The Tattoo Riddles Ch. 09

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Reading through the emails that were zipping back and forth between the other girls, it was clear that, for most of them, the tattoo pledge was really little more than opportune coincidence, a silly game that fitted in nicely with other stuff going on in their lives at the moment. They all, with the possible exception of Hannah, who was relatively subdued on the matter, seemed quite happy to go along with it as it suited their situation. How happy would Summer have been to play along if she was still with Gavin? And what would Heather have said if Carl had been in the country? Hannah didn’t seem ecstatic about her liaison, but even she seemed to feel that meeting Rick suited her purposes just at the moment.

Lucky Rick then. Clever of course in that he had solved all of the riddles so far, but very fortuitous too that all the girls’ personal circumstances had seemed to have aligned so nicely for him so that they would all agree to do the tattoo thing with him. But was it luck, or fate? None of the girls had mentioned in their emails that it was almost seven years to the day that they had sat around that fire, held each other’s hands and shared their blood as they made their pledge together – all seven of them. Maybe none of them were aware of that fact?

Seven. It was the number of completeness and perfection. Seven days to create the world. Seven continents. Seven colours in the rainbow. Seven celestial objects visible to the naked eye from Earth. Seven wonders of the world. These were not coincidences, and the significance and magical qualities of the number seven occurred time and again across cultures, religions and throughout history.

No coincidence then that it had been seven nights before Mya’s first night with Rick, and her subsequent email, that she had had her dream. The dream in which she had learned that she would be the seventh and last girl to meet with Rick, and to join with him. Somehow she had always known this would happen, of course, and the dream had simply been confirmation of her destiny. On that night, she would be reborn, and her new life would begin. She had no doubt then that Rick would make his way around the circle. Next with Heather, and then on to the next. Just two correct guesses away from his inevitable date with her, exactly seven years to the day after the night on the beach.


Rick lay in the middle of the king size bed, his arms behind his head, propped up on all four pillows. He had the room to himself this morning, Ellie having headed off somewhere between midnight and one. Hannah was calling round for her at the crack of dawn today as they were heading off for a girls’ pampering spa day. Rick and Ellie had agreed that it would probably be best to avoid any awkward questions about where she had spent the night if she wasn’t at home when she got there, and there was a distinct possibility of her oversleeping.

Ellie was pretty sure that Hannah would take a dim view of her shenanigans with Rick. They had never slept with the same man, even though they had joked about it many a time, and laughed at the thought of the poor boy not knowing which twin was which. But it had never been anything more than a joke, and given Hannah’s low opinion of Rick, Ellie didn’t think this would be a good place to start.

Talk about chalk and cheese! Where Hannah had demanded hard, fast sex, Ellie had desired slow and sensual lovemaking. She had a mischievous and playful streak too though, and as he lay there, surveying the dishevelled room, he reckoned they had utilized just about every surface and prop possible, most of them at her instigation. They had enjoyed position after position as they moved around the room, never in a hurry, just enjoying each other’s bodies and using their imagination.

There was no likelihood of a repeat performance, the situation with her twin saw to that. As great as the sex had been, Rick wasn’t too fussed. He hadn’t had the chance to get to know her even a little. They had hardly spoken for more than twenty minutes before she had clambered on top of him. He wished he’d had the same level of perspective about his liaison with Summer. Coming so soon after his rejection by Mya it had upset him much more than it should have done that she didn’t want to see him again. He was realising, somewhat belatedly maybe, that good sex, even great sex, was relatively easy to come by, without the need for any meaningful emotional connection. He had got the two mixed up in the past, but then he’d never had a series of sexual encounters anywhere near like this before.

He showered and dressed. As he left the room, he turned to take one last look at what he was pretty sure would be his one and only executive double in a five star hotel. He shook his head and smiled to himself. He wasn’t sure he’d had a proper one night stand before, not until Summer. And now he’d had incredible sex with a woman who he had only ever met in his hotel room and would probably never meet again. Oh, and of course that great sex had come about half almanbahis an hour after he had been fucking her twin sister! He knew he wasn’t the bragging type, but hell how he wished he was today!! He would be bursting to tell Greg all about it on Monday, but he knew in reality that he wouldn’t say a word.

He was still smiling to himself as he breezed through the revolving glass doors at the front of the hotel. He breathed in the fresh morning air, stretched and set off towards home. He didn’t notice the three men standing across the forecourt, one dressed in a suit, the others in casual jackets and jeans. Nor did he notice Suited Guy point towards him as he left, and the other two nod back in acknowledgement.


“So Gavin’s back on the scene then?”

“Yep. No getting away from the fact that we are meant to be together. Sometimes it’s just best not to fight it I guess.”

“So where do you go from here?”

We’re meeting up next week. Clear the air, talk about how we can make it work. What we both need to do to change things a bit.”

“Both of you?”

“Yes, I guess. He’s an uptight, prissy sod sometimes, and after my night with Rick, I know Gav definitely needs to buck his ideas up in the bedroom department, but I know I’m not perfect, and it takes two to tango as they say.”

“Ok. So the tattoo thing might have actually done you a favour then?”

“Yeah hun, I think it has, y’know. That night really blew some cobwebs away, helped me get my head straight and my mojo back. I’m still young, and I want to enjoy life. I just need to work out how I do that with Gavin, ‘cos I know it’s him I want to do it with.”

“Awww…. how sweet! Seriously, though, it’d be brilliant if you can make that work. Great sex with the man you love. Real Holy Grail stuff, that is!”

“Why, thank you, Aunt Mya. But what about your own Sir Lancelot? The man who worships the ground you walk on, who you happen to have sent traipsing around our little circle of horny young maidens?”

“Leave it out; you’re exaggerating.”

“Which bit exactly? This is a man who is living the most ludicrous male fantasy EVER…. and you know he would trade it all in an instant just to be with you. You know it, girl.”

Mya shrugged, “Yeah you say that, but he’s still making his merry way round the riddle ring, isn’t he?”

“Did you give him any choice hun? When he turned up on my doorstep, he had the air of a man who’d been kicked screaming all the way here.”

“He’s seeing Alex again, you know. He told me.”

“Again, had you asked him not to, or given him the slightest glimmer of hope that you and he might work…… just the tiniest little hint…. he’d bin her off in a flash, and all the rest of them. Don’t blame the rest of us for your mistake.”

“Hey, who says I’ve made a mistake……?”

“Come off it! You two are so right for each other. You’re just letting some stupid age ratio thing get in the way of your own happiness.”

“It’s not stupid, it’s, like, important. To me.”

“Really? So how’s it working out for you, dating men who fit your age criteria? You used to talk about Rick all the time before you screwed him. It was forever Rick-this and Rick-that. I don’t hear you going on about anyone else like that now.”

“I just haven’t met the right one yet. It’s only been a few weeks….”

“Since what? Since you turned away your soul mate and sent him on a shagging quest? Jesus Mya, wake up and smell the coffee!”

“Look just get off my back why don’t you?”

“I’m just telling you what you need to hear, that’s all. I tell it how it is; you know that. “

“Well don’t, just frigging well don’t!” Mya got up and headed for the bathroom, dabbing at her eyes. Summer looked ruefully at the empty bottle of wine, their second of the evening. She had been contemplating opening another, clearly not a good idea. Mya came shuffling back in a few minutes later.

“I don’t know, okay? I just don’t know what to do. I’m so jealous and angry with him for sleeping with you all, even though I know it was me that made him do it. It’s totally fucked up; I know it is. I just don’t know what I’m going to do.”

“Tell him the truth? Like, how you feel?”

“Well, that’s just it sweetie. I need to work that out myself properly first.”


Alex had met him at the door dressed in a striking outfit of black basque, stockings and high heel boots, and directed him to the living room. In the middle of the room, where she had given him that amazing massage, was a simple but substantial high back chair, he assumed taken from the kitchen. She had kissed him sensuously on the lips and then told him to strip and sit; she would be back in a minute. He did as he was told and when she returned she had some black rope. Without saying a word, she had taken his arms and tied them behind him to the back of the chair, then had spread his legs and tied each ankle to a chair leg. The bonds were tight without cutting into his flesh, and when he tried almanbahis giriş to move, he realised he was lashed fast to the chair. Alex kissed him again long and slow, before walking around him slowly, her fingernails trailing lightly across his bare chest. She looked absolutely stunning in her kinky outfit, and Rick looked down to see that his cock was starting to show its appreciation.

She strode over to a unit at the side of the room where he could see she had arranged a selection of items. He couldn’t make out any of them from where he was sitting but could see that they were mostly black. Alex picked up one of them, and Rick was slightly alarmed to see that it was a riding crop. His limbs instinctively tested the ropes again at the sight of it. Noting his look of shock and his attempt to move, Alex purred “Same rule as last time sweetie. Anything too much for you just use your safeword and I stop immediately.”


“That’s right baby. But I’ll do my best to make sure you don’t need it, I promise.”

The end of the crop stroked across his cheek as softly as a feather. At the feel of the leather against his face, he suddenly realised how ludicrous it was that he had walked in here quite willingly, stripped himself and allowed Alex to truss him up. He trusted her implicitly, but sitting here like this being tickled with a leather crop made him feel rather foolish. The end of the crop made its way down his chest and over his stomach. His cock was rock hard and jutting straight out in front of him, and Alex deftly used the end of the crop to lift it up to something like a forty-five-degree angle pointing upwards. Then she let it go, and it fell down between his open legs. She smiled and repeated the manoeuvre a couple of times, clearly relishing the level of control she had over him. Then she disappeared behind him, heading back towards the unit.

When she returned, he jumped as he felt a new sensation on his shoulder. It was soft and smooth and even lighter on his skin than the tickling crop had been. She was draping a long black ribbon, about an inch wide, across his body. He hadn’t been expecting that at all and was puzzled as to what she would use it for. It was too thin to use as a blindfold, and he couldn’t think what else it could be for. He didn’t have anything left to tie, after all. She trailed it across him as she walked slowly around him to the front until she stood in between his legs, holding one end of the ribbon up in front of his face as the other end dangled down into his groin, flitting around his cock and balls. Then she crouched down and looped the ribbon around the base of his cock, under his balls, and tied it quickly into a noose-like knot. As she pulled it tight, it caused his cock to spring up against his stomach and his balls to swell up in front of him. Alex looked down approvingly at her handiwork.

“Very nice. Very nice indeed. Yes, I definitely think black ribbon suits you!” She pulled the free end of the ribbon up towards his face. “Now, open wide for Alex like a good boy.”

With a puzzled look on his face, he opened his mouth, and she pulled the ribbon tight across it.

“And bite!” Alex said.

He did as he was told, the action clamping the ribbon between his teeth, pulling it a tad tighter if anything, and holding his cock proudly in place.

“Excellent. Perfect, she said warmly, “Now hold it there for me, I won’t be long.”

Again, she disappeared over the unit and was back almost immediately, riding crop in hand. He felt incredibly exposed and vulnerable as she gently stroked the underside of his shaft with the soft leather, circling his balls with it too. Then all of a sudden, she brought the crop down sharply on his inner thigh, just millimetres from his straining and exposed balls. She hadn’t hit him particularly hard, but landing as it did in such close proximity to his stretched and swollen genitals made him start. He did trust Alex, he reminded himself of that, as she used the riding crop in turns to stroke gently along his increasingly sensitive shaft and balls, and to slap the insides of his thighs. She took the ribbon from his mouth and pulled it a little tighter, causing his genitals to swell and throb more than he would have thought possible. He stared down helplessly as she tormented him like this for what seemed ages, stretching and slapping him.

Alex pulled the ribbon back towards her a little, so his cock was back at that forty-five-degree angle. Looking him straight in the eyes, she opened her mouth and dipped her head so that it was less than inch from his knob. Without losing eye contact she moved her head forward slightly, and just as he was preparing for the wonderful feeling of her soft mouth enveloping him, he felt a sharp slap on his cock. He gasped as he realised she had hit him with the crop. Her head moved away, and a wicked smile spread across her face as she stared at him. Again and again, she teased him with the promise of her open mouth or tongue pleasuring almanbahis yeni giriş him, only to hit him with the crop. She was tapping him rather than hitting him particularly hard, but with the ribbon pulled tight around him his cock was so sensitive she didn’t need to much for it to really smart.

Suddenly, just as he was beginning to think he was never going to enjoy the pleasure of her lips on him, she dipped her head and took him deep inside her mouth, all the way in, as far as she could take it. Then the crop was gone, and her mouth was all over him, sucking and biting his balls, licking his shaft, swallowing him whole. The sudden assault was so intense, his genitals so sensitive, that he was sure he was going to explode.

“Please…. please…. I need to come!!” he implored.

“Not yet… you know the rule… not until I say so,” and with that she pulled the ribbon a little tighter still, to restrict any eruption. If he did cum now it wouldn’t be the least bit pleasurable, he was sure, so tight was the ribbon’s grip on him. Her free hand was wanking him hard now, a tight fist slipping up and down his saliva-drenched shaft. She was watching his face all the time, gauging how far she could push him as he pleaded and moaned, his ankles and wrists pulling at their restraints.

Standing up, she released her grip on the ribbon and let it fall, and it slipped away from around his cock and balls. Straddling him, she pulled the crotch of her basque to one side and lowered herself on to him. She was so wet he slid in easily, but his cock was so sensitive now the feeling was almost unbearable.

“You can cum when I have cum, not a moment before, my darling,” she whispered in his ear as she started to ride him. She eased her breasts from the cups of the outfit and presented them to him to kiss and lick as she steadied herself with her hands on the back of the chair.

If it was anything like last time, she would ride him like this for ages. His cock was so tender and sore that it would be exquisite agony all the way. He was desperate to come.

The way he enjoyed Alex’s treatment of his cock and balls terrified him, but at the same time, he had to admit feeling…. liberated, somehow by the experience. Being bound like that made him feel strangely relaxed, even though most of the time his body was as tense and on edge as it had ever been. And on an emotional level, his relationship with Alex was reassuringly simple. His on-off experiences with Mya were emotionally exhausting, and he came away from their encounters feeling bruised and confused. Alex, on the other hand, played all manner of kinky games with his body, but none with his mind. He knew where he was with her, and in these turbulent last few weeks, that meant a hell of a lot.


After Hannah’s bizarre behaviour, it was a welcome relief to get a far more normal text from Heather. If ‘normal’ was a word that could be used to describe a message from a woman he’d never met proposing where and when they might meet to discuss having sex. Both Alex and Mya had expressed some surprise that Heather was meeting him, as she was in a longish term relationship and all loved-up with some corporate lawyer hotshot named Carl. But here he was, sitting waiting for her in the nice, airy modern Italian restaurant in town that she had suggested. As was his wont as a gentleman, he had arrived a little early and ordered some olives and a bottle of Barolo, having checked earlier with Heather that she was happy with red.

The restaurant was pretty quiet and, as he was getting used to, he had positioned himself with a good view of the door, and when a pretty girl in her late twenties arrived on her own, he made sure he caught her eye and smiled. She returned the smile and half-raised a hand in greeting before the waiter swept in to welcome her. She pointed towards Rick, and the waiter ushered her to the table. Rick stood ready to greet her.

“I took the liberty, hope you don’t mind,” he said, indicating her full glass as she sat down.

“Not at all. Just what I needed,” she laughed and took a healthy sip.

“So, I’ve been perusing the menu, and it all looks very delicious. I’ve worked up quite an appetite for myself just reading it!”

“Well, I’ve been deliberately starving myself all day. I love it here. Pasta is my absolute favourite, and the desserts here are to-die-for!”

“Cool. Well, here’s to a fantastic lunch,” Rick said raising his glass and they clinked a toast.

“And while we’re toasting, I have to congratulate you on your success with the riddle solving. Is that….. what, four so far you’ve done?”

“Four, yes. Thank you, you’re very kind.” He smiled, and they clinked again.

“And it’s mine next.” She smiled as she said it, but he noticed that she also blushed a little and looked down at the menu immediately.

“Listen. I just wanted to say that I really don’t expect you to go through with this”. He wasn’t going to mention that he knew she was in a relationship. He waited for a few moments to see if she responded but she continued staring into the menu. He’d prepared a bit of a speech and now seemed like as good a time as any to deliver it. He leaned forward a little, his elbows on the table and his hands clasped together.

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