The Widower Chronicles Ch. 01

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Angela White

The rain was falling hard and I knew it was going to be a slow day. Only five in the morning, I was already awake. This was normal for me as the director of development for a large home construction business. But when it rained like it was today, I didn’t rush to get to the construction site. Instead I rolled over and wrapped my arm around my still sleeping wife. Her alarm was due to go off in about an hour but I snuggled behind her anyway.

I was mildly surprised to find her sleeping naked. When we went to bed last night she was bundled in her warm PJ’s. I got in real tight behind her and nuzzled against her neck. Hell, if I was awake, why not see if I could wake her. I lightly caressed her arm and shoulder with my hand, and then moved down her side to her thigh. I slid my hand back up and rubbed her lower back before moving up to her shoulder. I then ran my fingers around her shoulder and over her breast and then back down her belly and over her hip.

I made this circuit several times while pressing my morning hardness against her ass. After several moments my wife murmured in her sleep and pressed her ass against me. I thought maybe my efforts were going to meet with success, so I kept up the efforts. On my next pass over her breasts, I felt her nipple harden and she let out a small moan as I ran my finger over the nipple of her other breast. This time I spent more time on her breasts since I knew they were very sensitive. I was also moving my hips to rub my dick up and down her ass crevice.

While I played with her nipples, I started to kiss her neck and ear. I moved my hand down her belly and through her short pubic hair. While she didn’t fully shave, she did keep it trimmed short. I than moved my hand over her hip and down her leg, continuing with my circuit till I was playing with her nipples. Again she moaned and pushed her ass against me.

“I have to go to work. Can’t this wait till later?”

“No. Besides, you still have about an hour.”

“Jerk. And I was having such a nice dream.”

I laughed lightly in her ear and continued my assault on her tits and ass. The next time I ran my hand over her mound I continued down to see if she’d open her legs. She kept her legs tight, so I made my way down her leg again and then back up. But instead of running my hand over her hip, I slid my finger tips past my cock and through the crack of her ass. My precum and already started to lube her ass some so I played with her ass a little before moving up her back.

“I can’t smell like sex while I’m teaching. I think the animals can smell it and it makes them crazy.” I knew her words were for show because she was grinding her ass against my hard cock. This time when I ran my fingers over her mound, she spread her legs enough to get a finger over her clit.

“Oh fuck. Stop that you pig. Let me sleep.” Again she pushed her ass against me and this time I rubbed her clit a little harder. Her legs spread further apart and I was able to slide my finger along her slit. Whatever was coming out of her mouth was for show. She was sopping wet already. I pulled my hips further back and adjusted my cock so that it would slide along her slit.

“Ugh. OK, if you’re going to ignore me, at least make it fast so I can shower first.”

“I’m going to take your ass, is that OK with you?”

“Mmmm Hmmm. That’s what my dream was about.”

Obviously she wasn’t going to protest anymore, so I rolled her over and moved on top of her. When we were face to face I said, “Good morning.”

She smiled back at me and said “Good morning to you.” We kissed for a while and the head of my dick slid along the outside of her pussy and pressed against her clit. I rotated my hips but didn’t push inside her yet. She loved being teased and feeling me as I was just about to enter her. I started to kiss down her body, but she wrapped her legs around me and with her feet pushed on my ass so that I entered her.

We both grunted as my hard cock entered her dripping pussy and I slid all the way into her. I moved my hips slightly while we kissed again. “My, you are worked up this morning.”

“I told you I was having a nice dream.” She smiled at me then said “OK, so it wasn’t quite so nice.”

“Tell me about it”, I said as I pushed into her again.

“Nothing special. Just some random sex dream.” I was thrusting in and out slowly, savoring the feel of her hot pussy wrapped around my hard cock. She made some whimpering sounds with each push in and held me tight so that only my hips were moving. “But I wasn’t kidding about taking that shower. So let’s pick it up a bit.”

I didn’t need to be asked again and started to fuck her fast and hard. We were both grunting with each stroke now as I picked up the pace. But I still wanted her ass, so I pulled out and pushed her legs to her chest.

“Hmmm. I was wondering when you were going to change. This is what the dream was about.”

I just smiled at her and aimed my cock at her ass. The head was pushing Lara Travesti against her small opening and with one big thrust I was inside her.

“Oh shit. That’s what I wanted. Now fuck my ass and fill it with your seed.” And that’s exactly what I did. My thighs were slapping against her ass while her hand toyed with her clit. Her head went back against the pillow and her mouth opened in a silent scream as I pounded into her ass repeatedly. Finally I felt my balls begin to tingle and I thrust a couple more times before I shot a huge load into her ass. When she felt my hot cum in her ass, she came as well. Her ass clamped around my cock and I watched as her juices flowed out of her cunt and down past my cock in her ass.

She was trying to stay quiet, but a few loud grunts came from her mouth. Her hips bucked against me a few times as I finished filling her ass with my cum. Finally we were both done and our mouths devoured each other. I was still buried in her ass, but was getting soft and I could feel my cum mix with hers as it poured out of her ass and onto the bed. We lay like that for a while as we caught our breath and then I rolled off of her. She rolled off the bed and headed to the bathroom.

I heard the shower run as I lay in bed, still trying to catch my breath. When she came out she had a towel wrapped around her body and one around her head.

“You better wash the sheets today. They could probably use it after this past weekend.”

“You got it. Anything else love?”

“Don’t you have work today?”

“Look out the window. You tell me.”

She looked and said “Guess not. I’ll make a honey-do list before I leave. Although I’m sure none of it will get done.” She gave me a kiss and went into the bathroom. When she came out she was dressed for work. “You stretched my ass out. I hope I don’t leave a mess in my seat.”

“Wouldn’t be the first time, would it?” The only answer I got was her wet towel thrown at my head. But she was laughing at least. I got out of bed and pulled on some pants. “You want some coffee? And did you make lunch for yourself?”

“Coffee yes and lunch no. It’s early release and I’m meeting some of the girls for lunch.”

I’d forgotten about that. I headed down and started the coffee. I made enough for my wife and Cindy, our oldest. Cindy is a senior and high school and started each day with a cup. I had just started the maker when Cindy came down.

“Hey kiddo, ready for school?”

“Of course.” She was always ready for school. She was going to graduate at the top of her class and was already accepted to several universities. Cindy was also the spitting image of her mom. At 5’10 and 110, she had the same long red hair and green eyes as her mom. The only difference was that Cindy wasn’t as well developed as her mom, but if she took after her, she’d fill out during child birth. April, my wife, had gone from B cup to D cup when she was pregnant with Cindy and had never gone back down. And just like April, Cindy was a top athlete as well as student. The universities were knocking on her door with everything they could throw at her.

The next person down was Billy, the baby of the family. He also had the red hair and green eyes like mom, but that was where the similarities ended. He was built more like me, only bigger. At 6’2″ and 220 at only fifteen, he was going to be a beast. Billy was the starting quarterback for the varsity team and had already received several offers from top schools.

Last and not least was Tommy. Tommy is a junior in high school and is also a top athlete. Even though he’s a year older than Billy, he was a good four inches shorter. But he made up for it with wide shoulders and a barrel chest. He was the running back for the varsity team and with his baby brother handing him the ball was putting a real hurt on the other teams.

Finally April came into the kitchen and we ate breakfast together before everyone headed out. As April pulled out of the driveway with the kids in tow, I called my boss to see what he wanted. I checked the weather and found the forecast was for heavy rain all day.

“Hey Mike. What’s the deal?”

“Hey Frank. I’m calling off work for today. With this much rain all we’re going to do it tear up the land. Hopefully it’ll end early and we can move tomorrow, but I’m not real optimistic. Get caught up on your paperwork and we’ll check in later.”

“Sure thing Mike. Talk to ya later.”

Damn I hated paperwork. It’s the one thing I hated about my job. Two years ago I was running my own custom home company. After I blew my shoulder out playing college football, I hooked up with my uncle and his construction company. This was about fifteen years ago and I had all these great ideas to make the business go big time. But my uncle put everything on hold and made me move slowly. He wasn’t about to risk everything and wanted to remain small. I had other ideas, but couldn’t get him to budge.


My life was Manavgat travesti going in a different direction until I hurt my shoulder. I was an all-American football player and was predicted as going high in the draft that next April. Then in my next to last game I made a huge hit. Unfortunately, it tore just about everything in my shoulder and my career was done. My dad was smart and had taken insurance on me, so I received a nice settlement. Cindy had already been born, so I quickly pushed football out of my life and finished college with a business degree.

So working for my uncle was going to be my big break. Of course he’d listen to his college educated nephew and we’d take the company big. For almost ten years I kept telling myself that. But he never budged, even while the housing market was booming. I had become frustrated with it all, especially since I was the dad of three kids now and wanted to start making some real money.

It finally hit me as I was driving to my monthly poker game. I knew the county was planning on expanding the local two lane country road to a six lane super highway. Being a football star in a small town had its advantages. I had just passed a large piece of land that had been for sale for what seemed like forever. The next day I called the number on the sign and made an appointment to see the property. I played like I was barely interested and left only after a short time.

When I got back to the office, I had my sales pitch ready for my uncle. With the new highway coming and the land going for so cheap, we could make a killing. It took two months to finally convince him to come take a look. He went out by himself so that the company handling the deal wouldn’t think we were truly interested. When my uncle came back he called me into the office and asked my plan. It took another week to convince him, but the following day we went to the bank to see about a loan. When the bank approved the loan we made an offer on the land and they accepted without even haggling. I guess they were just happy to be rid of it.

After six months of land development, we had our first two spec houses under construction. One day I was inspecting how things were going when a large beamer pulled up to the house next door. A well dressed couple stepped out of the car and headed into the house. I made my way over to them and introduced myself. The man asked if I was the builder and I told him I was. I took him on a tour and pointed out several of the ideas I had for what we’d do. He in turn asked me about some changes and I told him they’d be possible. I gave him my card and the following day he was in the office reviewing the plans for the house. By dinner, we had a handshake deal in place.

That turned out to be our first sale and six months later we had deals on half the lots. When construction on the highway started three months later we had only two lots available and were now buying more land in the area. We’d hit it big time, but still kept things in perspective. Once we were finished with one community, we started the next. Two years later my uncle retired and sold me his share of the business. Then two years after that I was made an offer I couldn’t resist. It set me up for the rest of my life and I would be able to retire at the age of thirty three.

A national company was interested in buying my small company. By this time I had a feeling the economy was going to slow. I’d talked about selling the company with my uncle and April and they both agreed. April was still teaching, but only because she loved it. We didn’t need the money. So we accepted the offer and I started my early retirement.

Three months later I got a call from Mike. He was the district supervisor for the company. “Frank, we need you. I’ve been authorized to give you whatever you want.”

“Define anything.”

“Car, money, your own boss. Let’s meet for lunch and I’ll explain.”

I didn’t see a problem with that so I’d accepted. He took me to one of the best steak houses in the area, so I knew I was in for a doozy of a lunch.

“Good to see you Frank. How’s April and the kids?”

“Great Mike. How about your family?” I’d never actually met his family, but knew he was married.

“There good. But that’s not why I invited you here. It seems that you’re a really well-liked guy around here and we need your help.”

“What kind of help?”

“We need you to supervise your old projects and then manage new ones in the area.”

Something was up and I wanted to find out exactly what. “Why? I left you with very competent crews.”

“Because the people buying the homes want them from you. Not us. We’ve had almost half of our buyer back out since you sold the company and a lot more considering.” Boy, he wasn’t playing. He didn’t even hide the fact they needed me. I’d heard some rumors, but didn’t know it was that bad.

“And if I take your offer?”

“You get salary, plus commission, plus a company car Side travesti and you call the shots.”

I was pretty shocked. “So, you’re giving me the company back?”

“Not really. In a way it’s temporary. As soon as the current projects are done you’ll be back to retirement. But I have to warn you, it’s not the same as you left us. There have been changes to each community.”

I had only two projects running when I sold, so knew it couldn’t be too bad. “Tell me about them.”

“It will be easier if we go back to the office and I show you. Let’s just enjoy lunch and then I’ll ruin your day.”

So that’s what happened. When I got back to the office Mike showed me the new projects. Instead of two small communities, they turned it into two super communities. The company had already owned the land around what I had and just absorbed my projects into their larger ones. What I was looking at was at least ten years worth of work. And only if the market stayed hot that long.

At dinner I discussed it with April and she didn’t even hesitate. “Take it. You’re bored out of your mind in retirement. It’s pretty much the same thing you’ve been doing, but now without the responsibility of ownership. So I did. When it was announced I’d be back, most of the people that had backed out came back. So for the past two years I was now working as my own boss without the headaches of accounting. As long as I met projections and kept costs low, I was golden. I set sales records each of my first two years but then the economy crashed and things slowed. But I had prepared myself and was ready for things. While most of the company burned, my small division still made money and met projections.


It was just after lunchtime when I heard the doorbell. Probably a solicitor. I hated solicitors, but answered the door anyway. There was a police officer standing there in his rain poncho with another man in a suit.

“Mr. Starling?” the man in the suit said.


“I’m detective Oliver with the sheriff’s office. Is anyone else at home right now?”

“No, I’m alone. What’s this about?” I was getting a knot in my stomach. I couldn’t imagine what they were here for, but I had a bad feeling about it.

“Sir is it OK if we step inside. I promise this isn’t about any crime committed.”

“Umm, sure. Come on in.”

“Thank you.” We stepped into the foyer and the office in the poncho looked around briefly. It was an odd sort of look. Kind of like he was making himself familiar with something.

“Mr. Starling is your wife’s name April Starling?”

“Yes, sir.” That know just got a lot bigger and I felt like I was going to get sick.

“I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but Mrs. Starling was killed in an auto accident about an hour ago.” He just stood there waiting for it to sink in. But it didn’t take right away.

“I’m sorry, what did you just say?”

“Sir, your wife was killed in an auto accident. As far as we can tell, another driver ran a red light and plowed into your wife’s vehicle. She was dead at the scene.” The detective’s eyes were sincerely sad at what he had just told me.

I felt my legs start to go weak and the officer took my arm and led me over to the couch in the living room.

“Sir, is there someone we can call that can help you out? Family or friends? How about kids?”

I just stared at him speechless. April was dead? No way. Probably some bad joke because of this morning. It had to be. But when I looked at the detective he didn’t look like he was joking. Suddenly it struck and I just sank to the floor. I had just realized my whole life had fallen apart and I didn’t know what to do.

To this day I still have no idea what happened next. There are just fleeting memories of that first month after April’s death, but nothing I could ever swear. I barely remember the funeral, but everyone says my speech brought everyone to tears. Even my own dad says he cried like a newborn. And this is a man that didn’t even flinch when someone shot a nail into his foot. Just pulled the damn thing out, wrapped his foot and kept working.

Memories started to clear up after the first month or so. But it wasn’t by choice, but by necessity. I got a call from the school that Cindy was having a tough time and the boys had been in several fights. Damn, it was more than just me that was affected. So I dragged myself up by my ass and got my act together. The first thing I did was schedule therapy for all of us. That first session was the worst. Surprisingly, the overwhelming emotion was anger. Anger at my wife and the mother of my kids leaving us. Anger at the person who had taken April from us. Anger at everyone. But once we got passed that it was all about the sadness.

April was gone but we had to move on without her. We had met in grade school and started dating as sophomores in high school. She followed me to college when I got a full ride. Junior year she announced she was pregnant with Cindy. It wasn’t much of a decision. We knew we’d be married some day. This just sped up that decision. Both of our parents helped us out those first few years, especially after I blew up my shoulder. The money from the insurance helped a lot and working for my uncle even more.

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