The Other Brother

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Pete used the hem of his shirt to wipe at the sweat running down the side of his face. It was far too hot to be painting in the bungalow. The windows were open but there wasn’t any breeze. Where was his lazy arse brother David? He’d begged Pete to help him out with the redecorating of the house he’d bought with his girlfriend and now he wasn’t anywhere to be found. In fact he hadn’t shown his face all day.

“Hey how’s it going in here?”

Pete turned as Tricia, David’s girlfriend, came into the room. She had no idea how beautiful she was. Her long brown hair was tied back in a ponytail that reached the middle of her back. High cut denim shorts showed off her lean tanned legs and a tight fitting singlet did nothing to hide the fact she was braless. Her full breasts swaying and moving from inside the soft white cotton with every movement she made.

Tricia looked around at the work Pete had done in the few hours he’d been there. She didn’t notice him leering at her nor did she notice his hardening erection that he was hiding behind the paint can he was holding.

“You’ve done a great job in here Pete. Thanks so much.”

Pete blushed, “My pleasure, glad I could help. By the way where’s that dickhead brother of mine? Shouldn’t he be here helping?”

Tricia grimaced and a dark shadow crossed her face. She glanced down at her bare feet and scuffed her foot across the smoothly polished boards. Pete followed her gaze and noticed her long slender feet with their perfectly manicured nails. God she was perfect all over. His brother was very lucky to have caught and captured this beauty. Pete doubted that David understood just how lucky he was.

“I don’t think we’ll see him today. He said he had some work to do at the office, um, ah, but I’m not sure he did.”

She hesitated and Pete saw her swallow hard. She turned to leave.

“What is it?” Pete asked.

Tricia paused in the doorway and turned, tears welling in her eyes.

“Tricia what is it?” Pete stepped toward her.

Tricia buried her face in her hands and her shoulders were shaking. Pete panicked, what to do? He pulled her into his arms and stroked her back lightly. To his shame he loved the feel of her body against his. Her breasts were crushed against his chest and he could feel the heat of her through both their t-shirts. It was all he could do not to plant small kisses on her head and neck. Dragging his thoughts back to the reality of what was going on he wondered what could his brother have done now?

David was a bastard to the women he dated and Pete wondered how on earth it was that he managed to get away with it for as long as he did. There was no doubting his good looks and great job provided him with the bait to catch the women he fancied and once he’d reeled them in he never wasted much time before he cast his line back in. From the start his relationship with Tricia had been hot and heavy and David had seemed smitten. Investing in the bungalow with her had, to his family, been a sure sign that he was over his commitment issues and had finally found ‘the one’.

As Tricia eased up on the tears Pete pulled away from her.

“You want to tell me what’s happened?” he asked again.

Fuck she was beautiful. Even tear stained and sweaty she was bloody gorgeous.

Tricia turned away “I need a drink” she muttered.

She walked down the hall carefully avoiding the ladder and open paint can on the floor. Pete watched her round ass sway from side and as she stepped over a box in the hall her tight shorts rode up he glimpsed the round creamy soft skin of her ass cheeks that hadn’t seen the sun. He longed to hold both cheeks in his hands and lick and nibble on the juicy flesh. He shivered at the thought and then chided himself for straying into forbidden territory.

Tricia reached into the fridge, took two beers and handed one to Pete. She unscrewed the cap and threw it in the bin and walked out the French doors onto the now cool and shady terrace. She pulled out a chair and sat heavily into it, holding the dewy cold bottle between her breasts, her nipples hardening in response. She rolled the bottle up and over her shoulder, neck, cheeks and forehead, sighing as the cool bottle left drops of moisture clinging to her soft smooth skin.

Pete sat opposite her watching intently. He longed to slip the singlet straps down over her arms and suck one of her nipples into his mouth while he pinched the other with his fingers. He imagined her writhing and sighing as he played with her. His cock twitched and his balls ached and Pete realised he’d have to get away from her soon. This was too much for any man.

Tricia finally opened her eyes and looked at him.

“I’m sorry for the outburst, I just got so angry I couldn’t hold it in.”

Pete nodded, keeping quiet in the hope that she would fill the silence with what was really going on.

“David’s cheating on me,” she blurted out.

Pete frowned, it was no surprise to him the David was cheating, he did it with almost every woman he had ever been with. He loved the thrill of the chase and the excitement of just how bad he felt when he was doing it. What was puzzling erotik hikaye oku was why he was cheating on this goddess?

“I’m sure that’s not true Tricia. Why on earth would you think that?” he asked.

Tricia sighed deeply, “I heard him on the phone after he called you. He said if he told me he had work to do at the office I wouldn’t ask him any questions as long as you were here.”

She sounded tired. Maybe it wasn’t the first time she’d suspected him of cheating?

“I don’t get why he would buy a house with you and then cheat on you.” Pete exclaimed, “What’s the point?”

Tricia frowned at him, “The house is mine. He never bought it with me. Is that what he told you?”

A light bulb went off in Pete’s head and suddenly it was all clear. This was so typical of David. It was then he noticed a rubbish bag by the back gate.

“Is that David’s stuff?”

Tricia followed his glance and nodded, “Yep, I’m better than this. I’m not having it. Not from him. I know he’s your brother and your loyalties lie with him but he’s a rotten cheating bastard and I hope he gets what he deserves.”

Tricia didn’t sound bitter, just resigned and Pete realised that she’d already made up her mind to move on.

“I couldn’t agree more,” he raised his bottle and tipped it towards her.

She smiled briefly and clinked her bottle against his.

“To freedom,” he toasted.

She laughed a little, “To freedom.”

They both took long swigs from the cool frothy lager and looked out at the setting sun.

“I can’t thank you enough for today and all the work you’ve done. I’m sorry I didn’t say anything earlier about David, there was a part of me that hoped he would turn up and then I’d know I was wrong.”

Pete reached across the table and held her hand.

“That’s ok, I was more than happy to help out. We’ve managed to get a lot done.”

Tricia smiled at him and covered his hand with hers.

“Thanks for being so great. I owe you one.”

Pete felt his hand tingling under hers and his heart started to pound in his chest. He pulled his hand away quickly and stood up from the table pushing his chair away.

“I should get back in and tidy up.”

Tricia was watching him closely and he quickly glanced away from her, fearing that his desire for her would be obvious. He walked back inside and proceeded to clean up, hammering on the paint can lids and folding the drop sheets. He could hear Tricia in the hall doing the same and when he had finished he leaned out of the open window, enjoying the early evening cool air, finishing his beer as the sun finally fell behind the trees plunging the garden and the house into darkness.

He heard her bare feet treading on the boards in the room and felt her stop just behind him.

“It’s getting cooler now,” he said softly.

He felt her hand lay on his back. He held his breath. She reached around and slipped her hand up under his shirt, her fingertips grazing the skin of his belly, brushing over his chest and nipple. She pressed herself into him, her breasts, her hips and her thighs were now against him. Her other hand snaked inside his shirt too, stroking and caressing him.

“Tricia?” he murmured.

“Shhh,” she whispered.

He feared moving should he break the spell she’d cast over them both but he couldn’t let her do it. He couldn’t take advantage of the situation. Pete was not the bastard brother.


This time turning away from the window, his hands holding hers, he pushed her gently away. She’d taken her hair from the band and it was falling over her shoulders in rich chestnut waves. Her deep green eyes were dark and her lips were full and moist. She looked up at him.

“Please Pete for me? Just do it for me?”

Pete laughed at that and she blushed.

“Do what for you? Sleep with you? Let you make a big mistake just because you’re angry with my brother? I don’t think so, Tricia. I like you too much for that.”

He went to walk around her and she reached for him, catching his hand. She lifted her singlet and pressed his hand onto her breast. He could feel her hardened nipple against his palm and his mouth watered at the thought of sucking on it, chewing on it, laving his tongue all over the tight little nubs.

“Tricia please no,” he whispered.

His head filled with the sound of pounding blood.

“Pete I need this tonight. I need you to make me feel wanted. I want to feel sexy and free. I want you to fuck me and make me feel good again.”

Her plea sounded so plausible that all thoughts of just how wrong it was for him to be in this situation flew straight out the open window. He gasped and felt his semi-hard cock spring into life as she asked him to fuck her.

His fingers instinctively squeezed the flesh of her breasts and he grasped her large nipple between his thumb and forefinger, pinching it as she opened her mouth in surprise. She reached for him then, standing on her tiptoes she brought his mouth to hers, softly at first and then she crushed her mouth against his, her tongue flicking seductively inside him. She pressed her belly against erotik hikaye his erection and moaned as she did so, encouraging him even more.

They both broke away, breathless. He pulled his hand from her shirt watching her with hooded eyes. She was flushed and her chest was heaving, her hardened nipples pressing tightly against the cotton of her singlet.

“Tricia, you really have to be sure about this. I don’t want you to feel that you’ve been used by both brothers.”

Tricia flicked her hair over her shoulder and reached for the waistband of his shorts pulling him against her hips.

“It doesn’t feel like that at all Pete. It feels good, really good. Come on, don’t tell me you aren’t tempted?”

Tricia was running her fingers around the waistband of his shorts sending sparks of hot flames into his cock. He inhaled sharply as she brushed the base of his penis and he threw his head back unable to believe that he was being offered the chance to fuck this beautiful creature. She reached her hands around the back of him and gripped his arse cheeks with her hands, squeezing and stroking as she planted little kisses over his shirt.

“What do you say Pete? You want to stay and play with me? You want me to play with you? No strings, I promise.”

She leaned up and flicked the base of his neck with her tongue and then nibbled the sensitive skin lightly.

Pete gave up. Whatever the outcome of tonight he wasn’t going to think about it anymore. He was always the good reliable one. Tonight he would throw caution to the wind and fuck a beautiful girl without buying her dinner or dating her for weeks. He grabbed her face in both hands, twisting his fingers in her soft fragrant hair and brought her hot pouty mouth to his. He plunged his tongue into her and explored her mouth as she rubbed her crotch over his stiff member.

Tricia pulled away, “Not here.”

Pete’s head was fuzzy with desire. It was really going to happen. She grabbed his hand and moved towards the door. A vision of David fucking Tricia in her bed was like a bucket of water over his ardour. He hesitated and she turned, a frown creasing her brow.

“What is it?” she whispered.

Pete blushed, “I, ah, don’t want to do this where you’ve been with David.”

Tricia gasped, “Oh God, of course. Fuck what was I thinking. I’m so sorry.”

“It’s ok, don’t worry. Where else can we go?”

Tricia looked away and thought for a moment. She turned to him with a shy smile on her face.

“Come on, in here.”

She led him down the wide hall to the lounge room. It was small and intimate with a 2-seater couch, coffee table and flat screen TV in the corner. She shut the door behind them and turned on the overhead light using the dimmer switch to soften the brilliance. Turning back towards him she lifted her singlet over her head and threw it to the floor.

Pete held his breathe as her full lush breasts came free. They were the same soft brown as her arms and legs and while they were big they sat high and proud on her perfectly proportioned body. Her caramel coloured nipples were still hard and again his mouth filled with saliva at the sight of them. Before he could move towards her she undid the button on her tiny shorts and eased the tight fitting denim over her hips and ass grabbing her g-string in the same movement, so that when she stood he could see her completely naked for the first time.

She had a flat belly and tiny waist that flared out to full sensational curves. Her neatly trimmed bush was centred within a tiny triangle of creamy soft skin. She obviously only sunbathed with only bikini bottoms on. Pete licked his lips as his imagination took him between her legs to what promised to be a hot, wet pussy.

As she stepped towards him he dragged his gaze back to her face and she lifted his shirt off over his head and then slipped his shorts down over his hips, pushing them to the floor. She knelt down to remove them from his feet and then softly stroked his legs with her fingertips, brushing the hair at the top of his thighs with her nails. His cock was rigid with desire, flexing and straining to get near her. She gently wrapped her thumb and forefinger around the base of it splaying the rest of her fingers across his belly. He gasped, his knees buckling a little at the force of the reaction he had to her touch. He looked down at her and found her looking up at him, running her tongue over her sweet lips.

“Can I suck your cock?”

Pete groaned, “God yes.”

Tricia chuckled softly at his reply and keeping her eyes locked with his she extended her tongue and slipped her wet hot mouth over the head of his cock. She ran her tongue slowly around the head and then slipped it underneath, moving her head back and forth over the full length of his rock hard dick, moistening his velvety soft skin. She closed her eyes and moaned onto his cock slurping on her saliva and his pre-come. Sucking him into her mouth tightly she squeezed the muscles at the back of her throat, swallowing hard, milking the head of his cock for all she could.

Pete was in heaven. He could feel his orgasm coming from porno hikayeleri deep within his body, surfacing achingly slowly. He stiffened his stance, twisted his fingers into her hair and gently thrust his hips into her face. With every forward movement she would swallow the head of his dick and make moaning noises that would vibrate through the length of his dick. Before he could really grasp how much he was enjoying himself he felt the surge of hot cum flow from his body, his head filled with light and noise and he could vaguely hear himself off in the distance roaring as he filled Tricia’s sweet mouth with his juice. He continued to whimper as she slurped, licked and sucked all the juice from his wilting dick.

Pete reached down and helped her up bringing her face to his he held her gaze and she blushed. He planted a kiss on her salty wet mouth and dipped his tongue tentatively into her, tasting himself for the first time.

“That was amazing,” he said huskily.

“I aim to please,” she whispered.

She ran her tongue over her lips seductively and gave his ass a quick slap. His eyes flew open in surprise at the gesture and he grinned broadly at her.

“I think it’s time you got what you deserved don’t you?”

Tricia smiled up at him with dreamy eyes.

“I’ve been really bad Pete. So very, very bad.”

Pete swallowed hard at her implication and drew her over to the couch. He sat down and pulled her down over his knee. Her eyes lit up and goose bumps covered her body.

“Bad girls deserve to be punished,” he growled at her.

Tricia’s breathing quickened as she settled over his knee, her beautiful soft creamy ass just inches from his face. She bent her knees against the arms of the couch and leaned her chin on her hands looking back over her shoulder at him.

“Give me what I deserve.”

Pete gathered her long hair in his hands, holding it firmly in the middle of her back so she couldn’t easily move her head. With his free hand he stroked her ass and thighs, down her calves and feet and back to her soft ass. He leaned over and kissed her ass cheek, nibbled at the soft flesh. As delicious as he’d imagined. Tricia wriggled encouragingly.He moistened his forefinger and slipped it in between the crack of her ass, stroking her tight little hole. Tricia squirmed and spread her legs a little.

“Mm you like that do you?” Pete whispered.

“Oh yes,” Tricia murmured, “I love it. It feels so good, it’s making my pussy wet.”

Pete’s heart was thudding loudly in his chest and he could feel his spent cock stirring between his legs. He slipped his middle finger between her legs, dipping it gingerly into her juicy wet hole.

“Oh yes your pussy is wet and very juicy.”

Pete pulled his finger out of her and tasted her.

“Fuck that’s good. I want to eat your pussy and fuck you hard,” he murmured.

Tricia shuddered as Pete stroked his hand over her ass and thighs, sliding his finger back into her pussy, twisting it in and out of her warm hole.

“But you aren’t getting any of that until you tell me just how bad you’ve been.” Pete demanded.

Tricia moaned as Pete continued to finger her pussy, her ass rotating in small circles, her pussy clutching at him.

She finally said, “David’s brother helped me decorate my new place even though I knew I wouldn’t be seeing David again. I don’t feel bad about it either.”

Pete raised an eyebrow at her confession and without warning pulled his finger from her cunt and brought his open hand down across her full round cheeks slapping her hard. Tricia jumped and squealed and Pete tightened his hold on her hair. He rubbed the red welt where he had struck her.

“What else?” He demanded roughly.

Tricia was panting and Pete noticed that her pussy was glistening with moisture and he longed to have the full taste of it in his mouth. He slapped her again and she moaned.

“I said, what else?”

Tricia gasped, “Um my boyfriend cheated on me and I gave his brother a blow job to get back at him!”

Pete slapped her reddened arse, as hard as he could and then did it again and again. Each time Tricia squirmed and yelped but never asked him to stop.

“What a slut you are.”

He slapped her again, across the tops of her thighs.

“I suppose you are going to let him fuck you as well? And eat your pussy? And finger your tight little arse hole?”

Tricia was crying out with every stroke and if it hadn’t been for her soaking pussy Pete would think she wasn’t enjoying it.

“What else do you have to confess slut?”

Tricia was writhing and her pussy was wetting his thigh.

“I liked sucking Pete’s cock more than David’s,” she whispered.

Pete froze. He hadn’t wanted to think of her with his brother, anger flared within his chest and he raised his hand to spank her again. Instead he leaned forward and kissed her red-hot ass cheeks. He stroked her long legs, gently pushing them apart exposing her glistening gaping labia. He slipped a finger deep into her cunt and probed around her wet hole, stroking his finger in and out of her, finding her g-spot and rubbing the spongy nub as Tricia clenched her pussy. He dipped his thumb into her pussy and then slipped it between her delicious arse cheeks to rub at her tight little hole. Tricia was bucking against his hand, pressing into him. He slipped another finger inside her pussy and felt his cock stiffen as she groaned with pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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