The Tarot Cards

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“No, I don’t think so, I don’t believe in them,” Sarah said sipping her coffee.

“You don’t have to, it’s just a little fun, that’s all,” Carol replied, “The appointment’s made and paid for, tomorrow at eleven, say you’ll come?”

“I don’t want to,” Sarah reiterated.

“Why? Frightened she’ll say something you don’t want to hear? They just make it up.”

It had become a dare now and Sarah could not resist a dare especially one offered by her friend Carol.

“OK, I’ll come, but you’re paying.”

“Great,” Carol laughed, “We’ll meet outside the house, tomorrow.”

When Sarah arrived home dinner was prepared as usual. Sarah’s job paid more than Paul’s so when they decided to live together Paul gave up his low paying job and became a ‘house husband’. His tasks were buying the groceries, cleaning and generally looking after her small cottage, and of course seeing to her needs.

That night their lovemaking was as gentle as usual. Sarah did not like rough sex, she was a romantic. She retired to bed first and when he entered the bedroom was stretched out under the quilt, waiting for him. He lay down beside her and leant across kissing her gently on the lips, her mouth opening for him, their tongues entwining. Moving his hand he began caressing her breast, teasing the nipples into hard buds. His mouth moved down planting butterfly kisses down her neck and across her shoulders. She groaned as his mouth covered her nipple and he sucked gently on it, his hand moving down to rub her clit in small circular motions. He dipped his fingers inside her occasionally, judging by her wetness when she was ready for him. His cock was hard as he rolled across her inserting his rod into her wet pussy, fucking her gently as she liked. Holding back until he felt her climax under him, Paul ejaculated into her, immediately rolling off and handing her a tissue. Sarah wiped herself clean and kissed him on the nose, before she rolled over and fell quickly into a deep sleep. A nightly occurrence, but not one he intended to continue.

At breakfast the next morning Paul started the conversation, as usual.

“I thought we could go somewhere today, as you’re not going into work,” he said.

“No sorry, meeting Carol, we’re going to the clairvoyant in the High Street, just for a joke, maybe next time, ok?”

“Yeah fine, I’ve work to do around the house anyway, I’ll see you later,” he replied.

Sarah met Carol outside the tarot reader’s house as arranged and entered. After the usual preliminaries the reading got underway. Carol’s was a little vague but Sarah’s was more definite with an unexpected result.

“You will meet a tall person, dark curly hair, the man you’re living with now is not for you,” she said.

“That’s not right,” Sarah replied, “Paul’s just perfect.”

“The cards never lie. Believe me he’s wrong for you.”

Sarah left the reading feeling confused, she believed that Paul was all she had looked for in a man. Attentive, trustworthy and willing to tend to her every Halkalı travesti need.

“She’s wrong,” Sarah protested to Carol outside in the street.

“She’s never been wrong before, but there’s always a first time, I suppose.” Carol replied.

That night Sarah confided in Paul what had occurred.

“You don’t believe those charlatans?” he laughed as he poured her another drink.

“No, but we’re going to the one on Cyprus Road tomorrow, just to see what she says.”

“Yeah you should,” he said thoughtfully, “When’s your appointment?”

“Afternoon, two o’clock,” she answered.

He started to clear the dining room table, a plan forming in his mind.

For Sarah the next day’s appointment gave her exactly what she needed to hear.

“Your partner’s your soul mate, you’re the perfect match,” the reader said, “Never doubt it.”

Sarah left, elated, reassured as the wedding was planned for the weekend.

The reader went to the window and watched as the two girls walked away from the house.

“Ok, they’ve gone,” she said and Paul emerged from a side room.

“One hundred pounds, I think we agreed,” he said.

The tarot reader smiled as she took his money.

“You’re not right for each other, you know,” she said pocketing the cash.

“Mind your fuckin’ business,” he hissed leaving the house.

The wedding went perfectly, a honeymoon was to follow the next week. The couple arrived back at the cottage and went upstairs to change for the reception.

“We’re married now,” Sarah beamed on the landing at the top of the stairs.

“So we are,” he replied, “Your money and my cock.”

Sarah turned to him, she never heard him use such language before. She saw his face break out into a broad grin then his hands reached out and grabbed her by the shoulders, spun her around and pushed her against the wall. Her face mashed up against the hard plaster. She felt his hands reach behind her, then a tearing sound as her dress was split from bottom to waistband. Sarah felt her knickers being torn off, the flimsy fabric no match for his onslaught. She heard his zipper being undone, then his hard cock at her entrance.

“I’m not ready,” she sobbed.

“I don’t fuckin’ care,” he hissed and rammed his cock deep into her. His thrusts were harder than she had ever experienced before, each one pushing her face painfully into the wall. She heard him groan, then felt spurt after spurt of hot cum shoot into her tender vagina. She slid down the wall, ending up on her knees at his feet. Sarah shuffled around, her face now level with his groin.

“Why?” she said, tears filling her eyes.

“Because I can,” he answered and pushed his still erect cock towards her lips.

“I won’t do that,” she said, as his cock got closer.

“And I think you will,” he replied, the knob now touching her lips. She opened her mouth thinking that if she appeased him her ordeal would soon be over. His cock slipped inside, and he started to fuck her mouth, Levent travesti slowly at first then faster as his climax approached. When he was almost touching the back of her throat Sarah bit down, hard. He withdrew, quickly, grabbing his cock protectively. His load shooting onto the carpet beside him.

“You fuckin’ bitch, look what you’ve done,” Sarah didn’t look. She just took her chance and rushed passed him, down the stairs and into the street, to find Carol standing there.

“I came by to find out if you wanted a ride…” She stopped seeing her friend’s obvious distress.

“What happened?” Carol said, putting a protective arm around Sarah’s shoulder.

Sarah recounted what had occurred, the tears now flowing uncontrollably. Carol led her to her car and settling her down drove towards her own flat. The girls entered and Carol ushered Sarah into her bedroom.

“Better get out of that dress, it’s little more than a rag now anyway,” Carol said helping her friend remove her bridal gown.

Sarah stood, clad only in her white lace bra, still crying softly. Carol put her arms around her to comfort her, drawing her close.

Raising Sarah’s head Carol whispered, “You should have listened to that tarot card reader, he wasn’t for you,” she said and pecked her gently on the forehead. In that fleeting, gentle, non-sexual kiss the past few hours melted away from Sarah’s mind. This was the gentleness she yearned for, the tenderness she had sought all her life. As Carol withdrew, Sarah’s hands came up and, cradling her head, drew her back down, kissing her passionately.

Carol broke off the kiss, reluctantly, not wishing the moment to end, but needing to express her feelings.

“Thank God, at last you realise, Paul was never right for you, or any man, it’s me. I’ve wanted you for so long but you only had eyes for him. I’m the tall one with curly hair, the tarot reader saw that. No man will be as gentle with you as me, no man will love you like I love you.”

Carol led Sarah towards the bed but Sarah broke away, Carol thought she’d had second thoughts until Sarah spoke.

“I want a shower first. I want to wash that bastard’s cum from me. I don’t want you to taste ‘him’ on me.”

Sarah turned towards the bathroom.

“I’ll help,” Carol said, taking her hand and leading her gently.

Both girls were soon under the hot water, soaping each other, their hands lingering over their lover’s breasts.

“Clean now?” Carol whispered, Sarah nodded, still unable to fully understand what was happening. They patted each other dry, then Carol led Sarah back into the bedroom.

“We are going to have to dress for the reception”, Sarah said, tears again forming in her eyes, overflowing down her cheeks.

“There’s no reception, and there’s no marriage, let him explain to the guests,” Carol answered, “Stay with me.”

Carol drew Sarah down onto the bed, sitting side by side. She saw the tears still glistening on Sarah’s cheek. Carol bent her head Şirinevler travesti licking the salty fluid away before their lips met. She guided Sarah down onto the quilt, her own feet still on the floor, then leaning forward she began at Sarah’s forehead kissing and licking down her body to the soles of her feet, then back again to her soft breasts. She licked first one nipple then the other, then back again as if deciding which one was to be the focus of her immediate attention. Once she selected, she drew the hard teat deep into her mouth, sucking and licking alternately.

She rested her hand onto Sarah’s belly, feeling it rise and fall almost in time to her sucking. Turning her head, Carol’s eyes centred on Sarah’s neatly trimmed bush, her target hidden amongst its curls. She released her hold on Sarah’s breast and started down her body, her cheek never loosing contact with the warm flesh until her lips encountered the coarse hair of Sarah’s pussy.

Carol swung her legs from the floor and onto the bed, as if it was the defining moment that cemented their relationship, being in bed, together. Her tongue licked up and down the crinkled lips of Sarah’s pussy, she could taste the salty secretions already glistening on them. She could feel Sarah’s cunt beginning to open for her, like the petals of a flower. Carol ran her hand up the inside of Sarah’s leg, still damp from her shower and paused at the entrance before one finger disappeared inside her warm, wet cunt.

Sarah gasped as the pad of Carol’s finger sought out, and started to massage her ‘G’ spot, a place she never knew existed. Sarah’s lubrication increased until the sheet under her was soaked with her secretions. With two fingers now inside, Carol’s mouth sought out her hard erect clit, first with darting licks and kisses then clamping on it sucking powerfully. Carol felt Sarah writhing under her as one peak mingled with another into one long perpetual climax.

Carol moved back up Sarah’s body never loosing contact with her, spreading the wetness from her cunt over it, until their mouths met again. Sarah began licking her own cream from Carol’s face as Carol swung her legs over Sarah’s their cunts meeting in a passionate kiss. Carol began to push her pelvis hard into Sarah’s, their cunt lips almost glued together with their mingled secretions, their clits rubbing together. Both girls were panting hard into the others ear, Sarah’s legs fastening around Carols body drawing her harder onto her swollen nubbin. Both girls climaxed, almost simultaneously, Sarah’s legs dropping back onto the quilt her head pushing into the mattress. Carol rested hers at the junction of Sarah’s neck and shoulders planting small kisses as her breathing returned to normal. Sarah pulled Carol tighter onto her, their breasts flattened by the others, their nipples touching. Carol’s hips started moving again, almost involuntarily, as if reliving the passed few minutes.

“That was a hell-of-a fuck,” Sarah whispered into Carol’s ear,” Do it again.”

Carol smiled, “The first of many,” she said her rhythm starting again in earnest.

“Teach me,” Sarah whispered again, as if a louder voice would spoil the occasion.

Carol didn’t answer, just pushed her cunt even harder against Sarah’s, as if that was answer enough.

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