The Machine

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Becky practically skipped on her way home from school. ”It’ should finally be arriving today’, she thought as she reached her empty home, her parents having gone away on a three month world cruise a fortnight before, disappearing the day after her 18th birthday. That very night she had ordered ‘It’ online and had been waiting for it ever since. The pretty brunette had been thinking about ‘It’ all day, which had left a rather damp patch on her knickers. Fortunately for her, the skirt of her uniform came down far enough to completely hide this. To kill time before ‘It’ arrived, she set about clearing her living room, pushing all the chairs and tables back against the walls and rolling up the rug.

Shortly after she had finished, the doorbell rang. Her heart jumped, hoping that ‘It’ was finally here. At the door was a deliveryman with his clipboard, asking her to sign for the package. Becky hastily scribbled her name on the paperwork and asked the man to help her bring the delivery inside. Soon, a collection of boxes was piled up in the living room and the deliveryman had left. Becky was practically dripping under her skirt. ‘It’ was here!

Opening the first box, she took out the instructions and began to assemble ‘It’. Before long, ‘It’ was complete. Two metal poles stood on a rubber sheet in her living room, both covered in arms, each of which bore a large fake cock. Tubes ran out of the backs of the cocks to a pump capable of powering them all individually. Connected to the pump was a large canister of artificial cum. Becky unscrewed the top of the canister and dipped her finger in. She drew it out coated in thick, white liquid, which she denizli escort quickly popped into her mouth. She savoured the taste, unable to distinguish it from the real thing.

Becky turned and looked at herself in the large mirror at the back of the living room, knowing that she would soon look rather different. An 18 year old schoolgirl looked back at her with brown eyes, her brown hair falling down to the middle of her back. She was still wearing her school uniform, having been too excited to change. She grasped her breasts through her blouse — a good, firm B cup. Reaching under her skirt she found that her juices were running down her thighs in anticipation of what was to come. She plugged the pump in at the wall then knelt between the two poles, with all the cocks pointing at her. Reaching over, she flipped the power switch on the pump, which began to spin up. Becky tipped her head back, waiting for the first blasts of cum. She didn’t have to wait long, as the initial spurts soon pumped out of the cocks. She felt warm splashes across her face and on her chest, each accompanied by a flash from between her legs. A few more cocks started to squirt, hitting her on the back as well. Before long, Becky became unable to distinguish between the different spurts, as they were coming too close to each other.

Within a minute, Becky’s uniform was completely soaked. She reached up, still being bombarded by spunk, and unbuttoned her blouse. Opening it up, she began to rub the cum into her body, going delirious with the pleasure she was feeling. Her hands roamed up her chest until they encountered diyarbakır escort her bra. Quickly, she dropped the sodden blouse and unhooked the bra, flinging it to one side. She knelt there, topless in an ever increasing pool of cum with more raining down on her every moment. Reaching down, she scooped up a double handful of the thick, white pool and poured it down over herself. It trickled over her face and breasts and down her body until it soaked into her skirt. Annoyed that she was still so dressed, Becky wriggled out of both the skirt and the knickers beneath it, throwing them both to one side and leaving her wearing only her stockings, their original colour indistinguishable under the cum.

Becky sighed and lay back on the rubber sheet, letting the obscene rain fall down on her and scooping handfuls of the fallen liquid up over her pussy. She began to pant as she rubbed it, heightening her already burning desire. After a few minutes of this she flipped over onto her hands and knees, lapping at the pool in which she crouched. But she could not ignore the fire between her legs for long and so she began to shuffle backwards through the cum towards one of the poles, where a low-hanging cock awaited her. She lined herself up and swiftly slid the dildo deep inside. She gasped and froze as the pleasure hit her, and then began to ram herself backwards and forwards.

She reached out and grabbed the other pole, dragging it towards her. When it was close enough she clamped her mouth around another of the plastic phalluses, sucking it down her throat every time she slid forwards off the cock antalya escort in her pussy. She kept this up for a good five minutes, her pleasure building all the while. Then, the two cocks in her both began to spray. The impact of this caused Becky’s entire body to tense up in the greatest orgasm of her life. The cocks kept pumping out cum, not limited by human endurance or capacity. Soon Becky’s womb and stomach began to fill, causing her belly to bulge out as if she was pregnant. Eventually, her orgasm finished and she collapsed, falling off the cocks. Her vagina started to flow with cum, adding to the large pool in which she was lying. With the last of her strength, Becky reached out and switched off the pump then, still lying on the floor of her living room, she passed out from the sheer magnitude of her orgasm.

The morning saw Becky still sprawled in the pool of cum. All her front was caked in a layer of dried semen, but her back was still wet, the size of the pool having prevented it from completely drying out. Her clothes were strewn around the room, the once black skirt now closer to grey from the amount of cum dried onto it. Gradually Becky woke up, and then she remembered what had happened the night before. The thought made her juices start to flow, but she decided that she needed to share this with Sarah, her best friend, with whom she shared a birthday. Glancing around, she saw her clothes and a dirty thought came to her.

She picked up the crusted blouse and skirt and, not bothering to clean herself or the clothes, put them on. The bra and knickers she threw into the laundry. Her hair was a sodden mass, so she just tied it back and let it hang loose. She found her shoes from where she had kicked them off the night before and brought them back to the living room. Scooping up some of the cum, she poured it into them then slipped them on her feet. She sighed a little as she felt it squishing around her toes. Suitably dressed, she headed out to go and find Sarah.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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