The Infernal Orgasm

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The game was tough today. We lost by 5 points and the morale was down. The guys were generally sloshed by midnight drowning their sorrows in bottles of Romanov and Fosters. They would have been sloshed anyway even if they had won. Guys will be guys.

I hadn’t had much to drink and was awake looking at the moonlight pouring down the 3 by 3 window of my room. Mayank lay next to me, his arm across my belly and perfunctorily cupped around my left breast. He slept soundly and his breath reeked of alcohol. He was too sloshed to be o any use tonight. I had fingered myself to sleep and yet I was awake after a couple of hours.

I got up from the bed, gathered the sheet around my naked body and lumbered to the bathroom, locked the door from within and threw the light on. White light came on and bathed my figure. I let go of the sheet and saw myself in the mirror. I loved the way I looked. I was all of 21 years and had a slim and toned body that was the result of a restricted diet, an hour at gym and lots of sex. I was what guys called beautiful, with long black curls for hair, 34 C bust, 30 waist and 34 hips, 5 feet 9 inches in height and a tiny diamond belly button resting on a pink Madonna tattoo to the left.

I switched off the light, took a pee and realized that I was hungry. I gathered the sheet around me and walked out of my room. Sahil was sleeping on the sofa in the drawing room and Kunal and Tushar were heaped on the divan there. It was an awful mess. I made my way through to the kitchen, found a half eaten burger in the şişli escort freeze and munched on it as I made my way back through the room. As I crossed the divan, Kunal stirred and opened his eyes.

“Darling…what are you up to?”

“Nothing. You hungry?” I offered him a bite of the burger.

He caught my hand and dragged me towards him and made me sit next to him on the divan.

He put his head in my laps and purred

“Darling…am feeling so full within me. Would you do me a favor?”

I knew a favor generally meant exercise for my mouth and my pussy

“Are you mad? Go to sleep. Do you know what time is it?”

“It’s time for love honey.” He hissed and drew me closer to him, tugging and pulling the sheet off me in the process.

His hands roamed all over me and he cupped and pinched my nipples hard. They stood to attention immediately and I felt flush all over, a rush spreading down my body, the warmth parching my mouth and moistening my pussy. He ran his hands by my spine and pulled my body under him. He was in his underwear and lost it in no time.

He took my right hand and placed it on his penis and it grew to its maximum of eight and a half inches in no time. His fingers traced a trail from my neck to my belly button and went down to my clit. A shiver descended my spine and his fingers vanished within my pussy folds. They dove in the wetness of my pussy and awakened its corners and its walls, each movement making my body writhe in pleasure, suadiye escort present and anticipated.

It’s the anticipation that’s ecstatic really.

He pulled his fingers out, positioned his penis at my pussy and gently slid himself in.

I buckled in pleasure as his eight and a half inches stretched the walls of my pussy and touched the gates to my womb. He thrust his manhood further and it was almost painful but as he withdrew partially, the ‘rub’ sent me hurtling up into paradise.

A loud moan escaped my lips.

Tushar was sleeping drunk next to us and a lustful moan would wake him up however sloshed he was.

He squinted his eyes through the darkness

“Holy shit! You incorrigible fellows…” He hollered at us and then got out of the bed and on o the carpet below.

I giggled. Tushar was never comfortable with the group act and always preferred to have me in privacy. I had tried to shake him out of his prudishness but some things are jut as they are.

Kunal continued his thrusting and it brought me back to my vagina. Waves of warbled sensations emanated from my pussy and they swathed my body. I buckled and screamed in pleasure and ecstasy. Each thrust of his rubbed on the sensitive spot in my pussy and I buckled uncontrollably and started to giggle hysterically.

There is a stage in lovemaking where my identity becomes hostage to my pussy, when my pussy takes over my heart and my brain and takes command of my lustful taksim escort and sinless body. A stage when it suffuses the cold white ecstasy of lust through my entire body and then consummates the congress with my soul.

I was almost there at that stage. Kunal sent a few more thrusts into my pussy and I went overboard.

Orgasm is not a continuum of lovemaking. It is a discrete event. It stutters and stumbles its way in, lurking in the pussy for a tormenting eternity and then suddenly releases a zillion volts into the wilderness, the hinterland of my inconsequential body. Orgasm is the moment of supreme irrelevance. Nothing remains relevant but the zillion volt waves of pleasure emanating from the pussy. My soul becomes a captive of my pussy and does something really nice. It short circuits my body out of the loop. I go really quiet on the outside and yet a storm rages on inside my pussy. The pleasure waves circulate in a vicious cycle within the confines of my pussy and the heat builds up searing and scorching. And then Kunal erupts, his seed bathing my innards, cooling the raging fires within.

The battle abates and the swirls die down. Kunal rolls off me and a slumber takes me over.

I sleep late into the morning, a cherubic smile on my lips and a contended and pleased body that falls into its place over a couple of hours into my slumber.

It’s a Sunday morning and I am awakened by the machinations of Tushar lying on the divan next to me now.

Kunal is nowhere to be seen, probably off to the market to get grocery.

I close my eyes as Tushar’s fingers trace a familiar route to my belly button.

Its going to be a long Sunday. Mayank and Sahil are awaiting their turn…

This is an attempt to get into the anatomy of the orgasm.

Your comments are important as only your comments prod me to my writing desk…

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