The Masquerade Ball

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Tonight was the night of the masquerade ball. It was a charity event to raise funds for rebuilding New Orleans. So the theme was outlandish and risqué. She had selected a costume that fit the theme. It was gown, rather Victorian in appearance, at least at first glance. That was before you noticed the slits in the fabric that opened and closed when she moved a certain way. When they opened, they exposed the smooth honey brown skin of her legs. It was tight around her waist, thrusting her large breasts out, making them appear as if they would burst out of the imprisoning fabric at any moment. It dipped in a V fashion, exposing the shadows between her breasts.

As she admired herself in the full length mirror, she dabbed a little perfume into that magnificent cleavage. She smiled as she did so, hoping that some lucky man would have the opportunity to smell the delicate fragrance. As she swirled around she felt the air waft over her naked pussy. She was feeling naughty tonight and hoped to use the anonymity of the masquerade to have a little fun.

At that moment there was a knock on the front door. It was the taxi that was to take her to the ball. Slipping her sequined mask over her face, she gathered her skirt up and slipped out the door. During the ride she noticed the driver sneaking peaks at her in his mirror. He seemed fascinated by her breasts. Good! That was the effect she was seeking. She knew tonight she would have a cock buried in her hot pussy. It had been way too long and she needed it badly.

She got out of the taxi when they arrived and turned to pay the driver. She leaned over to pay him, giving him one last look at her breasts. His eyes were fixated on them as she put the money in his hand. She jiggled them a little, just to see his eyes grow wider. Then she stood up and turned around, leaving him with just a memory of the delights that would belong to another tonight.

As she ascended the stairs into the building, she noticed beşiktaş escort men turning to watch her. They seemed captivated by the glimpses of her legs as the slits opened and closed. The attention was making her pussy wet with anticipation. It was going to be hard to wait until after the ball. She knew she would never make it that long.

As she entered the ballroom she noticed two large men standing near the bar. One was dressed as Zorro, complete with a long sword. Smiling to herself, she wondered if his other sword was long. The man standing beside him was dressed in a garish outfit, rather like a court jester. But it was skin tight and showed that he had a magnificent body, lean and hard. It was clear that they were friends as one glanced her way and nudged the other. Pointing with his chin as he stared at her. She made her way over toward the bar, seemingly intent on getting a drink. But really hoping that these two magnificent specimens would introduce themselves.

As she came near, the one dressed as Zorro strode up to her. He stopped in front of her and with a flourish, took his hat off and bowed deeply. “I am Zorro and you look ravishing. May I have the honor of learning your name?” She had decided on an alias before she arrived so she was ready for the question. “You may. I am Monique. And who is your friend?” At that moment he walked up and said “I am Scaramouch.” He too bowed before her, but as he did so, he took her hand and kissed it. It was a lingering kiss with just a hint of tongue. With that, he took her arm and led her to the dance floor.

Holding her tight, he proceeded to lead her in a sensuous dance. His arms tight about her they swayed and turned to the music. There was no space between them, her breasts were pushed even higher and her nipples were threatening to pop out. As it was they pushed against the fabric, they were so hard.

The song ended and Zorro was there beylikdüzü escort to claim her for the next dance. He too held her tight, his hand dropping to caress her ass before rising to her back to hold her tight again. As he tightened his grip, one of her nipples popped out. He glanced down at it and then around the room, noting their dancing had brought them into a little alcove. Taking advantage of their momentary privacy, he bent his head down and licked her nipple. The sensation made her pussy pulse and get wetter. His tongue was long and rather pointed as it moved from her nipple up her neck until he finally placed his mouth over hers and kissed her. It was an incredible kiss, his tongue slipped into her mouth where it twinned around hers. The kiss seemed to last for an eternity but then she felt a hand on her shoulder.

It was Scaramouch. Zorro released her from his arms and she fell in to Scaramouch’s arms. His lips immediately sought hers and they fell into a deep embrace. She was so incredibly turned on, her pussy was actually dripping. She could feel the moisture as it ran down her legs. Then Zorro took her back in his arms for another kiss. She was traded back and forth between these two incredible men, kissing each in turn. While one was kissing her, the other’s hands wandered over her body.

Looking up, she realized the men had maneuvered her into a small room off the ball room. That was good as one of them had reached into her bodice to release her breasts. Hands were playing with her nipples, she didn’t know whose hands, nor did she care. She felt her skirt being lifted. There was a gasp behind her as he realized that she was not wearing panties.

Suddenly, she felt hot breath on her pussy. Zorro had dropped to his knees and his tongue was probing the hot place between her thighs. She parted her legs to give him better access. As she continued to kiss Zorro, she felt her beyoğlu escort pussy being licked from behind. It was the most erotic sensation she had ever felt. His incredibly long tongue was so far inside her pussy, it felt like a cock. Then it swept over her clit, sending shivers up her spine. Next he took her clit into his mouth, sucking it deeply as though it were a nipple. All the while, Scaramouch was kissing her and his hands were playing with her breasts. The sensations were almost overwhelming.

Then Scaramouch released her and gently turned her around. Zorro stood up and moved a small table over in front of her. Together they bent her over the table. Zorro dropped his pants and plunged into her pussy in one magnificent stroke. His cock was immense; she had never felt this full before. Waves of pleasure swept over her as he plunged in and out of her pussy. Then, suddenly, she became aware of a cock in front of her face. It was Scaramouch. She opened her mouth and immediately his cock filled it. As it started moving in and out of her mouth, she realized the two men were moving at the same time and pace. It was incredible. She had never even dreamed of something like this.

Suddenly, they stopped and switched places. As Zorro put his cock into her mouth, she realized she tasted her own juices. She did not care; she was so lost in the haze of sensations. Then her pussy was filled again and the men once again simultaneously fucked her from both ends. She began to orgasm in waves. She had always been a multi-orgasmic person, but this was way beyond anything she had experienced before. Then, as if they timed it, both men came. Her mouth and pussy were filled with cum. Slurping down the cum in her mouth, she felt the cock in her pussy withdrawing. Then the cock in her mouth was pulling out. With a last swipe of her tongue, it was put away in his costume. The men helped her to stand up and straighten her dress. One carefully put her breasts back into her dress.

Then, as suddenly as it had all began, they led her back to the ball. She left them to wander to the bar. She was thirsty and she had a long evening ahead. Her craving was sated for the moment and now she could enjoy the ball. As she sipped her drink, she eyed the crowd evaluating the men. Who would be the one to take her home tonight?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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