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This is the story of how I got mixed up with this bizarre Club. This was the first time, I had ever purchased, yet alone used a contact magazine. My ex best man had brought the advert to my attention and suggested that I mught give it a go Yet, I was very nervous as I waited for Sandra my contact, and wondering whether I had done the right thing, or was I perhaps getting into something that I would regret? It had been the advert that had attracted me. After all I thought, no harm in meeting the lady, and well you never know, she might be just what I wanted. The advert had read.
Adventurous married lady in her mid 30’s
seeks man, looking for romantic adventure.
Must be game for practically anything and very broad minded,
Reply to Box 34S
I had immediately written to the Box number and sent a photograph, and after a few days I received a reply asking me to telephone her. I did, and we chatted for about ten minutes. She told me her name was Sandra and she sounded really nice, with a lovely soft voice with a slight local dialect. As a result of our chat, we had agreed to meet in the Red Fox saloon bar. A place that we both knew well. It was right on the agreed time that the door opened, and Sandra walked in. Looking round she saw me, and obviously recognising me from the photograph that I had sent her, she walked straight to my table.

As she crossed the floor towards me, I had a chance to take a closer look at her. She was really lovely, with nice tight curly hair, dyed a sort of a silver colour. It was brushed severely back, showing her small neat ears, and the ears were embellished with expensive looking long jade earrings. She had nice blue eyes; the sort that always seem to be smiling and friendly when they looked at you. I had certainly not expected to meet such a beauty as this. “Tony?”

She enquired, a hint of nervousness just flitting across her face. “Yes, you must be Sandra.” I replied, standing up, and holding out my hand. “Would you like a drink?” I enquired. “Yes please, a lime and lemon would be nice. But, let’s sit over here” As she spoke pointing to an alcove in the corner of the room. “It’s much more private.”

“Returning with the drinks, I made to sit down opposite her. “Tony, come and sit next to me please.” She asked quite authoritatively. She moved along the bench as she spoke to make room for me. From here, we could see the few other customers in the bar, and had our backs to the wall.

“Why did you answer my advert.” Sandra asked? Looking at me quizzically. ” We didn’t discuss that point on the phone.”

“I’ll be truthful.” I told her. I’m married, but for the past year in name only, but I love my wife dearly, and I have no intention of leaving her. But I do miss a full sex life; I’m worried that if I started a relationship with an unattached woman, I could end up by becoming emotionally involved, and end my marriage. I admit, that when I saw your advert, I thought that perhaps, you might have the same needs that I do, and, I just hoped that some sort of relationship was possible. Do you know what I mean?” She turned her smiling blue eyes on me. “Yes I do, but unlike you, I have a very full sex life with my husband. But we also like a bit of variety. We have, what is loosely termed a modern marriage. “Who do you mean when you say we?”

“Well my husband and myself naturally.” I stood up horrified as visions of all sort of kinky goings on flashed through my mind. “I’m sorry Sandra but, I’m not into threesomes.”

She pulled me back down by the hand. “No Tony, don’t be daft, not that sort of threesome. My husband can have his girlfriends, and I can make my own arrangements, but this goes a bit further. By we, I mean a number of like minded married women who are looking for a bit of discreet extra marital sex. adventure, without any complications. Something like you are looking for and, usually for exactly the same reasons. There are six of us, and we have formed a sort of club. But to make it work we need at least one man.”

“Sounds interesting. ” I replied. “Well, provisionally anyway.”

I had begun to get more than a little interested in what she was saying. Especially, as while she was speaking, her hand had very mischievously wandered into my groin. causing me to become erect. “Does your husband know about all this? “Of course” she replied. That’s him standing by the bar. I looked up, as Sandra waved to a man at the bar. Seeing us watching him, he came over to us. For a second my heart was in my mouth. I had never been in a situation like this before, speaking to a husband, as his wife was sat next to and quite obviously having a good grope.

“Bill this is Tony.” Sandra introduced me. “Hi mate.” Bill answered. Shaking hands with me. “Hello Bill.” I said rather embarrassed. ” I see she’s got you by the balls already.” Bill responded laughing out loud. I could feel myself blushing, as he turned to go back to his mates at the bar. ” Have a good time.” Bill called, as he turned and walked away. “You see. It’s all above board.” Sandra said. “Now are you game, or not.”

“I’m avrupa yakası escort game.” I told her. “But I want to know more.”

” And so you shall darling. Now do your pants up and lets go.” She responded, as she gathered up her handbag. I followed her out of the pub into the night. “Have you got a car”? “Yes.” I replied. “Well you can leave it – we can walk from here. It’s not far.” Tucking her arm in mine, as we walked we talked about ourselves and our families. She told me she had a daughter, and she told me all about her job. With each step, I began to relax and enjoy her company. Eventually I asked her. “Where are we going?”

“To my place of course. I have to finish off interviewing you. I couldn’t do that in the pub now could?”

It took only a few minutes before we turned into an alley, which was a short cut to the back yard of her house. In the corner were some steps leading to an apartment. The apartment was lavishly furnished and had some erotic prints ro8und the walls, the lighting was subdued and the room was nice and warm, and which she obviously had made ready for us.

Sandra took me round the apartment , which had several bedrooms and a lounge which we did not enter. She then led me to a bedroom with a king size bed looking solitary and inviting under the beam of a spotlight in the centre of the room. The fire was glowing nicely and there was a background of soft music, the whole ambience was highly erotic and just right. ‘You will only use this bed room for sex, is that understood?’ I told her that it was and then turning, Sandra said to me, quite out of the blue, as she threw her coat on the bed, and kicked off her high heel shoes. “Do you think that it is right for men to be able to go with whores , and women can’t? “Never really thought about it much.” I told her, which was true. “But I suppose you may have a point.”

“What would you think if a woman offered to pay you for sex? She looked at me very seriously as she spoke. I was not sure just what she was getting at, so I attempted to ignore the question. Hoping she would not pursue it.

“Answer my question, its important.” She demanded. “In the context of what you are saying. I would not necessarily be against it – in fact it sounds rather erotic to me.”

“Good. I’ll take that as a yes.” Sandra replied. “Why. are you going to pay me?”

“Don’t be daft. This is still part of the job interview.” As she spoke, her face relaxed and she put her arms round my neck as she pulled me towards her, and kissed me. I could feel her breasts rubbed my chest, and I could feel her hard teats pressing into me. I wrapped my arms around her, returning her kiss passionately, as my erection started to grow. “You’re a bit nervous aren’t you?” She asked softly. “Yes, a bit.” I told her.” I always am at job interviews!”

“Silly.” She kicked my leg playfully.

“The girls expect value for their money, so there is only one way to find out if you’re any good. So come on, take your clothes off.” Even while she was speaking, she had slipped out of her dress and had reached out impatiently, to help me to undo my pants. She giggled loudly, as she pushed me down on the bed on my back, bending over me she pulled off my pants and socks throwing them on the floor. She then leaned over the bed and grinned down at me, her largebreasts hanging down.

Her blue eyes like two lasers looking intently at my face. I reached for her, but she slapped myhands away. “No. keep still.” She demanded, as she reached to the side of the bed to pick up a bottle of baby oil, pouring it liberally on her hands, she began to massage my cock. Her hands were so soft, that it was torment. She laughed out loud, obviously enjoying herself, as she used both her hands to embrace my penis causing it to rise majestically into the air. After a couple of minutes, she lay down alongside me, snuggling against me, her body warm against mine, her hands still fondling my cock.

Then she grabbed my hand placing it between her legs, inviting me to use my fingers, as she opened her legs wide to give me more room. The other hand was now fondling my hair, running her fingers through it gently while she bent over me, kissing my lips gently, almost reverently, but with a definite hint of underlying passion.

Suddenly, she decided that enough was enough. She drew away and without ceremony she straddled me impatiently. Guiding my penis gently up inside her she slowly settled her weight on me. I could feel her wet warmness enfolding my cock, her muscles tensing, as she took all of me inside her in one smooth movement. She sat there briefly looking down at me, as she used the baby oil on her bosom. She started rocking up and down slightly, getting maximum penetration; as her vagina muscles became very active and started gripping me tightly producing sensations that depicted an expertise in the art of fucking, that I had never met in a woman before.

She had taken control of my body, and of my mind, as I looked up into her face. I wanted to feel her body much closer to me, bağcılar escort so I pulled her down on to me.I could feel her bosom, now greasy with the oil and with the hard button nipples pressing against my chest as she lay full length along my body. With both legs locked around mine, she held me tight to her, ensuring that my penis could not slip out, as we moved slowly and almost rhythmically together, gradually getting to know each others bodies more intimately. I was having great difficulty restraining myself, content to penetrate as deeply as I could inside her for a time I changed the technique of hesitating for a fraction of time, before I started to withdraw, repeating the movement again and again. I was desperate to please her, to be as good as she was. I wanted to take more time, but she was demanding that I increase the tempo.

It quickly dawned on me, that I was no longer in control, she was now ‘fucking’ me. As the passion built, the frenzy of our movements had increased. She was setting the tempo and all I could do was to follow, I knew that I could not hold on much longer, I had to come. To my amazement our climax was perfectly synchronised, our frenzy of passion reaching its height together, then gradually we slowed down together, sinking back on to the bed, bathed in sweat as we lay panting.

Sandra was quiet for a while, then she leaned up on her elbows, looking down at me. She touched me lightly and affectionately on the end of my nose with her finger. Bending down she again briefly touched my lips with hers “Yes, you will do nicely. You’re good enough, and I think the girls will enjoy you, but they will want variety, and they will expect you to be broad minded, in fact at times extremely broad minded, if you follow what I mean. There is much I can teach you, if you are willing to learn?”

I nodded , as my mind tried to grasp the implications of what she was saying, and quickly accepting the implications. “Yes that sounds fine.” I responded. Standing up, she reached for a robe from the wardrobe. I leaned over to reach my pants, but she pushed me down again. “You’re not finished yet. I take it you’re interested in our proposition?”

“Oh yes please, especially, if they are all like you.”

“Flatterer. You will have a chance to see in a minute. They have all been watching and listening to us on the camera up there, and they will be coming to see you in the flesh in a few minutes time.” She came back with a glass of water.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, she said, “There are a few formalities that have to be completed yet. You see the essence of all this, is that complete secrecy must be maintained for all our sakes.”

“What sort of formalities?” I queried; my mind still only half concentrating, the other half being distracted , on what she was doing with her spare hand. “I understand what you mean by secrecy, but how can you ensure that?”

“Quite easily really.” Sandra said. “Outright blackmail.”

“If they talk, their husbands will get a photograph of you fucking them, so that is why I need you naked for a while yet. But apart from that, we have to agree your fee. All the girls have agreed to pay a monthly subscription to join the club, plus they will each pay you an agreed fee for each meeting and all the expenses you incur on their behalf. In return you must meet all their sexual, and other reasonable demands in full.

The only exception is me, I get your services for free, but then I provide the accommodation, the administration, and the alibi’s, as well as giving you the extra training. In addition all bookings and contacts are made through me. So as you can see my darling, only my telephone number will ever appear on their telephone bills.”

Just then, there was a faint knocking on the door of the van. I looked up with interest, as Sandra stood up to open the door. She turned with a big smile on her face. “I forgot to mention that if you talk, or are responsible for giving us away, your wife will also get five photo’s of you in the post.”

I was feeling slightly embarrassed as four very presentable ladies entered the van. They were like Sandra, dressed in robes and obviously naked underneath. Two were roughly the same age as Sandra, in their mid thirties the other two were younger. I judged that they were probably in their late twenties. “I am afraid that one lady Sarah, couldn’t, make it tonight, but you will meet her soon enough.” Sandra told me. They did not seem as embarrassed as I felt, as they were introduced to me, they all smiled nicely and kissed me quite passionately. Their hands were keen to wander as they all sat down near me on the bed.

The two older ladies told me that they were called Joan and Vera, and the two younger ones being Rita and Gloria. “Well girls, get your robes off.” Sandra commanded with a chuckle. “Let’s get to work.” One by one the girls lay down by me, facing the Polaroid Camera produced by Sandra, and each of them in turn fondled my erection, then they took me in their mouths as the photographs were taken bağdatcaddesi escort one by one. Joan obviously being more adventurous and being the last girl to have her photograph taken, straddled me and took me inside her for her photograph. But it rebounded on both of us as we both wanted to finish the job properly and this was not allowed.

When we had finished, and everyone was keenly looking at the photographs, Sandra lent me a spare robe saying. “Don’t dress yet, the evenings still young, let’s all have a cup of tea and get to know each other better, but no personal details please girls.” The girls were quite willing to get to know me, and I them; they seemed very satisfied, with the way that things were working out for them. But no personal details were given by agreement, but it was obvious that they all knew each other.

The girls had all decided for the club purposes that they would use false names, to attempt to keep their identity secret. Joan asked me. “Has Sandra told you how this all started. “

“No, not yet.” Sandra told her.” I was about to do that. ” Joan explained. “It’s like this Tony, one day we were all sitting around after our aerobics class, and bemoaning the inadequate marital performance of our various partners. Then Sandra told us of her unusual marital arrangements, which gave her more variety in her marriage. We all latched on to the idea and eventually we worked out that our best way was to hire ourselves a male prostitute – that’s you. I mean, you men can go down the red light district for a change, but we can’t, Can we?”

“Some might do that, but not all of us.”

I told her, angry at the implication that all men were the same. She went on. “So gradually the idea evolved, and we worked out the way in which we can do it. So we call ourselves the Woman’s Social Circle, and we pay a monthly subscription fee, which helps pay you and we pay you a fee for each sex session we have with you. We can now arrange under the name of the club to meet you here, or perhaps somewhere else quite openly, perhaps in the day, or evenings or, perhaps we might have a weekend trip away together, or something like that. We can work singly, or as a group, without our husbands getting suspicious, or, we can also arrange to give each other alibi’s when one of us meets you.”

“Yes, I understand, but why pay me?”

“We must, otherwise the relationship would not be professional. We are paying you to satisfy us, not yourself. None of us, including you, want emotional entanglements.” Sandra said. “You look a bit dubious.”

“No, I was just thinking the thing through, in my own mind.”

“Well here is your first payment of £300.00 as she handed me an envelope. Each of those cheques are made out for 50.00, but in the Cheque Book stubs they are described as Writers Circle annual subscription. All you have to do is fill in your name and pay the cheques in to your bank. But each time you meet one of the members she will pay you a further fifty pounds, or more as she wishes.

“OK. But where do I go from here? “Well tomorrow, I know that Joan wants to spend time with you, so you meet here, and each day I want you to call me on my mobile, and I will give you your assignations.” The girls eventually made their farewells and left the apartment. I took this as my signal to go, but Sandra was clearly not finished with me yet. She cuddled up againstme , one arm round my neck, as with her free hand she brushed my loose hair back over my forehead. I could feel my heart beating hard, as her warm body pressed against me. ” You will soon be very experienced. I have much to teach you, and we must not waste time.”

“It all sounds great fun.” I replied hesitantly, as Sandra having pulled my robe off and tossed it with hers on the floor, continued to play with my cock.

Her soft lips started travelling down my chest, kissing my stomach, and nibbling at my teats as she ventured even lower. Reaching my groin she pushed my legs farther apart and taking my penis in her mouth, started to run her lips up and down the outside. Their was a greater sense of urgency about Sandra now, in the way she was making love. I thought that at first, I would go mad. The feeling was exquisite, she had a skill that I had never ever experienced before. She was using her tongue, and those wonderful lips with deadly intent. I could not keep still, my body was twisting and turning, my stomach ached with a delicious pain, as I felt my muscles tense.

I could feel her teeth just touching my cock, as she worked her head up and down, at first slowly, then gradually increasing her speed. Twice she stopped for air, removing my cock from her mouth, as she bent to kiss my stomach, she would look up carefully at me, then smiling as she resumed her task bringing me back to the boil.. “I think it’s your turn now” She whispered eventually. Turning round, she carefully straddled me, lowering her vagina until it was touching me. She then rotated her hips slowly as she gently rubbed it over my lips. I found it exciting, as I inserted my tongue, the slightly salty taste of her vagina came into my mouth, as my tongue started probing and investigating this chasm. I could hear her moaning; a sound strange, but a sound that I immediately recognised was one of ecstasy and happiness. Her hips were moving slightly faster, as she demanded that I penetrate even further. I could feel her warm moistness running over my lips and chin.

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