The Secret Teachings of Ms. Harmon

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All characters in sexual situations are 18 years of age and older.

Have you ever had one of those teachers in high school that no matter what you do or how hard you try, they’re just going to be a stone-cold bitch regardless? Angela Harmon was one of those teachers. She taught math, and because of how small my high school was, I was blessed to have her all four years.

Now if you’d seen Ms. Harmon on the street, you’d probably think she was pretty attractive. And to be honest, you’d be right. She was tall with long, red hair, ample d-sized boobs, a slender stomach, and an ample ass that sat atop some juicy, thick thighs. Put lightly, the woman was built like a brick shithouse, and as a young freshman, I thought she was pretty, fuckin’ hot. Unfortunately, after a few months in her class, my desire for the woman curled up and died.

Ms. Harmon carried herself with an air of superiority and had the attitude that her students should know as much as she did. Angela’s teaching style consisted of her writing problems up on the overhead and solving them as we watched, but she only used the basic examples, and any deviation was up to us to figure out on our own. To say I struggled with her class was an understatement. Through a combination of help from friends and family, answers in the back of the book, and the internet; each year, I passed her class by the skin of my teeth. Then when I was a senior my luck with Ms. Harmon started to run out.

It was the latter part of my senior year, and with the end of my high school career approaching, I was looking ahead to college. I’d applied for several scholarships, and while my grades were for the most part good, math was killing my chances. I’d like to say it was because Angela Harmon was a terrible teacher, but I had to take part of the blame for slacking off in her class. But, time was running out and I needed to buckle down. I decided the best way to improve my math grade was to swallow my pride and try to ask Ms. Harmon for help, even though she wasn’t the type of teacher to offer extra credit to students very often. I stayed behind after class one day and approached her as she was grading papers.

“Excuse me, Ms. Harmon. Do you have a minute?” I asked tentatively.

She glanced up at me, then went right back to grading. “Make it quick Tod,” she said annoyed. “My next class is about to start.”

I got right to the point, explaining to her about the scholarships and how my grades were the only thing hurting my chances. The whole time I spoke, she continued working like I wasn’t there, and when I’d finished, she set her pen down and glared up at me.

“Let me get this straight,” she said finally. “You screw around in my class for years, doing crappy work, and you have the gall to ask me for help? Tod, I don’t even give my A students extra credit. What would possess me to even consider giving it to you?”

By this time, other students were entering the room, and I could hear more than a few of them snickering at the tongue lashing Angela was giving me. All I could do was stare at the woman with my mouth ajar. But the teacher wasn’t finished.

“I think,” she continued before I could say anything. “Instead of begging for a handout, you should think back to how you could’ve been a better student in the first place. Maybe when you’re flipping burgers while the rest of your peers are in college you’ll understand where you went wrong. Now, if you’ll excuse me, Tod, I have a class to teach.”

With that, Ms. Harmon stood up and swept past me to take her place at the head of the class as if nothing had happened. All around me, people were laughing, and I could feel my blood boiling as I left the room.

Who the hell did Angela Harmon think she was, that she could humiliate me like that? It would’ve been bad enough if the room had been empty, but she’d done it in front of a room full of students. The nerve of that bitch. But the worse part was that I’d been so shocked by what the woman said, that I hadn’t even able to speak up for myself.

My conversation with Ms. Harmon ate at me the rest of the day. I’d hoped that I would be able to curb some of that pent-up anger at baseball practice, but all it did was hurt my game. Even my parents could tell something was off with me that evening. I just told them I’d had a bad practice. Besides, I didn’t want them going to the school and making a scene. It would only make things worse, so it was my problem to deal with.

When I went to bed that night, my anger at the day’s events was still just as fierce. As I finally drifted off to sleep, I couldn’t help but wonder what would’ve happened had I gotten the chance to tell Angela off. I guess it was that thought that triggered the dream.


I stood in Ms. Harmon’s classroom again, only this time there were no other students around. She’d just started almanbahis raking me over the coals when I cut her off.

“If you had only been a better student,” she chided. “You wouldn’t be in this predicament.”

I rolled my eyes at her. “Maybe you should’ve been a better teacher,” I retorted, bringing fury to her green eyes. “You spend more time trying to look good and acting like the queen bitch. No wonder I can’t learn anything from you.”

Angela looked stunned. “How dare you talk to me like that, young man,” she said with arrogance. If you were younger, I’d bend you over my knee and paddle you right here.”

I smiled indignantly. “I would love to see you try, Angela.”

Hearing me address her so casually, the woman came unglued. She reached out as if to grab me, but I sidestepped and swatted her hard on the ass.

“I think you’re the one who needs the spanking,” I told the shocked teacher as she rubbed her stinging anatomy. “And if you keep it up, I’ll give you another.”

Without a word, Angela bent over the desk. Then reaching down, she hiked up her skirt; revealing a very un-teacher-like black g-string.

“Right here on the other one,” she said to me, looking back over her shoulder. “Make it match.”

I stood there looking at Ms. Harmon’s near, bare ass for a good minute; not yet able to fully comprehend what was happening. The red welt left by my hand emblazoned one side of the woman’s perfect ass, while the other was still virgin-smooth.

“What are you waiting for, Tod?” Angela asked impatiently. “Punish me. Make me sorry.”

I reached out a tentative hand and rubbed my teacher’s unmarred ass-cheek, causing a small gasp to escape her lips.

“Please,” she begged. “I’ve been sooo bad.”

Hearing the desperation in the woman’s voice, forced me into action. With one final squeeze, I brought my hand back, and then forward again. The sound of bare skin on skin pierced the air like a firecracker.

“Keep going,” Angela moaned with pleasure. “Punish me mooooore.”

I obliged and continued wailing away on my math teacher’s ass; each smack earning another moan of ecstasy from the woman. Eventually, I reached the limits of my endurance and had to stop. As I caught my breath, I was amazed to find Ms. Harmon had at some point pulled her blouse and bra up and was pinching the hell out of one of her nipples. This, combined with the image of the red welts covering Angela’s ass, caused my prick to get rock hard.

“Maybe you should use that on me.” My teacher coaxed, both hands now working her tits.

I was happy to obey. Undoing my jeans, I let them and my underwear drop and then positioned myself behind the squirming teacher. With one hand, I moved the flimsy piece of fabric that were her panties aside. Then, holding my cock with the other, I lined it up with her dripping cunt.


I sat up in bed with the world’s biggest hard-on. Had I really just been dreaming about fucking my bitchy teacher? The thought of doing so after what she’d put me through made my head spin, but as I masturbated in the bathroom five minutes later to the fleeting images of Angela’s bare red ass, I couldn’t help but feel a certain sort of satisfaction.

The next few days at school were not easy. Everything was pretty much business as usual except for math class. I’d decided I hated Angela Harmon with a passion but constantly found myself eying her. One minute I was imagining telling her off, but the next I was wondering just how close the dream Angela’s bare ass looked compared to the real thing. More than once as I had these moments of distraction, the teacher took the opportunity to scold me for not paying attention. I hate to admit, that a couple of times after math class, I found myself in the boy’s restroom stroking off while thinking of her. It was maddening.

About a week after our little talk, I’d had enough. Something needed to give. The frustration, both sexually and otherwise, was getting to be too much, so I decided I attempt to talk to her. It might not put an end to the sexual aspect of the situation, but maybe I could clear the air in other regards. My chance arrived soon enough.

We had a late practice one afternoon, and as I was leaving school, I noticed Ms. Harmon’s car still parked in the lot. This was perfect. If it didn’t go well, the worst that could happen was that she’d chew me out again, but at least it would be in front of an empty room.

I pulled my truck up next to her car and got out, and as I approached the door to the building, my first thought was it would probably be locked. Thankfully it wasn’t, and I let myself in. The hall was dark except for emergency lighting and that which emanated from the small window of Angela’s classroom’s door.

Upon reaching it, I was just about to knock when some noise from the other side made almanbahis yeni giriş me pause. It sounded like someone was working out or something. Looking through the small window, I saw nothing but Angela’s empty desk. I tried to change viewing angles, hoping to see the rest of the classroom, but it was no use. The window was just too small. Continuing to listen at the door, a sudden revelation hit me. Those were not workout sounds I was hearing; they were the sounds of sex.

“There’s no way,” I said quietly to myself.

Taking hold of the door’s handle, I gently pulled it open a few inches. The sounds were most definitely sexual. Peeking my head in, I couldn’t believe what I saw.

One of the TV carts from the library was parked in the front of the class. On its screen was the image of a young-looking guy boning away at an obviously older woman, atop what looked like a teacher’s desk. At first, I didn’t see any sign of Ms. Harmon, but then when some movement caught my eye and I saw her.

The math teacher had moved several of the desks from the center of the room aside. Angel sat naked and spread-eagle on a blanket that had been lain on the flood, and as the woman intently watched the activity onscreen, she finger-banged and rubbed her crotch fiercely.

I was in utter amazement, and numerous possibilities ran through my mind. The first was that I could easily humiliate Angela, just as bad if not worse than she had me. Then my teenage brain took over. I’d been racked with the desire to fuck this woman ever since the dream, and judging from the porn she was watching, she obviously had a fetish for the student/teacher thing. Maybe we could both get something out of this. With more confidence than I’d ever felt, I made my decision.

Without making my presence known, I entered the room. Walking over to Angela’s desk, I grabbed the remote control that lay there and then hit pause. The screen froze. With the sudden change, my teacher struggled to pull the blanket over her nudity, all the while looking around the room to see who’d caught her.

“Tod? What’re you doing here?” she questioned breathlessly. “This is not what it looks like.”

I smirked at Angela. “I think it’s exactly what it looks like,” I told her with a chuckle.

Trying to compose herself, my teacher attempted to give me a stern look, but it was flimsy at best.

“Tod, you need to just forget what you saw here and leave,” she ordered, still wrestling to keep the blanket in place.

I shook my head slowly. “I don’t think so, Ms. Harmon,” I replied. “Not yet, anyway. Could you imagine the scandal it’d cause when people hear that one of the teachers was caught masturbating to porn in her classroom after hours?”

A brief look of panic crossed Angela’s face. “You wouldn’t dare.”

“I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not,” I said, smiling. “That just depends.”

The panic left the woman’s face and was replaced with a look of anger. “So that’s how it’s going to be?” she asked. “You want something in return for keeping quiet?”

I put the remote on the desk and sat down in the teacher’s chair.

“You have very interesting taste in porn, Ms. Harmon.” I teased. “I take it you like the idea of a student banging his teacher?”

Angela’s face flushed with embarrassment. “Just what are you insinuating, young man?”

Leaning back in the chair, I propped my feet on top of the desk and then crossed my arms.

“The way I see it, we can both get something out of this,” I told her. “I need help with my grades in your class, and you obviously have a thing for students. I think we could both get something out of this predicament.”

Angela looked at me with skepticism. “It sounds like you’d be the only one benefiting if you ask me,” she said flatly.

“Are you sure about that?” I asked with a grin.

Angela averted her eyes from me, briefly. “I still don’t understand what makes you think I want to, much less would be willing to have sex with a student.”

This woman was something else.

“Come on Angela,” I scoffed. “I might not be good at math, but I’m not stupid. I just caught you finger-fucking yourself, pretty hard I might add, while watching a video of a guy screwing his teacher. It doesn’t get much more obvious than that.”

Finally conceding defeat, the woman let out a long sigh. “So you’re suggesting to have sex with me for an A in my class then?” She asked.

I shook my head in frustration. She still didn’t get it.

“No, I’ll do the work,” I answered simply. “You just have to help me when I ask for it. In return, you get to fulfill your fantasy. So are you in?”

Angela thought about it for a moment. “No one will know?” she asked hesitantly.

“No ma’am,” I assured her. “As much as I’d love to tell the other guys on the baseball team about all this, my lips are sealed. Besides, I don’t take a lot of pleasure in humiliating people. Unlike some.”

Comprehension dawned on the teacher’s face. almanbahis giriş “Oh,” she said quietly. “I see.”

I gave Angela a tentative smile as she contemplated a moment longer.

“Okay. Fine,” she said finally. “I’ll go along with this, as long as it stays between us.”

“Fair enough,” I told the teacher as she looked at me nervously.

“So what now?” she asked with sudden curiosity.

I rose from the desk, walked over to the door, and then locked it. “It’s what they’re for, right?”

My teacher’s face flushed once again as she nodded agreement.

“Now we do anything and everything we want,” I told the woman as I began taking off my shirt.

She watched with newfound eagerness as I continued to undress, and once I was finished, Angela eyed my cock greedily.

“Looks like a baseball bat isn’t the only big stick you carry,” she said teasingly.

I walked over to where she was on the floor, sat down, and then began moving the blanket aside. Up close, the woman’s body was even more amazing than I could have ever dreamed, and my teacher took great pride when I told her as much.

“You know, I’ve seen you staring at me in class, Tod,” she said seductively. “Just how many times have you stroked yourself off thinking about me?”

Running a hand along her smooth stomach and then up to her large natural breasts, I took one in my hand and squeezed it gently. Angela moaned with pleasure.

“Ms. Harmon, let’s just say you’ve given me more motivation sexually than you ever have academically.”

It was an obvious barb, but with my fingers working her nipple, Angela didn’t seem too phased by it.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been with a man,” she cooed. “I’ve almost forgotten how good it feels.”

My pride growing from Angela’s approval, I let go of her breast, and then ran the same hand down through the red thatch of bush towards her womanhood. I played with the outer lips, eliciting small moans from her with each movement. Then, feeling bold, I leaned down and kissed her as I inserted two fingers into her wetness.

“Mmmmm,” Angela groaned into my mouth as I began fingering her.

We continued kissing as my fingers maintained their assault on Ms. Harmon’s pussy, and hearing the effect my efforts were having on her, only made me harder. Angela, as if sensing my growing arousal, wrapped her hand around my cock and began to stroke it wildly.

“Tod, I know you like watching me, but how badly do you want me?”

I couldn’t answer. I was fighting hard not to cum as she continued to jack me off.

“Answer me, young man,” Ms. Harmon continued. “Just how much do you want to fuck me with this?”

Wrenching her hand away, I rolled over on top of my math teacher. A look of surprise crossed Angela’s face, followed by hunger.

“I see,” she said teasing me. “Well go ahead. Fuck me, Tod. Let’s see if you can earn that A.”

I’d had enough words. I covered Angela’s mouth with one hand as I guided my hard-on to its target with the other. Then with one hard thrust, I entered her.

“MMMPPPPHHHH,” she screamed into my hand as my cock filled her very tight pussy.

I began hammering away at the woman’s greedy snatch, emptying all of the anger and frustration I’d previously held for her into every thrust. Angela ate every bit of it up as she moaned and groaned her way to climax. When she reached it, her convulsing pussy was like a vice as it gripped my throbbing prick.

“You can be such a bitch, Angela. You know that?” I grunted as I continued to grudge fuck my math teacher.

She nodded her head in eager agreement.

“I think maybe you just needed a good dose of young dick,” I scolded the woman, as I pounded her with a particularly hard stroke.

Angela pulled at my hand. She obviously had something to say, so I relented. With both hands to brace me, I fucked her harder.

“Gaawwdd, yes Tod,” she said with labored breath. “I need it. Fuck me harder.”

I obeyed my teacher and pounded her slippery hole with every ounce of energy I had. Finally, I felt my pressure begin to build.

“Here it comes, Ms. Harmon. Where do you want it?”

“In me,” she answered, wasting no time. “Fill me up, Tod.”

With two great strokes, I felt my cock erupt inside of Angela as her own convulsing orgasm began milking every last drop from my dick. Once spent, I collapsed onto the woman as she continued to tremble underneath me.

Eventually, Angela’s shuddering tapered off, and with my hard-on fading, I rolled off of her. We lay there for a long time, both of us trying to catch our breath. I’d used up the majority of my confidence for one day and had no idea really what to say.

“That was incredible,” she said finally. “But I’m fairly certain you put more than just sexual frustration into it.”

I smiled at her knowingly.

“Look Tod, I apologize for how I treated you,” Angela went on. “I just wish it hadn’t taken getting my brains fucked out to admit it.”

I couldn’t argue with her there. “Don’t mention it,” I told her instead.

She raised herself up on one elbow and looked at me.

“No, seriously,” Angela insisted. “You were right. I’ve been an uptight bitch.”

“Maybe a little,” I agreed, laughing.

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