The Office Co Worker

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I have worked at this large law firm for a few years now. I now move between offices assisting my colleagues in each office. I am what you call a “floater”. My business is to built and assist where ever I am.

Recently an office in downtown was taken over by new management. My position and responsibilities have not changed. I work at this office every Tuesday. After a few weeks under the new management a lady named Yen started. She was of Vietnamese background but born locally. She was going to be positioned as the new office manager. During our first meeting, I did notice how attractive she was. She was rather sexy. She was introduced to everyone but did not say much. She spoke elegantly. She sounded very down to earth. Very feminine.

You know me by now. I am always attracted to a sexy lady. My mind always imagine what they are like. Is she really hot under that pretend exterior. I can tell she’s a pretender as she doesn’t come across as someone you should fear. Yen did come across as someone who likes nice things. She liked material things and like to show off a little. But she was not arrogant or too well to do. I actually like her. Easy to talk to and surprisingly vulnerable. Sometimes appearing like a damsel in distress. I find out later she was engaged but that broke up after she realised her fiancee was using her for her hard earned money. Yes she worked very long hours starting here and finishing at 3.30pm then going on to work elsewhere. She had obviously saved a bit.

Over the coming weeks I got to know her better. But so has a number of other guys. Yes “over the water tank” some of my males colleagues would hang around for no other reason then to speak to her. After all she was single and quite approachable. I am sure she probably has has a few invitations already.

When we spoke together, I can tell she show a little interest. After all I am tall dark and handsome. One of first person question she asked me was I married? Hey excuse me if I am mistaken but is this the sign of some interest you ladies out there? Or am I just self indulging. Perhaps both. Either way it’s nice to get a little attention from a pretty lady. My standard answer was no, I am not married. Even though I had a very pretty girlfriend at home waiting for me. Her name is Julie also of Vietnamese descent. And is is my partner in crime, also a lawyer.

Because I am here only once per week, I was at a distinct disadvantage of spending more time with her. I made it my point of having a more quality time with her rather than quantity. I got to know her better that way. But one day she asked me about having children. I told her that one day yes.

But she asked me again do I really want kids. I am 29 years old and children at this stage is not the most important thing. I didn’t tell her that but I replied yes of course. I am surprised she didn’t ask me about whether I am seeing anyone now.

But I know she is single. And she was happy to tell me, “I am 35 years old and I would love to have children.” I thought about what she said that day but I admit to feeling a little excitement gathering around my loins.

Hey I am not about to fuck her and risk getting her pregnant. No way not ready for that yet thank you very much for asking. But I bet she would be great I smirked. But only if she is in agreement, with no kids yet OK.

I did end up asking this important question.

“Do you ask every guy you meet if they want to have children one day?”

“Hell no, I don’t ask every guy that!”

She laughs out aloud.

I suddenly feel a little special. Maybe something happening here or am I just blowing my own trumpet. Probably the later I thought with resignation.

So one Tuesday I ask her what happened to her previous relationship. She told me all the necessary details. I was somewhat feeling horny after that. Actually she went a little too far in her details. But it gave me an insight of her persona and where is is at relationship wise. She was definitely in the hunt. But whether she is just wanting some attention, fun or maybe just “testing the waters.” I think all 3 actually. I hoping I am near the top of her agenda. She maybe just wanting something serious now and she is slowly sorting through potential mates. I think I am one of them. Or she is testing whether any intial physical attraction has more meaning. Again I think its all the above. But what happens if she likes someone but doesn’t think it would be right long term as in starting a family. Maybe I fall in that category. But didn’t she say she wanted kids now? She was rather loud about that one. So therefore, that in it’s self will scarce any potential boyfriend away wouldn’t it? Or maybe she is actually a man eater intent on seducing whoever until the right person falls on her lap. Again I think its all the above. Yes but only those that know her intention would fall for her plan. She wants children so only those that accept that would oblige. Otherwise there is one type of guy and that’s erotik hikaye oku me. I like the idea of the chase and seduce then it’s over type of relationship. Maybe I will enjoy some excitement with her and she dumps me for another more genuine person. Suddenly I imagined seducing her, enjoying her then ending the whole affair. After all I only work one day here. I feel the throbbing between my legs as I contemplated the idea.

Maybe I should not be put off about the children thing and just go for it, then worry about it later. I think that is a good strategy. If she ask me about children again I will simple say I love kids. There is truth in that. I love kids, just not quite now and really I adore other people’s kids actually.

So I plan to ask her for a date, just to see if I get rejected or perhaps all this flirting all this time was just teasing and attention seeking.

Anyway Tuesday arrives as usual and I am in more of a jovial mood. Am I being too cocky. Yes. I am over confident that if I ask her for a date Yen will say yes, no doubt in my mind. Talk about too easy I thought. And maybe even more if I play my cards right. I will wow her and she will want me even if I am not for real.

Over morning break I spot her at the water tank but she was talking to another male colleague. I hover close by waiting for that right moment. She notices me and calls out.


I walk over and my other colleague leaves once he sees me approach. He looks at me with knowing eyes. Maybe he is envy of me.

I greet her. She looked very sexy this morning in her uniform. Very nice indeed.

She greets me with pretty smile. I ask her a question.

“Busy morning?”

She replied that it was, but still got to have your break. I stare at her and pluck the courage to ask what she is doing after work today.

“I have a couple of things I need to do.”

Damn it, I thought, this is my only day here this week.

“OK,” I replied a little disappointed.

“What do you have in mind?” she quizzed with that trade mark sexy smile.

“Well I am hoping that you and me can have a drink together after work, perhaps in my office? But ain’t you busy tonight?”

“What I need to do will be be quick. It will only take half an hour?”

“Oh great! Is that a yes?” I asked happily.

She nods her head with a smile. Yes, yes I thought to myself. What a tease. She must have known I was about to ask.

“OK excellent, I will see you later at my office then?” I said with a wide smile.

As we parted ways I couldn’t help thinking how exciting this was. I really look forward to tonight. I will get some bubbly together and clean my office I thought with a smirk.

I wasn’t expecting too much but this is a good start to get to know her better. Admittedly for most of the day I was thinking about her. This is a date, I assured myself, not a work meeting.

By 5pm I was raring to go. She said she had a couple of things to do, that will make it around 5.30pm by my watch. Come 5.35pm and she did not show. I didn’t want to let on I am standing at the door waiting for her or go looking for her. But by 5.45pm, I was getting nervous. Had she stood me up? Maybe she has forgotten. But how can you forget something like this? Maybe she is still busy with her stuff? I decide to check outside to see if she is there. No her room’s empty. Some other staff remain, all getting ready to go home. I go back to my office and prepare to go home as well. I am little disappointed. It’s now nearly 6pm.

Then I hear a knock on my door. My heart races. I get a little excitement back. I go and answer the door. Thank God, it is Yen!. And she’s holding a bottle of bubbly. I feel that sudden euphoria. That excitement. Damn it she is teasing me big time and I am falling for it. She apologizes.

“So sorry I am late. I went out to get this.”

She hands me the bottle. I am all smiles.

” Not a problem. Thank you,” as I relaxed.

“Just cleaning my office,” I lied badly.

“Lets sit down. Glad to see you made it.”

As I direct her to the couch in my office.

We open the bottle and naturally I have the glasses ready. I pour and we drank. We talked about work and then more personal matters. Again she spoken about her broken relationship which only occurred 3 months ago. I am happy to listen to her. And I kept pouring the wine for her. I look at her feeling rather horny actually. It is clear there is a strong attraction there. She stares at me and I did the same with her. My heart pounds and I feel the throbbing between my legs. The wine must have taken it toll on both of us as I found myself drifting. I notice she is fallen back on couch, also tired and half asleep. I shake her on the leg but got little response. My heart starts to race. I am getting aroused. She’s just here. And I am alone with her. I staggered to lock the door.

I go back to the couch. She looked so beautiful. Very sexy in her uniform. I shake her again. Still güncel sex hikayeleri oku no response. She must have had too much. I stare at her lifeless form. I look at her beautiful slender fingers. Her slim legs and back to her pretty face. I shake her again and whispered her name. Still no response. My dirty mind wonders. You know what I want to do. I touch her. I lift her skirt up above her waist. My heart pounds strongly, but my beats become very slow. I virtually stop breathing.

After lifting her skirt up, I can see what she is wearing. I see her exposed panties. She is wearing a sexy pair of white lacy panties.

My heart races nervously. My god, I can see a few strands of her pubic hairs sticking out from the sides of her panties.

My god I am so turned on now. I reach out. My fingers trembling nervously. I was afraid she may wake up. I lay my hand on the fabric. It is moist and warm. The feel of the material was sending sparks up my shaking hand. It was sensational. Very erotic to touch. I wanted to be more bolder. I hold my breath. My mind exploding in ecstasy as I contemplated my next move.

I start to move her legs apart. Slowly I moved each leg aside. And I push her skirt higher giving me a better view. Then I slowly force her thighs wide open. The sight of her spread open like that aroused me no end. I am mesmerized. The an odor of her drifts into my nose. I feel embarrassed for taking advantage of her in this state, but I am so turned on now as I inhaled the smell.

Then suddenly she stirs and closes her legs and tries to get up. She mumbles something as she tries to stand up. I hold onto her to support her.

“Can I take to home?” I quickly asked red faced.

“Its OK, I will be fine. Thanks,” she replied back.

So she walks out of my office after saying good night. My god that was close. I hope she didn’t notice anything.

But I text her, thanking her for the wonderful evening. I also requested we do this again and maybe we will have less to drink.

During the week I did get a reply. I was so relieved that she would like to meet up again. I feel very special and really look forward to this date. I feel rather horny after what I did last Tuesday. It has played on my mind so many times. I want a little more from her. Maybe she will sleep with me. No just hang on not so quick. I don’t think she will do that. She’s really wanting someone who can be a potential mate before that happens. Or maybe she will even if I am not for her. Maybe she is just trying things out. Nothing wrong with that.

When Tuesday came up again, I was so exc ited. I wanted a bit more. I feel guilty and embarrassed at my bad indiscretions last week. I just hope nothing was wrong. I bring a bottle of bubbly again and remind her not to bring another. This time I find my favourite tool in my draw. It’s my HD video camera. I want to record tonight’s goings. I find a hidden spot on my desk and switch it on to record, facing the couch.

This time around she is spot on time. I greet her with peck on the cheek. She smelt divine. Very sexy in her uniform as always. We sit down on the couch again.

“I am so sorry about last week. Didn’t mean to pass out on you.”

“Hey no need for that, It’s entirely my pleasure believe me,” I smirked.

So we begun where we left off. She talked about the week so I could catch up on the goings on. Then it was about personal life. I am keen to learn more her. I wanted to know her interest and asked about mine. But strangely enough she never asked me about my own personal situation. To be frank l am happen to stay clear of that while I am getting to know her.

As we spoke her hand came to rest on my right arm. She traces her fingers along my firearm sending electrical sparks through me. I think she really likes me. My penis start swelling even more. I feel real physical attraction with her. Thoughts of fucking her here run through my mind. I am getting pretty hot and so is she. I look at her and use a hand to brush aside her hair so I can see her pretty face. She’s so sexy. I bet she is very experienced. I would love to make love to her. Do I think she thinks I am a potential partner?. Surely not. I am a few years younger than her. She must know better, that I may just be wanting a fling with her. Maybe I just want to experience what’s it like to be with her. That’s exactly the point. Wow she is great. I didn’t think all this is going happen this quick.

I move forward and kiss her, slowly at first then more frantically. She offered no resistance. I feel her right hand move under my shirt as she kisses me. She finds a nipple and plays with it. Oh god that nice. Then she undones my shirt, exposing my chest. Her hand continues the tease. She massages my nipple and chest while kissing me. I throb insanely with a need. Her perfume is driving me crazy. I am getting really aroused. There definitely no turning back here. Because everything is being recorded, I want it to be real hot. sikiş hikayeleri I wanted her to go all out on me, like we are alone in private.

I feel her right hand touch below. I throb more as her fingers trace the length of my shaft through my trousers. Then she grabs its length, gripping firmly and sliding her hand along it. Then she grabs my testicles and massages them through the material. I am in heaven. Truly I wanted the tease to last forever.

I move my hand to touch her breast. I can feel her hard nipple. I can hear her soft moans as I massaged them through her top.

We make out like this for a few minutes.

But I want to taste her pussy. I want to finish where I left last week. I can smell her heat, her excitement. I want to eat her out. Then fuck her crazy. I want to hear her moan in pleasure. So I move my hand down to her skirt as she continues massaging me through my trousers. I try to slip my hand beneath her skirt but she pushes my hand away. Oh maybe she doesn’t want to rush it. Okay I am happy to continue kissing and touching each other.

Then she whispers in my ear.

” I just want to give you a handjob.”

Her words drive me crazy with arousal. The thought nearly causes me to explode in my pants.

Oh my god that’s what I actually want. I want to eat her pussy then fuck her but this is heaven in the making. I did want to experience how she masturbates a guy. I want to enjoy how she does it and see her technique. I remind myself she is older and more experienced. Oh god this is going to be amazing I am sure. I feel my wetness seep out as my stiffness tries to force its way out.

She kisses me more aggressively now and I feel my hips begin to pump slowly as her hand moves beneath my trousers. The warm sensation of her hand on me sends me to instant heaven. She rubs me working me up. She driving me crazy with excitement. I hear her moans. It is adding to the whole pleasure experience. I am so turned on. My legs spread wider, anticipating the action to come. Oh god this feels so good. Here I am, Yen my sexy office manager is about to masturbate me. I am about experience her slender fingers gripping my shaft and doing their thing on me.

Her right hand continues rubbing me for what seems like a few minutes of heaven, as she aggressively kisses me. I feel ready to let go. But I want it to last. I am so glad that this is a recorded.

I throw my arms back letting her do the job on me and I close eyes as she literally ate me. I feel her teeth sink into neck and her sucking aggressively. Then she undones my belt , pulling my trousers down slightly and pulls back my underwear. I am now exposed to her hand. She then runs her fingers slowly along my stiff shaft. Then lightly using her nail, she runs them over my ball sacks. The warmth of her slim fingers touching me is magic.

I open my eyes and sees her staring at me biting her lower lip with that lustful smirk. I close my eyes again to feel the sensation of those fingers running up and down my shaft and testicles. It is exquisite. She is really teasing me. Really warming me up.

Then I hear her whisper in my ear, “Oh yeah you really like this don’t you?”

Then I feel her grip me. And she slowly pulls my foreskin up and down. Oh god, oh my god that feels so nice.

She whispers to me again, “I really want to really masturbate you. Make you feel real good. Oh yeahhhh.”

Those dirty words drive me crazy. I open my eyes and see her lick her right hand whilst staring at me and then applying her saliva onto the swollen head twisting firmly. I groan and moan from the sensation.

Oh god this is really happening now.

I hear her soft moans of desire. It serves to only add to my pleasure. I close eyes feeling it. My hips pump slowly up and down, in rhythm to her slow strokes. I feel my left leg jerk involuntarily from the pleasure she is giving me. I can smell her desire, her presence.

She whispers in my ear again, “You like that. You want me to go faster. I know you like it faster.”

Again I am mesmerized and tormented by her dirty words. She is unbelievably hot.

I imagine her wildly jerking me off soon and that thought drives me crazy. I open my eyes and she is staring at my reactions. A hot erotic smile runs across that pretty face.

“I love masturbating guys. I love the way they get turned on by me. How they loose it,” she smirks while stroking her hand fast in the air, demonstrating her technique.

She brings her hand to her mouth again licking it before applying it firmly in a twisting motion, then stroking faster.

“You like that?” she asks knowingly.

“Oh god yes, it feels so good. You are really turning me on. Yen show me how you masturbated them. Show me. Show me how you like to do it. I want to experience how you do it.”

“Hmmm, you naughty boy, you’re so hot now, I will, I will show you,” she says with a dirty smile.

She then bites her lower lip, as she stares at my aroused state. Then she whispers in my ear again, “Ohhh yeahhh, I am going to stroke you real good, real fast.”

I feel her right hand rubbing up and down my stiff shaft and massage my testicles again. She begins to kiss me excitedly again.

Then I hear her moaning.

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