The Ex-Wife Ch. 02

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Warning contains S&M and furries

The standard disclaimer all characters events are fiction and or fantasy.

Hope you enjoy


I had stayed late at the office to prepare for our trip to Key West on Thursday. Arriving home to find Kitty waiting by the door she meowed and started rubbing against my legs. Looking up into my eyes before nuzzling my hard cock placing her hand tentatively on my belt asking if she could suck my cock. I nodded my permission she quickly unbuckled my slacks and slid them and my shorts down licking the precum off before taking it deep into her throat and going all out to get me off quickly. It only took her about 90 seconds for me to groan with pleasure as I pumped stream after stream of cum down her throat. After making sure, my cock was licked clean; she pulled up my shorts and slacks.

She went and pushed her food bowl and meowed begging to be feed.

“Get dressed in your red mini skirt, corset, and red top.”

She gave her bowl another push before crawling off to get dressed. I motioned for her stand up when she crawled back into the room dressed as ordered. She stood up, and the first thing I noticed was that her pert tennis ball size tits were now softball sized the skin stretched tight and small stretch marks showing and were overflowing out of the half cups of the corset. It wouldn’t be long till she was lactating. She handed me a note that read, I will accompany you but would prefer to have my cat food the small bits of people food you have been feeding me upsets my stomach thank you for your consideration your loyal Kitty xoxo. Well, can’t have a Kitty with an upset stomach for our trip. So I fetched a can of her food and put it in her bowl and waited while she ate. When she finished, she crawled over purring and rubbed my leg.

I unlocked and unzipped the helmet and worked it off her head; she shook her pigtails free. She had a tear in her eye and meowed a few times to show her appreciation. I helped her stand and removed the kneepads and detached the tail from her butt plug

“Enjoy not having the helmet on.”

She shook her head no.


She picked up a pencil and wrote ( I like my helmet, kitty ears, and my tail and can’t wait till I get my permanent whiskers and ears).

“When we get back you will have all of them. I will put the helmet back on as soon as we get home and you will be a cat the whole time we are in Key West.”

I guess she was excited about the trip too. Saturday morning I would wake up to my personal orange tabby cat. My cock was rock hard in my shorts, but hunger overruled my erection. I drove to the closest steakhouse and ordered a T-bone for me and a coke. I asked Kitty if she wanted a soda or a glass of wine she shook her head no. She sat and watched me eat she was antsy the whole time. By the time we were back in the house, my cock was painfully hard, and Kitty had noticed and had her hands on my belt looking into my eyes for direction. She freed it as soon as I nodded my approval, devouring it as soon as she had it out I was so ready she didn’t have it all the way down her throat when I came. I held her head against my pelvis as I came forcing her to take all six strings of cum down her throat she was almost blue when I finished and the lust cleared from my brain. I quickly let her head go; she pulled off coughed a few times then took my cock back in her mouth to lick it clean.

She slid her helmet on and turned so I could zip it closed and placed the lock on it. I reattached her tail, and she threw off her clothes and dropped to her hands and knee before putting on her kneepads. My cock was still erect.

“Bedtime, we need to be at the airport by 10 am. You can get yourself off on my cock the suck me off before we go to sleep. We will get up at 7 and shower fill your ass with cum and put your tail in for the day. You don’t have to dress as the plane is in my hanger. The two catsuits should be here when we get back on Tuesday, and the whiskers should be in at the piercing parlor. She repeatedly meowed as we walked into the bedroom. Her arousal was running down her thigh by the time we were on the bed. I let her mount my cock and enjoyed watching her work herself to climax her swollen tits standing tall on her small chest.

I didn’t take her long to climax she rested a few minutes then milked my cock with her kegel muscles. She felt my cock pulse; she popped taking it down her throat purring as I shot my load. Being playful she showed me her mouth full of cum and made a show of swallowing it before licking my finally soft cock clean. She meowed and jumped off the bed returning with the gag, blindfold and ear plugs and covers dropping them in my lap. She meowed kind of sounded like, please.

“You want to wear this tonight?” I asked

She meowed yes and no. I thought for a moment.

“Tomorrow to?”

She meowed yes and started purring. My cock jumped up at attention again. I fastened the blindfold yalova escort on and then the ear covers. She was blind and deaf now. I positioned her body, so her head was hanging over the edge of the bed and fucked her waiting for mouth for all it was worth dumping my cum in her mouth so she could savor it all night before gagging her for the night. As the last string of cum erupted from my cock, I forced the penis gag into her mouth locking in place before attaching the pump and gave it two pumps she shook her head no, so I gave it one more pump then one more before she nodded her head yes. When I gave it the last two, I could see her jaw stretching the leather of the hood.

I positioned her face down on the bed, so she wouldn’t gag on her spit and put a towel under her head there was already a small amount of spit leaking out. I moved one of the ear covers so she could hear,

“Sleep tight my little kitty. One more day till you will look like an orange tabby for five days.”

She shivered. I covered us up and drifted off to sleep with dreams of my Kitty. The next morning was a whirlwind of activity as I got us ready. I had removed the blindfold and gag in the morning so she could eat and give herself an enema. She presented her clean freshly lubed ass for me to fuck then put her butt plug in and handed me the gag and blindfold, I fixed them in place pumping the gag up the same as the night before. All the luggage and her cat food in the Escalade l led then naked blind, deaf, gagged and drooling Kitty out and lifted her up and steered her into her travel cage she curled up and laid down. At the airport, helped her out and led her to the plane she felt her way up the steps, and once I had her settled on the couch, I carried her cage into the airplane.

It was only an hour flight, and I had rented an SUV which was already waiting in the hanger at the airport. At the airport, I quickly transferred the cage and then Kitty to the SUV. At the hotel, I parked in the underground garage and got a trolly to put her carrier on and covered it with a blanket concealing naked Kitty. Once I had everything in our room, I removed one of the ear covers.

I asked her if she wanted a drink or need to use the bathroom she shook her head no.

“Ok I am going to get some lunch you will have stay in the room until tomorrow unless you get dressed. I will be back soon.”

I put the ear cover back in place and got a quick lunch. Once back in the room the anticipation for tomorrow running high, my cock painfully hard I got Kitty out of her cage and removed her tail and plug and quickly dumped a load of cum in her tight pert ass replacing her tail when I finished. I left her on the bed and washed my cock before deflating and removing the gag. I moved her around on the bed, so she was between my legs while I was leaned against headboard then rubbed my cock against her lips. She took it in her mouth and went right to work. I relaxed and enjoyed her mouth on my cock daydreaming about the rest of the weekend.

My orgasm dragging me out of the daydream Kitty still hard at work on my semi hard cock glancing at the clock I noticed it was just past 5 pm. Kitty had been sucking cock all afternoon. I picked up the phone and ordered room service before tapping her on the head. I reached out and removed the ear cover and blindfold.

“Dinner time Kitty.”

She meowed and jumped down off the bed I opened the can of food and dumped it into her bowl before placing in on the floor, she quickly devoured it then licking the bowl clean. She crawled into the bathroom to brush her teeth and use the toilet. I had pulled on a pair of shorts and was standing with the remote surfing the TV when room service knocked. I went to answer the door, and Kitty stayed next to me in clear view of the bell hop when I opened the door. I signed the check and accepted the cart the bell hops eyes were as big as silver dollars, and his mouth was hanging open. I handed him the signed check thanked him and closed the door.

I moved the food to the desk and started eating Kitty settled on the floor against my leg and purred. I was finishing up when she rocked back on her haunches holding her boobs making a strange sound. They had grown to at least a c cup, and there were drops of milk leaking out.

“It’s alright Kitty your milk has come in is letting down. Come closer, and I will drain them for you.”

She left go of her right boob and pressed the nipple to my lips. Soon as I latched on her sweet milk flooded my mouth. It was nirvana as far as I was concerned. I quickly drained both of her boobs relieving the pressure. When I finished, she dropped back down to the floor purring against my leg. By the time I finished my desert she was snoring on the floor out cold. I got up and turned down the bed before picking her up laying her limp body on the left side.I decided to turn in also we had a 6 am appointment at the body paint artist’s studio. edirne escort So I set the alarm for 4 am stripped and got into bed with my lactating Kitty.

Kitty woke me her swollen breast against my mouth; I quickly drained both her tits finishing just as the alarm sounded. I turned on the light to see her watery eyes inside her helmet.

“It’s alright that you woke me. I like your milk remember I had the Doc give you a shot and pills so you would start lactating. You can wake me anytime they need drained. Come on we need to get showered your ass fucked and feed you so we can get to the appointment to have your body painted. We quickly showered got her fucked and her helmet back on. I collected the two other helmets for the artist to paint cat faces on. I led my naked Kitty in her leather helmet and sporting her tail as she crawled next to me thru the hotel lobby and to the parking garage. I helped her into the cargo area for a ride to the studio we arrived on time, and he was waiting at the door for us I led a naked Kitty into the studio picking her up and putting her on a waist high table.

As he was setting out his supplies, I asked if he had anything we could make whiskers out of to somehow fix them to the helmet. He thought for a minute went into the back room returning with some stiff plastic line. He went right to work on painting Kitty’s body while he worked I asked how long it would last.

“Usually two days it’s acrylic latex and is mostly waterproof but will start to peel off the skin in two days.”

“Ok, then I need two more appointments for Sunday and one for Tuesday. I want her to be fresh for the trip home too. “

“No problem you pay way to good to turn down, in fact, bring her by every morning and I will touch her up.”

Two hours later the masterpiece was finished. Kitty was an orange tabby cat from head to toe not one small part of her skin was not painted the whiskers glued to the helmet finished it. I proudly led Kitty out into the early morning crowd.

“So Kitty you like your paint job.”

She meowed yes three times. While rubbing against my leg swaying her ass to flick her tail. I had left the other two helmets for him to paint later also the blindfold, ear covers, and gag.

“Kitty Sunday you will wear the blindfold, ear covers, and gag all day.”

She meowed yes. I walked along Kitty crawling along next to me till I stopped to get some lunch. She curled up at my feet like a dog would. I ate and watched the other people stroll by some costumed and others mostly naked and anywhere in between. I finished but decided to let her rest a while she had slowed down the last half hour. After an hour I reached down and gently shook her. It took her a few minutes to fully wake up. I pushed the chair back, but she placed her hands on my legs and stood up on her feet pushing one of her dripping nipples into my mouth and meowed. I glanced around then figured the worst they could do would be to tell me to stop. I quickly drained her boobs. She let out a sigh when latched on to the second one relieving the built up pressure. Doing some quick math, I had sucked my breakfast from them at 4 am, and it was now 1 pm they filled up about every nine hours so I would have to make sure to drain them three times a day.

I walked slower this time making sure to give her drinks of water often. We came across a pet store. Leading her inside,

“Kitty pick out some toys to amuse yourself. My Kitty should not be bored she needs to practice her hunting skills.”

I picked up a basket and added some balls and toy mice she added some long feather boas I also added large bells. After paying, I took the bells and attached one to her nose ring one to each nipple ring and one to the ring in her clit the silver colored bells stood out aginst her orange tabby coat. Now she jingled as she crawled along attracting, even more, attention. When it was around 5 pm, I led her back to the car. I lifted her into the cargo area, and she made a quick circle laid down for the short ride to the hotel. I heard her little snore before I even started the engine. Gently waking her up in outside parking wanting show off my cat some more I led her thru the lobby and up to the room. She used the toilet and admired herself in the mirror. While I dished out her food, she dropped to her hand and knees and went after her dinner finishing it quickly then meowing and pushing her bowl to me.

“Is Kitty still hungry?”

She nodded yes so I put another half can in her bowl, and she quickly gobbled that down too.

“Brush your teeth and come along I need to get some dinner.”

She quickly brushed her teeth then crawled along next to me meowing as we went. One of the costumed women asked what her name was.

“Her name is Kitty she is mute by her choice she only meows or purrs.She spends most of her time on her hands and knees.”

The women seemed intrigued her eyes following erzurum escort us as we walked into the restaurant Kitty staying close to my side I got a table off to the side, so she had a place to lay down. After nice dinner, we returned to the room I wanted to fuck my large tabby cat. So as soon as I closed the door,

“Kitty suck me off and keep working till I am hard again the I will fuck you till you come then you can suck me off again. You look so hot and kinky as a tabby.”

I dropped my slacks and sat on the edge of the bed and let my tabby cat work my cock with her talented mouth. Soon I pumped my cum into her throat which she managed to take all down her throat. She came up took a big breath and held my cock down her throat swallowing to stimulate it more I only softened a bit before becoming fully erect again. She let my cock pop out of her mouth and quickly took it into her pussy making a mewling noise as she moved working herself into a frenzy before exploding into her climax opening her mouth with a silent scream her tits spraying milk all over us. I laughed and leaned forward and sucked some from each breast to stop the spraying. When Kitty recovered,

“We will have to drain your breasts before I let you come from now on. Get a towel and dry us off before the bed gets too wet. Don’t be upset I was the one that had the Doc give you the hormones so you would lactate and I love it. I get to have my breakfast in bed every morning right from the source.”

Kitty jumped up and ran to the bathroom returning with a towel and wiping the milk off my chest. I smiled at her. Wondering if she would try to opt out of our agreement sometime soon, I didn’t think so she seemed so into it. She just spent the whole day in public painted as an orange tabby cat and appeared to be enjoying herself. And she had not objected to being made mute or to taking hormones to induce her to lactate. Once we were all dried off, she came back to bed I just stared at her the paint job it was totally amazing. The leather helmet painted to look like a cat face the ears and whiskers the whole picture had my cock surging back erect.

“You have been such a good Kitty your choice however you want to be fucked It’s up to you but first come let me drain that wonderful milk out of your breasts.”

She slid her pussy down on my cock and thrust her chest out for me to select which breast I wanted first. Taking the right one first then the left one it only took a few minutes each during which time she purred. When I released her now drained breast, she rose up and worked the tail plug out of her ass and without adding lube impaled her asshole on my hard cock much to my surprise. She was panting sucking in great breaths as she moved up and down at fast pace. The stimulation was overpowering causing my orgasm to build quickly I reached out and held her down to pump shot after shot of cum into her ass she purred the whole time loudly.

She moved off my cock and turned so I could see her push the tail plug back into her freshly fucked ass. She walked into the bathroom flicking her tail from side to side returning with a washcloth and towel quickly cleaning my cock before tossing them on the floor. She pulled the sheet down taking my cock in her mouth and pulled the sheet over herself seeming to dismiss me she was going to suck my cock.

“Ok enjoy yourself,” I said as I patted her on the head under the sheet.

I couldn’t be upset with her I had told her it was her choice besides how can your argue with having your pet suck your cock to put you to sleep. She woke me like 4 am leaking milk she held the towel to one breast while she fed me the other one. She had my cock buried in her pussy purring while I sucked her breast dry she dropped the towel and shoved the other one into my mouth speeding up her hips as I finished emptying her second breast letting out loud long meow as she came.

She fell forward onto my chest panting as her breathing slowed she pushed up letting my still hard cock slide out of her pussy and taking it in her mouth and down her throat. I watched her cat head bob up and down on my cock using her tongue studs for more stimulation, my cock was sensitive from the sucking she did last night, so it didn’t take long for me to climax. Just watching her cat body move the tail twitching turned me on and I blasted cum into her mouth so hard she jerked with each blast It had to be my biggest load ever eight or nine shots. She didn’t let my cock go even then for another minute. It took me few minutes till I could even talk. I would bet she had a satisfied smile on her face under the helmet.

“Go clean up first I need some time to recover. Come here, and I will unlock the helmet so you can wash your hair.”

She was relatively quick but gave me enough time to let the kinkiness of her walking out of the bathroom painted as an orange tabby, breasts dripping milk already again got my cock to respond. She added to the stimulation by seductively lubing her ass I front of me before licking my cock a few time then kneeling holding her orange ass cheeks apart inviting me to thrust into her tight hot ass. I slid all the way in on the first thrust she met my thrust and continued to meet each one as they came faster and more violent till I came yelling my climax out.

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