The Tutor Ch. 03

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James arrives home after the sun has set. He steps out of his SUV and turns toward the house behind him. He sees the light on in Melanie’s bedroom. The blinds are closed. He sees a shadow near the window and watches for a second. The shadow figure leans toward the blinds and he sees Melanie peak between the blinds. He smiles and waves up at the window before turning and making his way inside his house.

It has been four days since Melanie last visited. Each day he wakes wondering if she will visit him this day. Thoughts of her have filled his thoughts every free moment he has. At work, in between calls, images of her body slip into his head, and at night, visions of her play in his mind when his head hits the pillow.

James makes himself a quick bite to eat and watches television until his eyes become heavy. He turns off the television and prepares to call it a night. Just as he starts to walk through the living room toward his bedroom, he hears a knock on the door. He walks to the front door and looks through the peep hole to see Melanie looking back and forth between her house and his front door.

James unlocks the door and opens it. Melanie quickly rushes inside, pushing the door closed behind her. He sees she is wearing a pair of pink sweatpants and a white t-shirt with a kitten on the front of it. She turns and smiles at him.

James asks her, “To what do I have the pleasure of this visit so late at night?”

Melanie continues to smile as she responds, “I wanted to see you.”

Knowing she has school early in the morning, he questions her decision. “Your parents didn’t have a problem with you coming over here so late at night? I would think they would question that.”

“They don’t know. I snuck out of my window and climbed down. I am old enough that I could have left through the front door if I wanted to, but I wanted to avoid their questions.” she answered.

Melanie takes a seat on his couch and looks him up and down. James’ eyes follow her eyes. “What did you want to see me about tonight?”

Licking her lips, Melanie answeres coyly. “You know why I am here. I was thinking about you tonight and had to see you. I want to experiment tonight.”

He sits down next to her. “We both have to get up early in the morning and it is getting late. Maybe we should do this another day.”

She shakes her head back and forth then leans into him and places her right hand on his upper thigh. Her hand starts making strokes up and down. “I don’t think I can wait. Are you saying you don’t want to have some fun with me?”

He can feel his temperature rising as her hand softly strokes his leg. “I didn’t say that.”

Melanie adjusts her body and sits on his lap, facing him. Her hands wrap around his neck. Their lips meet and she forcefully kisses him. She unbuttons the top three buttons of his dress shirt and runs her hands over his chest. Her body is revved up and wanting to enjoy the pleasures Esat travesti he gives her. She lets her right hand slide down past his stomach to his crotch. She softly massages him through his pants. She feels James smile as her hand strokes his growing length.

“Let’s go to your room.” She says as she slides off his lap and takes him by the hand.

James leads her to his bedroom, turning the living room light off along the way. They fumble through the darkness until they find the bed. Melanie rolls on top of him and returns to making out with him. She can feel his hips pressing against her legs that rest on the outside of his legs. She pushes her hips against him in response. Ready to get things started, she slides beside him and begins to undo his pants, sliding the pants and boxers off his legs.

A friend at school told her about a scene she saw on a porn video and Melanie wants to try it out with him. She wraps her hand around his penis and strokes it until his penis becomes hard. Her friend had told her that she needed to get his juices flowing before restricting his juices. She moves between his legs and spreads them wide. Her fingers gently massage his testicles.

“Do you like that?” she asks softly.

“Yes. That feels really good.” he replies.

“Should I grip them softer? Harder?” she inquires.

“No. How you are doing it right now is just fine.”

She continues to fondle his balls while leaning in and putting her lips around the tip of his penis. She softly sucks on his meat, bobbing her head slightly. He releases a soft moan which excites her. She continues her efforts for a minute before moving up to her knees and sitting up straight. James looks into the darkness to see what she is doing. His eyes have adjusted enough that he can faintly see her as she reaches up and pulls her hair out of her ponytail. His eyes drift down to see her hard nipples are pressing through her shirt.

Melanie lays back down between his legs and strokes his hard penis and balls for a few seconds before sliding her hair tie off her left wrist and sliding it over his ball sack. James springs up to a sitting position and looks at her with a concerned look on his face.

“What are you doing?” he asks with a worried tone in his voice.

Melanie looks up at him with a reassuring smile and says, “Lie back down. I am not going to hurt you. My friend told me about this trick and I want to try it. You will like it, I promise.”

When James falls back to his pillow, she wraps her hair tie around his balls three times as if she is putting her hair up. Her friend had told her this would restrict him from being able to come and when she released his balls, he would have a fantastic orgasm. She returns her lips and hand to his swollen penis. She bobs her head up and down the way he had previously told her he liked it. She can feel his penis growing longer and harder as she pleases him. Kızılay travesti His grunts and groans let her know he is enjoying her work.

After five minutes, Stacy rolls over next to him and gives him a quick peck on the lips. He grabs her face and pulls it back to him, passionately kissing her. She can tell he is very aroused and it pleases her. Now it is his turn to please her. She quickly undresses and straddles his body, hovering over his stomach. James raises his hands and starts to fondle her breasts. She arches her chest forward while reaching back with her right hand. She strokes him while grinding her hips against his stomach. Her clit is swollen and aching. The pressure against his stomach is turning her on even more.

“I want you to lick me and make me feel good.” she says, moving her body toward his face.

James looks up to see her vagina hovering a few inches from his mouth. He wraps his hands around her legs and takes two hands full of ass. Her hips slowly lower until her swollen lips touch his extended tongue. She moans softly when his tongue spreads her outer lips and slides slightly inside her vagina.

“Show me how to move my hips.” she says shyly.

James pushes her hips back and forth slowly as he slides his tongue up and down her folds. He feels her hips lock when his tongue comes in contact with her clit. She moans loud. He watches her reach back and begin stroking him feverishly as he continues to rock her hips over his tongue.

His hot penis feels great in her hand as she strokes him. His wet tongue is working magic on her vagina. She can feel an orgasm build in the pit of her stomach. Sweat begins to bead on her skin. She learns the rhythm and rolls her hips, grinding against his face, moaning each time the length of his tongue slides over her aching clit.

He can taste her juices begin to flow. Her juices glaze his mouth and the tip of his nose. He can feel his testicles ache as they yearn for release as she feverishly strokes him. His hips are bouncing off the bed with the rhythm of her stroking fingers.

Waves of pleasure start to flow through her body like waves crashing to the shoreline. Melanie can no longer focus on his penis, concentrating on her own pleasure. She can feel sweat running down her chest and stomach. She grinds her crotch forcefully against his face, trying to get as much pleasure as she can receive from his tongue. She leans forward and puts her hands against the wall in front of her. She feels his hands move from her hips to her breasts, squeezing them. Her moans are coming one after another.

“Oh God. Make me come. Make me come.” She exclaims between gasps of air.

She can feel her legs starting to become week. Her body begins to shudder. Her hip muscles are tiring so she pauses a few seconds and lets his tongue do the work. He buries his tongue deep inside her. Yearning for his tongue to return to her clit, she moves Alsancak travesti her hips back a few inches. His tongue swirls around her clit, sending her into convulsions. Her hips lock as her juices begin to gush onto his face.

“Yesssssss. Don’t stop! Don’t stop!”, she commands.

Her clit becomes very sensitive so she begins rocking her hips against his face once again. She can tell she is close to an orgasm. His tongue laps the insides of her labia lips connecting briefly with her aching clit as her hips roll. The next time his tongue touches her clit, her body starts to convulse. She feels a powerful orgasm wash over her body. She moans over and over as her muscles lock her into a frozen position.

“Stop! Stop!” she says gasping for air as his tongue continues to dance over her sensitive clit.

She falls backwards onto the bed and lies there gasping for air. Her arms feel like dead weight. She can hear her heavy breathing as she lies motionless, trying to regain strength. A soft smile washes over her face as she enjoys the joys of pleasure.

A few minutes later, she is able to lift her arms without them feeling like they have cement blocks on them. She reaches over and begins stroking James’ penis slowly. He grunts. Her strokes increase in speed after a few strokes. She rolls over and rests her arms between his legs. She puts her lips over his penis and begins deep throating him. She can feel his penis throb, tasting a little precum on her tongue.

His hips thrust up and down as she manipulates his swollen member. After a few minutes, he is moaning and groaning frequently. She is ready to release this testicles which she has taken hostage. She massages his testicles a few seconds with her left hand while she feverishly strokes the length of his penis with her right hand. She uses her left fingers to loosen the hair tie from his testicles. The moment she undoes the first of three strands of the hair tie, James releases a load moan that comes from deep inside his voice box.

Melanie feels his penis throb as a huge load of come spurts from his penis, landing on his chest. She continues to stroke him feverishly. She feels his body shudder as the orgasm flows through his body. His penis spurts a second time shooting more semen onto his chest and flowing over her fingers. She removes the hair tie from his ball sack. His built up semen continues to run down the base of his penis and flow over his fingers. She stops stroking him and wipes the warm semen off her fingers by running her fingers down his leg. She smiles as James lay on the bed panting with his eyes closed.

James testicles are aching and throbbing from being tied up and restricted. His penis is throbbing also from the tip all the way down to the lower base. That orgasm was one of the best he had experienced in a long time.

Melanie slides off the bed and washes her hands with soap and water in the bathroom sink then quickly dresses. She looks at the clock which reads 11:17. She is happy and satisfied with tonights visit and knows she needs to climb back up to her room quietly and get into bed.

“That was cool!” Melanie says to James before leaving the bedroom and exiting his house.

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