 3 years while she received free room and board courtesy of the state. She spent a restless night and was antsy the next day until her son finally arrived around 5:00.

The hug was unusually firm at first, slow, long but then became more relaxed. Her arms and hands slid down his back feeling nothing but firm healthy young muscle. He too moved his arms down her spine to the small of her back making her pussy twitch with excitement. His hands also seemed to enjoy the firm shapely body that she had sculpted in prison. For a moment he forgot who he was with and his hands continued to her ass giving her a firm squeeze and pulling her into his crotch. She was shocked as her legs were forced to spread slightly to straddle his thigh. Then she felt something unmistakable, a huge bulge down his pant leg pressed against the inside of her thigh.

“BRIAN!” She said

“I’m sorry Mom,” he pulled away. He had a tent down one leg.

Brian’s face was red.

“I think we just miss each other,” she said with a blush.

“I’m sorry Mom, I really am…”

“Me too son but lets not make a big deal out of this….” She couldn’t help looking down clearing her throat… “My god she muttered,” as he clearly heard….

“Why don’t you go upstairs and take a cold shower,” she suggested.

She was very good at keeping her composure but as soon as her son was out of sight she rushed into the next room panting. She did not realize what being squeezed against a fit male body would do. Her panties were dripping wet and nipples hard with excitement. She was horny in the worst way. She rushed to the bathroom and moments later muffled her moans of satisfaction into a towel. She collapsed on the floor weak kneed surprised at how bad she needed that release.

A knock on the door interrupted her bliss.

“Yes dear!”

“Mom is it ok if some of the guys from the football team come over?”

“Sure dear”

“I’m glad you said yes because they are on the way and should be here any moment.”

She got up quickly, wiped her thighs, washed her hands and straightened her cloths and hair. Opening the door she saw her son in a bathing suit and tank top which was being stretched nicely by his muscles. Again her pussy twitched. Her eyes wanted to look everywhere except his but she maintained her composure…. and waited until he turned away to stare. She felt herself getting excited again as the doorbell rang. She answered to find 6 more guys all over 6 feet tall and all buff as hell.

“Hello I’m Brian’s Mom,” Jill said. They all smiled said hi and couldn’t help but check her out. Hmmmm bold high school boys she thought as their eyes made her almost blush and definitely feel uncomfortable.

“Brian’s out by the pool just walk through the kitchen.” As soon as they left she fanned her face for she looked them over pretty good too, she was just more experienced at hiding it. She went to her room and peaked out the window as the guys took off shirts. Her pussy immediately got wetter. Oh my god she thought very surprised at how much she wanted to fuck one of them…….. Hell all of them, one at a time then a gang bang to finish it off. Her thoughts surprised her, she use to never be this aggressive and this was not just a casual dirty thought, she noticed she was really, really serious.

She closed the curtain pretending her thoughts and feelings would go away, after all this was her son’s YOUNG friends.

Moments later she was at the window again. Time to spy on them and then I’ll change into more appropriate cloths for a pool party. She put on a skimpy bikini and walked down to the kitchen to find the fridge filled with beer. Oh what the hell she thought let them have fun.

She got chips and dip ready and took it outside. Heres some food guys she said as she set down the chips. She caught their reflection on the sliding glass door and she was not surprised to see them looking at her like wolves. She suddenly realized her choice or words made her the food. She turned around and they immediately acted nice, thanked her, stopped staring. She walked back inside and waited until she was out Maltepe Escort of sight to start panting. Oh my god she thought as she rushed into the downstairs bathroom they’re gorgeous strapping young virile men. Suddenly she heard some whispers outside the window.

“Damn Brian’s Mom is a hot piece of ass,” one boy kidded.

“And that Ass belongs to this, boys,” said another (she knew he was pointing at his crotch)

“No boys, a woman like that needs more meat than 5,” a third chimed in. (Kidding ensued)

“All I need is 20 min. with her and she won’t be able to walk,” said another.

“Guys are you talking about my bitch Jill?” (Her eyebrows rose)

“I’d tap that MILF in a heartbeat.”

“Careful she seems like a cougar to me, did you see that tiny little “fuck me” suit she just paraded around in front of us?”

“If she’s a cougar I’m the hunter and I’m ready to kill me a cougar.”

“Her body’s definitely smoking hot, that suit was a tease.”

“Well we agree on 1 thing, she needs to get fucked and by us,” They laughed.

Her jaw dropped open; her pussy was soaking wet, her nipples and breasts very sensitive. Part of her felt insulted but not the part that dominated her thoughts.

She wiped her pussy again and snuck upstairs in disbelief God their horny and want to fuck me. This has never happened before. She looked up into her mirror and for the first time realized how her body looked to them. She had stunningly large firm breasts and her nipples were big. Her body was tight and toned with a six pack. Her long torso was dangerous, her ass tight and her legs long and luscious. Wow I never took the time to realize this she thought. No wonder the boys are in heat….. well besides the fact they are high school boys and that is their natural state. She sat down at her desk and could easily see the pool by peaking out the window at the hung studs. Yes she caught the outlines of big cocks in their suits.

What was it they called me she thought….MILF. She typed “definition of a MILF” into the computer.

Mother I’d like to fuck

She gulped and typed “definition of cougar” into the computer

A 35+ year old female who is on the “hunt” for a much younger, energetic, willing-to-do-anything male. The cougar can frequently be seen with cleavage exposed, waiting, watching, calculating; gearing up to sink her claws into an innocent young and strapping buck who happens to cross her path. “Young hung boys are a cougar’s number one prey” (see also hunt, prowl, corner, pounce).

Oh my God…………………………………………………… that’s hot, she thought.

A woman in her sexual prime who prefers to hunt rather than be hunted. A cougar’s victims are usually under 25, as cougars prefer to mate with men who have extreme stamina and are in heat. Cougars generally feed and then continue hunting, as they enjoy role reversal.

“THIS IS ME EXACTLY!” she muttered under her breath

Her eyes excitedly started skimming all the definitions catching phrases and words.

…She will not play the usual B.S. games that women in their early twenties participate in. End state, she will be going for the kill….

….prey on younger men…

….Cougars are non-committal, choosing to move from mate to mate without ever settling down. It is not uncommon for the same Cougar to attack (sleep with) many different men in the same group of friends. Cougars are older and more practiced in the ways of snaring a mate so they will rarely broadcast their intentions. It is this elusive behavior that earns her the name “Cougar.”

WOW!!! She was aggressively horny now.

….seek out and conquer younger men…

….primary interest lies in bedding younger men. Cougars are the more aggressive variety of the commonly used term: milf.


Well these boys are going to be mine she decided right then and their. They have no idea how aggressive prison has made me and how much sex I want. They want to fuck this “BITCH” but they are way out of their league. From now on I am going for the kill.

She could not stop reading all the definitions….

4. …desperately seeking younger men to use as she pleases, then dispose of…

5. …may be seen in packs in bars drinking rose zinfandel…

Naw this cougar hunts alone she thought. Desperate??? Ok desperate for cock and cum. Dispose of….. absolutely, I love that part.

6. …she’ll find that certain younger hard body that she knows will rock her world that night….and he knows he’ll get the same from her. For the most part – a cougar is a delicious experience….ENJOY!!

Mmmmmmmmmm she hummed.

7. A woman who lusts after men clearly her junior with extreme vigor and gusto and who is quite forward and sexually cunning.

“They have no idea,” she muttered in stark seriousness.

8. …Like the animal of the same name, they constantly hunt for fresh meat they can sink their teeth into. Cougars tend to seek energetic guys that are mostly vulnerable.

9. …an older woman who wants to fuck a younger guy, Kartal Escort she preys on a males desire to fuck a slut and a younger male is in his sexual prime…..

Cougars are “experienced” and can take good care of you…..

They are easy to spot as they often dress like they’re 16 years old. A sexual predator, typically one with pedophiliac tendencies. Gender is no discrimination with a “cougar,” as they will take either.

Her jaw fell open as she got more excited. Her many lesbian experiences in prison flashed through her head.

The boys first then their girlfriends she thought as a sneer crossed her face.


10. …she wants and finds 18 and under males…. ladies hide your sons.

Too late she smiled as she looked out the window. Your sons are now officially being hunted by a cougar and their dead meat she thought. If there is one thing prison taught me it is how to get what I want.

“Time to set my first trap as a Cougar she thought. “These boys are already horny but more bait will easily bring one right up to me,” she thought.

She walked downstairs and out to the pool.

“How’s the water toy…BOYS! she quickly corrected herself hiding the panic of embarrassment. Glancing around maybe they didn’t hear her faux pas because her body made their mouths drop open slightly including Brian’s.

For the first time Brian’s eyes raked her smoking hot body with greed. She had changed to a micro mini bikini and was drop dead stunning.

She strutted to the ladder and stepped in. The 3 boys out of the water had hardons showing. “I’m glad to see you boys are healthy,” she said looking at their crotches almost shaking with nervousness. She stepped in and plunged underwater. She climbed out the other side. She did not grab a towel she simply turned around and said “by the way boys the downstairs bathroom does not work please use the upstairs one. She walked inside and her hands started shaking, her muscles tensed up with anxiety, fear, excitement and a smirk on her face. She walked upstairs without drying off leading a trail right to her bedroom door. The bathroom would make her prey come right down the hall to her.

She turned and walked in the bathroom hiding behind the bathroom door and thought, now to wait for the prey. She rubbed her shaking hands together trying to calm her excitement.

She didn’t have long to wait. A boy came down the hall slowly and stepped in the bathroom. As he closed the already locked door, her hand slid in his suit and immediately found a semi hard cock that became erect in moments.

“This feels nice,” she whispered as her left hand reached around to feel his chest muscles and firmly grab a nipple with her fingers. He was startled.

“Is this for me,” she cooed pressing her wet naked body against his back.

“You have been staring at me since you arrived, your eyes undressing me. In fact aren’t you the boy who only needed 20 minutes and I wouldn’t be able to walk?” She whispered in his ear, “Well I think we have 5 minutes before your friends realize you’re upstairs fucking me, what kind of damage can this beast do?” she said squeezing his cock..

The boy was outmatched and tongue tied. She breathed heavy realizing she had the upper hand on this young buck. Her adrenalin made her feel like a cat ready to pounce on prey. She wanted to attack but was also fearful, she’d never done this. His cock throbbed wildly as blood poured into it.

He let his suit drop to the floor as she turned and pulled him up behind her by his cock, sliding it right past the string suit she wore and nudged his big knob between her wet pussy lips. She is sure she heard a whimper of ecstasy from him. She was shocked as he suddenly forced a washcloth in her mouth. She opened wide realizing what he was doing. From that point on he needed no coaxing, he mounted her like a wild animal in heat. His cock split her in half. Her first frantic yelp and instant brief cry of pain was muffled to a soft noise. She proceeded to lean forward legs spread as her young stud fucked the shit out of her. Yes his big cock hurt but she was in his firm grasp and didn’t resist. After a minute or so she began to accommodate him better and pleasure flooded through her body. God he was thick and physically rammed into her very deep pumping feverishly. His power and speed was incredible and he easily entered her a couple hundred times. It didn’t take long before she could feel him swell. With a deep thrust and multiple grunts he unloaded into her. His cum hit her like a fire hose… this boy is full she thought so she whispered encouragement coaxing his balls for another massive load.

Feeling lite headed she whispered her commands, “Fuck it like you own it, dump your cum into me deeper.”

Once he heard this it was as though a shock of energy went through his body and he frantically picked up his pace slamming her furiously. In moments a new wave of warmth flooded her as his thrusts grew erratic. Each thrust brought forth a new gush. Instinctively he held himself in her deep as he ejaculated. He panted hard on her back which she found very erotic then Kurtköy Escort he slowly started pulling out, the feeling was incredible. She turned around and embraced him with a full mouth and tongue kiss as cum ran down her thighs.

“Good boy”.

She put an open hand on his chest to push him against a wall as if holding him in place as she slide down his body and cleaned his still hard cock taking it as deep as she could without gagging. In moments she stood up, “I don’t know how long it will take for you to get soft enough to go back down stairs but try to hurry so we don’t arouse too much suspicion.”

Let me give you my cell phone number,” she whispered, “I’m sure you’ll want this again very soon.” She took a sharpie marker from the drawer and wrote her number across his cock. Don’t loose that, she said with a smile wrapping a towel around herself sneaking out the door to her room.

As soon as she got to her room she locked the door and fell on her bed. Her whole body was shaking from the vicious fuck. “Oh my god” she thought. Replaying what had just happened in her mind, she started thinking whether she would get in trouble, technically this was rape…….well if they are all seniors then they are probably 18. Besides, no high school boy is going to turn her in when he just got the fuck of his life……

An evil smile crossed her face; I want them all one at a time…. Or two or three.

She rolled over and enjoyed being naked on her bed feeling her pussy drip with her studs seed. She noticed it took a few more minutes before he left the bathroom. She got up and walked to the window hiding behind the shades. She watched the other boys as her first fuck entered the pool area and stayed to himself for a few moments. She smiled. Which one is next she thought as she felt the conquest of her first boy still dripping down her thighs. Or as a cougar would think, which prey will wander away from the pack next? They are drinking a lot of beer so it is just a matter of time.

It didn’t take too long for another to wander up the stairs. Trapped the same way, her lips parted wide as she stuffed him to the back of her throat. She immediately felt hands pull her head deeper. She gagged hard but shocked herself by submissively letting his meat push into her throat. She wrapped an arm around his thigh and cupped his balls with her other hand. They were huge and the vision of millions of sperm frantically swimming inside them was overwhelming and made her cum. She made sure his veins were throbbing and her saliva was dripping from his cock along with his own pre-cum before she stood up.

Strategically whispering from one ear to the next she said, “You ready to NAIL this hot piece of ASS? For all I know maybe you placed a bet you could NAIL me first? I love that word don’t you? NAILED! It conjures up the image of holding something down and pounding it senseless don’t you think? You think you can NAIL me senseless and leave me with a limp in 5 minutes?”

That was the last straw. She knew her boy was ready. She was dripping as she turned around placing both hands on the counter and spreading wide. As she went to her tiptoes to raise her pussy higher she didn’t have a chance to brace herself for his assault. She felt a hand around her hip and his cock roughly humped its way up into her deeply.

She winced as his hips shoved her forward. Her pussy was very lubricated but still had to stretch to accept his girth and length. This boy was massive and she squeezed him hard as a tear rolled down her cheek. She felt his muscular chest ride her back as his hips hungrily smacked her ass and his free hand worked her large breasts. She immediately grabbed the same washcloth and stuffed her mouth. When he saw her do this he cut loose and pounded her small frame knocking her off her feet but holding her up with his forearm around her hip. She bit the towel hard as the pain shot through her closely followed by body rippling orgasms. Finally his balls exploded and she felt herself being filled. His thrusts were eradict and hard as she yelped and tears welled up in her eyes. She collapsed to her elbows as her stud leaned over her panting. Still tightly imbedded she could feel the spasms from his cock slow. A few moments later some long slow penetrations started which made her feel fantastic. Her boy was empty but he was just enjoying her tight little body a little more before pulling out. After a few moments, she felt his snake slide from her so she stood up turned around and gave her stud a full mouth kiss.

Again her hand pushed him against the wall as she wrote her cell phone number across his cock before walking out of the bathroom into her room. As soon as the door clicked shut she collapsed on the floor as her knees gave out. She let her emotions go as she panted heavily and shook. She was shocked at the fierce pounding this boy gave her. She held back a little not knowing whether to cry all out or not as she cupped her pussy. She crawled to her bed and collapsed letting her tears flow and body spasm quietly. Oh God that was violently intense she thought wondering if this was a good idea or not. I didn’t realize I was getting them so horny that they would unleash such an unbridled attack. Various thoughts of being violated and offended drifted through her mind but after awhile she realized she wanted that intensity again. This cougar just went to the next level she thought.

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