The Cruise Singer Pt. 05 – Finale

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After waking, we cleansed ourselves in the spacious hotel shower, washing, caressing and debating where to go on our sightseeing trek. Monique wanted to go home and get a few changes of clothes if she were going to remain with us at the hotel. The only problem was getting her in and out without the staff seeing her. After we finished bathing, we got dressed and continued contemplating our day. I went online and discovered the charge for a third person wasn’t as much as we had thought. So, to make it easier for us, I called the front desk to ask. The clerk was very congenial and honored the online price and added it to our bill. We were now worry-free to satisfy our carnal desires for the remainder of the trip.

We headed down to breakfast in the hotel cafe where we came up with a plan. Monique thought dropping us off at the Louvre then going home would give us all time to get things done. She’d meet us back at the museum after lunch ready to stay with us. It sounded fine to the both of us; we could get some tour time in without our guide.

The Louvre was amazing. Amanda and I walked around gawking at all the works of art, listening to the other tourist’s comment in their native tongues. We used the tour app for our phones to hear and read about the various sculptures and paintings. We’d whisper to each other when no one was near, comments about some of the body parts of the works of art. It felt like we were little kids giggling and making fun of the centuries-old masterpieces. Her sense of humor is one of the reasons I love my wife.

We debated for a few moments about our new found passion, from what we wanted to do with Monique over the next few evenings to what we would do when we got home. By the end of the day, we were worn out from walking and gawking. Monique texted us to announce her arrival in the parking lot. We met her then proceeded to another nice little restaurant where we recounted our day at the museum. We held back on our wine consumption, wanting to be in top form for the night’s entertainment.

During a lull in the conversation, Monique asked if it would be okay to send a couple of our Eiffel Tower pictures to a woman she’d met last year who lived in Eugene, Oregon, about an hour and a half away from us. She coached one or two of the sports teams at the university there and was single. Monique showed us her picture which impressed the two of us. Monique explained that she’d had an affair with her just like us when she was on a cruise with her then boyfriend. She’d broken up with him after and remained in contact with Monique over the past year.

Amanda and I looked at each other; our expressions told Monique yes, but I confirmed it verbally. As soon as the words spilled out from my mouth, she hit send and off they went. Since we were nine hours ahead of the west coast, we didn’t think we’d hear back anytime soon. After that, we sat around asking questions about her trying not to be too anxious about a possible meeting.

When we’d finished eating and our questions answered or at least thought about, we headed back to the hotel to resume our playtime. Monique brought up a real suitcase this time with a few changes of clothes along with other items we’d use over the next couple of nights. We showered together this time, working ourselves into a more passionate mood. I had made sure to take my little erection multiplier pill far enough in advance to ensure it was working correctly.

After exiting the shower with my semi-rigid dick, I sat in a chair facing the bed. Monique followed Amanda to the bed where they proceeded to make out like a couple of horny teenagers. I watched as they kissed and cuddled for what seemed like forever. I sat with my swollen member, making mental notes of the foreplay taking place before my eyes. Amanda and I used to make out like that but over the years the length of time we kissed grew shorter and shorter. That would change. When they’d had enough, Monique gradually kissed her way down my wife’s body pausing at each breast. She licked, bit, and suckled each one as if she’d never see or taste them again. Amanda squirmed as she cooed with delight with Monique’s attention to her beautiful orbs. Eventually, Monique’s face slipped between Amanda’s legs to begin devouring my lovely bride.

Within a minute or so, the lovely French woman making love to my wife paused and looked over at me. She was poised at the end of the bed, her legs hanging off the end. She smiled patting her glorious ass and nodded for me to come over. I got up, dick pointing the way. I picked up the little square package containing my raincoat. I sat on the edge of the bed and slipped the latex garment over my growing erection, then I moved up behind her, enjoying the view from behind of my wife nearing her climax.

Monique began fingering herself as she spread her legs inviting me in. I grabbed my erection and slowly inserted it into her vagina after making a small adjustment to her elevation on the bed. I slowly entered her, and Maltepe Escort that wonderful feeling of being inside made me smile.

Monique moaned her approval as I grasped her hips and began sliding myself in and not entirely out of her. The three of us were in heaven. Amanda was getting closer to climaxing as Monique’s tongue fucked her while I was fucking Monique from behind. The timing was impeccable; we came like dominoes falling in a line. Amanda first bucked then stiffened, the waves shooting through her as Monique began her climax from me pounding away in her. I was just a few seconds behind, not wanting to go off too soon. When Amanda squeezed down on Monique’s face, Monique let loose with her orgasm and clamped down on my dick as she came. That delightful feeling on the head of my dick was something I couldn’t and didn’t want to control, so I went off in Monique sending her over the edge.

We all continued our maneuverings making sure our partner was wholly sated then gently extracted ourselves. Panting and happy, Monique and I met on the bed kissing Amanda from both sides. We lay snuggled together touching and kissing for a good five to ten minutes before anyone said anything.

Amanda was the first to speak thanking Monique while Monique thanked us both. I congratulated both ladies for the show, insight, and for being so beautiful together. We lay cuddled softly talking and touching until Monique asked if I was ready to do it again only this time in a different hole. My eyes widened a bit when I realized it wasn’t her mouth she was referring to. I looked at Amanda; her eyes were as big as saucers. Monique caught a glimpse of our surprise and laughed.

Amanda’s asshole was the forbidden zone; she didn’t even like me playing with it. I told Monique I wasn’t sure since I’d never done that before.

She looked Amanda in the eyes, “It’s the logical choice, Cherie, when you can’t use your pussy.”

Amanda just shrugged her shoulders saying she thought it was dirty. Her reason made Monique giggle as she reached over and started stroking me to see if I could get it up so soon after.

“You use your juices or a lube. Go, slow and ease it in. You don’t know how good it feels.”

Amanda just sat there not saying a thing as my dick began to swell with anticipation. When I was sufficiently hard, Monique got another rubber for me then installed it. Along with that, she pulled a small vial of lube out handing it to me, asking me to apply it to her and over the rubber. I did as instructed while she reassumed the position.

I stood behind her once more. This time I inserted one finger at a time with lube slowly inside her. When she thought she was ready, I eased my now solid prick into the unknown. She grimaced a bit when I went a bit too fast but then once entirely inside she grinned and told me to enjoy.

I grabbed her hips again and proceeded to hump away as my darling wife sat mesmerized. The entire time I was exerting myself, Monique was moaning with delight, pushing back at me while I was humping her. This has a positive effect on my bride who got off the bed and stood behind me as I merrily pumped away. She hugged me from behind, her breasts firmly in my back as my butt banged into her. I slowed down a bit so she could move with me as I fucked our friend. Her hands massaging my chest and torso made me feel even more aroused. I continued my joyful task while Monique squealed with joy. My wife kissed and caressed me from behind, moaning into my ear as she did. The combination helped weaken my knees, and soon I was off like a rocket.

Monique felt my warm juices expended into the condom and eased up on her gyrations. Gradually, I exited her glorious ass to remove the spent rubber, tossing it in the wastebasket to join its brother. Monique rolled over on her back, beckoning Amanda to finish her. Amanda gladly slipped between her legs, kissing and licking to her heart’s delight.

I plopped back down in the chair to watch the grand finale of the evening. Amanda quickly brought the lovely Monique to her second climax while fingering herself to her own blissful state. When the ladies finished, we all met back in the bed to cuddle and reminisce our experience. Amanda thought she might try me behind her at some point, but she’d have to think more about it. Monique winked at me hinting that would be sooner than Amanda thought. I smiled to myself delighted in the last couple of nights and wondered why we hadn’t thought of this sooner. I knew the answer was Monique; she was the catalyst to this new fire burning in Amanda. I had no desire to extinguish that flame. If she didn’t want me in her behind, I could live with that.

Just as we were about to nod off, Amanda asked why I kept using the condoms. I told her Monique provided them. She mentioned that if there were something wrong I’d probably have caught it already since they had unprotected sex all weekend and she and I did the same when she’d returned. I Kartal Escort had to think about that for a minute and conceded she was probably right. Monique insisted she was clean, so we agreed to dispense with the little raincoats. Hopefully, we wouldn’t live to regret that decision. We’d trusted her this far, so we took the plunge and forgot about the condoms for the rest of our visit.

I turned off the light by the bed after placing the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the outside of the door. We snuggled a little more before falling asleep once more sated and content.

We awoke later than the day before, showered, dressed, then off to breakfast at the hotel cafe. Our trip to Versailles was pleasant. Our conversation centered around Charlene, the woman whose picture Monique showed us the previous day. She’d received our pictures and wouldn’t mind meeting us once we arrived back home. I gave Monique my email address, and she promised to send it to her friend.

The Palace at Versailles was amazing with Monique proving once more to be an excellent tour guide. We walked around the spacious gardens marveling at the manicured topiaries along with the massive fountains. We visited the coach gallery after a splendid lunch taking our time wandering among the various coaches housed there. Since we hadn’t made reservations, we took advantage of the free areas to tour and gawk. Once again, we took quite a few pictures with the help of strangers and Monique. During our tour, we paused to sit and talk with Monique regarding Charlene, asking more questions than we had earlier. The anticipation of continuing our new found ‘lifestyle’ made the thought of leaving France and Monique a little less morose. We managed to balance out our enthusiasm with the realization that we might not click but, it was fun to think about regardless. We finished up the day wandering around and concluded the next time we’re in France we’re going to do a better job of planning so we can see the rest of the palace.

It was close to dinner time when we decided we’d seen enough. Our stomachs were beginning to have that empty feeling, so our lovely guide took us to another fabulous restaurant where we dined and recalled our day sorting through the various pictures on our phones. It was like we’d known Monique for years, sitting and talking over wine and supper. When we finally made it back to the hotel, we took showers individually to break up the little routine.

When we were all clean and lounging in the luxurious robes and slippers provided by the hotel, we discussed what we were going to do. I know it sounds odd but we’d been together intimately over the past couple of days discovering things about each other’s bodies Amanda and I had only dreamed of well, maybe just me.

I’d taken my little erection helper earlier so I was ready for whatever the ladies had in mind. We were sitting around trying to decide what fun we were going to start with when Monique gestured with her finger for Amanda to come over to her. They huddled together whispering and giggling while I sat pondering. After a few minutes they kissed each other, then Amanda approached me, Monique, behind her with their idea.

Amanda explained the little game they had cooked up. First, they would tie me to the bed as best they could with the silk scarves Monique had brought. Then I was to be blindfolded as I lay spread out facing up. Next, one of them would do something to me, and I’d have to guess who it was. I figured that would be pretty easy since I’d been with Amanda and knew her touch longer than the lovely Monique.

So, I climbed upon the bed for them to secure me. Amanda was on my right and Monique on my left. Then they blindfolded me. I lay there waiting for the fun to begin then it dawned on me, so I asked, “What do I get if I win? Are we keeping score or what?”

They both laughed, then Monique explained, “You get one guess. If you’re wrong, the person who you guessed wrong about gets a point; if you’re right, you score a point. We’ll play up to five points then the winner gets to choose who he or she gets to play with first.

I thought about it for a second and agreed. The ladies made sure I couldn’t see then each left the bed. I heard some shuffling around and a couple of giggles at the end of the bed. To my right, I felt someone sit down. The silence was deafening as I waited for something to happen to me. Then I felt fingers touch my lips. They softly traced down my chin, throat, chest, then to my groin. They slid over my limp dick teasing it to life. I swallowed hard trying to move, but the silky restraints forbid much reaction. I felt her fingers slip up and down me, stopping at the tip to play with my small head. Just as I was getting into it, she abandoned me. I felt her rise from the bed then join her co-conspirator at the end.

It was Amanda who spoke first, “Okay, Jay who was it?”

It didn’t take long for me to guess, “Monique.”

They both laughed, “No, it was me,” Kurtköy Escort replied Amanda.

“Okay, you get one point, next quiz,” I said, a bit disappointed with my answer.

This time I felt movement at the end of the bed. Since I was spread eagle, I didn’t feel anything until a tongue slithered up one thigh then the other. It then lay flat on my testicles for a brief moment, then worked its way to my dick, bringing it to life. It slid up one side and down the other in super slo-mo. My knees shook as I tried to wrest free from my bindings again to no avail.

Then the licking stopped and the sounds of giggling once more.

I beat them to the punch this time, “Monique.”

Once again, laughter, “Wrong, two points for me.”

I sighed, “Okay, you win, let me loose so you can do what you want with either of us.”

“No, dear. We haven’t finished the game yet.”

I sighed, “You’re killing me here. I want you both.”

Monique laughed, “That’s the whole point, Monsieur Jay, to make you desire and crave. We’re taking you to the edge of happiness. The anticipation of what’s to come.”

I smiled, “I get it, I am anxious to cum. Okay, round three.”

Amanda replied, “Keep an open mind, dear. I’ve learned a thing or two this past week. Don’t always assume it’s Monique who knows how to do something to you.”

“I’ll try, right now it’s my small brain doing all the thinking, and obviously he’s not right in the head.”

They both laughed, with Amanda adding, “If men wouldn’t think with their small brains the world would be a better place, my love.”

With that, they went silent once more. I thought I heard a moan or two and the pause felt a bit longer than the previous ones. In my mind I pictured them making out again while I lay on the bed not being able to see or participate. My penis was fully erect now with the stimulations that I’d received so far and the images of them embracing.

Then the bed moved. Once again someone was between my legs approaching my genitals. Someone cupped my dick in one hand. Her soft fingers were sliding up and down me making sure I was fully erect. Then I felt it. Something hard began teasing my anus. It had some lube on it causing it to glide over that area with ease. She kept stroking me as she ‘buttered’ me up. The sensation was weird and delightful at the same time. This session seemed to last longer than the previous two as she continued fondling my dick and testing for a reaction with my ass. I just squirmed a bit trying to figure out who this could be when all of a sudden I felt lips encircling the head of my dick as the object entered my ass with a gentle push. Three engulfings, if that’s a word to distract me as the probe entered a maybe a half inch or so. I tightened my butt cheeks, and the teasing stopped, and the lady tormenting me exited the bed. I lay in silence thinking who could have done that so expertly and recalled Amanda’s words about not second-guessing.

I told them, “My first guess this time is Monique, but I remember what you said, Amanda. So my final answer is Amanda.”

That got them giggling again.

“That was Monique!” My voice was giving away my frustration.

“Oui, Monsieur.”

“Monique has one point now. Damn this is going to take forever,” I replied.

“True dear, you’re a bad guesser.”

The ladies conferred once again in secret. I could hear a couple more moans from each of them.

Frustrated, I told them, “Whoever wins the next one, it’s their choice. Is that okay with you two?”

I think they nodded their heads; I couldn’t see, and they didn’t say a thing. No words were uttered, then it happened. I felt the bonds on both wrists and legs loosening. I started to talk and was quickly hushed by both of them. They got together and pulled me further down the bed, so my head was away from the headboard and situated somewhere near the middle. I started to reach up to remove the blindfold as my hand was slapped away.

With a firm ‘No’ from the both of them, I rested my arms at my sides to wait for the final test. I felt the bed move to my right above my head. Then as I lay staring into the nothingness, a warm moist pair of lips were lowered onto mine; not the usual kissing lips, but the ones that tend to swell when aroused. I tried to reach up to grab the body above me but was quickly slapped back down. The woman on top of me pinned my wrists down as I think she leaned forward. She moved her vagina over my face a couple of times, and I got the hint. I stuck my tongue out and began slurping as best I could. It was awkward, to say the least, but I got enough of her flavor to make a decision.

“Amanda, that’s you,” I said in between licks.

The movement ceased as the one not on top of me removed my blindfold. I blinked a few times as I looked up into the rear end of my gorgeous wife. I smiled to myself having guessed right. She extracted herself from the bed and me. I sat up on my elbows beaming with pride that I’d gotten at least one right and it was the right one. The ladies were standing at the side of the bed, cuddled in each other’s arms. Both looked flush from their conferences between tasks. I got to the edge of the bed, my feet hitting the floor as I looked up at them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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