The Lawn Rangers Ch. 06

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I had decided it was time to let my best friend John fuck me in the ass. He had a really big dick, which had scared me off. But I realized if our play time was going to progress I had to give my ass up to him. Plus he had finally started sucking my cock.

A few days after our last fuck session, we drove several hours to a neighboring town to find an adult bookstore. We needed to find a couple of dildos to start working my ass so I could accept John’s huge dick.

I drove my pickup and John rode shotgun. It was early evening. We had each told our parents we were on a double date with our girlfriends.

About half an hour out of town, John reached over and started playing with my thigh, obviously hoping to find my dick.

“Dude, I’m driving!” I said feigning anger.

“I think we’re going to have to pull over at some point when it gets dark to take care of some business,” John said with a big smile on his face.

I suggested a dark road up Highway 212 on the way back. That’s where I would often go with Claudia to fuck her. There were very few houses up the road, so traffic was very light.

“Dude you still owe me that video of Claudia,” John said, reminding me he had seen Claudia not only naked, but fucking me too. “How tight is her pussy compared to my ass?”

I laughed out loud.

“It’s not contest man! You’re comparing a pussy to an ass! Your ass is super tight!” I responded.

“I can’t wait to find out,” John said to nobody in particular.

“As soon as I think you can fit that monster in my ass, it’s yours,” I said. “I promise.”

Neither one of use said anything for the next few minutes. I was trying to find the right time to bring up the idea of having a threesome with Claudia up again. John had not mentioned it since I brought it up a few days before. I finally decided now or never.

“So have you given that threesome any more thought?” I said. “You never agreed to it.”

John didn’t react. He didn’t say anything.

“What do you think?” I asked.

“I know that she’s not like the love of your life or anything, but are you going to be OK with that? Are you talking about me fucking her?” John asked.

“If you want to do that, yes,” I said. “Come on man. You and I are going to be friends forever. Claudia is just a girl I’m seeing. If you want to fuck her, I’m telling you that I’m OK with it and she’s up for it. Think about it.”

“So this is going to be a straight threesome right?” John asked. “I don’t feel comfortable doing any of our play time things in front of anyone else.”

I laughed out loud.

“Dude! Do you think I want my GIRLfriend to know that we’re fucking each other!?” I said emphasizing the word “girl” while still laughing. John smiled.

“I guess not man,” he replied, getting very animated. “Well then yes, I’d love to fuck her!”

John grew more and more excited as I told him how great Claudia was in bed. He was ready to lose the big “V.”

We finally arrived at our destination — a big, gaudy adult book store by the side of the highway. We parked behind the building hoping no one we recognized would see my beat up truck.

John and I walked in tentatively. The guy at the counter asked to see our IDs. He eyed us closely before letting us go inside.

We both spent about half an hour just looking at all the porn. There were all sorts of magazines from all over the place. I eventually wandered into the back part of the store where they had video booths. The door was open to one and I walked in. I immediately realized what was going on. There were glory holes perfectly cut out in each booth.

I found John and excitedly told him.

“So what? You want to put your dick through one?” he asked confused.

“I guess not. I’ve just never seen one,” I said almost giddy. To me what we were doing during our play time was super samsun escort taboo. To see gay sex so out in the open got me hot.

We both finally found our way to the toy section. We were amazed at the selection.

I found an anal beginner kit. It had several sized dildos and butt plugs as well as a big tube of lube and a DVD. It was $75, but worth the investment, I thought.

We walked up to the counter to pay for it. The guy at the counter rang us up, took our money, and put our stuff in a bag without even looking at us.

“That guy wasn’t even interested that two guys were buying all this stuff,” John said as we walked out. “I guess he’s seen all of it, huh?”

“I’m sure that guy realizes he’s no one to judge,” I said with a laugh. “He works at an adult bookstore!”

We both laughed.

About 45 minutes later we got closer to Highway 212, and we both started getting excited. John reached over and started working my dick through my pants. I used my right hand to massage his neck and play with his hair.

As I expected the road was completely deserted. I pulled off a bit past the main road and parked behind a big tree that I thought would provide some cover.

John and I unbuckled our seat belts and came together in the middle of the cab in a long, hard kiss.

After a few minutes of making out and grabbing our dicks through our pants, John asked what we should do.

“Pull your pants down to your knees and I’ll blow you,” I said. He did as I said.

I bent over and started sucking my friend’s big dick. It was much more difficult in the truck than in one of our beds. I got up and said, “Maybe we should get in the bed of the truck. I have a blanket in here for when me and Claudia fuck.”

We both made our way to the bed of the truck. It smelled a bit like gasoline and grass clippings, but we didn’t mind. John laid down on the blanket and I went to work on his big dick. It was super hard.

I bobbed up and down on it, taking a good six inches into my mouth. John moaned with pleasure.

I pulled off his dick and sucked his balls. I isolated his left nut and sucked it hard. He moaned and pulled my hair. I then took his right nut into my mouth and bit down on it — not hard enough to actually hurt him, but hard enough to send a flash of pain to his brain.

“Dude, I need the shocker,” John said.

“OK buddy,” I replied. “Let me get the lube we bought.”

I worked my way to the cab and got the lube. I had two fingers deep in my friend’s ass in no time.

John came after a few minutes of hard sucking. I had gotten very good at sucking his cock and didn’t lose one drop. I laid down next to him and shared a long kiss with him.

“OK, now I want to suck your dick,” he said.

“I’m not going to stop you if that’s what you think,” I said.

John gave me a wry smile and worked his way down to my dick. Although he had only sucked me off once, he was doing a great job. His mouth was bigger and deeper than Claudia’s so more of my dick fit in it. He had big juicy lips too and they felt good on my dick.

I could faintly make his face out as it bobbed up and down my hard dick as it was dark. I laid back and relaxed. It was early September and the night was nice and cool and my best buddy was sucking my dick.

Suddenly I got the jolt of my life. John plunged his finger deep into my ass without any warning.

“Argh!” I yelled. “What the hell are you doing asshole!?”

“It’s the shocker bitch!” John said with a laugh. “Oh, don’t tell me you’re really good at giving the shocker, but you’re a little bitch when it comes to taking the shocker, huh?”

I wasn’t amused but realized that I couldn’t say anything either.

I laid back down and let my friend probe my ass with his fingers. After a few minutes it escort samsun began to feel really good to have him probe my ass with his finger while he sucked me off.

“You need to go deeper if you’re going to hit my prostate,” I said, a bit annoyed he was having such a hard time finding it.

“Oh you mean this?” John said sarcastically as he pushed his finger deeper into me poking my prostate.

I lost my breathe for a moment and literally squealed .

“I know where your prostate is,” John said. “You’ve fucked me often enough that I know exactly where it is. I was trying to stretch your cherry ass out for my dick when I fuck you later.”

John went back to work on my dick while pushing on my prostate. I could feel the cum flow desperately out of my dick every time he pushed on my gland. John continued to suck my dick, and fuck my ass with his finger. Every time that I started getting into the blowjob, he would push on my gland. It was perhaps the most intense sexual experience of my life.

“Please let me cum,” I begged in almost a whisper. “Please.”

John took his mouth off my dick and started jerking me with his left hand, while working his right finger as deep in me as possible.

I came with more force than ever, shooting my cum at least three feet into the air. I had no idea where it landed mostly because it was dark, but also because I couldn’t concentrate on it.

John stroked me until I collapsed on the truck bed. He lowered his head to clean my dick with his tongue. There was the cum that had oozed out my dick as he played with my prostate, but nothing else.

“Damn, you came so hard I can’t find it!” John said, looking around the truck. He laid down on my body facing me and kissed me.

“I can’t wait to fuck your ass Bobby,” John said.

We both laid down on the truck bed and looked at the stars to let me catch my breath.

“Had you ever fantasized about me or another guy before all of this?” John asked, breaking the silence.

We were both laying there with our pants around our ankles, and semi hard dicks in the air.

“Not really. I’ve had a few dreams that took weird turns into that territory, but hadn’t ever consciously thought about it until after that day a few months ago I had to hold your dick to help you pee,” I confessed.

John chuckled.

“I was so fucking embarrassed that day,” John said. “But I’m glad it happened,” he continued, before he leaned into me for a kiss.

We talked some more for a few minutes about play time and how much we were both enjoying it. It was past 9 p.m. and I knew were had to start wrapping things up soon.

“But we both have hard ons dude!” John protested when I told him we should clean up and go.

“What do you want to do?” I asked.

“I was looking through a gay magazine and saw them working a position that looked fucking hot,” John said. “This one guy was fucking the hell out of another. Let’s try it!”

Not one to say no to a hot piece of ass, I did as he asked. I laid down in the center of the truck bed and lubed my dick up. He got between my thighs facing me and tried to sit on my dick.

Once he had lined his asshole up with my hard dick, he simply dropped his weight down on it and it slid nicely into his hole.

John moaned loudly.

“Oh Jesus!” he grunted.

“Did it hurt?” I asked.

“It always hurts a little. But there’s a moment when you’re completely inside me that feels so fucking good,” he said breathing quickly.

John began to raise himself up and drop himself down on my dick. I could barely make out my dick going in and out of his tight ass. He was holding himself up with the sides of the truck, although I figured he was doing most of the work with his legs.

I held on to his waist to balance him.

John’s samsun escort bayan big dick had gotten completely hard and was bobbing up and down with his body. He started rocking his body backwards and forwards as he went up and down on my dick. It looked fucking hot.

“Oooooh!” John exclaimed. “It’s hitting my gland! Your dick is hitting my gland!”

Sure enough I felt his wet sticky cum land on my stomach ever time he rocked forward and down. John was grunting like and animal as he sped up his fuck.

“Jerk me!” he said. “Jerk my fucking cock!”

I did as he asked and jerked his big dick. It was awkward at first as I was jerking him front to back instead of up and down, but I got the rhythm after a few seconds.

I felt his ass clench around my dick and his own dick throb a second before his dick began to spew hot, sticky cream. It landed all over my stomach and chest. It was so fucking hot feeling my friend’s hot cum shoot all over me.

When John finished his orgasm he slowed down noticeably.

“Keep riding me bitch!” I said. “I’m almost cumming!”

I grabbed his hips and started doing all I could to raise and lower his ass on my dick. I raised my own hips with the hope of helping my dick penetrate his ass.

John got his second wind and started to ride me with everything he had. He was raising his body to the point where only the tip of my dick was in his ass and dropping it down to the point I was bottoming out in his ass.

After about 30 seconds my dick throbbed and I started to cum in my buddy’s sweet asshole.

“Fuck yes!” I yelled out. “Fuck yes!”

John rode me until I collapsed. Even then he rode me for about another minute. He eventually lowered his torso towards me to kiss me. We French kissed as he continued sitting on my dick.

“That was good,” he whispered in my ear.

I smiled and agreed with him. We cleaned up and headed home.

That night I couldn’t sleep. I was super worked up over our latest fuck session. My asshole was still a little tender from having gotten the shocker from John.

I showered and got into bed. It was well past midnight. I was laying in the darkness when my phone buzzed.

“my ass is STILL leaking bitch!” John texted me.

“thats cuz you rode my dick so good,” I responded.

“well u better start stretching ur cherry ass 4 me!” he replied.

“maybe i will. i’m all fucking worked up,” I texted.

We texted for a few more minutes before we said good night. Unfortunately I was still horny as hell. I got out of bed and pulled out the anal kit I’d purchased that night from its hiding place. I grabbed one of the smaller dildos and washed it with warm water in my bathroom.

I laid out a towel on my bed and sat down on it. After working a generous amount of lube on my asshole and the dildo, I started working it in.

The dildo was flesh colored and made of some sort of foam. It was about six inches long and about 5 inches around. I worked it around my asshole, trying to stretch it out as much as possible.

John’s dick was much, much bigger.

After a few minutes I realized that I was really enjoying fucking myself with the dildo. I had never had anything other than a finger in my ass.

While it was nice getting fingered in the ass, it was no comparison to getting fucked with something like a dildo.

I could not wait to let John fuck me in the ass.

I fantasized about riding my lover’s big dick like he had ridden mine earlier. I felt like a little bitch, but that was OK. I liked being John’s little bitch. I was already his little cocksucker and soon I would also be his bitch.

My dick had grown to its full size and was begging to be stroked. I found a way to ride the dildo and jack my hard cock at the same time. The whole time I was just thinking about John’s massive dick ripping into my ass.

Suddenly I felt my orgasm build. Almost without warning three big jets of white cum erupted from my dick and across my bed. I continued riding the pretend dick while stroking myself. It was great.

I got up and cleaned up the lube from my ass and cum from my bed. I couldn’t wait to let John fuck my ass.

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