The Old Man Next Door

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I was young when we moved to New Jersey. I had a neighbor. An older gentlemen. I met him in our back yard. He was very friendly and we became good friends.

English is my second language. He use to help me pronounce difficult words. He was a retired elementary school teacher. I got into the habit of bringing my home work to his house. He would help me study. His wife had died and he lived alone.

As I grew older, we remain friends. He never tried anything sexual with me. I would spend hours at his house while my parents fought over the bills, or argued about my fathers cheating and drinking.

We freely talked about every subject under the sun. Despite the fact he was as old as my Grandparents, we were truly good friends.

Okay, I think you have the picture. Now I’ll get to the root of this story. What I am about to tell you happened soon after my eighteenth birthday.

Everyone told me that he was a dirty old man. They warned me about always being alone with him. Even my parents were weary of him.

But I knew the truth about him. I knew that he loved me visiting him. I knew that he sometimes got stiff erection when we were together. He tried his best to hide his hard cock. He never exposed himself to me. But the imprint of his hard cock was sometimes noticeable through his pants.

I was a healthy eighteen year old girl and I think I scared him. Why? Because he could not hide his sexual desire for me. I knew this and I was delighted that I had this effect on him. Seeing him trying to hide his obvious erections, somehow made me feel appreciated. It was exciting.

Then one hot spring day, I went to his house after school. I had locked myself out of the house. My clothes were soaked with sweat. I had on a short blue cotton skirt with matching cotton blue panties. I had taken my bra off before leaving school because it was uncomfortable. My nipples were poking through my sweat soaked, white cotton blouse.

My panties were wet with desire. I had always came home from school and masturbated in my room before my parents got home. For some reason, I am very aroused after school. That day, I really need to masturbate. I knew my panties were very wet from the hot oil that flowed-out from deep within my vagina. I couldn’t wait to get into my room and fuck-myself. But…I was locked out of my house. Damn!

So, I knock on my friends door. He let me in. My friend could not take his eyes off of my breast. Embarrassingly, I was afraid that he might be able to smell the musky scent of my wet pussy.

I wouldn’t sit next to him on the couch. I had showered just before leaving school because gym was my last class. So I was clean…but sweaty. He was wearing a pair of shorts. I saw that he had a powerful erection. Keep in mind, this man was in his sixties. He had admitted to me that he hasn’t had sex since his wife died fifteen years prior.

Sudden, he stood up and ordered me to leave his house. I was shocked! When I asked him why I had to leave, He said, “Kala! I am a dirty old man. I can’t be around you right now.”

I stood up. I was angry! I yelled, “you are NOT a dirty old man. You are a human being. You are a man who is denizli escort still living.”

He sat down and said, “I want you so bad Kala. But I know that I am old and you are so young and beautiful. No girl your age would want an old man like me.”

His words brought tears to my eyes. This proud, wonderful man, who had been my friend ever since I moved from the reservation, thought that he was old and ugly. He thought that I disapproved of his sexual desires for me because of his age.

But he was so wrong. I always looked at him as a proud man. I always respected him as a man. I never once thought of him as old. He was a man! And at that moment, he need a woman. He needed me.

I walk over to him. I pushed him back on the couch and laid my body on top of his. He immediately tried to push me off of him. I said, in a very low voice, “don’t reject me. Let me give myself to you.”

I kissed him. It was a long passionate kiss. He returned my kiss. Our tongue dances together as we kissed. Then I looked at him and said, “I want you to enjoy the gift of my sexuality. Take from me what you need.”

I stood up and slowly began to undress. I took off my blouse. His eyes caressed my small breast. My nipple were at attention as his eyes dranked them in. I stood before him and let him enjoy the sight of my teenage body.

Then I slipped my skirt off. His eyes went directly to my panties. He looked at the wet crotch of my panties. I was so wet that I felt a drop of wetness, rolling down the inside of my thigh. I had completely soaked through my saturated panties.

I walked right up to him. I allowed him to watch my wetness rolling down my thighs. I allowed his eyes to roam all over my nakedness. Then, I took off my panties. I handed my sopping wet panties to him and said, “keeps these. They’re yours now.”

He groaned in response to my offering. He held my wet panties up to his nose as his eyes fell to my pussy. I knew he saw that my labia lips were swollen with desire. I knew that he could see that my clitoris was erect and that it was sticking out from under it’s tiny hood.

I knew that my pussy lips had parted my thick pubic hair with their swollen arousal. He saw my wet arousal form a drop on the end of my labia lip. He moan at the sight of such open arousal.

I want to give myself to this wonderful man. He had been my friend for so long. He had never seen me naked before. He has never tried to seduce me. He had always respected me. And now, I was giving myself to him.

I took his hand and lead him to his bedroom. I sat on his bed and ordered him to undress. He did. His eyes never left my naked body as he undress. I was sweating. It was hot. I felt a rivulet of sweat running down from under my arms. My back was covered in sweat.

When he took off his pants, he cock stood straight up. He was as hard as a light pole. I said, “walk towards me.” he obey.

When he came to me, I held his cock in my hand. I knelt before him. I began to suck his hard cock. I swirled my tongue my around the head of his dick. Then, I took him in my mouth. I sucked him slow and easy. I slid my hand denizli escort bayan slowly up and down his cock as I sucked him into my mouth.

It had been more than fifteen years since he had been with a women. That was how long ago his wife had died. And now…

I felt that he was about to ejaculate. I didn’t want him to reach orgasm until after we had intercourse. So I backed-off just before he came.

I laid back on his bed and opened my legs. He sat between my open legs. I said to him, “I want to masturbate myself to orgasm. Then I want you to lick my pussy.”

I was on the verge of orgasm and I needed to cum. I began to masturbate with my magical fingers. I allowed him to watch me as I plunged my fingers deep into my vagina. I dragged my wetness up to my enraged clitoris and I rubbed my clitoris fast. I knew that I would achieve orgasm quickly.

I moaned as I used my fingers on myself. Then, as he sat mere inches from me, I brought myself to orgasm.

I laid there trying to caught my breath. My orgasm was very intense. He started to lick my clitoris, but I ordered him to wait. He obey me immediately. Then, when I was ready, I gave myself to him.

He first suck my nipples. His tongue was very gentle. He didn’t rush. He wasn’t in a hurry. He sucked each nipple slowly and delicately. Then his tongue eased it’s way down to my pubic hairs. He rubbed his nose in my pussy hair. He inhaled the earthy scent of my sexual arousal. Then, he gently sucked my clitoris into his mouth. He let his tongue dance with my clitoris.

He was very slow and gentle. He was soft and gentle.

He slid his fingers deep into my vagina as he gently swirled my clitoris around with his tongue. It felt so wonderful! I was moaning and groaning as he pleasured me with his tongue and fingers.

Soon, I was on the verge of orgasm. I could tell that he knew that. Twice he backed-off before I came. Then, when I was about to go insane from the erotic pleasure he was giving me, he brought me to orgasm with his tongue. I came HARD!!! I gushed my cum as my orgasm exploded within me.

It was time for him to have the very essence of my womanhood. I knew that he desperately needed to cum. He started to get on top of me but I said, “No!”

He looked alarmed but he moved away from me. I told him to lay on his back. He complied. He cock was semi-erect. I sucked him until he had a solid erection. Then I straddled him. I slowly slid his hard cock into my vagina. With me on top of him, I began to make love to this wonderful man.

I was very wet. My vagina was slick with my wetness. Intercourse with me is very sloppy because I get so wet. My vagina literally turns into “Niagara Falls” when I am very aroused. But he loved my abundant wetness.

I started slow. My vagina is very tight. Even with my abundant wetness, it’s difficult to penetrate my tight vagina. I have to be allowed time for it to stretch. That is why I prefer to be on top. I can control the act of intercourse better.

Slow my vagina stretch enough for his erection to fully penetrate me. I sat down on him. His hard cock was deep into my escort denizli vagina. I knew the bed under him was drenched with my wetness. I was afraid that I’d hear the usual complaints about wet sheets and stuff. I braced myself for the complaint about my wetness…but it never came. Instead, he complimented me on my wetness. He loved it!

My heart filled with joy as we made love together. I relaxed as I became use to his large erection. Up and down I went . I was going faster and faster. He gently pinched my nipples as I loved him. His erection was powerful. It was solid as I slid my sopping wet vagina up and down on it.

I knew I was about to achieve orgasm. I wanted to wait until him came to. I wanted us to come together. But suddenly, I burst into orgasm. I could feel myself gushing my wetness all over him. I knew he could feel my vagina’s orgasmically contracting around his hard dick.

I had to stop. My orgasm had taken my breath away. Sweat dripped from my forehead onto him. I was sweating so much that I looked like I just stepped out of the shower. The natural scent of my sweat and womanhood was unmistakable.

He reach up and wiped the sweat from my face. I smiled down at him. I was loving this! I was having sexual intercourse with a man whom I had known for what seemed like years. A man who I knew respect me. A man that, without a doubt, appreciated the sexual gift I was giving him.

After I caught my breath, I began to fucking him. I had taken this to the next level. I was no longing make love to this wonderful man…I was fucking him as hard as I could.

I began pounding myself against him as hard as I could. He had his hands on my buttocks, guiding me up and down. I knew he was getting close to orgasm. I knew that he would cum if I keep this up.

Then, like a professional wrestler, he rolled me over onto my back and began pounding himself against me. He was on the home stretch. Then, unable to stop myself, I burst into another orgasm! I came fast and hard. Just as I reached the peak of my orgasm, he groaned. He knew that I had achieved another orgasm.

Then, as my orgasm began to subside, he plunged his dick deep inside my vagina…and he came! I felt his cock pulsating as he ejaculated deep inside my pussy.

We laid there for awhile just trying to breath. He was wet from me. My sweat. My vaginal wetness. His own cum. His bed was soaked from our love making. Then, he got up and left the room. When he came back, he had two cans of Mountain Dew. My favorite soft drink.

I shared myself sexually with him a lot over the next six months. We did everything two lovers can do together in bed. We pleasured ourselves every chance we had. He taught a lot about loving a man. He even got himself a prescription of “Viagra” to help him enjoy my secret pleasures. I later found out that he was sixty-six years old.

We started our sexual affair early in May of that year. He died just before Christmas of the same year. I cried so hard when I found out about his death that my mother gave me some Southern Comfort to drink. He died of a heart attack. And no, it was not caused by me. Although, that thought had crossed my mind.

I will never forget him. I will always love him. I will always remember the intimate hours we spent together in his bed, loving each other. I know, deep in my heart that, before he died, I made many of his secret sexual desires come true. I believe he died a much happier man because of the intimate love we secretly shared in his bed.

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