The Fruit Flies Ch. 05

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I thought I could do better. Even though Fruit Flies Ch 5 was good, I left out alot of materials that could’ve made it better.



It was a hot day on this tropical paradise. The blue sky was free of any clouds, the animal life took shelter from the unforgiving sun, while the clear blue ocean was the only source of relief. Thus the beach was over packed with tourists. Making the jungle the perfect place for my fiancé Tom and I to get some privacy.

As we walked through the jungle, it took all our strength not to do it on the trail. I mean who can blame us. My stud of a boyfriend was 6 foot tall, well built, a muscular ass of a god, and a cock to go along with it. I, on the other hand, was a petite Japanese woman, with wide hips, small breasts, and a firm ass that my fiancé can’t stop rubbing his face in. Basically, we were sexy as a couple could be.

As we continued deeper into the jungle, Tom could not help but eyeing every part of me. Even though I wore this tight white bathing suit bikini plenty of time before, the abstinence was eroding his self-control. Not to mention I was wearing a thong and I put my smartphone where my pussy was.

Therefore it took all of Tom’s self-control not to take me.

“Is that an extra selfie stick or are you happy to see me?” I asked as Tom’s 8 inch hard cock stuck out of his speedo like a submarine on land.

“That depends if we got off the trail, Kasumi.” Tom said with a wolfish grin as he prepared the selife stick for the good time to come.

It took all my might not to get on my knees and suck my fiancé right on the spot. It took even greater restraint to strip out of my bathing suit and spread my legs for my man. It took everything in me to keep control of myself.

God, why did I agree to do my stupid parents wedding tradition?

Before I could say “no” to my fiancé, both of us heard a man calling for help. We got off the trail and saw a naked muscular stud tied to a tree. Bound by the hands to the tree, the man was blindfolded and his bathing suit was down to his ankles. His well-toned body was tanned from many days in the sun. However his pale rock hard ass was exposed to the elements. Making it stand out from the rest of this Adonis body.

At first, I thought the poor man was raped and left escort fatih to die. However, I was soon corrected when I saw a set of keys and lube lying not too far from the naked stud. Not to mention calling the gigolo he paid for a “treacherous faggot”. Telling me a business transaction went far south.

As the stud continued to struggle, a nasty idea popped into my head. My fiancé Tom needed a release. I want to keep my promise to my parents. The poor stud was screwed out of his money. Finally, I had a smartphone with a 200GB Micro SD card in it.

Automatically, my pussy became soaking wet.

“We should help him.” Tom said before approaching the poor man.

“Your right.” I said as I took out my smartphone. “But I think we should give him something for his troubles.”

Before Tom could questioned me, he saw the few items that were before us. When he put two and two together, Tom blushed and started to shake with excitement.

“You always wanted to experiment, right?” I said as I reached into his speedo and pulled out his rock hard tool. “Well here’s your chance for some male domination.”

Tom always had a fantasy of fucking a man in the ass. Ever since he saw a clip of the Gay Fight Club on the internet, he wanted to fuck a man’s ass with the same savagery. However, he was too shy to discuss with me and wrote his fantasies on Literotica. Thank God he uses the same password for everything.

Otherwise, I won’t have my fantasy come true.

Without saying a word, I gently dragged my fiancé by his harden cock to the tied up stud. He did not resist nor even complained as I use his magnificent tool as a leash. In fact, he was too preoccupied by the fine piece of male ass before us.

“Finally!” The stud hissed as he heard us coming. “I am not paying you to tie me up for nothing you know!”

Memorized by his firm white ass, it took Tom a while to figure out what to do. He had fantasies of doing this. However, it took him a while to accept the reality that was before him.

“Hey!” The stud screamed. “What are you–?”

Like a falling tree, the slap my fiancé gave to this queer’s ass was loud. So loud that it engulfed the jungle in silence. At first, I thought the tied up man would cry out in pain. However, he allowed the pain to turn into pleasure. escort istanbul While his penis slowly reached for the ground.

The moment I hit record on my phone was when he fun began

Having his primal lust take over, Tom slapped his bitch’s ass as if he was a set of drums. Redding stud’s gorgeous buttocks until both cheeks turned red as a tomato. Once Tom felt his bitch had enough, he spread the beautiful man’s ass cheeks and rubbed his cock against the studs well-greased up asshole.

Watching my fiancé rubbed his enlarged cock against this stud’s asshole was enough for me to cum on sight. It was so forbidden, nasty and downright hot. Making me regret later that I wore a white bathing suit thong. But none of that mattered as I filmed and took photos of my Tom relished the rubbery surface of his bitch’s asshole.

“Please stick it in!” The man begged. “I am well stretched and greased up. It’s perfect for your–“

The stud never finished his begging. For like a sword, Tom rammed his huge cock into his bitch’s ass. Causing not only for stud to scream with joy, but for me to cum once again without touching myself.

Falling on to my knees, I watched as Tom raped the stud’s ass with unhindered lust. He slammed his hips into the queer’s butt as he tilted his head back in pleasure. While gasping for joy as the man’s sphincter squeezed my Tom’s cock to the breaking point.

As the fucking intensified, I put the stand down on my smartphone and started to tend to myself. As I pinched my nipples and fingered my soaking wet pussy, I was memorized by my fiancé’s rock hard ass. With each thrust Tom moaned with joy. As he pulls out, he keeps hold of his bitch’s ass as if his life depended on it. But once he sticks it back in, the cycle begins once more but with greater force.

I was not thinking straight in that moment. If anything, I was reduced to a mindless animal who’s only concerned achieving ultimate pleasure. Yet my feral nature at the time did not stop me from getting nasty ideas with my phone.

So I stripped off my bathing suit and started to take pictures of the fun before me.

Shocked by my beautiful naked body, Tom started to ravage the stud’s ass even more. And judging by his moans, my fiancée cock grew a few more inches the moment I got escort bayan taksim into my birthday suit.

As the savage fucking continued, I put the phone on the selife stick and started to take a pictures of Tom having fun with his new found bitch. Then I took one of myself with the two men in the background. Making sure that I got my breast in the picture with the action behind me. Giving Tom a few happy memoires of this moment.

As I took more selifes, I made possess that would hold off Tom for a while. Like giving the peace symbol as I gave him one big smile. Blowing kisses both at him and the camera. Playing with my harden nipples to the show before me. Hell, I even took pictures of me watching as Tom continued to go crazy over his newfound love of gay sex. Knowing full well that Tom will be coming back to this moment until the day he dies.

“Please touch my dick!” The stud begged. “I need my dick to be touched!”

Like the nasty slut I was, I quickly picked up my phone and walked over to the tied up stud. I watch with amazement as his harden cock swung aimlessly in the air. As if it were a church bell on Sunday afternoon. But instead of ringing there was pre cum falling to the ground.

Hence, I took his beautiful cock in my mouth and started to suck it.

Putting my phone on the ground, I made sure I got a good angle of me giving fellatio to this beautiful stud. Sucking on his huge prick as I played with my wet pussy before the camera. Tending to myself while I aided Tom in this duo assault on this beautiful queer stud. Making him scream with joy as all civility was lost to primal desire.

Thus the moment I tasted his load I came all over my phone.

The moment both the stud and I came was when Tom whole body stiffened. He howl as he pulled his bitch into him. Unloading his white gold into the man’s ass. Then in a blink of an eye Tom went limp and finally let go of his worn out bitch.

Before my phone could die on me, I saw Tom slowly taking his cock out of this beautiful faggot’s ass. With a loud audible pop, my fiancé cock and the stud gasped and turned limped. Telling us both he had enough for one day.

After we released him, both Tom and I made our way back to civilization. We did not want the poor man to know who fucked him. We were going to get married and he was nothing more than a cum bucket for my poor little Tom. Still it was fun to see my man fuck a beautiful stud like that. Making me gracious that I filmed it with my smartphone.

Thus I had something to hold me off until the honeymoon.

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