The Neighbor Ch. 03

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My husband laughed, seeing the look on my face. Let me get things started, he suggested, and crawled between my legs. His face went to my crotch and soon his tongue was expertly working my clit and labia. His fingers began to slip into my snatch, working upwards, just behind the spongy area on the upper vaginal wall. He was so good at this, I was thankful. Some men, I am told by friends, find eating a woman’s cunt to be disgusting. Fortunately, my husband did not fall into that category. And all the years of practice made him the best.

Soon his slick wet finger slipped between the cheeks of my buttocks, found my rectum, and slipped in. Pushing up to the knuckle, he began to rotate it. I moaned with pleasure, another orgasm nearing. She’s ready, partner, he said to Steve, now how about you? My heart skipped a beat; my mind envisioned my husband going down on Steve. Why was it the image of another man’s cock in my husband’s mouth made me so excited?

Alas, it wasn’t to be. Instead, hubby pulled beşiktaş escort the tube of lubricant from the drawer of the nightstand and began to apply it to Steve’s erection. If this made our new friend uncomfortable, he didn’t voice it. Watching my husband’s hand move up and down Steve’s slick shaft was exciting me in a new and different way. I almost wished Steve would ejaculate.

Instead, my husband grabbed the washcloth and cleaned off his hand, then took up the camera. He’s ready, sweetheart he said to me. I obediently got onto my hands and knees, offering my ass to Steve. I felt the head of his slick cock press against my anus, then push in. I opened for him as he slowly slid his length, inch by inch, into my ass. At first it burned, but the burning subsided to deep inner warmth.

My clit was hard, my nipples harder. Steve began to slowly move, buried deep within me. One hand reached out and tweaked a nipple. His movement increased, he began beylikdüzü escort to pull back and push forward. I was making incoherent noises, as I always do when being fucked there, the feeling so intensely good. I began to shudder as another orgasm took hold of me. I moved my hips in time to his stroking, the electricity flowing through my body as if I’d stuck a finger in a light socket.

Steve pulled back and out. I giggled at the sound of the air escaping my body. Sorry, I apologized, that wasn’t a fart. The men laughed, and then looked knowingly at each other.

I have an idea, my husband said. He handed the camera to Steve then lay on the bed. Climb aboard, he told me, holding his erection up straight in front of him. I did as commanded, glad to feel that familiar cock inside me. Now, lean forward, hubby said. As I did so, I felt Steve behind me. His cock again at my ass, entering….

Oh, goddamn! I had never felt anything quite like this, beyoğlu escort to be filled with two cocks at once. I could feel their heat as they almost touched, separated only by the tissue between my pussy and ass. Now, be very careful, hubby instructed, as he slowly began to push his hips up and down, fucking my red hot steaming cunt. Steve picked up the rhythm from behind. I couldn’t help; I was in too much ecstasy. The orgasms came one after another, and then a third. I think, but could not swear, that I felt first Steve’s hot cum, and then my husband’s, spurting deep inside each of my holes.

Tears ran down my cheeks, tears of sheer pleasure. At last, Steve pulled out, pausing to wipe his softening cock on my rump. I fell off of hubby, feeling the cum run down my crack, mingling with that oozing out of my pussy. I was sated, exhausted, used, and completely loving every moment of it. The two men, having cleaned off, used the cloths to tenderly wipe up the last of their jism, and my juices, from my tired body. They then sandwiched me, four arms around me, as we drifted off to sleep.

Later that evening, awake if not totally refreshed, we had another drink and made future plans. Steve’s kids visited their grandparents every month. It was decided that once a month, then, this would become a new tradition. I was already starting to count the days…..

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