The Last Days of Summer

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The last days of summer

It was a warm September evening and the sun was shining though the colouring leaves as they walked deeper into the forest. There were still several hours of daylight left and, whilst the forest was dense, the golden light flowed through, lazily illuminating everything in its path, highlighting the colours and casting long shadows. All was quiet apart from the gentle snap of twigs, the crunch of the first fallen leaves underfoot and the occasional bird call. They had followed this route many times before as it was close to their house but this time something was different; there was a tension that hung in the air. A tension based upon their intent.

She held his hand tighter as they reached an appropriate spot, pulling him back. He stopped and looked around, scanning the area. It was a small clearing, edged by Japanese maples, a fallen oak towards the middle and soft, springy grass underfoot. It was perfect, as she well knew. His gaze turned to her and he looked her up and down, smiling at what he saw. His wife of just over a year, his lover of nearly eight and she was even hotter than the day they had met.

She was of average height but that was the only thing about her that was average. She was wearing sandals and a flowery summer dress in bright shades of purple and cream. It followed gently over her figure, except over her ass where her ample, peachy bottom drew it tighter. Her breasts were small but pert, barely more than a handful but perfectly formed. His gaze lingered here and he could see her hard nipples poking through the soft material of the dress. Then he looked further up; at her beautiful face, her full lips and smooth, dark skin all bathed in the golden light. His cock was rock hard by this point, all seven inches of it straining against the tight white trunks he was wearing inside his blue tailored shorts. He wanted her. He needed her. And she knew it.

He stooped down, put his hands on the back of her shoulders and kissed her on the lips, lightly at first but with increasing intensity, increasing necessity. He bit her lip and she let out a long slow moan. His hands moved down and he squeezed her ass. She stumbled backwards coming to rest against the fallen oak tree, her legs slightly apart. They kept kissing, deeper and harder as she moved her hands up his back, under his white shirt, pulling him closer towards her -between her legs. She could feel his hard cock pressing against her through his clothing, yearning to be inside her. Her hands moved from inside his shirt to outside. She started unbuttoning his shirt at the top, quickly but diligently. Her hands started moving faster, her diligence slipped. By the time she was half way down she had given up caring and was ripping his shirt open, the remaining buttons flying off the shirt and landing in the ground. She wanted him. She needed him. And he knew it.

She reached down further, unbuckled his belt and pulled his shorts down without even bothering with the buttons. Now all that was standing in the way of her and her prize was his tight white cotton trunks. She could see the outline of it; thick, rock hard and straining for it’s release. The head looked particularly impressive, silhouetted in the cotton. It had been almost eight years since she first looked at it, first held it, first had it inside her, but she was still impressed each and every time. Her nipples were really hard by now, her pussy wet inside her cotton panties and her clit swollen. She tucked her thumbs under the waistband of his trunks and pulled them down in one swift motion. He moaned as his dick sprang up, standing to attention – yearning to be touched, to be sucked, to be inside her. She looked down at it, delighted to see how hard it was and the slight curve it had. She touched it and felt for herself how hard she had made it. She gripped it with her right hand, using the other to massage his smooth, tight balls as she looked him in the eye and smiled. bostancı escort

“I’ve been looking forward to this all day.” she whispered into his ear.

He couldn’t reply, merely pant and nod his head, his breathing had become shallow and fast. He reached down, raising her dress, seeing for himself how wet her panties were. He reached out and touched them and began to pull them to the side.

She quickly squeezed his balls -“No, not yet.” she commanded.

He reluctantly took his hand away.

She removed her hands from him and grabbed him by the shoulders, roughly turning him around and forcing him back against the fallen oak. As his trunks and shorts were still around his ankles, he was powerless to resist, even if he had wanted to. She was in charge now and they both knew it. Then she gripped his cock again, one hand on the shaft and one on his balls, as she dropped to her knees in front of him. It was directly in front of her face and she stared at it intently as she slowly drew her hand back, pulling back the tight foreskin and revealing the bright purple head. A bead of precum had appeared at the opening. She licked her lips, opened her mouth and slowly reached out her tongue, lapping slowly at the head. Licking off the bead of precum made him tense up all over and moan. She savoured the taste, it was sweet and light and tasted so much of him.

She opened her mouth and moved forward, enveloping the first few inches of his hard dick in her soft smooth mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head of his cock, feeling pleased with herself as he tensed up again. She slowly began moving her mouth up and down on his cock, whilst holding it firmly at the base – her other hand still gently squeezing his balls. It felt so good he could barely contain himself. He had been staring down, watching his cock move in and out of her mouth but now he closed his eyes and threw back his head. It was still so quiet, only his breathing and the gentle slurping noises she was making disturbing the stillness. She removed her hand from the base of his cock and took him all the way in, his cock sliding into her throat. He moaned in pleasure and pushed it further in. After a few seconds she took it further out, teasing him with only the head in her mouth as her tongue swirled around it. As he came back to his senses he realised It was not quite so quiet any more. There was a gentle rustling but he thought nothing of it. It must be the breeze in the trees he thought.

Then -*Snap*- he heard the distinctive sound of a twig breaking. His mind started racing. He opened his eyes expecting to see some wildlife but what he saw was a couple walking towards them.

“Stop,” he hissed down at her.

But she didn’t respond. In fact, she sucked him even harder.

“Stop,” he hissed and tried to move away.

She held his balls firmly, removed his aching cock from her mouth and looked up at him.

She paused, “No, I’m enjoying myself”.

The couple were getting ever closer. He didn’t recognise them but they were an attractive couple in their early thirties.

“But they will see,” he hissed.

“I don’t care,” came the reply “in fact I want them to see.”

And with that she went back to sucking his cock, taking it deeper in her mouth than before.

As the couple entered the clearing they jumped, not expecting to see anyone on their usual evening walk. The woman, Lucy, let out a little yelp at the sight that was before them. The guy against the tree, who was clearly enjoying himself, made awkward eye contact.

As they took in the scene, Lucy panted “Come along James, let’s leave them to it.”

She found herself getting turned on but thought the situation a little awkward, especially seeing as it was obvious they had been caught but had no intention of stopping.

“Why don’t we just stay here for a while?” James replied, sensing that something really special göztepe escort could happen.

But he was not in luck and Lucy pulled on his hand and marched away, dragging him behind her with a sad puppy dog look on his face and an erection in his trousers.

“I can’t believe that just happened,” he said with obvious relief as he looked down at his wife, who was still sucking his cock.

“I know,” she replied removing him from her mouth and grinning “that was really hot, only a shame they didn’t stay for longer!”

Now it was his turn to grin, he was seeing a side to her he hadn’t before. Daring and extroverted but still above all really hot. They had talked about similar scenarios before but he never imagined they might actually happen. They had come into the forest intending to have some fun but hadn’t expected to be seen. If this could happen, what else might be in store for the future?

“Now stop daydreaming and get back to the business at hand!” she said, playfully spanking his buttocks.

He looked over and saw she was now bent over facing the fallen oak, her dress lifted up, her arms outstretched bracing her against it. He didn’t need telling twice.

He positioned himself behind her and slowly worked a finger inside her. She was really, really wet. Wetter than he had ever felt her before. She let out a soft moan as he pushed a second finger in and started stroking the front wall of her pussy in a come hither motion. His thumb reached round and started stroking her bright pink, swollen clit. He continued getting faster and faster as her moans got louder. He could feel her clenching her pussy around his fingers and her clit becoming even more swollen. After a few minutes she was close to orgasm when she pulled away.

She pulled his head close so she could whisper in his ear and murmured, “I want to cum with you inside me, whilst you fill me with your cum.”

As his head was bowed down and she was whispering into his ear, they didn’t notice the group of men walking past in front of the oak. It was a group of six men, all in their early twenties and dressed in outdoors gear walking quietly, intently, little more than ten meters away from them. The men soon noticed what was going on and their intent demeanour changed. They kept quiet but started pointing, nudging each other with their elbows and whispering. They also all became hard, each of their bulging erections causing a tent in their trousers.

He pushed his rock hard cock up against her throbbing clit so she could feel how hard it still was. Then he slowly rubbed it up and down the length of her pussy, spreading the wetness around. She pushed back against him and it took all of her willpower not to beg for him to enter her, for she knew it would soon happen. He eased himself into her as she let out a gasp. He was so hard and she was so tight it took a while for him to push the whole length in, despite her pushing back on to it. She was still surprised by its size, even when she thought it was all the way in and she couldn’t take any more, there was little more to go. As it finally slipped all the way inside her and she felt his balls resting against her, she let out a satisfied moan and began grinding back against him. He began thrusting into her and she pushed back in seamless rhythm. They started slowly but soon began picking up the pace, quicker and quicker, moaning louder and louder. They were completely caught up in the moment and would not have noticed anyone approaching, not even if there were six of them…

After a few minutes of this she could feel his dick harden and his balls tighten. She knew he was close and, as much as she wanted him to fill her with his hot cum, was not close enough to orgasm for that to push her over the edge into cumming. She decided a change of position was in order. She pushed herself flat against the tree, causing him to slip out of her and quickly turned around. He istanbul escort approached her, intending to push it back in but she moved quickly and laid down on the grass on her back, her legs apart, her feet facing the tree. He knelt down and prepared to enter her. And it was at this moment he looked up and did a double take. For there were six young men stood around them in a semi circle. They were all of athletic build and reasonably attractive. Dressed in outdoors gear he could see each of them was enjoying what they were seeing, all of there cocks were big, hard and bulging in their trousers. He didn’t know what to do.

Sensing something was amis, she craned her head back to see what he was looking at.

A massive grin spread over her face as she looked back at him and said “well, what are you waiting for?”

That was all the encouragement he needed. He thrust his cock inside her, harder than ever and started fucking her quickly. The show carrying on was all the encouragement the six men needed, each of them unzipping and stroking their hard dicks. He lifted her legs up and placed them on his shoulders so he could get really deep inside her. It felt amazing for both of them. Now she knew she was close. Close to cumming with him inside her. Close to cumming harder than she ever had before. They picked up the pace, fucking harder and quicker. The men also picked up the pace, stroking their cocks harder and faster. They could hear it now, the sound of the men wanking furiously, their foreskin slapping against their cocks as it was pulled back. She could feel her orgasm building, she was getting wetter, her pussy was spasaming on his dick, her clit was throbbing. She knew she would cum as soon as he did. And he was close. Really close. She reached round and felt his balls, they were tightening up and pulling closer to his body in the way she knew they did seconds before he ejaculated.

But it was not him who came first, it was another man. The first spurt hit him on the buttocks and slowly started dribbling down the back of his legs. This was the first time he had experienced the feeling of another man’s cum but it felt great. This was followed by several more ropes of hot white cum from the same man. Another guy then came on his back and shoulders. Another came across her tits. And it was this that pushed him over the edge, it was at this moment that he came. He came inside her in great spurts. Harder than he had cum in a long time, possibly ever. The feeling of his pulsing cock filling her with his cum pushed her into orgasm. She moaned and scratched at his back. Pulling him inside her. Making sure he came as deep in her as possible. Making sure she was filled with his seed. At the same time the remaining three men came over the both of them, all over them – from head to toe. They collapsed in an embrace. Contented. Exhausted. The men surveyed the scene they had contributed to and smiled. They put their cocks away silently and went off to continue their walk. Before the two of them drifted off to sleep in exhaustion they looked back towards the entrance to the clearing. There they saw two figures. It was the couple from earlier, watching! She was standing behind him, watching over his shoulder. His cock was poking through his trouser zipper and she was gripping it tightly, wanking him slowly and with purpose. His face scrunched up in ecstasy as he came.

They awoke some hours later, still locked in a tight embrace and totally alone. The sun had almost set and there was a slight chill in the air. It was silent save for the calls of a few lonely roosting birds. He was still inside her, however his previously magnificent hard cock had become flaccid. They looked at each other and smiled. They squeezed each other tighter and then started to get up and put their clothes on in a vain effort to look presentable despite their ripped, stained clothes and the fact that they were covered in several loads of still lukewarm cum. As they held hands and looked around they noticed a piece of paper on the floor that hadn’t been there before.

On it a phone number was written and a simple message;

“Call us!

Lucy and James”

They smiled and silently set off home, feeling as close as they ever had.

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