The Instructor , the Student Ch. 02

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The story continues at a clothing optional resort in Lutz, Florida…

All characters are over 18.

All characters are clean & safe.

This story may contain: MF, MFM, FF, Group, MM, FMF


The day finally arrived and the four of us took off from the Westchester County Airport & headed to Tampa, Florida. When we arrived, I picked up the rental and drove about an hour to the clothing optional resort in Lutz, Florida.

I drove up to the reservation building and parked and then we went inside to register & get our assigned chalets.

I could see Robyn & Roger taking in all the sights as we were doing the paperwork. Finally, we got the keys to the chalets which were right next to each other. We drove over, a short five minutes away, went in and put our stuff away. Robyn & Roger did the same. As soon as we were done, Lisa and I got naked and went to see how the duo were doing.

“Hey, you guys settled in yet?”

“Just about. This is a nice place.”

“I thought you guys would like it. Come on and get naked. We’ll give you a tour.”

Finally, they were naked and ready to experience the nudist lifestyle.

Lisa walked with Robyn up front and Roger walked with me. I always walked behind Lisa so I could take in the scenery.

I showed them the tennis courts, the swimming pool, the restaurants and game building and the several trails for peaceful walks.

As we walked, I noticed Lisa’s hand was just about on Robyn’s ass.

“Hey Lisa, you know the rules…behave.”

She looked back at me, smiled and said, “I haven’t done anything, yet. Besides, you’re here to watch out.”

Roger looked at me with a puzzled look.

“There can be no sexual activity on the premises Roger. It is forbidden. But, along the trails, if nobody is around, things happen.”

“Have you & Lisa fooled around on the trails?”

“Yes, on more than one occasion. I guarantee that Lisa and your fiancee will be doing something soon up ahead where nobody can see.”

No sooner than I said that Lisa stopped, turned to face Robyn and kissed her. They hugged and started feeling each other up. I kept watch as Roger watched them.

My eyes caught Lisa on her knees eating Robyn as she was playing with my wife’s nipples. They continued for a few minutes when I interrupted them.

“Excuse me ladies, but Roger and I have hard cocks that now need your attention.”

The women looked over at us and Lisa got up. They walked over to us and Robyn started sucking my cock & Lisa sucked Roger. It wasn’t long before we both filled their mouths with our cum. We finished, then continued our walk.

We wound up at the pool and relaxed and chatted as we took in all the sights of cocks and pussies. Robyn & Roger looked like they were in shock and didn’t know where to look first.

Just then my friend Tom walked by.

“Hey Tom, how the hell are you?”

“I’m fine. Hi Lisa. You look lovely as ever.”

“Tom, these are our good friends, Robyn ümraniye escort & Roger. This is their first time at a clothing optional resort.”

“Hello folks. I hope you enjoy your stay.”

I noticed Robyn checking out Tom” s big cock and I smiled.

“Hey Tom, if you’re not busy tonight why not join us for dinner?”

“Thanks. I’m not doing anything. Ok. I’ll see you guys later. Enjoy the day.”

I turned to Robyn, “Tom is my friend who joined me in giving Lisa her first resort threesome.”

By late afternoon we decided to head back to our chalets for some wine and snacks. It seemed that Robyn & Roger were really enjoying being clothes free.

We were all in our chalet having some wine when suddenly Roger blurted out, “Lisa, I remember where I know you from. It just dawned on me…the pussy tattoo…I remember.”

Robyn said, “Roger, what the fuck are you talking about?”

“It’s Lisa…she was a porn queen years ago…I remember the pussy tattoo.”

Then he turned to Lisa, “Am I right?”

Lisa smiled and replied, “Yes, Roger, you are right, but that was long ago.”

He went on, “Damn, I can’t believe it…a porno queen…I’ve been fucking a porno queen.”

Then I said, “Roger, we would appreciate it if you just kept that to yourself. It was a long time ago and people might not like the idea of a porno queen being here.”

Robyn changed the subject saying, “Lisa, tell us about Tom.”

“Well, Tony & Tom tried to play a trick on me and convince me that I had to do a threesome even though I didn’t want to. But I caught on. I was smarter than they were, but I let them get their way and enjoyed the threesome. That was my first threesome at the resort…one of many I might add.”

We all laughed as we finished the wine. By now, it was time for us to go to dinner, which we had to dress for.

By 6:30 we went over to the main dining room. It wasn’t packed but there were quite a few people dining. I saw Tom and he joined us. We ordered our meals and wine and enjoyed our dinners and conversation.

After almost two hours dining & drinking, we headed back to our chalets. Robyn & Roger went to theirs to undress then they were going to join us. Tom came to our chalet & undressed there. When they were ready, they joined us on the patio where we were in the 6 person hot tub. They quickly joined us.

The women managed to get Tom to sit between them. I knew what was coming. We all had some wine as the women flirted with Tom. It wasn’t too long before Lisa started things off. She turned to Tom and kissed him. Her hands holding his face so he couldn’t get out of her long kiss. Then Robyn turned to him and moved her hands to his shoulders and she started teasingly licking his ears and started moving her tongue downward.

Lisa’s hands were all over Tom and he had one hand on Lisa’s tits and the other hand on Robyn’s tits. Then I saw the women’s hands go under the water and escort ümraniye I could see they had a grip on Tom’s hard cock.

After awhile I suggested they get out of the hot tub and head to the bed. Wasting no time, we all got out and dried off and headed to the bedroom.

The women practically pushed Tom onto the bed and then got on each side of him, playing with his cock and balls. Lisa was the first to engulf his cock with her mouth and Robyn joined her and now both were sucking his cock & balls.

I sensed that he was ready to cum as I could see him squeezing and pinching their nipples harder & harder. Then he arched his body up and shot his cum in one mouth then the other until he was done.

Tom got up and Roger & I replaced him. I told the women to get on all fours. We went from one woman to the other in fucking them. Tom took advantage and slid underneath the women and went from one tit to another and sucked their nipples. He even managed to lick their clits as we were fucking them. I could even feel his tongue on my cock as it slid it in and out of their cunts. In a short time I came first, filling Robyn’s cunt and Roger filled Lisa’s cunt. We all fell on the bed spent.

Well, the rest of the night was more of the same. Tom stayed over and, at one point, Roger, Tom & myself fucked Lisa. After we finished with her, we waited awhile & fucked Robyn which was her first time being fucked by three men. We covered her in cum, much to her delight.

Well, for the rest of the week, it was more of the same. Tom hung out with us and whenever one of us wanted to fuck, that person would just say, “I’m going to the chalet, who wants to join me?”

Sometime one person would go and sometimes more than one took the invite. One time Tom said he was going back to the chalet. Neither of the women responded (they were both sore) so I said, “Tom, would it be ok if I joined you?” He looked at me and said, “Sure, I would like that.” And off the two of us went.

By the time we got there both our cocks were hard. We got on the bed and started feeling each other up. Now, just so you know, both of us are bi and when we did a threesome with Lisa a long time ago, we both had each other’s cock in our mouths as it often happens in a threesome…it was no big deal & Lisa enjoyed watching us.

It didn’t take us long to get into the 69 position and continue sucking each other’s cock and balls. Then Tom said he was ready to cum. I told him to fuck my ass & cum in it. I got on all fours and he lubed his cock and slowly pushed his cock in my ass until it was fully in. Then he started fucking my ass. Just then Robyn came in by herself. She quickly came over and slid underneath me & started sucking my cock as it hung down a bit. Tom yelled out, “I’m cumming Tony…going to fill your ass now” & shot his cum into my ass. I could feel every spurt. Just then I told Robyn I was going to cum & then filled her mouth with my cum.

When ümraniye escort bayan Tom slipped his cock out of my ass, his cum oozed out and onto Robyn’s face.

We all just laid there spent.

The three of us cleaned up and headed back to the others.

Well, for the rest of the week, it was more of the same. It was never ending sex. Robyn & Roger really enjoyed themselves and took to the nudist life quickly, enjoying every aspect, especially showing her body to strangers. She had become a true exhibitionist like Lisa.

Roger was in heaven knowing he was fucking a former porno queen. Lisa actually wore him out a couple of times, giving him something to remember. He enjoyed the week immensely. He loved watching his fiancee being fucked by us, knowing she was being satisfied. He even tried bi with me & Tom, much to the delight of Robyn.

Robyn & Lisa became lovers and on more than one occasion, Robyn would stay over and I let the two of them enjoy each other. Sometimes they invited me to join them or watch them. They even let me video tape them so

they could watch themselves later on.

Well, after the week, we flew home. All of us having great memories of the new experiences we had. The four of us have become close friends and enjoy a wide range of sexual activities together.

After we were back a month or so, I was home when Robyn called Lisa and had a conversation that lasted a long time. I couldn’t hear what Robyn was saying but I just kept hearing Lisa’s end of the talk:


“Tell me”

“Sounds interesting”



“I know”



“Of course”


“sounds good”

“I’ll let you know”


When she ended the call I asked her what that was all about. She smiled and said, “Wouldn’t you like to know. I’ll let you know when I’m ready.”

A month later, out of the blue, Lisa said, “Do you want to know what Robyn called me about last month?”

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”

“I’ll tell you if you want to know.”

“So tell me already.”

“Robyn wanted to know if you would like to switch partners for three months.”

“What do mean by switch partners?”

“She lives with you & I live with Roger for three months.”

“And tell me how that would work.”

“It’s simple. She moves in with you & I move in with Roger.”

“You’ll have three months to fuck Robyn anytime you want & Roger gets to fuck a porno queen that he would love.”

“I don’t know…”

“How about we try it out for a month? If it works then we can extend it.”

“I don’t know.”

“Please, let’s try it. I’ll tell you what…if you agree to try it for a month, I’ll make a porno just for you…..of me & Robyn & then the three of us. You could even sell the video…with me in it, you could make a lot of money.”

“That might work. If Robyn agrees, I’ll do it.”

No sooner than I said that, she was on the phone with Robyn. All I heard was Lisa telling her and then an “Ok and bye.”

Lisa turned to me and said, “Robyn agreed. We’ll do it in two weeks. She said you can make the porno next week but she said Roger wants to fuck me in it.”

I told her that would be fine & I’ll get a nice motel room where we can do it.

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